Chapter 1935 – The Heretics’ Plot

Chen Xi wasn’t making exaggerated statements to raise a false alarm.

At this moment, all of the others had noticed that this was strange.

The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was enormous, and it could be said to be boundlessly vast. However, all of them who were dispersed throughout the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos had converged here on the same day. Even an idiot wouldn’t believe that this was a coincidence.

“This is a plot against us!” At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm. “If I’m not wrong, then the cloaked black clothed figures that drew all of you here were definitely those heretics that survived from the last era!”

The heretics from the last era?

The hearts of the others shook while they revealed all sorts of expressions.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, no matter if it was Kong Youran’s group, Yea Chen’s group, or even Zhao Qingyao, all of them seemed to have heard of the heretics, and they didn’t seem to be surprised.

“So, that’s it.” In the next moment, Kong Youran seemed to have thought of something and said, “We encountered a mysterious, strange, and ancient sacrificial altar earlier, and it was exactly there that we encountered that cloaked black clothed figure!”

“Exactly. It was the same for us.” Yu Jiuhui and Yea Chen nodded simultaneously.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Do all of you know why they drew all of you here?”

All of them looked at each other, and then they shook their heads to indicate that they didn’t. If Chen Xi hadn’t called it to their attention, they would still be in the dark now.

At this moment, the atmosphere was slightly deathly silent as no one spoke.

All of them possessed extraordinary natural talent and wisdom that surpassed ordinary figures. After Chen Xi call this to their attention, they’d naturally instantly determined that it was very likely that they’d fallen into a plot!

But they were completely unaware of the goals of this plot!

Chen Xi was unaware as well. However, he’d met Imperial Monarch Yan Bing all those years ago, so he’d obtained extremely valuable information.

He was very clearly aware that no matter what those heretics from the last era sought, living would definitely be worse than death for them if they were to fall into the hands of those heretics.

“When you become Region Lords, you’ll be captured like prey by those heretics!

The Divine Dao Laws in your possession will be stripped away by them!

“Your energy, spirit, and essence will be devoured by their Shaman Beasts!

“It’s even to the extent that your bodies will be utilized by them, and you’ll become monsters that are neither human, ghost, god, or devil. You’ll be unable to pass away completely for eternity!”

For no rhyme of reason, Imperial Monarch’s warning resounded once more in Chen Xi’s min, and his heart grew even heavier.

“When you become Region Lords, you’ll be captured like prey by those heretics!”

Chen Xi didn’t understand these words before this. But at this moment, as he gazed at all the others who were gathered here, Chen Xi had a faint understanding instead.

Because no matter if it was Kong Youran’s group, Yea Chen’s group, and even Zhao Qingyao, all of them had advanced into the ranks of Region Lords!

Moreover, all of them had encountered a cloaked black clothed figure and were drawn here on the same day….

Does this mean that the heretics from the last era have taken action with the intention of capturing us? Chen Xi’s expression changed indeterminately. He even suspected that the arrival of Tu Meng, Donghuang Yinxuan, and Leng Xinghun at this mysterious region was definitely caused by the heretics who were working from the shadows!

Chen Xi counted, and he realized that from amongst the 30 disciples that had entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos this time, besides those disciples that had perished, practically all the others who were still alive were gathered here!

If all of this is a plot, then why would those heretics of the last era draw them to this region? Could it be that some sort of secret is hidden here?

Or perhaps, there’s some sort of other reason why they’ve acted in this way?

The most important fact was that after he refined and absorbed those nine Region Quintessences, this mysterious region had become his territory.

This caused Chen Xi to have the feeling that all of this seemed to be targeted at him!

Of course, this was a feeling Chen Xi had. He was unable to confirm whether it was true, nor was he able to find any proof to prove it.

However, he was sure that from today onward, the situation all of them faced would probably grow even more dangerous!

“Chen Xi, have you… deduced something?” When he saw Chen Xi’s expression change indeterminately yet remain silent for so long, Shi Yu couldn’t help but ask this question.

As soon as these words were spoken, the others shot their gazes towards Chen Xi in succession.

Chen Xi instantly awakened from his disordered thoughts. He pondered deeply for a moment before he stopped holding back, and then he told them everything he knew and some guesses that he’d deduced.

When Chen Xi finished speaking, the atmosphere here had become deathly silent while the expressions of everyone had turned solemn. Moreover, they’d fallen silent as well.

A plot!

This is definitely a plot!

They stopped keeping any hope in their hearts, and they started to face this problem.

“So, in this way, only those who have advanced into the ranks of Region Lords are valuable to them? We’ll be captured like prey, have the Divine Dao Laws we possessed stripped away, and the energy, spirit, and essence within us will be devoured by their Shaman Beasts. Moreover, our bodies will be taken control of to become monsters that are unable to pass away completely for eternity….” Yea Chen muttered. As he finished speaking, his voice carried a wisp of an icy cold tone, and he said, “These heretics that should have been obliterated during the last era are truly ruthless!”

“I think their objectives this time are probably not so simple. If they wanted to capture us, then there’s entirely no need to draw all of us here.” Kong Youran’s clear eyes glistened with a glow of wisdom.

As soon as these words of spoken, it instantly received the acknowledgement of the others. Even they felt that the objectives of the heretics were definitely not ordinary!

But what exactly do they seek?

No one was able to guess the answer.

This was the part that instilled the most fear and terror in them.

They knew very little about the last era because it was too far away, and it had been obliterated in the boundless annals of time.

It was even to the extent that they were unable to find out exactly how many heretics had survived from the last era or exactly how terrifying the combat strengths possessed by these heretics was.

“If I was able to capture that fellow, Wang Zhong, then all of this would probably not be a problem any longer. Unfortunately, he was able to escape in the end.” Chen Xi suddenly sighed. He felt slightly regretful that he hadn’t attacked with his full strength and killed Wang Zhong.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, Wang Zhong was definitely closely related to these heretics, and it’s even to the extent that Chen Xi didn’t eliminate the possibility that Wang Zhong was a member of those heretics!

“I noticed that there was something strange about Wang Zhong’s origins since the beginning, and he didn’t seem like a disciple of Golden Toad Isle at all. Now it would seem like this fellow’s origins are even more mysterious that we expected.”

“Could Wang Zhong be one of the heretics who lived in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and was sent to the Ancient God Domain as a spy?”

“It’s very likely.”

“If it’s really like that, then this plot is slightly horrifying. Perhaps it might even affect the Ancient God Domain!”

The others spoke successively, but most of it were guesses, and they were unable to make any certain judgment.

Chen Xi remained silent for a long time in the face of this. In the end, he glanced at them all and said, “Everyone, let’s stop talking about this for now. The important matter at hand is to prepare to deal with the dangers we might encounter from now on.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “There are almost 3 years left until the period of 10 years are up. In other words, it’s utterly impossible for us to return to the Ancient God Domain during this period of time!”

This period of 10 years was the time they were told that the five extremes of the Imperial Region would join forces and establish the passageway for them to return from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Moreover, this passageway could only be maintained for three years of time!

Once they missed this period of time, then it would be practically impossible for them to return to the Ancient God Domain.

Presently, another 3 years of time remained before this period of 10 years was up. This similarly meant that Chen Xi and the others would be unable to return to the Ancient God Domain during this period of time.

Under such circumstances, the first thing they had to consider was naturally how they should get through these three years without experiencing any mishaps.

“Chen Xi, what do you think we should do?” Kong Youran gazed at Chen Xi.

The others shot their gazes over as well. Presently, all of them were clearly aware that Chen Xi was definitely the strongest amongst them.

Moreover, they knew that even the when figures like Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan had joint forces, they’d still died miserably at Chen Xi’s hands.

This clearly showed how shocking Chen Xi’s current combat strength was.

Even though Kong Youran and the others hadn’t witnessed the battle, they’d saw how Chen Xi had annihilated Li Lufeng in a short moment of time.

So, they didn’t doubt Chen Xi’s strength at all.

The thing they were truly curious about was exactly how strong Chen Xi was!

No one knew the answer.

However, all of this wasn’t important. The important thing was the current situation they were in. Chen Xi didn’t just possess formidable combat strength; he knew much more about the plots of the heretics.

Under such circumstances, they naturally had to respect Chen Xi’s opinion, and they seemed to have started to allow Chen Xi to take the lead.

This included Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui. At this moment, they’d decided to go with Chen Xi and the others. Because all of them who were from the Ancient God Domain had to join forces under such circumstances, and only then might they be able to deal with the danger they faced and seize a chance at survival!

Chen Xi had clearly noticed the changes in their attitudes, and while he felt happy for this, he couldn’t help but feel heavy pressure on his shoulders.

“I have a suggestion.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he lightly spat out a few words. “Cope with everything by sticking to the original plan!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed towards a star in the distance. “Everyone, come with me. I still have an urgent matter to resolve, and it might be helpful to our future plans.”

All of them were stunned, and then they didn’t hesitate to follow him.


On the ground of that star, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, and then numerous divine talisman diagrams appeared out of thin air. They formed a divine formation that enveloped all of them.

After that, Chen Xi released the energy of the Daoseal Mark that he possessed, and it covered every single inch of space within the divine formation. In this way, he would notice the slightest movement at the first possible moment.

After he finished doing all of this, Chen Xi withdrew six damaged and ancient pieces of beast skin and a brass key under the curious gazes of everyone.

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