Chapter 1941 – Arriving At The Abyss


The image of his sword flicked and danced throughout the surroundings while violet gold sword qi effused out as he slaughtered all enemies around him. He crushed ferocious being after ferocious being, and his attacks were peerlessly swift, sharp, and fierce.

At this point in the battle, Chen Xi hadn’t slept or rested for half a month of time as he led the group to open up a path covered in blood and bones to escape the army of enemies around them.

Even though the region within his body was supported by the Divine Dark Parasol Tree so it wouldn’t become too exhausted, the energy of this Dao Heart was on the verge of drying up.

The energy of the Dao Heart was the mysterious energy within the heart, and it was related to how long a cultivator could remain in battle for.

Presently, Chen Xi’s True Heart Scripture had been cultivated to the 3rd forging, yet he was still faintly unable to endure such exhaustion. This clearly showed how intense the battle during these 15 days was.

If it continued like this, then if nothing unexpected occurred, Chen Xi would be unable to continue fighting for long.

But at this moment, Chen Xi paid no attention to this.

The days of consecutive slaughter had allowed his cultivation in the Sword Dao to finally show signs of advancement, and he had to grab firmly onto this opportunity!

Actually, since he entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and along with the increase of the amount of battles he participated in, his cultivation in the Sword Dao had already been tempered to a practically perfect state and was on the verge of advancement.

After experiencing these 15 days of continuous battle and experiencing the baptism of blood and war, his cultivation in the Sword Dao had finally arrived at the peak of the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and he’d grasped a trace of a critical factor of advancement.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi would naturally not waste this extremely rare opportunity.

He was very clearly aware that one the Sword Dao was attained to such a state, further improvements were extremely difficult and elusive.

It was simply as difficult as ascending the heavens!

After all, the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm was already equivalent to arriving at the threshold of the Ultimate Path of the Sword. So, it was undoubtedly much more difficult to rise even higher.

It was even not exaggerated to say that even if it was amongst all the Imperial Monarchs in the entire Ancient God Domain, there were very few that were capable of attaining such a state in the Sword Dao.

When Chen Xi revealed a cultivation at the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm during the Dao Discussion, it had shocked all the great figures that were watching the competition. The reason for this was that even the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm was something that very few were able to attain.

This clearly showed how difficult and elusive the 4th level of the Sword Emperor realm was.

Besides requiring extraordinary comprehension ability in the Sword Dao, it required a critical factor!

Critical factors were usually impossible to be sought after and could only be chanced upon by luck!

Now, the endless battle and slaughter Chen Xi experienced throughout this time had allowed his cultivation in the Sword Dao to be ceaselessly tempered, and he’d finally grasped this critical factor to advance.

Now, Chen Xi had grabbed onto this critical factor and started his efforts to break through!


A strand of a sword howl that sounded like the tune of nature resounded by their ears. The figures of Kong Youran and the others who were in battle had suddenly trembled, and then a wisp of indescribable horror arose in their Dao Hearts.

Theirs expressions changed slightly while they looked up in unison, and they saw a strand of violet gold sword light flash through space.

At this instant, they felt piercing pain come from their eyes while the hairs on their body couldn’t help but stand on end, and the wisp of horror in their hearts grew even stronger.

No one had noticed that at this very instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into a motionless state. Everything fell into deathly silence, and only a wisp of a sword howl that sounded like the tune of nature resounded through the world.

All the ferocious beings that were charging in front of Chen Xi seemed like frozen statues at this moment, and they maintained all sorts of strange postures while remaining motionless. It was an indescribable bizarre scene.

After that….


The ferocious beings closest to Chen Xi seemed like fragile glass, and their enormous bodies rumbled as they exploded into countless pieces.

This was like a signal that caused the bodies of the other motionless ferocious beings in the vicinity to instantly explode into pieces!

When looked at from afar, it was like a storm had swept through and destroyed countless ice sculptures into powder that dispersed into the surroundings. It was an extremely shocking scene.

Crack! Crack!

In next to no time, this sort of destructive force moved along a straight line and swept out at an inconceivable speed.

Everywhere it passed, nothing was left behind!

It forcefully smashed open a clear path that went on for 30km into the distance!


When they witnessed such a world shocking scene, even if Kong Youran and the others were Region Lords now, they still couldn’t help but gasp while revealing shocked expressions.

It was too terrifying!

The might of this sword was so formidable that it was simply immeasurable!

It exceeded their imagination, and a strand of extreme shock and impact couldn’t help but strike their hearts.

This was the strength of the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao had advanced smoothly. A single strike of his sword had cleared out a space of 30km into the distance, and all the ferocious beings that resided within this area had been transformed into powder and vanished without a trace!

At this instant, even though Chen Xi’s cultivation was still at the First Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm, he seemed as if he’d undergone a complete transformation, and his combat strength had transformed once more to attain a shocking height.

This was the might of the Sword Dao, the number one Dao of slaughter in the world!

“Kill!” As soon as he advanced, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to seize this opportunity to attack. His imposing aura surged into the sky like a ray of light, and his strength was like thunder. The destructive might created by his attacks were vastly superior when compared to before.

Kong Youran and the others were instantly jolted back to their senses, and they didn’t hesitate to hurriedly follow closely behind Chen Xi and continue fighting.

At this moment, no matter how shocked they were in their hearts, they didn’t dare be careless in the slightest. After all, they were in a battle, and it didn’t tolerate any mistakes!

However, they were very clearly aware that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao had undergone another breakthrough, and it had attained a height that they could only look up to.

It was even to the extent they were unable to arouse any envy because the gap between them was truly too huge.

In the beginning, they’d noticed that the gap between them and Chen Xi had been dragged further again after all of them advanced into the ranks of Region Lords. At this moment, Chen Xi had undergone another transformation, so how could they even arouse the intention to compare themselves to Chen Xi?

This fellow was like a heaven defying and monstrous genius, and they couldn’t compare to him at all!


The Talisman Armament soared horizontally and vertically as it emanated numerous strands of violet gold sword qi. They were blazing, brilliant, powerful, and boundless. They made Chen Xi seemed as if he possessed vast divine might and an aura of supremacy.

Numerous ferocious beings perished successively.

During this entire process, Chen Xi was getting used to the completely new might of his Sword Dao.

It was common knowledge that the 1st level of the Sword Emperor Realm was when one was like an emperor of the sword and could control all swords.

The 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm had attained a state of returning to simplicity and nature. It was a level where its beauty was indescribable. Once one attained this level of cultivation, it could be considered entering the threshold of the Ultimate Path of the Sword.

The 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm was where one had obtained initial comprehension at the threshold and comprehended the state where the Sword was the Dao, the Dao was the Sword, and both the Dao and the Sword seemed to be one and were inseparable.

One could already be considered to be an unprecedented genius by being able to attain this state.

On the other hand, the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm was a realm where one truly started to grasp the profundities of the Ultimate Path of the Dao and had passed through the threshold!

In simpler terms, the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm was entering into the threshold of the Ultimate Path of the Sword.

The 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm was attaining initial comprehensions of the profundities at the threshold.

The 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm was to pass through the threshold and enter the world behind it! It was like stepping through the door to arrive at a hall with greater secrets!

When compared to the previous levels of the Sword Emperor Realm, and it was undoubtedly even more terrifying and rare. Moreover, the destruction it created was even greater.

One that possessed such a level of cultivation in the Sword Dao could absolutely be considered as a peerless emperor of the sword!


This battle had carried on for a surprising period of time. It wasn’t that their enemies were too stronger, and it was because their enemies were too huge in number instead. They were unimaginably numerous!

After an entire month had passed, Kong Youran and the others felt indescribably exhausted from inside out. They’d never experienced a battle that continued for an entire month of time.

However, right when they were on the verge of collapse, they suddenly heard Chen Xi shout from ahead. “Everyone! We’re about to break through the encirclement!

Their spirits were instantly refreshed. Sure enough, when they looked over, they saw that an ocean of lave poured down like a waterfall from the sky extremely far away in the distance, and it was extremely striking and illuminated the entire world.

If one looked carefully, one could notice that numerous enormous stars were carried within the pouring ocean of fire and descended along with it. It was a magnificent scene that took one’s breath away.

“What’s that?” Kong Youran was stunned.

An ocean of fire that carried stars and descended from the heavens into an abyss was an extremely unusual scene.

“Forget that, let’s break out of the encirclement first.” Shi Yu spoke swiftly because he’d truly had enough of these ferocious beings that couldn’t be exterminated.

“Don’t allow yourselves to relax. We’ll only be able to confirm if it’s safe after we arrive there and investigate.” Chen Xi instructed, and then he spared no effort as he led the charge forward.

Actually, Chen Xi and the others weren’t aware that they’d been swept into a plot since this battle had begun.

The veil of darkness that covered the starry sky and the endless ferocious beings that surged over incessantly were from a scheme that had been planned for a long time.

The crux was that Chen Xi and the others were unaware that no matter which direction that charged towards during this battle, they would be brought to this mysterious area in the end!

After another 10 minutes passed, Chen Xi’s group had finally fought their way out of the encirclement and arrived at that area. After that, they saw the extremely enormous and seemingly boundless abyss!

The ocean of fire descended from the heavens while carrying stars down along with it. All of it was swallowed by the abyss, and it didn’t even cause the slightest splash from within the abyss.

Chen Xi and the others didn’t ease up just like that, and they started to investigate the surroundings vigilantly.

To their surprise, the dense army of ferocious beings behind them seemed to be extremely terrified of this place. They didn’t dare move forward after pursuing Chen Xi’s group here, and they just roared and howled with anger from behind.

Many of the others in the group heaved sighs of relief in their hearts when they saw this. Even though they were unable to figure out the situation they faced, being able to escape those ferocious beings provided them with a rare moment of relaxation.

“Where are we?” Kong Youran’s swept the surroundings with her clear eyes. In the end, her gaze descended onto the mysterious and boundless abyss in the distance while there was a wisp of a solemn expression on her face.

She felt a type of aura of indescribable danger. However, when she searched carefully, she wasn’t able to discern anything, and it seemed to be extremely incomprehensible.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something as well, and his originally calm expression actually revealed a wisp of alarm and bewilderment.


In the next moment, Chen Xi flipped his palm, and he withdrew the complete beast skin map.

To Chen Xi’s horror, the complicated path branded on the beast skin had actually undergone another change, and it had formed into the shape of an abyss!

But up until now, he hadn’t been aware of this change at all!

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