Chapter 1926 – Destruction Of The Body

Chen Xi had really encountered difficulty when he was refining and absorbing the quintessence energy within the eighth Region Quintessence….

He was on the verge of being unable to suppress the swelling energy within his body, and he had a strong feeling of being on the verge of torn apart and exploding!

Once that occurred, then the universe within his body would transform into a chaotic region, and it would be impossible for him to possess Region Energy anymore.

This meant that even though he wouldn't encounter the risk of qi deviation, he would merely be able to become an Imperial Monarch and forever lose any chance of becoming a Region Lord!

So, how could Chen Xi allow himself to be distracted at this moment!

However, when he noticed everything that occurred in the outside world, heard the enormous bangs from the Tu Meng was in against Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan, and heard Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan’s malicious words that were extremely humiliating, a wisp of fury that was impossible to restrain couldn’t help but surge from Chen Xi’s heart!

It’s these two damnable fellows again!

Especially when he noticed that they were utilizing ruthless and cruel methods to slowly torture Tu Meng with the intention of gradually killing Tu Meng, Chen Xi was unable to control himself at all.

His flames of rage blazed throughout his body, causing his entire body to seem as if it was seething while killing intent that carried boundless hatred covered him.

Just as Leng Xinghun had said, Chen Xi attached extreme importance to his promises and ties of comradeship. So, when his companions encountered danger and disaster, how could he remain indifferent?

He was furious!

Utterly infuriated!

However, Chen Xi’s mind wasn’t overwhelmed by rage, and he seemed to be extremely calm instead.

He was very clearly aware that even if he charged out there now, it would make no difference to the situation at all. On the contrary, it would cause both he and Tu Meng to lose their lives.

However, if he didn’t make a move now, then it wouldn’t be long before Tu Meng perished!

What should I do?

This wouldn’t work, that wouldn’t work. Could it be that I really have to just watch as this tragedy occurs and watch as Tu Meng and the others perish before my eyes?


Chen Xi would absolutely not allow such a situation to occur.

In practically an instant, he placed his attention onto himself, and he deduced all sorts of possibilities with all his ability.

In the end, he was only able to think of a single method, and it was that he could only prevent this tragedy by advancing into the ranks of Region Lords!

Presently, he was only the last two Region Quintessences away from breaking through and stepping foot into the ranks of Region Lords.

However, based on the current state he was in, then if he continued utilizing the same method he’d been using up until now, it would at least take two years of time.

Obviously, such a method wouldn’t work at all!

But if he didn’t do that, then how was he supposed to resolve the problem that stood before him?


While Chen Xi deduced madly, the energy in the universe within his body had become violent and seethed like an ocean, causing the feeling of being swollen and full to intensify.

This caused Chen Xi’s entire body to be unable to help but tremble, and it seemed like he was enduring some sort of extraordinary pain.

Encountering such a troublesome and dangerous situation at such a critical moment was simply like an unparalleled disaster and torture to anyone!

Chen Xi was no exception as well.

At this moment, he felt unprecedented suffering from inside out. It wasn’t just because of the extremely difficult and dangerous problem he encountered when refining and absorbing the Region Quintessences, it was also because he had to think about how to deal with the impending tragedy in the outside world.

If it was any other ordinary person, that person would have collapsed a long time ago from facing such a situation!

Even though Chen Xi hadn’t collapsed, he wasn’t too far away from it. This sudden and unexpected event could absolutely be considered as the most dangerous tribulation he’d encountered in his path of cultivation.

The slightest mistake might cause Chen Xi to suffer eternal regret!

The slightest mistake might cause a calamity!

“Haha! Looks like when it’s compared to your life, your Martial Ancestral Uncle places more importance to his opportunity to advance into the ranks of Region Lords. Is such a ruthless person even qualified to be your Martial Ancestral Uncle?

“Forget it. Brother Donghuang, it’s meaningless to continue torturing this fellow. Why don’t we join forces and seize this opportunity to eliminate this fellow for good?”

“That would be for the best, so as to avoid any unexpected events from occurring.”

The sounds of conversation between Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan suddenly came once more from the outside world. Especially when he discerned the killing intent that they revealed and their intentions to eliminate Tu Meng for good, Chen Xi felt his entire body seem as if it was on the verge of exploding, and a wisp of indescribable rage surged from within him.

In the next moment, he seemed to have made some sort of extremely risky decision, and he suddenly gritted his teeth and stopped suppressing the swollen and full feeling in the universe within his body.


In an instant, the universe within Chen Xi’s body had exploded!

An indescribably powerful force surged from within his body like a torrent, and it rumbled as it swept towards the surroundings.

One could clearly notice that as this energy spread, an extremely chaotic and violent region gradually took form within Chen Xi’s body.

If all of this were to completely stabilize, then Chen Xi would eternally be unable to become a Region Lord and could only be an ordinary Imperial Monarch!

Because he still lacked possession of Region Energy that was complete.

This Region Energy was hidden within the last two Region Quintessences that he still hadn’t refined and absorbed.


Right at this critical moment, Chen Xi actually suddenly stood up and raised his hands as if he was embracing the sun, and he completely released his ability.

After that, a myriad of obscure talismans surged out from within him, and they instantly converged into an extremely enormous vortex that rumbled as it revolved.

In an instant, an extremely terrifying devouring force swept through the surroundings!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was suffused by violet gold divine radiance that seemed material, and he radiated brilliance. Moreover, his handsome face was covered in an insane and resolute expression.

When looked at from afar, it was like he was standing proudly on a violet gold sun that was within the Chaos, and he was madly burning, causing this region to be covered in bright violet gold.


At this moment, the eighth and the ninth Region Quintessences were in disorder. They transformed into extremely violet energy that surged madly into the enormous vortex at an inconceivable speed, and then all of it surged forcefully into Chen Xi’s body.

“This fellow was really unable to sit still?” In the outside world, Leng Xinghun suddenly turned around and witnessed all of this, and then he couldn’t help but roar with laughter as he knew that Chen Xi had been forced into a corner.

“He actually dared to utilize such an extreme method to devour the Region Quintessences. If he’s unable to refine and absorb it successfully, then not to mention becoming a Region Lord, there wouldn’t even be much hope for him to stay alive!” Donghuang Yinxuan noticed this as well, and he couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule. Because the insane actions that Chen Xi revealed now were precisely those that he was only too eager to see.

Regardless of whether it was Leng Xinghun or Donghuang Yinxuan, both of them had refined and absorbed a Region Quintessence. So, they were very clearly aware how extreme Chen Xi’s actions were. It was simply like courting death, and he seemed stupid and foolish to the extreme.

However, this indirectly proved that Chen Xi had been driven into a corner and was overwhelmed by rage.

Otherwise, he would definitely not do something so mad and foolish.

Of course, this was the outcome that Donghuang Yinxuan and Leng Xinghun desired the most.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle!!!” At this moment, Tu Meng who was dripping with blood, covered in injuries, and heavily injured to the extreme couldn’t help but roar loudly, and he was furious to the extreme that blood even started to drip from his eyes.

The scene he didn’t want to see the most had occurred in the end. This caused him to be filled with hatred and regret, and he suffered unprecedented torture in his heart.

He would rather die that watch Chen Xi abandon such an extraordinary fortune for him!

“HAHAHA!!!” Donghuang Yinxuan and Leng Xinghun’s laughter sounded out by his ears. It couldn’t be said to be ear piercing, yet it was like sharp blades that stabbed forcefully at Tu Meng’s heart.


Just as Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan had said, the quintessence energy of a region was extremely terrifying, so Chen Xi’s actions were simply no different as courting death.

In merely an instant, his entire body exploded apart, causing his bones to be revealed while his flesh and blood sprayed towards the surroundings because it was unable to endure the impact of the quintessence energy that surged into his body.


In next to no time, his bones started to collapse as well, and his figure had completely lost its previous shape, causing it to seem like a crushed skeleton instead.

“Good! Good! Good!” At this moment, when he saw that Chen Xi seemed to be on the verge of death, Leng Xinghun was delighted to the point he was unable to maintain his composure and couldn’t restrain himself from roaring with laughter and clapping.

It was even to the extent that he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Tu Meng who was on the verge of death.

Donghuang Yinxuan was the same. He wasn’t wiling to miss the scene of Chen Xi being heavily injured and on the verge of death.


Before long, the bones throughout Chen Xi’s body had exploded into pieces, and only his Soul Divine Flame remained. It was a horrifying sight.

At this moment, Tu Meng’s breathing had stopped, he froze on the spot, and his mind was completely blank. Could it be that… Martial Ancestral Uncle is really going to suffer calamity and perish here just like this?

On the other hand, Donghuang Yinxuan and Leng Xinghun were simply delighted to the extreme when they witnessed this scene, and they truly wished for nothing more than to raise their heads and howl into the sky.

Since the Dao Discussion until now, both of them had suffered too many losses at Chen Xi’s hands, and they’d formed deep-rooted hatred towards him a long time ago. Coupled with the fact that both Chen Xi’s natural talent and combat strength far exceeded them, it caused them to be extremely aggrieved in their hearts.

So, at this moment, when they watched this damnable heaven defying and monstrous genius, Chen Xi, suffer calamity, how could they not be delighted in their hearts?

“Only his soul remains. His defeat is set in stone! Chen Xi will definitely die this time! Hahaha!” Leng Xinghun muttered, and he actually couldn’t help but roar with laughter as he finished speaking.

“Perhaps Oracle Mountain will lose a personal disciple from today onward. If news of this were to spread into the Ancient God Domain, then I wonder what the people of the world would think.” Donghuang Yinxuan grinned as he spoke, and he seemed confident as if victory was within his grasps.

But in next to no time, Leng Xinghun noticed that something was off, and he couldn’t help but speak with surprise. “Logically speaking, it’s definitely impossible to endure the impact from the quintessence energy of a region by relying solely on one’s soul, so why is this fellow’s soul still able to continue surviving until now?”

In his field of vision, Chen Xi’s Soul Divine Flame was burning violently and brilliantly. Not only did it show no signs of being extinguished, it grew even brighter and pierced his eyes to the point they hurt.

“Something really is slightly off. The energy of those two Region Quintessences are still converging towards him. What’s going on?” Donghuang Yinxuan had similarly noticed that something was off, and the smile on his face froze.


Before they could recover from their surprise, a strand of an indescribably terrifying aura suddenly surged out from Chen Xi’s Soul Divine Flame, and it swept through the world!

In an instant, the two Region Quintessences were actually devoured into the Soul Divine Flame!

Om! Om!

Suddenly, wave after wave of deafening rumbling of the Dao that sounded like the tune of nature had suddenly appeared in this dim and greyish starry sky, and it surged through the surroundings and struck directly at the heart.

It was like the sages of the primeval times were reading scriptures!

At the same time, a divine, dignified, and boundless aura swept out….

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