Chapter 1918 – Shadow In The Starry Sky

On the seventh day that he’d entered this mysterious region, Chen Xi had finally encountered a living being!

It was a pure black garuda with wings that covered an area of 30km and had a pair of crimson red eyes. Moreover, its entire body was covered in terrifying black colored divine flames, and it emanated a monstrously ferocious aura.

Everywhere it passed, even space was incinerated, and numerous stars were instantly melted into nothingness. It seemed to be extremely terrifying.

Besides allowing him to heave a sigh of relief, Chen Xi’s expression couldn’t help but become unprecedentedly solemn.

He heaved a sigh of relief because he’d finally encountered a living being, and it proved that this entire region wasn’t completely desolate.

But he was shocked because this black garuda seemed strange and formidable to the extreme. Its aura was icy cold and violent, and it didn’t seem like a living creature at all.

It was even to the extent that if it was based solely upon its aura, then the aura of those black garuda was even more formidable than the two corpses of Fiendgods that he’d encountered not long after they’d entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

The thing that Chen Xi found the most difficult to believe was that the garuda was actually utterly unafraid of the tribulation energy that covered this expanse of starry sky, and it flew freely through it like a fish in water!

What sort of monster is this?

Even though he was shocked in his heart, Chen Xi still withdrew his Talisman Armament and prepared himself for battle.


A sharp and ear piercing cry resounded, and then the black garuda tore through the sky towards him while black divine flames seethed throughout its body and its ferocious imposing aura surged.


With a light flap of its wings, a myriad of strands of black divine flames transformed into gales that rumbled as it they smashed through space, and they covered this entire expanse of space as they smashed down towards Chen Xi.

It was too terrifying. Merely this attack alone was absolutely not weaker to the strength of a Third Star Imperial Monarch, and it simply incinerated the world and destroyed everything before it!


Chen Xi’s figure flashed. He’d executed the Roc Divine Technique, and he was like a bolt of violet gold lightning, and he’d circulated his cultivation to its limit as he evaded to the side.


In an instant, that expanse of space that Chen Xi stood on moment ago had been instantly incinerated by the gale of divine flames, and it was completely obliterated.

How terrifying!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he became even more cautious.

After it missed, the black garuda let out a long cry, and then its imposing aura grew even more ferocious as it emanated monstrous divine flames.

The divine flames possessed a terrifying aura of incineration, and they were violent, terrifying, and even filled with a horrifying aura of death.


Right at this moment, a grand and world shocking sound of a drum resounded. It reverberated through the surroundings as the invisible soundwave from it swept out.

The Godsmash Drum!

A’Liang had made a move!

In an instant, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the figure of the garuda had stiffened and stopped in midair as if it had lost its soul.


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to execute an extraordinary strand of sword qi with a raise of his hand. The sword qi was brilliant violet gold in color, and it possessed the might of a supreme imperial sovereign.


The black garuda that had fallen into a motionless state didn’t dodge. Its head was directly split apart by this strand of sword qi, and a terrifying rift had opened up on it.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After that, numerous strange ferocious beasts that were completely blood red, the size of dwarfs, and had eight thick and long tentacles surged out like tidewater from within the garuda’s head. They formed a dense mass, and all of them were filled with a savage and bloody aura.

It really was such monsters!

At this moment, Chen Xi finally confirmed that those strange ferocious beasts were just like the Blood Rakshasa Wasps, and they were obviously terrifying living beings that were born within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!~

The Godsmash Drum rumbled in close succession, and the invisible soundwave from it carried mysterious talisman markings as it swept out like the tide.

At this instant, it was like this expanse of the starry sky was trembling along with the sound of the drum!

Under such circumstances, the dense expanse of strange beast that charged out from within the garuda had stiffened at this moment, and they stopped in midair like puppets.

“Incinerate!” A’Liang utilized the Divine Stick of Incineration to emanate a myriad of strands of pure white divine flames, and it covered the body of that black garuda and this entire expanse of space as well.


In an instant, the black garuda’s body on fire, but to Chen Xi and A’Liang’s surprise, the dwarf sized ferocious beasts were actually completely unharmed by the pure whit divine flames that enveloped down onto them!

It was even to the extent that in merely an instant, they’d recovered their consciousness, and they let out sharp droning sounds as they forcefully escaped the divine flames. After that, they charged madly towards Chen Xi!

“This isn’t good! These monsters are too strong, and even the might of the Divine Stick of Incineration is unable to counter them!” The expression on A’Liang’s pretty face changed. Since they’d entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, they’d ceaselessly encountered all sorts of strange and formidable living beings all along the way.

However, it was the first time they’d encountered such a scene.

“Leave it to me!”


The Talisman Armament let out a clear howl while Chen Xi’s figure had already started charging forward.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

His sword qi swept horizontally and vertically through the world while violet gold divine radiance flowed through the surroundings while accompanied by dense, mysterious, and flickering talismans markings. They seemed dazzling, grand, and boundless.

At this moment, Chen Xi had circulated his strength to its limits.

His cultivation at the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm….

The Profound Heart Sword Technique….

The might of the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root….

His comprehension in the Dao that had attained the advanced-stage….

Everything transformed into the purest Sword Insight that was utilized by the Talisman Armament that had advanced into the ranks of Natural Spirit Treasures!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This expanse of the starry sky was filled with sword qi. Space was in disorder, divine radiance swept throughout the surroundings, the tune of the Dao rumbled, and all sorts of world shocking scenes appeared.

In the face of such an attack, all those strange looking ferocious beasts were crushed beneath his sword qi, and they transformed into strands of blood red mist.

The blood red mist intended to fuse back together, but A’Liang had noticed this since the very beginning and utilize the pure white divine flames of the Divine Stick of Incineration to completely incinerate them.

“Well done!” Chen Xi praised as he fought.

“Young Master is too kind…. Don’t… don’t get distracted….” A slight blush appeared on A’Liang’s beautiful little face. She was both slightly shy and proud at the same time, and it seemed like it was an extraordinary honor to be praised by Chen Xi.

“Kill!” Chen Xi roared with laughter as he let out a long howl, and his sword danced through the sky as he swept through all the enemies around him.

While those strange beasts seemed to form a dense expanse that was like tidewater, their individual combat strengths were actually merely comparable to a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God at the advanced-stage.

So, they were unable to be much of a threat to Chen Xi.

In merely a short moment, all of these enemies were completely annihilated by the joint forces of Chen Xi and A’Liang, and not a single one of them had survived.


Chen Xi sheathed the Talisman Armament before he gazed at the black garuda’s corpse that was still burning brilliantly, and he said, “A’Liang, if you hadn’t utilized the Godsmash Drum to force those strange beasts out from the garuda’s corpse, then we would have been in danger.”

At this moment, he’d determined that the black garuda had perished countless years ago. The reason it was so ferocious earlier was entirely because it was being controlled by that dense expanse of strange ferocious beasts.

This caused Chen Xi to instantly recall some words that Imperial Monarch Yan Bing had told him earlier —

“When you become Region Lords, you’ll be captured like prey by those heretics!

“The Divine Dao Laws in your possession will be stripped away by them!

“Your energy, spirit, and essence will be devoured by their Shaman Beasts!

“It’s even to the extent that your bodies will be utilized by them, and you’ll become monsters that are neither human, ghost, god, or devil. You’ll be unable to pass away completely for eternity!”

Shaman Beasts!

Bodies that are transformed into monsters that cause one to be utterly unable to perish completely for eternity!

At this instant, Chen Xi seemed to have finally understood something, and a wisp of shocking light surged from within his eyes.

Regardless of whether it was the Innate Fiendgods they’d encountered earlier or this black garuda they’d just encounter, they’d clearly been captured by the heretics here countless years ago.

Their Divine Dao Laws had been stripped away, their energy, essence, and spirit had been devoured, and even their bodies were utilized in the end. They were completely reduced to monsters that were unable to pass away completely.

On the other hand, the Blood Rakshasa Wasps and those strange ferocious beasts Chen Xi had just killed ought to be called Shaman Beasts!

They were raised by those heretics that survived from the last era, and they gained strength through devouring the essence, energy, and spirit of cultivators.

It was even to the extent that they could live within the corpses left behind by cultivators, control those corpses, and utilize the strength of the corpses to bring forth terrifying combat strengths!

When he figure out all of this, a wisp of gloominess arose in the space between Chen Xi’s brows, and there was even a strand of indescribable killing intent there.

He’d recalled all the corpses controlled by Shaman Beasts that he’d encountered all along the way since he’d entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

If my inference is right, then doesn’t it mean that the owners of these corpses were cultivators that had come from the Ancient God Domain just like me?

Perhaps all of them were great figures that commanded great authority during their lifetimes. But once they perished, they’d become such monsters that were controlled by the Shaman Beasts raised by the heretics….

At this instant, Chen Xi suddenly understood why Imperial Monarch Yan Bing revealed such a calm smile of relief when he died.

At this moment, a strand of sorrow surged out from Chen Xi’s heart and caused him to feel suffocated.

At this moment, the corpse of the black garuda had been completely incinerated, and an indistinct voice arose in the air — “Thank you, Fellow Daoist!”

At this moment, unrestrainable killing intent suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

Those that aren’t of the same kind definitely don’t possess the same way of thinking.

Not to mention that they are heretics that survived from the last era! Obviously, they haven’t taken the cultivators of the current era to be of the same kind as them!

“Young Master, what’s wrong?” A’Liang suddenly spoke and gazed at Chen Xi with a slightly worried expression.

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he said, “I’m fine. I was just thinking whether we were even not equal to the Shaman Beasts in the eyes of those heretics.”

A’Liang puckered her lips, and she was slightly angry in her heart as well. However, right when she intended to say something, she seemed to have suddenly noticed something. Her clear eyes gazed towards the starry sky in the distance as she said with surprise and bewilderment. “Young Master, look over there!”

Chen Xi swiftly raised his head and looked over. He saw that an extremely enormous shadow had suddenly appeared extremely far away in the depths of this expanse of the starry sky.

The shadow was like a veil that covered the sky. It was dim, boundless, and seemed extremely mysterious.

“Come, let’s go have a look.” Chen Xi’s figure flashed towards the expanse of the starry sky that was covered by the shadow.


However, in merely a short moment and before Chen Xi could approach, the tribulation energy that covered the path before him had suddenly become violent.

If the tribulation energy he encountered before this was described like rippling water, then it was like raging waves or a storm now, and it emanated horrifying rumbling!

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