Chapter 1937 – Grand Abyss of Catastrophe

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Wang Zhong strode within a grand, spacious, and ancient hall by himself. Muffled and heavy footsteps drifted through the surroundings as he strode on the hard and pitch black ground in the hall.

He wore blood red clothes, had an icy cold gaze that was sharp like a bolt of lightning, and his entire body was suffused with a supreme and deep aura. When compared to the past, he had an aura of experience and age as if he’d experienced the baptism of time.

This hall was extremely ancient. It was pitch black like the eternal veil of night, and only a strand of flames that was bright red like blood flickered extremely far away in the depths of the hall.

It was like the blood red pupil of a ferocious beast that was lying dormant in the dark and silent hall.

The atmosphere here was deathly silent, and it carried a horrifying aura.

As he moved further ahead, Wang Zhong’s expression grew more and more calm and composed. He seemed to be very familiar with this place, and no fluctuations of emotion could be noticed from him.

“You’ve returned.” After an unknown period of time, an aged, indifferent, hoarse, and deep voice suddenly resounded, and it reverberated in the hall yet felt indistinct.

Wang Zhong suddenly stopped moving, and he remained silent for a short while before he said, “I’ve returned.”


As his voice resounded through the air, numerous bright golden divine flames gradually lit up on both sides of the spacious and pitch black hall, and they were like flickering torches that expelled the darkness.

In an instant, the hall was brightly illuminated and covered in a layer of divine gold, causing everything within the hall to become extremely clear.

The hall was extremely spacious and very magnificent. It was boundlessly grand. A completely straight pathway made from black stones covered the center of the hall and stretched to the end of the hall.

Numerous ancient stone pillars stood towering on both sides of the pathway. Every single one of them was like an enormous dragon that was soaring up into the sky.

Wang Zhong stood on the pathway. When compared to the stone pillars on both sides and when compared with the entire hall, Wang Zhong was tiny like an ant!

If one looked carefully, numerous blood red and mysterious designs were inscribed on those stone pillars. There were Fiendgods with eight arms, bodies that were hard as rock, and eyes that were like the stellar bodies who were whistling through the stars.

There were strange birds that were over 30km long, had feathers that were black as night, and had nine savage heads that were fluttering about with the corpses of the gods in their beaks.

There were mighty figures that held worlds in their palms, had lightning hanging from their ears, and sat upright above the nine heavens while looking down upon the world. Moreover, the glow of the Dao appeared in the center of their foreheads, and this light illuminated the world and everything within it.

There were graceful women that travelled on boat through azure waves and the flow of the universe towards the heavens. Her jet black hair flowed down like a waterfall while countless strands of the glow of the Dao drifted down from her, causing her to be indistinct like an illusion.

All of these blood red designs were filled with an ancient aura, and they were completely different from the designs of the Ancient God Domain. They seemed as if they shouldn’t exist in this world at all.

All the figures in the designs were filled with all sorts of mysterious auras, and they were like ancient existences that had roamed freely through another unfamiliar world.

These blood red designs were like ancient totems that were branded on these stone pillars. They revealed majestic and grand scenes that gave the entire hall a divine aura.

Wang Zhong stood still on the pathway and stopped moving forward, and his gaze pierced through space and looked towards the end of the hall from afar.

At the end of the hall was a strand of divine flame that was bright red like blood. Beneath the divine flame was a throne made out of bones while a blood red figure sat on it. The figure was flickering like the divine flame and constantly moving like mist, causing others to be utterly unable to witness its appearance clearly.

A mysterious hall.

Golden divine flames.

Totems on stone pillars.

A throne of bones.

A blood red figure.

When all of these scenes were joined together, it caused this divine scene to carry a strange and horrifying aura.

When looked at from afar, even though the appearance of the figure on the bone throne wasn’t clear, it caused others to feel as if they’d laid eyes on an overlord who possessed supreme might!

“Is it done?” The aged and hoarse voice resounded once more, and it sounded out from the bone throne at the end of the hall.

“The remaining skin of the Holy Beast has fallen into the hands of the Era Savior. If nothing unexpected happens, then they’ve already been inflicted by the Holy Shaman’s Restriction.” Wang Zhong nodded, and he spoke with the blood red figure that sat upright on the bone throne from extremely far away.

He didn’t continue moving forward. He seemed to be rather fearful as if he would suffer calamity and perish if he continued moving forward.

“Not bad. Not bad.” The blood red figure praised. “Utilizing the identity of the Roc Daolord to conceal the secrets of the Holy Beast’s skin. Only you are able to think of such an unusual yet wonderful technique.”

Wang Zhong’s expression remained unchanged, and he said, “It was all thanks to the fact that a descendent of the Primeval Micro Race was by the side of that Era Savior. Otherwise, they would probably be unable to activate the Holy Shaman’s Restriction.”

“There’s no need to be modest. I’ve never had the need to feel worried when something is being done by you.” The blood red figure’s voice became low and sighed with emotion. “The only thing I never expected was that after 36,000 years of time, you still thought of returning from the Ancient God Domain. This really exceeded my expectations.”

Wang Zhong suddenly raised his head when he heard this, and a wisp of a cold smile arose on his face that was originally calm. He said, “Born a slave and doomed to damnation at death. How could an existence like me dare to avoid returning here!”

His voice carried extremely resentment, and it reverberated ceaselessly in this spacious hall.

“Don’t worry. Once this mission is accomplished, then not only would I return your freedom to you, I’ll even give the position of Holy King to you.” The blood red figure wasn’t infuriated at all.

“Oh?” Wang Zhong’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he said coldly, “Remember what you’ve said! If you’re unable to accomplish it when the time comes, then don’t blame me going to work together with the Holy Spirit! You ought to be clearly aware that with the ability I possess, then so long as the Holy Spirit is willing, I’ll be able to support her up as the new Holy King!”

“The Holy Spirit! You’ve actually located the Holy Spirit’s whereabouts?” The blood red figure was slightly agitated and quite shocked.

“Yes. Her consciousness hasn’t awakened yet, and she’s still residing within the Furnace of Karmic Luck. I can even tell you that she has already made an appearance in the Ancient God Domain!” Wang Zhong spoke coldly, and he seemed to have made his voice was firm and confident for the sake of proving something.

“Haha!” The blood red figure suddenly started laughing instead. “While her consciousness hasn’t awakened, it doesn’t represent that it won’t awaken. When she awakens, the first person she wants to kill will probably be you. If I’m not wrong, you still haven’t obtained the Furnace of Karmic Luck that she resides in. So, you had no choice but to come back and work together with me.”

Wang Zhong’s face sank, and he fell into silence.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Our plan merely lacks one final step before it can be carried out smoothly. The promise I made all those years ago will definitely not change as well. I can pass the position of Holy King to you, but you must help my step foot onto the true supreme and ultimate realm!” That blood red figure’s voice became solemn, and it carried an indisputable tone.

“Alright!” After a long moment of silence, Wang Zhong nodded in the end, and he lightly spat out a single word.

The blood red figure couldn’t help but roar with laughter upon hearing this, and it rumbled through the hall like thunder.

But right after that, his laughter stopped abruptly.

“Something’s wrong!” The blood red figure seemed to have noticed something, and its voice carried a wisp of rage. “The Holy Shaman’s Restriction has vanished! Aruye! You actually dared to deceive this king!”


Terrifying killing intent swept out from the blood red figure like tidewater, and it pressed down upon the entire hall to the point it wailed and trembled without end.

“What?” Wang Zhong’s expression changed. “That’s impossible! Region Lords like them are absolutely unable to resist the Holy Shaman’s Restriction!”

“But its aura has really vanished!” The blood red figure spoke word by word. As he spoke, the killing intent he emanated seemed to become material and grow terrifying.

“You don’t trust me?” Wang Zhong spoke in a stern voice while he felt extremely pressured.

“I do.” The blood red figure remained silent for a short moment before the killing intent he emanated vanished completely.

This allowed Wang Zhong to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, but his expression was slightly unsightly as he spoke coldly. “The Holy Shaman’s Restriction on the Holy Beast’s skin was inscribed by you. Now that it has failed, you blame it on me instead. Don’t you think such actions are very shameless?”

“Alright. It has already occurred, so there’s no need to continue mentioning it.” The blood red figure said indifferently, “Since the Holy Shaman’s Restriction has vanished, then they’d definitely obtained the secret map that leads to the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe. What do you think we should do now?”

Wang Zhong said coldly, “We have to change our plan of course!”

As he spoke, he turned around and walked towards the exit.

“What do you intend to do?” The blood red figure pursued an answer.

“I intend to lead those monsters you fostered to wait for them outside the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.”

“You intend to wait for them to come to you?”

“Could it be that you think we can enter the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe like them?”

“Alright. But….”

“There are no buts. Don’t forget that only they are able to activate the energy within the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, and only by utilizing their bodies would we be able to break through the barriers of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and escape the obstruction of the Heaven Dao of this Era!”

“Alright! We’ll do as you said. But, Aruye, I have to warn you. We’ve already waited for this opportunity for too long, and I absolutely won’t allow any mistakes at the last moment. If you fail….”

“If I fail, then you can do as you please with my life!” Their voices reverberated ceaselessly in the mysterious and spacious hall, whereas, Wang Zhong’s figure had already vanished from here.

In next to no time, the hall returned to deathly silence again.

The blood red figure sat upright and silently on the throne of bones all by itself.

“Aruye, you better not disappoint me this time….” After a long time, a faint voice that carried a cold tone resounded.

Chen Xi wasn’t aware that the complete ancient beast skin in his hand was the Holy Beast’s skin that Wang Zhong spoke of.

Moreover, he wasn’t aware that the strange reaction they had when A’Liang read those words from the beast skin was actually a secret technique called the Holy Shaman’s Restriction.

Besides that, he was also unaware that when he accidentally interrupted A’Liang at that time, he’d unknowingly helped everyone resolve a great calamity that was descending down upon them.

As for the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe that was at the end of the secret map on the ancient beast skin, it was even more impossible for him to have any knowledge of it.

However, at this moment, he’d put the complete beast skin away since a long time ago. Even if he didn’t know its name, the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, he didn’t intend to act according to the secret map on the beast skin.

Because he suspected that Wang Zhong had intentionally allowed him to seize that last piece of beast skin!

At this moment, Chen Xi was looking at the brass key in his hand.

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