Chapter 1927 – Illumination Of The Monarch Star

At the instant his body exploded into pieces and only his Soul Divine Flame remained, Chen Xi felt like his consciousness had been stripped away, and he was unable to sense any pain, happiness, or any emotions at all.

Only icy cold calmness remained in his consciousness.

At this moment, he was like a bystander that was observing himself from a cold, calm, and indifferent angle.

He saw his flesh, bones, and body that had exploded into pieces transform into a fine rain of light. However, it didn’t disperse, and it ceaselessly wriggled, fused together, and reassembled itself in a unique and profound method.

He saw strands of violent quintessence act like a spring that fostered all things as it surged into the rain of light that was formed from his shattered body. It ceaselessly tempered them and incessantly urged the energy formed from his shattered body to undergo a transformation….

He saw….

All sorts of unusual scenes were vividly displayed down to the smallest detail within his mind, but it was unable to cause the slightest change in his emotions.

In the end, he even saw a brilliant violet gold star arise in his Soul Divine Flame!

The star was pure, translucent, completely untainted, and emanated a divine and dignified aura.

It floated in the air above his Soul Divine Flame, emanated illusory violet gold divine radiance, and illuminated his entire soul!

At this instant, it was like his soul had transformed into an existence of a higher level. It was translucent and clear like the most perfect gem in the world, and it was glistening brilliantly.


But in merely a short moment, Chen Xi felt as if his consciousness was struck by lightning, and he was instantly pulled out from that extremely calm state.

After that, he sensed his flesh, blood, bones, tendons, and entire body starting to reassemble, recover, and it quickly fused into one.

Moreover, a vast region was ceaselessly expanding within his body!

The region was originally merely equivalent to the size of the universe he had within his body at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, but in the blink of an eye, it had doubled in size!

It was already able to accommodate two universes.


Extremely terrifying Region Quintessence energy was expanding at an inconceivable speed, and it caused the region within Chen Xi’s body to ceaselessly expand and spread….

Two times!

Three times!

Four times!

Five times!

At this moment, it was like Chen Xi’s body possessed boundless space. New universes were ceaselessly appearing as the region expanded, and it seemed inconceivable to the extreme.

After all, when other cultivators advanced into the ranks of Region Lords, it was merely a breakthrough of the universe within their bodies, causing it to transform into a region. However, the size it was able to bear wasn’t different to the universe before it, and the only difference was that there was Region Energy within it.

As their cultivation grew deeper, they were naturally able to establish even more universes in the region within their bodies by relying on the Region Energy.

But Chen Xi seemed to be completely different!

At this moment, he hadn’t just relied on the Region Quintessence energy to reassemble his body that had exploded into pieces, even the size of the region within his body was swiftly expanding at an astonishing speed!

In merely a few breaths of time, the size of the region within his body had enlarged by a whole nine times when compared to the past!

In other words, the region within Chen Xi’s body possessed a size that far exceeded other Region Lords by nine times without having to be cultivated at all!

If news of this were to spread, then it would probably cause a mighty stir.

Because the larger the size of the region within a Region Lord’s body was, the more divine energy it could accommodate, and the might the Region Lord could bring forth would be even stronger!

Under such circumstances, since the region within his body far exceeded other Region Lords by nine times, it was obvious what sort of world shocking combat strength it would be able to display.

At the same moment that the region within Chen Xi’s body had expanded to nine times its previous size, numerous strands of clear colored divine chains swept out, transformed into a barrier, and enveloped the surroundings of this region….

The Region Barrier!

When Chen Xi had just arrived at this Region Quintessence all those years ago, he’d once attained comprehension in the form of a dream, and he’d witnessed this miraculous force in that dream.

At this moment, this miraculous force had covered every single corner of the region within his body!

What did this mean?

It meant that he’d already grasped the complete Region Energy of this region, and he possessed the most solid foundation to step foot into the Region Lord Realm!


At this moment, Chen Xi really had advanced, and it had occurred naturally without any obstruction at all.

At practically the exact same moment, the phenomena of the heavens and the earth descended. The rumbling of the Dao resounded like the tune of nature, and it struck directly at the heart while it resounded throughout the heavens and the earth!

On the other hand, a violet gold star glowed brilliantly in Chen Xi’s soul. It emanated bright light that illuminated his sea of consciousness.

The Illumination of the Monarch Star!

Region Lords were special existences amongst Imperial Monarchs, and their cultivation was similarly divided into nine levels. These levels were represented by stars, and it conformed to how Imperial Monarchs were referred to as First Star Imperial Monarchs, Second Star Imperial Monarchs, Third Star Imperial Monarchs… until the Ninth Star.

This ‘star’ here represented the Monarch Star that floated in their souls!

But it was very obvious that the Soul Monarch Star Chen Xi had condensed was unlike any other cultivator’s. It revealed a violet gold color, and it was translucent, pure, dignified, and supreme!

This was the Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star of legend. Every single one of them was like a sun that illuminated the soul!

The transformation Chen Xi underwent seemed to be slow, but it was actually completed in a short period of a few breaths of time.

When he stepped foot into the ranks of Region Lords, this mysterious expanse of the starry sky resounded with the rumbling of the Dao while strands of grand violet gold energy descended from the sky and illuminated the world.

At this instant, the space in the surroundings was enveloped by a divine, dignified, and boundless aura!

Hmm? Tu Meng who’d had fallen into bitter regret and extreme despair suddenly raised his head. When he witnessed this scene, his dim eyes suddenly surged with a wisp of bright light. Martial Ancestral Uncle… isn’t dead!

At practically the exact same moment, the hearts of Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan shook fiercely while their expressions changed drastically. Moreover, the extremely happy feelings they had in their hearts had instantly been replaced by a wisp of terror.


In an instant, they discerned that Chen Xi’s Soul Divine Flame hadn’t just avoided obliteration, it had reconstructed his body and allowed Chen Xi to undergo a world shocking transformation!

It was even to the extent that this transformation had caused such extremely grand and divine phenomena of the heavens and the earth to descend!

What’s going on?

Could it be that this damnable bastard has turned the situation around?

Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan’s expressions had instantly become extremely unsightly, and their eyes were filled with surprise, bewilderment, and disbelief.

Earlier, they were taking pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune, and they were mocking and ridiculing Chen Xi because they felt Chen Xi would definitely die and a peerless monstrous genius would be eliminated from the world.

But who would have imagined that in practically a few breaths of time, all of this had actually undergone a world shocking turn of events!?

Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan were almost unable to accept this.



How could this have happened?

Their expressions changed indeterminately. Normally, existences like them would be able to maintain absolute calm and composure no matter how difficult the problem they encountered was.

But at this moment, it was clearly something out of the ordinary. The scenes that had occurred here were truly too astounding and were simply inconceivable. So, it caused them to be utterly unable to figure out exactly what had happened.

However, the current situation didn’t allow them to continue thinking about it.

Leng Xinghun practically instinctively shouted explosively. “Quickly! Quickly kill Tu Meng! Otherwise, once that fellow, Chen Xi, comes out here, then everything would have been in vain!”

Amidst his loud shout, his figure flashed like a brilliant bolt of lightning, and he rumbled through space as he shot towards Tu Meng.

At this moment, Leng Xinghun was like a cold and indifferent assassin that had set out with all his strength and didn’t dare hold back at all.

He was very clearly aware that the situation had changed completely, and the opportunity they had was very slim!

If they didn’t kill Tu Meng now, then it would be too late once Chen Xi emerged from this advancement!

“Kill!” Donghuang Yinxuan had clearly realized this as well, and he attacked ferociously at practically the exact same moment that Leng Xinghun had attacked.


The Dao Control Brush slashed through the air, and a sharp green colored blade that was an entire 3km long tore through the air as it shot towards Tu Meng who resided in the distance.

In an instant, the atmosphere was murderous to the extreme, and killing intent covered the heavens and the earth.

Tu Meng’s expression changed abruptly. He didn’t allow his thoughts to run wild anymore, and his figure flashed with the intention of fleeing far away from their attacks.

But at this moment, how could Leng Xinghun who’d attack furiously allow him to succeed? With a grabbing motion, a myriad of blood red divine chains rained down, and they completely sealed off Tu Meng’s paths of retreat, causing him to be unable to flee or evade their attacks.


At the same time, the sharp green colored blade that contained Donghuang Yinxuan’s peerless killing intent shot over….

Tu Meng was unable to dodge!

He was already extremely heavily injured, and if it wasn’t for the shocking willpower he possessed, he would have probably been tortured to death a long time ago.

Now, his paths of retreat had been sealed off by Leng Xinghun, so how could he possibly have any hope of avoiding this attack?

However, Tu Meng didn’t care about all of this anymore. After he confirmed that Chen Xi was still alive, he felt that he had no regrets even if he died now!

“Die!” Tu Meng roared loudly while he revealed a frenzied and resolute expression. Even at such a critical moment, he didn’t hesitate to fight with his life on the line, and he fought with the hope that he could drag one of them down with him.


However, before Tu Meng could attack. The sharp green colored blade that flashed explosively from afar seemed to have been held by an invisible hand, and it suddenly exploded into pieces and transformed into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings.

Hmm? Tu Meng was stunned.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before Tu Meng could recover from his shock, the blood red divine chains that trapped him seemed to be unable to endure the heavy load placed upon them, and they collapsed inch by inch before dispersing amidst loud rumbling.

In merely an instant, the predicament Tu Meng faced had been resolved and vanished into nothingness!

Huh? This scene caused Donghuang Yinxuan and Leng Xinghun’s expressions to change simultaneously, and they instinctively decided to launch another attack. However, they merely felt something flash before their eyes, and then they lost all traces of Tu Meng!

Gulp! In an instant, Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan’s hearts fell to rock bottom, and their expressions changed indeterminately as they seemed to have guessed something.

They turned their heads around simultaneously.

They noticed that the area where the Region Quintessences resided earlier was completely empty at this moment, whereas, a tall figure was standing by himself in front of the Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy that covered the area.

He wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, dense black hair that hung down to his shoulders, and eyes that were deep like the boundless starry sky.

He stood there just like that, yet he seemed like the lord of this region, and his indifferent and extraordinary bearing even emanated a dignified aura of supremacy over all things!

Surprisingly, this person was Chen Xi!

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