Chapter 192 – Dao Grade Martial Technique

Chapter 192 – Dao Grade Martial Technique

The instant that a fight broke out between Chu Tianju’s black clothed henchmen and Chen Xi, two great figures sat upright in a luxurious room on the top floor of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. One was an old man, the other a beautiful and enchanting woman, and the other henchmen, servants, and such could only stand far away in the corner as they carefully waited upon the two of them.

An enormous screen revolved before the old man and beautiful woman, and it was shockingly the scene in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s main hall that was shown on it.

“Hmph! The juniors of the Azure Brilliance Sect are really too outrageous, he actually dares to cause trouble in my territory! If it wasn’t because of Ancestor Xuan Long, I’d surely break his legs and throw him out on the streets.” The old man grunted coldly. He had an aged face and wore a black colored circular cap which had a piece of jade inlaid at the center. His clothes seemed to be simply yet revealed an extremely respectable and proud aura, and he was precisely the owner of the Oceanic City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion, Feng Junhe.

“The Azure Brilliance Sect is one of the top sects in the central plains and Ancestor Xuan Long has supposedly already attained the fourth level of the Earth Immortal Realm, it’s indeed better not to easily offend him.” The beautiful woman that stood facing Feng Junhe smiled sweetly, and then her beautiful eyes swept the screen before instantly being stunned and crying out in surprise “What a formidable little fellow, fighting alone against four yet actually able to utterly defeat his enemies, it’s really unexpected.”

“He’s indeed extraordinary. Pinching his fingers into a sword that contains the Dao Insight of lightning and fire, and his moves are as powerful as thunderbolts and raging like fire. It’s absolutely wonderful and extremely swift and fierce. I wonder from which power this junior comes from? Being able to possess such strength with a Golden Hall Realm cultivation is indeed a cause for admiration.” Feng Junhe nodded.

“Madam, that… That’s Chen Xi!” In the faraway corner, a middle aged man suddenly spoke out. “You once instructed me to give him a Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token in Misty Sea City, could it be that you’ve forgotten?”

This middle aged man had a steady bearing and a pair of bright and shining eyes. If Chen Xi was here, he would surely be able to recognize that this person was precisely the experienced appraiser in the Misty Sea City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion, Le Qi.

“Oh?” The beautiful woman instantly sat up straight and carefully sized up at the contents of the screen, and ripples of extraordinary splendor arose in her pair of eyes that slanted upwards slightly.

There was no need to guess, this was exactly Madam Shui Hua. Supposedly, she was a Princess of the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family with an exceedingly respected status and unfathomable cultivation, and her status in the entire southern territory was extremely extraordinary.

“Follow me and meet this old acquaintance that I’ve never met face to face with before.”


In the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s main hall.

Chu Tianju attacked out brazenly, instantly causing the atmosphere at the scene to become tense once more, and the gazes of everyone converged over.

What a formidable move! Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he instantly discerned that the round ball condensed from azure light that Chu Tianju held up in his hands, and it contained extremely violent and ample amounts of Azurewood energy. Various Dao Insights flowed within it, and it even developed innumerable tiny deities with tremendous imposing auras that held a variety of postures as they whirled and danced about within the ball of light. The azure ball of light was like a scorching sun pressing down upon Chen Xi, and it caused the surrounding space to collapse and shatter from being unable to endure the pressure.

“He actually executed the Azure Brilliance Sect’s Dao Grade Martial Technique, Azure Brilliant Sun! Supposedly, every Dao Insight comprehended would allow its might to rise by 100%. This strike of Chu Tianju’s contains an entire nine types of Dao Insight, and even a Golden Core Realm expert wouldn’t dare take it head on.  This Golden Hall Realm kid is probably finished.”

“A Dao Grade Martial Technique! It’s the first time I’m seeing it. Supposedly, a Dao Grade Martial Technique is profound, unfathomable, and connects with the secrets of the heavens when executed. It’s a supreme technique of utilizing Dao Insights that’s terrifying to the extreme. Since Chu Tianju has actually cultivated a Dao Grade Martial Technique, he’ll surely have a spot in the Allstar Meeting that’s held five years from now.”

“Indeed. A Dao Grade Martial Technique is exceedingly profound and far from something people like us are able to come into contact with. Of course, that Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture can’t be taken into account. Even though this sword technique possesses beyond extraordinary might and each of the eight great sword moves contains a Dao Insight, yet it’s one of the top most difficult sword techniques to cultivate in the world, and no one is able to cultivate it successfully. Compared to this, the Azure Brilliance Sect’s Azure Brilliant Sun was the treasured martial technique that everyone covets.”

At the same instant that everyone was discussing, Chen Xi had already made a move. He naturally didn’t dare take the strike head on, and he executed the Divine Windwing Flight to flash like a bolt of lightning that dodged repeatedly.

However, Chu Tianju seemed to have known since long ago that Chen Xi would dodge, and he moved according to a profound set of steps that seemed to form a dragon yet seemed like a leaping tiger as he moved with great speed. His speed was so swift that it was actually not inferior in the slightest to Chen Xi’s Divine Windwing Flight.

Moreover, this set of steps seemed to be extremely suited to close quarter combat. A strand of terrifying energy gushed out with every step he took to form a bloomed lotus that sealed the space, and he strode over 10 steps repeatedly, causing more than 100m of the area in Chen Xi’s surroundings to be completely sealed up!

“Dao Grade Martial Technique, Lotus Steps! This is a barrier of lotuses, and when one falls within it, one would be like a trapped beast in a hopeless situation, only able to wait for one’s doom to come!” An exclamation of shock abruptly sounded out from the surrounding crowd, and the person seemed to be exceedingly shocked.

Chen Xi’s heart shook. He’d heard of the reputation of Dao Grade Martial Techniques, but he’d never encountered one. Supposedly, this level of martial technique was a work of art that surpassed nature, and it was an extremely formidable supreme technique that combined Dao Insights with itself. Moreover, only some exceedingly ancient sects possessed such an inheritance.

If one comprehended Dao Insights, yet didn’t know the way to utilize it, it would be equivalent to being almost of no use, whereas, a Dao Grade Martial Technique was a martial technique that specialized in teaching how to utilize Dao Insight. For example, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Wanderingcloud Violent Wavesword was a Dao Grade Martial Technique. But unfortunately, it was one of the sect guarding treasures of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and only Elite Disciples were able to cultivate it. Chen Xi’s identity was too special, yet when all is said and done, he didn’t belong to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, thus he didn’t cultivate it because of this.

Chu Tianju is formidable indeed, and he has cultivated two types of Dao Grade Martial Techniques. But this lotus barrier isn’t a Dao Territory, and its far from being able to compare with Han Guyue’s Slaughter Dao Territory. Want to trap and kill me with this? Truly laughable! Chen Xi’s eyes went cold, and he was just about to execute the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture with his full strength to break open this lotus barrier and counterattack Chu Tianju when an unexpected event occurred abruptly.

A graceful and beautiful figure appeared leisurely and carefreely on the battlefield. She took a seemingly slow step forward, yet in reality, her speed had already attained a shocking degree, causing her to instantly pass through the lotus barrier, and it was simply as if she was strolling with extreme easy in her own courtyard.

She didn’t seem to make any movement, yet Chu Tianju took more than 10 heavy steps back before stopping, and his handsome face was covered in a shocked and enraged expression that faintly contained a trace of astonishment.

When he saw this, Chen Xi stopped himself from executing his attack right away. The combat experience he obtained from the countless life and death battles he’d gone through told him that so long as he moved, he would surely end up the same way Chu Tianju did. This was a gap in cultivation realm that he was unable to surmount with his current strength.

I never imagined that there was actually such an expert in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion… Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

It wasn’t only Chen Xi, everyone in the main hall of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion were stunned by this beautiful figure that had appeared suddenly, and their faces revealed expressions of shock and awe.

This was a beautiful woman that was exceedingly graceful, she wore a dark purple long dress embroidered with phoenixes, her slightly upward slanted eyes were clear like water, her appearance gorgeous, and her white skin was supple like congealed fat and smooth like water. Her jet black hair was wavy like the clouds as it hung loosely over her shoulder, her figure graceful and unrivaled, and she emitted frightening charm. She was simply like a beauty that could wreck an entire country, and when her eyes swept past, it was even able to draw away the souls of others.

“Madam Shui Hua! My god! I’m not seeing things, right?”

“AH! It’s actually her? The peerless seductive beauty that is rumored to possess the bloodline of the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family and possesses an unfathomable cultivation?”

“Why has Madam Shui Hua appeared here? Wasn’t she always staying in seclusion in Misty Sea City?”

“He has actually caused Madam Shui Hua to make an appearance. Chu Tianju has bit off more than he can chew this time, not only has he completely lost face, it’s even possible that he’ll suffer the severe punishment of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion…”

Madam Shui Hua?

Chen Xi’s heart shook as he thought to himself. With her identity, there was utterly no need for her to personally make an appearance for only a small dispute. Why has she come?

“Alright, you’re called Chu Tianju, right? The Treasure Heaven Pavilion doesn’t welcome you. I can forgive your offense this time if you leave now.” Madam Shui Hua glanced at Chu Tianju, and although her voice was indifferent, yet it contained a strand of a dominating expression that allowed no violation to her words.

“Junior has caused great offense today, and I’ll surely extend a formal apology to Madam Shui Hua in the future.” When he saw Madam Shui Hua, Chu Tianju’s expression changed intensely and indeterminately without end. After quite some time, he cupped his hands, and then he brought along that two young women that had turned pale from fear long ago and the four black clothed henchmen to turn around and leave.

Madam Shui Hua turned around to look at Chen Xi, then sized Chen Xi up from head to toe before smiling sweetly and speaking in a sweet voice via voice transmission. “Come, for the sake of expressing my Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s apology, I’ll personally bring you to the VIP Room.”

This woman was indeed a beauty whose charm could overturn the world. Just an expression and a smile from her seemed to be able to cause the heaven and earth to be overshadowed. Moreover, once she smiled, her voice became low and husky, and it emitted an extremely attractive magnetism. When one heard it, it was like the paw of a cat scratching at one’s heart, causing one’s blood to boil and arouse lewd thoughts.

Chen Xi instead became extremely vigilant as he kept having the feeling that the attitude Madam Shui Hua treated him with contained an inexplicable feeling within it, and it seemed as if she’d clearly seen through everything about him since long ago.

“Young Master Chen, my Madam has absolutely no ill intentions. The Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token in your possession was precisely given to you by my Madam.” Right at this moment, a middle aged man with a steady bearing sent a voice transmission in a low voice.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and instantly recognized this person as Le Qi, the appraiser that had once appraised a batch of spirit materials for him in the Misty Sea City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

“Alright, the best way to show respect is to agree. Thank you for your kindness, Madam.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before immediately nodding in agreement. He as well wanted to know why this drop dead gorgeous woman would give him the Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token and step out to help him at this moment.

Madam Shui Hua smiled sweetly, and she said no more before moving gracefully up the stairs.

“Dammit! We’ve misjudged! So it turns out that this kid has always been acting weak.”

“This kid obviously has deep relations to Madam Shui Hua. Could it be that he’s a member of the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family?”

“Hey, that attendant over there! I’ll give you 50 kgs of spirit liquid, tell me the identity of that kid. How about it?”

Not long after Chen Xi left while following behind Madam Shui Hua, the entire main hall of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion went into an uproar as everyone discussed animatedly, and those female attendants that led Chen Xi into the Treasure Heaven Pavilion were surrounded by people as all of them tried to inquire about Chen Xi’s identity.

But how could these female attendants know about Chen Xi’s background? Even if they knew, they wouldn’t dare answer, because they were able to discern that the young man called Chen Ke had an extraordinary relationship with Madam Shui Hua. So no matter how brave they were, they wouldn’t dare divulge Chen Xi’s identity.

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