Chapter 194 – Critical Factor to Advance

Chapter 194 – Critical Factor to Advance

“Chen Xi, with your current strength, if you’re able to attain the Golden Hall Realm in body refinement, then our certainty of survival after entering the Oceanic Desert would be much greater. Don’t forget that you still have a mysterious Abode, and you’re entirely capable of hiding within it when you encounter a life threatening danger,” said Ling Bai abruptly.

Chen Xi was stunned. What Ling Bai said was indeed correct, when his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations attained the Golden Hall Realm, he would be able to enter the Abode once again and even traverse the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials. So long as he passed the 2nd level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, then he would acquire great benefits. Not only would he be able to obtain some rewards from the Master of the Abode once more, he would be able to cultivate within the Abode for nine days while only a single day passed in the outside world, thus he could cultivate for 45 years while five years passed in the outside world. In this way, he was entirely capable of easily charging into the Golden Core Realm before the Allstar Meeting started.

“What you said is correct indeed. But my body refinement cultivation has already arrived at a bottleneck now, and merely relying on absorbing the baleful energy of the stars from Starsoul Meteorites is far from being enough. I need a critical factor, a critical factor that’s able to make my body transform, but regretfully, I haven’t encountered one up until now.” Chen Xi shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Ling Bai lightly smiled. “Give me the Sickle of Slaughter.”

“For what?” Chen Xi was stunned, yet he still withdrew the Sickle of Slaughter and passed it to Ling Bai.


At the instant Ling Bai caught the Sickle of Slaughter, a terrifying intent of slaughter instantly swarmed out to sweep through the heavens and the earth, and the entire VIP Room immediately fell into deep darkness.




Numerous enraged roars seemed as if they were emitted by the god of slaughter from ancient times, and it was interwoven with the most piercingly cold sound of slaughter of the heaven and the earth. The surging killing intent transformed into roiling and roaring black mist, and in an instant, the entire VIP Room seemed to have transformed into a battlefield of slaughter, a hell on earth.

This little fellow is actually capable of utilizing the Slaughter Dao Territory as well, I’m afraid he’s relying on the strength of the Sickle of Slaughter as well… Chen Xi exclaimed endlessly with admiration in his heart.

“Chen Xi, didn’t you want a critical factor? Then stay within this Slaughter Dao Territory and allow the intent of slaughter to properly temper your body, and then I’ll use my Nirvana Sword Dao to make your body be in a nirvanic state of neither being alive nor dead. I don’t believe you’re unable to advance with this!” Ling Bai held the Sickle of Slaughter in his hand and had a murderous look on his face. “Don’t worry, you surely won’t die, but pain can’t be avoided. Watch out, I’m about to start!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As soon as Ling Bai finished speaking, countless black lights condensed from Slaughter Dao Insight shot out explosively, and it transformed into sledgehammers, sharp swords, axes, pikes… They were like a storm as they attacked Chen Xi from all directions.

The entire heaven and earth were filled with weapons of slaughter and copious killing intent, causing it to seem as if Chen Xi had fallen into the battlefield of a war where blood flowed in rivers. The monstrous intent of slaughter caused one’s breathing to be difficult and one’s soul to tremble, and if it was anyone else, the person would probably have been overwhelmed with terror and wet themselves since long ago.

But the eyes of Chen Xi lit up instead, and he took a deep breath before sitting down cross-legged on the ground. He didn’t resist the attacks, but instead closed his eyes tightly with a calm expression on his face, and he seemed to have forgotten the countless attacks that blasted towards him from all around.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Pu! Pu! Pu!

In just an instant, Chen Xi’s head, neck, chest, back, limbs… The skin on his entire body had numerous bloody injuries torn open upon it, and his ghastly bones were exposed in the air, causing his entire body to seem like a mangled skeleton with an extremely terrifying appearance, and it caused anyone who saw him from afar to feel their scalp go numb and feel exceedingly cold.

“This Slaughter Dao Insight is comparable to the attacks of a Golden Core Realm cultivator. My body is too weak indeed. If I don’t circulate my Shaman Energy, I’m not even capable of resisting a single attack…” Within the boundless pain, Chen Xi worked hard to maintain the shred of clarity within his sea of consciousness, and he took a deep breath before holding a Starsoul Meteorite in each of his hands and madly circulate his Shaman Energy.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just like a withered tree sprouting, all the injuries on Chen Xi’s body recovered with a slow speed, whereas within the Shaman Markings on his back, the Chaotic Lifesoil, Nameless Divine Wood, Nameless Fire Crystal, Nameless Water Pearl, and Nameless Metal Rock seemed as if they had encountered stimulation, and they gushed out with stands of energy of the five elements to repair Chen Xi’s body along with his Shaman Energy.

This scene was something that Chen Xi had never expected entirely, but he was able to clearly notice that after his flesh and skin absorbed the energy of the five elements, it became even more flexible and strong. Every inch of his skin seemed as if it had been tempered a thousand times in a furnace and fiercely refined, causing it to not have the slightest impurity or filth, and it emitted a layer of gentle sheen that seemed crystalline.

Moreover, he was pleasantly surprised to notice that the space in his flesh that was capable of holding Shaman Energy had increased and become wider. If it was said that his body was only a teapot in the past, then now it was a barrel as the space he possessed to hold Shaman Energy in his body had risen explosively by a few times!

All of this was owed to the Chaotic Lifesoil and the other four treasures within his Shaman Markings. It could be said that Chen Xi’s current flesh already contained the attribute of the Chaotic Lifesoil that held everything in the world and had experienced the tempering of the energy of the other four of the five elements, causing his body to already be comparable to some innate spirit bodies, and his body was almost comparable to Chen Hao’s body that was reconstructed from the Firesoul Lotus Fruit.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

When he saw Chen Xi recover, Ling Bai swung out the Sickle of Slaughter once more, releasing a myriad of Slaughter Dao Insight that was different from before. This time, the Slaughter Dao Insight seemed as if they were living beings, and they seemed to have transformed into Nethersoul Warriors that legends say only existed in the Nether Domain. They wore pitch black armors and held blades of slaughter in their hands, and their auras were condensed and filled with fierce killing intent. The might of the Slaughter Dao Insight had risen explosively, more than doubling!

These living beings transformed from Slaughter Dao Insight moved like the sounds of horse hooves trampling the ground and the beating of war drums, entirely in order, and they charged towards Chen Xi as they shouted and roared, seeming to have already taken Chen Xi to be an evil spirit that had perpetrated every conceivable crime and couldn’t be pardoned and allowed to live in this world.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Numerous terrifying injuries appeared once more on the skin all over Chen Xi’s body, but compared to before, the injuries that appeared this time were obviously much shallower. However, along with the boundless attacks striking, his entire body instantly transformed once again into the appearance of a mangled skeleton.

This time, before Chen Xi could circulate his cultivation technique, the Chaotic Lifesoil and the other miraculous treasures seemed as if they’d been enraged, and they sprayed out exceedingly great streams of energy of the five elements to fiercely repair the flesh on Chen Xi’s entire body. The energy charged to wherever was damaged, like a tinker that was terribly busy.

“Nice!” Ling Bai’s eyes lit up, yet his movements weren’t slow in the slightest, and the Sickle of Slaughter was utilized by him to the limit, causing the entire Slaughter Dao Territory to drone and tremble. Killing intent shot out violently as if a storm had struck and like a group of sharks that had smelled blood, and they swarmed menacingly towards Chen Xi.

Instantly, a peculiar scene appeared on Chen Xi’s body. Boundless energy of destruction and boundless energy of vitality collided, causing him to be mangled for a moment, then recover for a moment. It was like the course of the life of the myriad of beings in the world, one withered while the other flourished, an unending circle, whereas, life obtained advancement and strengthening during this course…

Destruction, regeneration.

A moment of withering and a moment of flourishing.

The peculiar scene faintly contained an indescribably supreme Dao Insight, and it flowed and brewed on Chen Xi’s body, and it was profound and unfathomable.

When he saw the scene on Chen Xi’s body, Ling Bai was stunned instantaneously. The Nirvana Sword Dao that he cultivated was neither alive nor dead, and seemed eternal. It required one to possess extremely high comprehension of the Heaven’s Dao of death, life, destruction, and rebirth. Presently, when he slightly inspected the peculiar scene that appeared on Chen Xi’s body, Ling Bai instantly fell into a type of muddled enlightenment, and his Dao comprehension rose swiftly.


After an unknown period of time, the Slaughter Dao Territory shattered and dispersed, whereas Ling Bai was jolted awake as well. Instantly, he felt boundless exhaustion gush out from his mind and body, and his handsome little face went pale.

Even though the Slaughter Dao Territory drew out all my strength, it allowed my comprehension towards the Nirvana Sword Dao to deepen. It won’t be long before I’ll surely be able to condense the Nirvana Sword Territory! Although Ling Bai was exhausted, his eyes were instead unusually bright, and there was a feeling of great enlightenment within his eyes.

“Huff! Hiss!” The air he breathed out seemed like dragons and it seemed like whirlpools formed when he inhaled. Within the VIP Room, the sounds of Chen Xi’s breathing suddenly resounded out, and the sound was like the sound of thunder, shocking the air in the surroundings to the point of buzzing.

Is he going to charge into the Golden Hall Realm already? Ling Bai instantly converged his entire attention onto Chen Xi.

Exactly. Chen Xi was indeed charging into the Golden Hall Realm. Presently, after experiencing the modification of the energies of the five elements, Chen Xi’s body was already strong to an unbelievable extent, and his bones, tendons, flesh, and skin even had a trace of turning crystalline. They were flexible and hard, and contained a space concealed within that seemingly was able to accommodate anything in the world and cover every direction.

Moreover, his vital energy was at its peak condition at this moment, and if he didn’t seize this opportunity to charge into the Golden Hall Realm, then when?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The energy within the Starsoul Meteorites were completely sucked out one by one and transformed into powder, whereas, the vast Shaman Energy within Chen Xi’s body circulated madly as if ceaselessly gushed towards the nine Shaman Markings on his back.

These nine Shaman Markings were respectively the Fifth-Earth, Second-Wood, Seventh-Gold, Third-Fire, Ninth-Water, Great Yin, Great Yang, Wind, and Lightning Shaman Markings. Under the charging of Chen Xi’s Shaman Energy, the nine Shaman Marking suddenly started to tremble. The core position of the Shaman Marking formed into a torn open black hole that was like an aperture, and the position of the Shaman Markings on his back started to move as well.

Those apertures were Star Apertures.

To charge into the Golden Hall Realm was to develop Star Apertures on one’s Shaman Markings and cause the nine Shaman Markings to rearrange and form the shape of the nine palaces, allowing them to be connected to each other, and it was also called a Star Bridge.

Development of Star Apertures and the connection of the Star Bridge, this was the characteristic that would only appear after the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts attained the Golden Hall Realm.

Of course, if it was other body refiners, the Star Aperture would possibly be called the Fire Aperture, Water Aperture, and so on and so forth. The Star Bridge could also possibly be called the Fire Bridge and Water Bridge. The methods may vary, but the principle was the same. When a body refinement cultivation technique attained the Golden Hall Realm, all of them developed a type of mysterious aperture on the Shaman Markings and used a unique method to link up the nine Shaman Markings.

After one obtained the Golden Hall Realm in body refinement, besides one’s Shaman Energy rising explosively, the flexibility and synchronization of one’s body would have attained a type of limit, and it was able to exert an even more terrifying strength. If it was said that one’s body was in a state of disunity before, then after one obtained the Golden Hall Realm, every part of one’s entire body was like a well trained army that was vigorous and effective in their task. Within one’s tendons, bones, and flesh, Shaman Energy surged, one’s vigor was strong to the point that it shot up into the sky like a rainbow, and one’s vital energy was raging like the tide. With a single shout, one was even able to shatter a person’s soul!

At this moment, Chen Xi was gradually transforming towards this realm!

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