Chapter 1922 – Refining and Absorbing the Quintessence

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As soon as he entered the Region Quintessence, Chen Xi instantly felt as if he’d entered into a dream.

He dreamed he was flying unrestrained through an expanse of starry sky, and the sound of wind whistled by his ears.

He saw a myriad of dazzling stars flickering while emanating illusory and dreamlike glows.

He saw numerous comets tearing through the darkness, and they emanated dazzling and beautiful flames in the boundless starry sky.

He flew.


It was an extremely strange feeling. At this moment, Chen Xi even forgot everything, and there were no thoughts left in his mind.

He was like a baby that had just been born, and he was observing everything he encountered with an ‘ignorant’ gaze.

The vast starry sky, the dazzling stars, the whistling meteors…. Everything was so familiar yet so unfamiliar as well.

This feeling of familiarity came from the experiences in the depths of his soul.

This feeling of unfamiliarity arose instead because he suddenly noticed that everything within this starry sky seemed so different, but he was unable to put his finger on what exactly was different.

This was a strange feeling of being muddled and as if he knew yet didn’t. It was difficult to describe, and it could only be understood and experienced in the heart.

So, Chen Xi stopped thinking, nor was he able to think anymore. He was like a muddled and ignorant child that was full of curiosity as he moved through the starry sky. He didn’t understand anything, nor did he have any objective, and his eyes were filled with pure admiration and appreciation.

At this moment, Chen Xi forget who he was.

He forgot the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, he forgot his companions, and even forgot that he was within the quintessence of a region….

The heavens, the earth, man, the past, the present, the future…. It seemed like they’d all ceased too exist, and his heart was completely without restraint.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi flew forward incessantly in the boundless starry sky. It was like an invisible hand was guiding him forward, and he gradually arrived at a dark and spacious area.

This place was spacious and deathly silent, and there were no stars here. It was completely empty.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi saw numerous clear colored divine chains densely covering this expanse of space, and they were like a dense net that densely interweaved together.

Every single clear colored divine chain carried a strand of abundant vitality and emanated a practically flawless and profound aura.

They were like strands of light that fluttered and flowed, and they covered this entire expanse of vast and deathly silent space.

They were so fine, dense, beautiful, and perfect, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel his breath being taken away, and he felt extraordinarily shocked.

Region Energy!

In an instant, an explosion that was like a thunderclap arose incomprehensibly within his heart, and it caused these words to instantly appear in Chen Xi’s mind!

Obviously, the clear colored, beautiful, flawless divine chains that possessed lively vitality were the barrier of this region.


Before Chen Xi could ponder about it, the scene before his eyes changed abruptly.

In the next moment, he’d suddenly arrived in an area that seemed like an expanse of ‘chaos’. Every single inch of space here was filled with a primitive and ancient aura.

After that, a speck of dust floated up into his field of vision. It was so tiny, so fine, and it was even to the extent of being impossible to notice.

But at this moment, this tiny speck of dust had instantly occupied Chen Xi’s entire field of vision.

At this moment, an invisible force circulated, and the speck of dust quickly became a grain of sand, and then it became a rock….

From a rock, it became a mountain.

From a mountain, it became a continuous mountain range….

In the blink of an eye, it seemed like a myriad of years had passed.

In an instant, the entire world had changed.

Even Chen Xi wasn’t clearly aware if it was an instant or a myriad of years that had passed.

All he saw was a single speck of dust had formed into a star!

After that, he didn’t even have the time to exclaim with surprise when the star had enlarged by countless times, and it emanated copious and boundless vitality.

Next, wind, clouds, lightning, mountains, rivers, the alternation of the four seasons, the cycle of life and death of all things, and various other phenomena appeared on the star.

A speck of dust had transformed into a brilliant star just like that!

At this moment, sudden enlightenment appeared in Chen Xi’s mind — Region energy grows from small to large. Its source is the Chaos while its foundation is a star!


Chen Xi didn’t have the time to comprehend or ponder about all of this. In an instant, he felt his entire body shake, and then thoughts surged out like tidewater into his originally empty mind.

His thoughts, memories, experiences, past…. Everything had recovered at this instant!

After that, Chen Xi suddenly awoke from that dreamlike state.

However, in his heart, he possessed much more experiences and unique yet unfamiliar comprehensions.

These comprehensions included the structure of the region’s barrier, the transformation of Region Energy…. It was powerful, vast, and like an indescribable secret that could only be understood and experienced yet couldn’t be spread by mouth.

“Where the Grand Dao resides, an instant is like a dream.”

Chen Xi muttered with a calm and composed expression, and his eyes were filled with a deep and bright glow while he emanated an aloof aura.


A wave of surging and vast energy dashed over like tidewater, and it rumbled as it drew out from his thoughts and back to reality.

Only now did Chen Xi notice that he was standing at a grey and hazy area, and everywhere his eyes could see was the aura of the Grand Dao that surged like tidewater.

The aura was so concentrated and pure to the point it seemed material, and it surged and roiled incessantly like an ocean of boundless vitality.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was like a fish in the ocean, and the Grand Dao enveloped him!

This was the quintessence energy of a region!

In an instant, Chen Xi had made his own judgment, and he even noticed that every single breath he took would absorb a strand of the energy from this Region Quintessence.

Moreover, the pores every single inch of skin of his body had opened up, and it was cheering with extreme delight as this strand of energy surged in.

On the other hand, the universe within his body had been shaken as well. The myriad of stars circulated and space warped. The Region Energy that surged in like tidewater had started to expanse the universe within his body….

This strand of Region Energy was so vast and pure, and it was also terrifying and formidable. In merely a short moment, the universe within Chen Xi’s body felt swollen and full.

This caused Chen Xi to be truly shocked in his heart. He didn’t have the time to think before he swiftly circulated his cultivation with all his strength, and he started to refine and absorb this strand of Region Energy.


At this instant, Chen Xi sat cross-legged in space. His backbone was ramrod straight while his expression was pure and solemn. His entire body emanated a strand of blazing violet gold divine radiance, and it was like the Grand Dao had covered him, causing him imposing aura to be grand and boundless.

As his cultivation circulated, the universe within his body seethed, and the energy, essence, and spirit within his body seemed as if they were on fire, causing his vital energy to attain an unprecedented peak state.

In next to no time, that feeling of being swollen and full had reduced greatly.

However, this state merely continues for less than a moment. Because as he circulated his cultivation, the amount of Region Energy he absorbed increased rapidly as well, and it caused the universe within his body to feel swollen and fill once more after just 10 minutes had passed.

It was like a reservoir that was showing signs of being full and was on the verge of overflowing!

However, Chen Xi didn’t have the time to think too much about it. He was very clearly aware that he had to refine and absorb this energy within all his might.

Because it was the energy of the Region Quintessence, and it was his only opportunity to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm and possess the might of a Region Lord!

Becoming a Region Lord!

This was Chen Xi’s most important objective when he came to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!


Along with the passage of time, the violet gold divine radiance emanated from Chen Xi’s body grew even brighter and brilliant. It caused him to seem illusory and give others the misconception that he wasn’t real.

On the other hand, the Region Energy that converged over grew greater and greater in amount. They were simply like a group of sharks that had smelt blood, and they surged incessantly into Chen Xi’s body. After that, they were refined, absorbed, and transformed into an even stronger energy that ceaselessly circulated within Chen Xi….

10 days later.

The universe within his body felt full and swollen again, but it was quickly controlled by Chen Xi.

30 days later.

This situation occurred once more, and Chen Xi took care of it in a skillful manner.

50 days later.

100 days later.

200 days later.

Since Chen Xi entered this Region Quintessence, an entire year of time had passed quickly. During this period of time, the universe within his body had ceaselessly refined and absorbed the quintessence energy of the region, and it caused the universe within his body to constantly feel full and swollen.

But in the end, it was controlled and suppressed by him.

Because Chen Xi was clearly aware that the more Region Energy he accumulated, the more inconceivable its effects would be when he advanced in his cultivation later.

Yes, everything was for the sake of advancement!

Chen Xi had currently attained the extremes of perfection in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. His entire body showed signs of being at a state of perfection, and he’d sensed the critical factor to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm some time ago.

The reason he’d bitterly suppressed his advancement was because his objective wasn’t just to merely become an Imperial Monarch!

An Imperial Monarch was one that had established a region within the body, and it could accommodate the energy of even more universes, but it was unable to grasp Region Energy.

Only Region Lords could establish a true perfect region within their bodies, and they were able to grasp true Region Energy!

This was like the starry sky in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. The Imperial Monarch Realm was equivalent to a region that hadn’t taken form. It didn’t possess a barrier, and it was chaotic and indistinct.

On the other hand, a Region Lord was like a region that had taken formed. It possessed its own barrier and quintessence, and it was stable, firm, and clearly defined!

Simply speaking, when an Imperial Monarch and Region Lord was compared, the only difference was whether they could grasp Region Energy!

It was exactly because of this difference that even though Region Lords were actually at the Imperial Monarch Realm as well, not any Imperial Monarch could become a Region Lord.

Similarly, the existence of this difference caused the difference in strength between Imperial Monarchs and Region Lords to be obvious.

At this moment, Chen Xi was seeking his own path of the Grand Dao towards becoming a Region Lord!

Because since a very long time ago, he’d heard on more than one occasion that becoming a Region Lord didn’t just merely mean he would possess an absolute advantage and potential when compared to his peers. Most importantly, he would have a much higher chance of success when charging into the Daolord Realm!

This was what Chen Xi attached most importance to.

Time flowed by and another year quickly passed by.

Hmm? On this day, Chen XI who was refining and absorbing the Region Energy suddenly felt a feeling of emptiness.

At practically the exact same time, the Region Energy that surged over from the outside world had stopped abruptly.

Chen Xi swiftly opened his eyes. Only now did he notice that the Region Quintessence he resided in had actually been completely refined and absorbed by him!

However, he hadn’t broken through and advanced because of this….

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