Chapter 193 – Clearmist Spirit Tea

Chapter 193 – Clearmist Spirit Tea

The VIP Room of Treasure Heaven Pavilion was decorated beautifully and magnificently with painted beams, carved pillars, numerous precious lanterns, and there was even a bed for meditation and cultivation that was made of the highest grade of Glacial Spiritjade. When one cultivated white sitting on it, not only was it able to get rid of distracting thoughts and keep the mind in a state of peace, it was even able to nourish the body and nurse one’s vital energy, causing it to be extremely miraculous.

Moreover, a strand of pure and fresh fragrance drifted in the air, and it was like the sweet fragrance emitted from the ground after the rain, containing copious amounts of vitality, causing one’s mind and body to become clearer and one’s limbs to seem lightest. It was as if one’s entire body had been cleansed by supreme divine water, causing one to be entirely free of impurities and feel refreshed.

This strand of fragrance was emitted from the grease within a bronze lantern.

This grease was a jade green color and seemed like a piece of amber, and it contained extremely dense calming energy. It was called Jadesoul Grease, and it was refined from the core of a 10,000 year old pine tree. A single 10,000 year old pine tree could only be refined into a single piece of Jadesoul Grease that was the size of a fingernail. It was indeed extravagant of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion to use it as a perfume, and it was exceedingly luxurious.

What a nice place! 500 kg spirit liquid for a day’s stay is a good value for the money spent. After Chen Xi entered the VIP Room and sized up the surrounding decoration, he couldn’t help but exclaim endlessly in admiration within his heart.

After Madam Shui Hua brought Chen Xi into the VIP Room, she didn’t leave and instead sat cross-legged before a table and started boiling tea in an elegant manner.

The appraiser Le Qi was instead self aware and left the room.

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised when he saw this, and he walked over to the table and sat facing Madam Shui Hua. He didn’t speak and instead silently appreciated her tea preparation method that flowed like moving clouds and streams of water and was filled with a sense of rhythm.

A little pot made of red clay, a ceramic teapot, and two simple and heavy yellow willow teacups were placed on the table. Once the water was boiled, Madam Shui Hua lightly smiled at Chen Xi before saying, “Aged tea should be soaked, whereas young tea should be boiled. This bunch of Clearmist Spirit Tea is a precious aged tea I took from the Imperial Palace, and ordinary people don’t have the chance to drink it.”

As she spoke, her jade white hand picked up the teapot, rolling up her sleeves as she soaked the tea, and her movements were slow, gentle, and unhurried. The gurgling boiling water was like a fountain of silver lava that poured into the yellow willow teacups. Instantly, the tea leaves at the bottom of the teacups unfolded like a myriad of silver needles blooming into graceful petals that rose up and down rhythmically.

With just a light sniff, Chen Xi felt the True Essence within his entire body circulate as his vital energy became active, and the True Essence within his body actually seemed to have instantly become much more condensed.

“Quickly drink it while it’s still warm, otherwise, the spirit energy within it will disperse.” Madam Shui Hua picked up the teacup and toasted him from afar before lightly opening her cherry lips and finishing it in one go.

Chen Xi picked up his teacup as well and drank it down in one gulp, and he even swallowed the tea leaves. After that, he felt a copious warm flow gush into his limbs and bones, and it seemed as if every single pore on his body was opened, causing him to be unable to refrain from emitting a sigh of comfort. This supremely wonderful feeling was even more comfortable than soaking in a hot spring, causing his entire body to feel clear and calm.


The True Essence within his Dantian abruptly started roiling like a rolling sea. It was full of vigor as it became even more pure and condensed, and it only recovered to its normal state after a long time.

“What great tea!” Chen Xi praised. Not only was this Clearmist Spirit Tea able to condense True Essence, it even provided an extremely great benefit to the soul, and it too wonderful for words.

Madam Shui Hua put down the teacup and her eyes that slanted upwards revolved as she smiled beautifully. “This can’t compare to the Bai Clan’s Violet Hibiscus Tea. That’s a true top tea in the world, as only a single mouthful is comparable to 10 years of bitter cultivation.

Bai Clan?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, yet he smiled. “Madam, may I ask which Bai Clan you’re speaking about?”

“You little fellow, still playing the fox before me?” Madam Shui Hua glared with her starry eyes and said angrily, “Bai Wanqing annihilated the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan for your sake, did you think I didn’t know?”

Chen Xi smiled, yet his smile was extremely forced. This matter had indeed shocked the entire southern territory, yet Bai Wanqing’s name was rarely known. Now, it that it was laid bear with a single remark from Madam Shui Hua, he instantly understood that this drop dead gorgeous Madam was probably extremely familiar with Bai Wanqing as well, and it was even possible that she might have known Bai Wanqing since long ago.

But it was difficult for him to figure out if she was an ally or an enemy.

Madam Shui Hua took a sidelong glance at Chen Xi before suddenly changing the topic and asking. “Could it be that you came to Oceanic City this time because you want to undergo training and tempering in the Oceanic Desert as well? Or perhaps… It’s for the sake of Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault?”

“It’s indeed so.” Chen Xi nodded.

“You’re going to participate in the Allstar Meeting after your training?” Madam Shui Hua continued.

Chen Xi nodded once more.

Madam Shui Hua didn’t seem angered in the slightest, and she smiled beautifully as she said, “I understand now. Bai Wanqing has surely told you about some things related to the Dark Reverie, and she hoped that you can head to the Dark Reverie’s Bai Clan to look for her, right?”

Not only is this woman extremely beautiful, she’s terrifyingly knowledgeable as well. If this goes own, then she’ll probably inquire and find out about every detail of mine bit by bit… As he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi instantly revealed a bitter smile and spread out his hands in a questioning manner. “Madam, you wouldn’t have come find me today for these things, right?”

Madam Shui Hua giggled. “Who asked you to be dishonest? You’re like a puzzle that doesn’t understand flirtatious gestures. If I don’t guess myself, you probably wouldn’t tell me anything, right?”

Every move expression and smile of this woman carried supreme charm. When she teased another, coupled with her hoarse voice that was filled with a type of magnetism, anyone else would have probably been teased to the point their mind swayed since long ago, causing them to be bedazzled and submit under her skirt.

But all these were useless against Chen Xi, as his mind had been tempered to the point of being firm like a rock since long ago. Once vigilance arose in his heart, then no matter how great of a temptation appeared before his eyes, it wouldn’t draw the slightest ripple in his heart to confuse his mind.

What was temptation?

It was a type of heart devil, a distracting thought, a desire, and the source of its emergence was sometimes even more terrifying than a battle of spears and blades. Once the line of defense in one’s mind was destroyed, then no matter how high one’s cultivation was, one could only be reduced to become a person that was willfully ordered about by another and be at the mercy of another.

“He’s able to think far into the future and possesses sensible thoughts. No wonder Bai Wanqing was willing to take care of him all the way at that small place called Pine Mist City. With such a mind, he does indeed possess a limitless future.” When she saw Chen Xi’s clean and clear gaze, and his vital energy that remained immovable like a mountain, Madam Shui Hua couldn’t help but praise endlessly in her heart.

During these past years, she’d relied on her ability and beauty to conquer countless experts, and there were even an innumerable amount of kids like Chen Xi who’d been charmed to infatuation by her. It could be said that so long as she was willing, she could make a large group of people die for her at any time by relying on her beautiful appearance and methods that left no traces.

Obviously, Chen Xi was an exception.

“The reason I came looking for you this time is extremely simple. It’s for the sake of meeting you. Your display has been very good, and it has won my respect.” Madam Shui Hua smiled, and she didn’t continue beating around the bush and stared at Chen Xi with a burning gaze as she said, “I’ll come meet you again when you obtain a position in the top 10 positions of the Allstar Meeting. At that time, I’ll make a trade with you that you’re unable to refuse.”

“A trade that I’m unable to refuse?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he seemed to be lost in thought.

“Cultivate at ease here. No one would dare disturb you in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. But, if you enter the Oceanic Desert, then you must watch out. I’ll ask Le Qi to send some information to you later, and you’ll understand once you take a look.” As soon as she finished speaking, Madam Shui Hua glanced deeply at Chen Xi before turning and leaving.

This woman is so mysterious. I’m afraid what she’s planning isn’t a small matter… After Madam Shui Hua left, Chen Xi sat alone before the table, and he fell into deep thought.

“Chen Xi, that woman probably has a cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm, and she’s extremely formidable. She caused me to not dare make stick my head out.” Ling Bai came out of the Buddha’s Pagoda and muttered, and then he said curiously, “Why did she come looking for you?”

“Who knows?” Chen Xi shook his head. He vaguely sensed that this Madam Shui Hua had probably approached him for the sake of approaching Bai Wanqing, and he was unable to infer anything further.

Not long after, Le Qi sent over a pile of information, and then he left as he seemed to be extremely afraid he would disturb Chen Xi’s cultivation.

This information was mostly related to the Oceanic Desert, like the Oceanic Deserts environment, weather, boundaries, and so on and so forth. It even specially marked out some dangerous and terrifying places, and it could be said to contain both important and trivial information. However, the Oceanic Desert was boundlessly vast and was a battlefield of gods and fiends from 10,000 years ago, so the contents of this information would have probably only described less than a thousandth of everything in the Oceanic Desert.

But even then, Chen Xi still felt a wave of shock as he looked through it.

Five Element Ruins!

Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds!

Thunderstorm Zone!

The Dead Sea of Spirits!

All these places were extremely terrifying existences in the Oceanic Desert that contained dangers at every corner and every step one took contained killing intent hidden within. For example, the Thunderstorm Zone was a zone of despair that covered an unknown amount of area, and it was filled with boundless lightning and thunder that contained boundless and terrifying energy that was sufficient to obliterate everything and cause the heavens and earth to lose color.

The place that contained Nine-Yang Profound Qi was within a volcano at the side of the Thunderstorm Zone!

“Hmm? These dangerous places are already exceedingly terrifying, yet that Qian Yuan’s treasure vault is actually even deeper within the Oceanic Desert than these dangerous places? I wonder how terrifying it would be…? But, this Oceanic Desert is too large and too deep, it actually seems as if it has no end. I wonder what terrifying places are deeper within it.” Chen Xi withdrew his gaze from the information and frowned endlessly.

“But it’s also good. The more dangerous it is, the more it’s able to temper my cultivation. I only have another five years remaining, and if I can’t attain the Golden Core Realm within five years, then not to mention heading to the Dark Reverie, I probably wouldn’t even be able to participate in the Allstar Meeting.” When he thought like this, Chen Xi’s eyes were already filled with firmness and resolution.

“Chen Xi, look. This information states that the Oceanic Desert will enter a short period of dormancy three days from now. At that time, the strong winds and sandstorms within the Oceanic Desert would be in a dormant state. If we were to enter at that time, it ought to be much safer.” Ling Bai raised his head and spoke abruptly.

Chen Xi nodded and seemed as if he’d thought of something, and then he said, “In this way, those Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation that came from the northern barbaric lands, eastern sea, and central plains would probably choose to enter the Oceanic Desert three days from now to temper their strengths and search for treasures. With so many experts converged at one place, I wonder how many bloody incidents of slaughter will occur…?”

“Hehe. I look forward to battles occurring, as in this way, we’ll be able to kill them and seize their wealth, and we can make a pile of money.” Ling Bai spoke with an exultant expression.

Chen Xi went silent.

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