Chapter 1942 – Sudden Reaction of The Treasures

Especially worrying to Chen Xi was that the abyss revealed from the changes on the ancient beast was clearly pointing towards the abyss before them!

In an instant, Chen Xi immediately came to an understanding. He realized that no matter how careful he was, he would still be unable avoid falling into Wang Zhong’s trap!

“How strange! This abyss actually seems to be bottomless and capable of swallowing everything. This is even more horrifying than the Ninesoul Abyss in the Ancient God Domain.”

“Where… exactly are we?” Meanwhile, Yea Chen and the others had noticed how extraordinary and unusual this abyss was, and a wisp of surprise and bewilderment appeared on their faces.

“This is the mysterious area that rumors say hides the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and answered them in a casual tone.

What!? All of them were shocked and filled with disbelief.


A ball of divine flames appeared on Chen Xi’s palm, and it lit the beast skin up. In a few breaths of time, it transformed into ash and vanished into nothingness.

When they witnessed this, all of them instantly understood that Chen Xi was probably right!

However, they were still unable to figure out how they’d suddenly arrived here after charging forward all along the way?

After all, Chen Xi had clearly taken a completely opposite direction when he led the way just now!

How could this have happened?

A bad premonition arose in their hearts.

“We’ve fallen into a trap. If I’m not wrong, then we would probably arrive here in the end no matter which direction we take.” At this moment, Chen Xi had recovered his calm once more, and a cold glow surged in his eyes. “Because everything in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was transformed by a mysterious energy, causing it to be chaotic and disorderly. So, all directions lost their original meaning.”

“So, in this way, those heretics led us over here on purpose?” Shi Yu’s expression was slightly unsightly.

“It should be like that.” Chen Xi strode over to the abyss. He gazed silently at the waterfall of fire that descended from the sky and the stars that fell down into the abyss.

After a short moment, he suddenly smiled and said, “But this is fine as well. We can seize this opportunity to investigate if the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao are really hidden here.”

All the others were stunned, and they were unable to figure out what Chen Xi was thinking.

Chen Xi didn’t intend to provide any explanation to them. He pointed at the abyss before him and said, “We probably have to enter the abyss and explore it in order to search for the supreme fortune related to the Ultimate Path towards the Dao. Everyone, are all of you willing to explore it with me?”

“Since we’re already here, then it would be too much of a pity if we didn’t go down and have a look.” Zhao Qingyao practically didn’t hesitate to grin and speak.

“Could it be that you aren’t worried that this place is a trap that the heretics placed here on purpose?” Kong Youran couldn’t help but ask this question.

The reason she’d hesitated was because she was doubtful about this. After all, the heretics would naturally not lead them here for no rhyme or reason.

“If they wanted to make a move against us, then there would be utterly no need for them to go to so much trouble.” Chen Xi spoke casually but didn’t explain in detail.

“Since you’re so interested, then we might as well follow you.” After pondering deeply for a moment, Kong Youran nodded and agreed.

“What about the two of you?” Chen Xi gazed at Yu Jiuhui and Yea Chen.

Yea Chen smiled as he said, “Who cares what this place is! I would probably be filled with eternal regret if I don’t go have a look.”

“That’s exactly what I think as well.” Yu Jiuhui nodded.

“Since it’s like that, then let’s rest and recuperate here, and we’ll set out once we’ve recovered!” said Chen Xi with a smile on his face.

All of them nodded simultaneously. Both their minds and bodies were exhausted from the continuous battle through the past month, and they’d been on the verge of utter exhaustion since a long time ago. So, they would naturally not take a risk and act immediately.

They immediately sat down cross-legged and started to recuperate.

Earlier, they’d investigated and noticed that there wasn’t any danger in this area of 50,000km.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged by the side of the abyss, and he recovered his strength while pondering silently with a calm and composed expression.

At this point in time, he’d determined that those heretics hadn’t just taken them to be prey, and it was very likely that the heretics sought something from them.

Moreover, that thing the heretics sought might be hidden within this boundless and mysterious abyss!

Could it be that they seek to obtain the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao that might be within the abyss?

Or do they have other intentions?

Chen Xi was unable to pass judgment. However, he was sure that the heretics were probably utterly unable to obtain the fortune that might exist within the abyss if they relied on their own strengths, and the heretics had to rely on the strength of cultivators from the Ancient God Domain like them.

Perhaps this was precisely the reason why those heretics had gone to such trouble to draw all of them to this place.

There was one more thing that Chen Xi hadn’t told the others. He’d roughly determined that those heretics were probably hiding around the abyss!

As for exactly where they were hidden, Chen Xi was unable to detect them even if he utilized the energy of the Daoseal Mark.

However, the more it was like this, the more vigilant Chen Xi became. The enemies might be hiding in the shadows, yet it just so happened that he was unable to detect them. So, Chen Xi had no choice but to be careful.

As for this very moment, Chen Xi wasn’t worried about suffering a surprise attack from the heretics. After all, if his guess wasn’t wrong, the heretics would absolutely not disturb them even when the heretics saw them recovering their strengths.

All of this came from the guess Chen Xi had made earlier. Those heretics intended to use them to seek to accomplish a plan they’d been planning for a long time!

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi noticed that unusual movement had arisen from the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness, and both the Condemn Evil Brush and Netherworld Register in the region within his body.

It was like they’d sensed some sort of aura and were about to awaken from their deep slumbers.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s heart shook fiercely.

In the past, the River Diagram fragments would awaken from time to time, and he’d become used to it. But now, unusual movement had even arisen from the Condemn Evil Brush and Netherworld Register that had been deathly silent for a very long time. So, Chen Xi couldn’t avoid feeling shocked and surprised.

What exactly is going on?

Could it be that there’s some sort of link between the River Diagram fragments, the Condemn Evil Brush, and the Netherworld Register and this boundless and mysterious abyss?

Chen Xi carefully sensed them with the intention to make obtain further confirmation about exactly what had caused this sudden and unexpected movement in them.

However, to his disappointment, these three treasures had fallen into deathly silence and didn’t make a single sound after a mere instant.

If Chen Xi wasn’t absolutely sure that he’d felt it earlier, he would have almost thought that it was a false perception.

The River Diagram, Condemn Evil Brush, and Netherworld Register…. This abyss is also the mysterious region acknowledged by the five extremes of the Imperial Region to be related to the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao…. When all of this are combined together, it makes this extremely unusual. Chen Xi deduced swiftly in his heart, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this trip into the abyss that they were about to take was no trifling matter. Moreover, he had a stronger feeling that the heretics were planning something big!

This caused Chen Xi to decide that regardless of whether all of this is a plot of the heretics, he was determined to fully investigate the mysterious abyss.

Seven days later.

Chen Xi was the first to recover, and he’d returned to a peak state.

After that, Kong Youran and the others awakened from their meditation in succession. All of them were calm and composed while their vital energy was full and whole. Moreover, their auras were actually much stronger than they were a month ago.

Obviously, experiencing a month of continuous battle had allowed the strengths of Kong Youran and the others to obtain obvious tempering and improvement. They’d reaped great benefits from it.

“Everyone, if you’re prepared, then let’s take action.” Chen Xi’s gaze was deep, bright, and firm.

The others were ready to set out, so they naturally had no objections towards this.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Without any delay, their group teleported under Chen Xi’s lead and tore through the air as they charged towards the boundless and mysterious abyss.

In next to no time, no trace of them could be found.

The reason for this was that the abyss was inconceivably huge as if it was bottomless. Chen Xi and the others were like a group of ants entering an ocean, and they seemed extremely tiny to the point no traces of them could be found after just a short period of time had passed.

Everything had returned to calm.

At the outer ring of the abyss, the dense army of ferocious beings had retreated, and they’d vanished in the boundless heavens and the earth.

“They’re finally here. Haha! Half the plan is successful, and now it’s time to draw in the net….” Along with a sound of light laughter, fluctuation arose in space before Wang Zhong who wore a blood red robe led a group of cloaked black robed figures from within space.

Wang Zhong had his hands placed behind his back as he arrived by the side of the abyss. It seemed like a pair of vortexes were revolving in his eyes, and it was suffused with a terrifying and mysterious glow.

After quite a while had passed, he said, “This Grand Abyss of Catastrophe is really not simple. Merely the Door of the Last Days has resisted our attempts throughout the countless years of the past and still hadn’t been shaken until now. But this time, I’m afraid it’ll be opening up for us!”

As he finished speaking, a wisp of fervor and excitement arose in Wang Zhong’s tone, and even his voice trembled slightly.

“The Last Days!”

“The cycle of reincarnation!”

“The karmic tribulation!”

“So long as that door is opened, then our race will be able to obtain new life, and we’ll be able to undergo a completely new transformation through the endless rise and falls of Eras!”

It seemed like the yearning that had accumulated at the bottom of his heart for countless years were about to be realized, and it caused his entire face to be suffused with a wisp of an unusual glow.

After a short while passed, Wang Zhong finally somewhat recovered his calm.

“My Lord, should we take action?” A black robed figure spoke with an icy cold voice that didn’t carry a trace of emotion.

“No!” Wang Zhong waved his hand and spoke decisively. “Wait a while longer. The aura of the Door of the Last Days hasn’t swept out, so we would alert the enemy if we act right now.”

When he spoke up to here, he couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “If we give them slightly more chances, then we would have a greater chance at success. We absolutely can’t be impatient….”

Those black robed figures fell silent.

Wang Zhong suddenly asked. “Right, have all of you seen Jia Nan during these past few years?”

The black robed figures shook their heads at the same time.

This caused Wang Zhong to frown, and he muttered. “This monk is from the ancient Buddhist Sect and possesses the Mind’s Eye. He knows quite a bit. Where exactly is he hiding now?”

After that, Wang Zhong shook his head and couldn’t be bothered to think about this fellow that was constantly going against him since the Dao Discussion had begun.

Wang Zhong gazed at the mysterious abyss. After waiting for the time for an entire stick of incense to burn to its end, his brows suddenly rose while a wisp of shocking light erupted from his eyes, and then his lips parted lightly when he spoke. “It’s time to act!”

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