Chapter 1940 – Critical Factor

The ferocious flying beast had nine heads, wings that hung down like clouds, and emanated world shocking ferocious might!

It was unlike any other ferocious beast of the Ancient God Domain. It was unfamiliar, ancient, and emanated a wild and ferocious aura that was unique to it.

There was a myriad of figures following behind it in a dense expanse. Surprisingly, it was numerous ferocious flying beasts which were of all sorts of strange shapes and sizes.

In an instant, ferocious beings had covered the heavens and the earth and were pressing down menacingly from two directions, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The earth shook while the ground split apart, and the sky collapsed. They were accompanied by various howls and cries as they smashed through space, and their divine might rumbled through the surroundings. It was simply like the end of the world had arrived.

The expressions of Chen Xi and the others changed slightly when they witnessed this scene.

No one had imagined that danger would arrive so quickly. Moreover, it was so ferocious and astounding. In an instant, it felt like they’d been transported into a primeval battlefield, and the figures of their enemies filled their fields of vision.


Suddenly, an enormous Fiendgod at the front of the army in the distance let out a long roar, and then it suddenly stretched out its arm that was like a mountain range and smashed its palm down.


This palm was enormous and ancient. Blood red radiance of the Dao had converged on the lines of the palm, and it was like a blood red sun that blotted out the sky as it descended with the intention of crushing Chen Xi’s group on the spot.

The space in the surroundings couldn’t endure the might of this palm, and it collapsed and was obliterated successively.


A thick and large strand of violet gold sword qi flashed up into the sky, and with a light sweep through the palm, a hiss resounded before a rain of blood stormed down from above. That large palm had actually been easily severed at the wrist!

This strand of sword qi had naturally been executed by Chen Xi.

“Come! We have no paths of retreat! We can only open up a path of blood for ourselves!” Even though he’d succeeded with a single strike, Chen Xi wasn’t able to arouse any delight in his heart. On the contrary, his expression was solemn at this moment while the space between his brows carried terrifying killing intent.

The combat strengths of those beings were extremely terrifying, and most of them were the ‘Shaman Beasts’ raised by those heretics. Their strengths were so formidable that it wasn’t inferior to any Imperial Monarch.

Besides that, there were numerous corpses of cultivators that were being controlled by the Shaman Beasts!

All the owners of those corpses were great figures that reigned supreme through the world. After they were captured by those heretics, their Divine Dao Laws had been stripped away while their energy, spirit and essence had been devoured by the Shaman Beasts. Even their bodies had been taken control of by the Shaman Beasts. So they could absolutely be said to have died with regret.

Now, when those corpses were controlled by the Shaman Beasts, they became the most terrifying opponents for Chen Xi’s group!

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the current situation before them was dangerous to the extreme, and if they were unable to break through the encirclement, then it was very likely that they suffered calamity and died.

So, at this moment, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

“Kill!” His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi circulated the region within his body, and his entire body emanated violet gold divine radiance. His imposing aura rose steadily to its peak state, and he was like a peerless imperial sovereign that was supreme and murderous.

He led the group to charge into the enemy army, and he intended to lead them to fight their way out of this encirclement.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Talisman Armament flashed through the sky like the sharpest blade in the world. It emanated a blazing strand of sword qi that was over 10km long, and it swept out horizontally.

In an instant, over 100 ferocious beings had been annihilated, and a gap had been forcefully torn open in the army of ferocious beings that were approaching like tidewater!




At practically the exact same moment, Kong Youran, Shi Yu, Qin Xinhui, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, Zhao Qingyao, and the others had attacked ferociously, and they followed closely behind Chen Xi.

Various divine artifacts soared into the sky.

All sorts of supreme and profound techniques were executed.

Dazzling and gorgeous divine radiance swept towards the surroundings.

The battle fully erupted. It shook the heavens and the earth and caused the world to dim down. This area was reduced to a place of chaos and slaughter, and it was comparable to the expedition of the gods during the primeval times!

Such a scene of battle could really be considered to be unprecedentedly rare.

Chen Xi and the others were an entire seven Region Lords that were fighting together, and such a scene was something that hadn’t appeared in the Ancient God Domain for an extremely long period of time.

On the other hand, their opponents were vast and mighty like an army. They possessed peerless ferocious might, formed a dense mass that was seemingly boundless, and filled every single corner of this area.

Such an astounding scene of battle was sufficient to cause an unforeseen and world destroying calamity if it had occurred in the Ancient God Domain!


Blood sprayed throughout the surroundings.


Roars and howls shook the heavens.


The heavens and the earth were filled with sorrow.

At this moment, the battle intent of Chen Xi and the others burned. They were like the most solid and ferocious blade of wind that possessed a peerless edge as it forcefully charged through the army of ferocious beings.

Everywhere they passed, severed limbs shot towards the surroundings while blood poured down. It was simply like a blood scene that was from purgatory itself.

This expanse of the world had fallen into chaos. The gods were furious, a rain of blood poured down, the Dao rumbled, and all things fell into disorder…. All sorts of shocking scenes and phenomena had appeared here.

This wasn’t a battle, it was war!

A bloody and brutal war!

However, to their horror, even if Chen Xi and the others advanced without difficulty and killed their enemies with all-powerful might, the situation they were in was still not promising.

The reason was that there were too many ferocious beings in the surroundings!

They’d formed a dense mass that surged over from all directions. As soon as a batch had been eliminated, another batch would surge over, and it simply seemed like they were endless and couldn’t be completely annihilated.

Moreover, their combat strengths were shocking as well, and practically all of them weren’t weaker than an Imperial Monarch!

If it was during the time that Chen Xi and the others hadn’t advanced into the rank of Region Lords, then they would have probably been drowned by these ferocious beings that covered the heavens and the earth and would have been utterly unable to persist until now.

However, Chen Xi and the others had no paths of retreat.

They had to fight until the end because they only had a chance at survival if they fought their way out of this encirclement!

The only thing they felt fortunate about was that they were constantly moving forward and weren’t trapped on the spot without any ability to push forward.


Chen Xi’s gaze was sharp like lightning and surged with a shocking cold glow. The Talisman Armament in his hand was like the sickle of the god of death as it reaped group after group of lives.

His clothes had been dyed red by the blood of his enemies while his skin was covered in the blood of his enemies, and he seemed like a tireless primeval god of war that led the charge.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while emanating violet gold sword lights, and it forcefully slashed open a path of blood in the ocean of enemies before Chen Xi.

At this moment, the others were in a similar situation as Chen Xi. They had murderous expressions while they’d fully immersed themselves into the battle. There was only a single thought in their minds — to kill their way out of this encirclement!

This was why Region Lords were terrifying. Even though all their opponents were Imperial Monarchs, it was very difficult for those Imperial Monarchs to resist their attacks.

Most importantly, they weren’t real Imperial Monarchs. They were either Shaman Beasts that had been raised by the heretics or corpses of died cultivators that were being controlled by the Shaman Beasts. Even though they possessed formidable combat strengths, their combat experience, abilities in combat, the decisions they made in combat, and various other aspects couldn’t compare to a real Imperial Monarch at all.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi and the others assaulted them to the point they were fleeing and ceaselessly perishing.

After the time for an incense stick to burn had passed, the battle was still going on, and it was an expanse of chaos.

After 12 hours passed, Chen Xi and the others were still pushing forward through the enemy army, and they were unable to break free of this encirclement.

After an entire day passed, the enemy army was still enormous. It seemed to be impossible to annihilate as more and more ferocious beings surged over ceaselessly!

It felt like all the living beings residing in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos had moved out and swarmed over here….

Chen Xi and the others had noticed this as well, and their expressions grew even more solemn and murderous while their attacks didn’t stop at all.

But they’d changed their strategy.

Or perhaps, it should be said that they had no choice but to alter their strategy when facing such a brutal and dangerous situation.

There were too many enemies, and they were simply impossible to wipe out. If this continued, then no matter how many enemies they killed, they would probably be exhausted to death in the end.

So, they’d split into two groups under Chen Xi’s instructions.

Kong Youran, Shi Yu, and Qin Xinhui were in one group.

Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and Zhao Qingyao were in the other group.

Each group would take turns to fight for six hours. While one group fought, the other would start to recuperate and recover their strengths. With such a cycle, they could guarantee that they were able to fight a drawn-out battle.

Of course, in this way, the speed they pushed forward at would definitely become comparatively slower. But for safety’s sake, they could only choose to act in this way.

Chen Xi wasn’t in any group. He’d constantly played the role of the leader that led the charge forward all the way.

This was naturally because his cultivation in the Dao Heart was much stronger when compared to the others, and the Divine Dark Parasol Tree in the region within his body was able to ceaselessly replenish his divine energy.

Coupled with the region within his body that was an entire nine times larger than other Region Lords, he was able to persist in battle for much longer.

All the others were originally worried for Chen Xi, and they felt that he wasn’t taking good care of himself. However, along with the passage of time, they gradually noticed that Chen Xi overall state had actually showed no signs of weakening throughout this time.

Besides feeling shocked by this, they couldn’t help but feel at ease.

It was even to the extent that the anxiety and heaviness in their hearts had been greatly dispersed after they witnessed the peerless divine might that Chen Xi revealed.

Three days.

Five days.

Ten days.

After an entire 15 days had passed, Chen Xi’s group was still in battle.

It was even to the extent that they were unable to calculate exactly how many enemies they’d killed during this period of time.

But up until now, they were still unable to discern any sign of them being able to break out of the encirclement!

If it was figures with slightly weaker wills, then the confidence of such figures would definitely be shaken under such circumstances, and despair would arise in their hearts.

However, Chen Xi and the others didn’t.

Up until this point in the battle, they’d become numbed by the killing. They’d killed to the point there were no thoughts left in their minds, and they didn’t have the time to think about anything else.

Because if they wanted to survive, then they had to fight until the end!

Dong! Dong!

The Godsmash Drum reverberated, and it sounded like a thunderclap as it swept towards the surroundings.

In these past few days, A’Liang had been constantly helping them. The Godsmash Drum and Divine Stick of Incineration in her possession innately countered those Shaman Beasts, and she could be said to have provided extremely great support to Chen Xi and the others in battle.

However, A’Liang was only at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm in the end. After fighting successively for so many days, her strength was on the verge of drying up, and it had started to become strenuous for her to assist them in the battle.

“A’Liang, rest well. Leave the rest to us. It wouldn’t be too late to continue fighting after you’ve recovered.” Chen Xi acutely noticed A’Liang’s current state, and he immediately ordered her to rest for now.

After that, Chen Xi took a deep breath. Not only was his gaze devoid of any exhaustion, a wisp of bright and shocking light had actually surged into his eyes.


The Talisman Armament tore through the air in succession. If one looked carefully, one would be able to notice that after fighting continuously for half a month of time, the strength of Chen Xi’s Sword Dao hadn’t weakened at all as well. On the contrary, it had gradually grown even stronger than before.

It was on the verge of break through!

He was only a thread away!

A strong feeling surged in Chen Xi’s heart. It was like he’d firmly grabbed onto a critical factor, and so long as the time was right, then his cultivation in the Sword Dao would be able to break through to a completely new level!

That level was the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

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