Chapter 1936 – Unexpected Change In The Beast Skin

The damaged and ancient beast skin emanated an obscure and mysterious fluctuation that caused others to be unable to discern its contents.

Kong Youran and the others recognized these beast skin. They were related to a mysterious area in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it might even allow them to obtain the true secrets of the Ultimate Path of the Dao!

However, to their shock, besides the five pieces of beast skins that came from the five extremes of the Imperial Region, there was another piece.

“I seized it from Wang Zhong.” Chen Xi explained casually before he opened up this piece of beast skin.

This piece was clearly much larger than the other pieces in Chen Xi’s possessed. Moreover, its shape was extremely strange and had clearly been pieced together by someone.

It was like a few pieces of beast skin had been pieced together into a single large piece of damaged beast skin, and it had a very unique shape.

However, when he witnessed this scene, Chen Xi was instantly shocked in his heart. He was clearly aware that when Wang Zhong obtained this piece of ancient beast skin, it was absolutely not as it seemed right now.

Wang Zhong had clearly gathered numerous pieces and put them together in order to form the piece of beast skin in his hand!

Besides causing Chen Xi to feel surprised, he couldn’t help but feel slightly bewildered. Where exactly did Wang Zhong gather so many pieces of beast skin from?

“A’Liang, quickly see what’s written on it.” Gu Yan spoke from the side.

“Oh.” A’Liang leaped up in Chen Xi’s auricle, and then she arrived in front of the beast skin.

Just like the five pieces of beast skin Chen Xi had obtained earlier, this one was similarly inscribed with numerous mysterious and warped characters. They were strange, unknown, and unusual.

A’Liang was the only existence present here that could read these mysterious characters because it was a form of secret writing that belonged to the royals of the Primeval Micro Race.

Kong Youran and the others surprised as they hadn’t imagined that a descendant of the Primeval Micro Race would be by Chen Xi’s side.

Moreover, they’d never imagined that the characters which even the five extremes of the Imperial Region were unable to decipher would actually seem to not trouble this little miss called A’Liang at all.

“This fellow, Chen Xi, really made sufficient preparations!” All of them couldn’t help but simultaneously sigh with emotion in their hearts.

“Extreme leads to emptiness, emptiness is the void. The void gives birth to new life, the beginning of all secrets….” A’Liang started to read the writing on the beast skin. Her tone was clear and melodious, and she read every single word clearly, causing the attention of everyone to be instantly drawn over.

“Extreme leads to emptiness!” At this moment, the hearts of Shi Yu, Yu Jiuhui, Qin Xinhui, and Zhao Qingyao shook simultaneously. These words were extremely normal, but the words seemed to carry a strange power when they heard them at this moment. It caused their Dao Hearts to instantly shake while an indescribable and unfathomable feeling surged within their minds.

It was even to the extent that these words had caused them to instantly forget everything else that A’Liang had read out!

However, the others seemed as if they hadn’t noticed it at all, nor were their hearts stirred by these four words. Moreover, they were utterly unaware that just these four words had caused the hearts of Shi Yu and three others in their group to shake as if they’d suffered a shocking blow.

“Emptiness is the void!” But in next to no time, when A’Liang spoke these three words, Kong Youran and Yea Chen seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning, and a form of obscure comprehension arose in their hearts.

Only Chen Xi and Gu Yan didn’t notice anything.

This seemed to be very strange. It was clearly just ordinary words. But when they were read out aloud by A’Liang at this moment, they seemed to carry a mysterious force that could strike directly at the heart, and it caused each other them to display different reactions.

“The void gives birth to new life, the beginning of all secrets!” When A’Liang spoke these words, Chen Xi’s heart shook as well, and he sensed an unfamiliar and mysterious aura.

However, in merely an instant, a strand of strange rumbling suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, and the originally deathly silent River Diagram fragments had awakened at this moment!

It was like these words carried a mysterious aura that faintly conformed to some sort of energy within the River Diagram fragments, and it aroused a strange reaction in the River Diagram fragments.

However, this sort of reaction caused terror to inexplicably arise in Chen Xi’s heart. He practically instinctively and swiftly put the beast skin away and shouted. “A’Liang, stop reading!”

A’Liang was completely unaware of all of this, and she hadn’t sensed anything unusual as well. So, when Chen Xi suddenly shouted loudly and interrupted her, her entire body instantly trembled while she revealed a wisp of a terrified expression as if he’d scared her.

At this moment, Chen Xi had instantly realized that his actions were slightly unusual, and he hurriedly said, “A’Liang, it’s not your fault. It was because of me.”

A’Liang seemed to relax, and then she stuck out her tongue and said, “Young Master was really terrifying just now.”

“What happened just now?”

“Dammit! It was like I was possessed! This thing is really strange.”

Chen Xi’s loud shout had jolted Kong Youran and the others awake from that strange state as well, and then their expressions changed slightly because they noticed that their reactions were slightly strange.

Chen Xi took a deep breath, pondered deeply, and then he said, “It’s fine. This piece of beast skin came from Wang Zhong, and its contents are mysterious and unknown. Perhaps something we don’t know about is hidden within it.”

Their hearts shook when they heard this. After all, all of them had advanced into the ranks of Region Lords, and their strengths were countless times stronger than before.

However, at that instant, they’d experienced all sorts of strange reactions because of just those few words, and it was slightly terrifying.

“Let’s think about it after I piece together these remaining pieces of beast skin.” Chen Xi spoke swiftly, and then he placed the large beast skin in his hand with the other five pieces of beast skin before he started to piece them together.

This was like a jigsaw puzzle, so it naturally extremely easy for a figure like Chen Xi to complete.

Under the gazes of everyone, Chen Xi had finished piercing them together after a mere short moment, and a complete piece of beast skin appeared in his hand!

It was hexagonal, around the size of a cattail leaf fan, completely pitch black, ancient, and densely covered in those strange and warped characters.

It was impossible to determine exactly what beast this skin came from.

However, when Chen Xi laid eyes on it, he instantly had a familiar feeling as if he’d seen it somewhere.

“The shape of this beast skin… seems like that strange sacrificial altar we saw!” Kong Youran’s beautiful brows raised as she spoke with surprise.

“Exactly! Exactly! No wonder I felt that it was so familiar. So, it’s in the same shape as that strange sacrificial altar.” Shi Yu, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and the others nodded successively.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding, and he recalled the Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar that trapped Imperial Monarch Yan Bing within it!

The shape of that strange and mysterious sacrificial altar was exactly the form of a hexagon!

“The Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar, the complete ancient beast skin…. Could it be that there’s some sort of link between them?” Chen Xi was surprised.

According to his knowledge, the Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar was definitely built by the heretics from the last era. On the other hand, in the opinion of those great figures from the five extremes of the Imperial Region, the beast skin was something that the Roc Daolord had left behind in death and the characters inscribed on it were even the secret writing of the Primeval Micro Race.

If there was some sort of link between these two things, then it would be extraordinarily unusual!

At this moment, Chen Xi even slightly wondered if this beast skin was really left behind by the Roc Daolord upon his death all those years ago.


Before Chen Xi could figure it out, a strand of strange fluctuation suddenly effused out from the beast skin in his palm.

All of them watched in shock as the mysterious and warped characters on the beast skin seemed as if they’d come to life at this moment, and they ceaselessly wriggled on the beast skin at an extremely swift speed.

In merely an instant, the mysterious characters actually reformed themselves, and they transformed into numerous winding, dense, and complicated diagrams!

Not another character could be seen!

It seemed like a real map, and the winding and dense lines were like the path that lead somewhere.

“This is… the map that leads to that mysterious area?” All of them were surprised and bewildered. They’d never imagined that when the ancient beast skin was completely pieces together, such a tremendous change would actually occur to it.

Not to mention them, even Chen Xi hadn’t expected this.

Before Chen Xi obtained that sixth beast skin from Wang Zhong, he’d obtained some clues from the five beast skins that were in his possession.

It was some obscure character that were respectively ‘太’, ‘纪’, ‘坛’, ‘道极’, ‘神主元’, ‘无上而空’, ‘真无而无上’.

Amongst them, the characters ‘神’ , ‘纪’ ,’ 主’, ‘极’, and ‘元’ just happened to match those characters that had appeared on the River Diagram fragments.

At that time, Chen Xi suspected that the River Diagram fragments, Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, the mysterious region, and the true secrets of the Ultimate Path of the Dao might be linked in some way!

It was even to the extent that as far as Chen Xi was concerned, he might be able to unravel the answer if he could find that mysterious area.

However, at this moment, when he saw the changes that occurred on the complete beast skin and noticed that the obscure characters had actually vanished, Chen Xi was instantly taken slightly by surprise.

Could it be that it isn’t as I’d guessed, and this secret writing are merely symbols that were prepared to form this map-like clue in the end?

For a time, Chen Xi was slightly dazed.

After a long time, he took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind. He was very clearly aware in his heart that if he wanted to figure all of this out, then he probably had to find that mysterious place first.

“Chen Xi, in your opinion, what does the diagram on this beast skin represent?” asked Kong Youran.

“If I’m not wrong, it’s probably the path that leads to that mysterious area.” Chen Xi answered without giving it the slightest thought. This was actually very ease to guess because it could be easily deduced by relying on the various clues they’d obtained before this.

The eyes of everyone lit up. The mysterious area! It’s very likely that the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao are hidden there!

“We can’t act according to the map on this beast skin for now.” Chen Xi suddenly spoke, and he glanced at them. “I keep having the feeling that the heretics were definitely planning something big by drawing all of you here. So, they would probably notice if we acted right now.”

He paused for a moment, and then his expression suddenly turned solemn, and then he chose his words carefully. “Moreover, I suddenly feel slight suspicion that Wang Zhong… seemed to have allowed me to seize this final piece of beast skin on purpose!”

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