Chapter 1917 – Black Cloaked Figures


A terrifying and ripping force held Chen Xi as he fell swiftly and uncontrollably. Because his speed was too quick, the scene before his eyes had warped and become blur.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s entire body tensed up to the extreme. He somehow mustered the strength to suddenly start struggling with the intention of escaping the clutched of this force.

However, it was in vain in the end.

The force was too terrifying, and it was utterly not something that Chen Xi could resist with his current strength.

But even then, Chen Xi was still prepared to fight desperately with his life on the life.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Rapid whistles from the air being torn apart resounded incessantly. Chen Xi gradually noticed to his surprise that numerous dazzling stars had actually appeared within his field of vision!

How could there be stars in this underground abyss?

Chen Xi almost thought that he was seeing things. But in next to no time, as he approached these stars, he finally determined that it really was a starry sky!

A myriad of stars flickered within it, and it was dim, boundlessly vast, and magnificent.

However, Chen Xi was still slightly stunned. How could there be such a place under the ground of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos?

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi noticed that the pulling force had gradually weakened, and he believed that it wouldn’t be too long before it would vanish on its own.

This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle!” Suddenly, an anxious and loud shout sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears.

Gu Yan! Chen Xi swiftly turned around, and he instantly noticed that Gu Yan’s figure had flashed uncontrollably past him, and it was like a descending meteor.

Most dangerous of it all was that an expanse of ceaselessly surging Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy had surprisingly surged into appearance in front of Gu Yan, and they were like a translucent spatial tide that was beautiful yet deadly.

If Chen Xi didn’t stop it in time, then it wouldn’t be long before Gu Yan would collide headfirst with that area covered in tribulation energy!

Shit! Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted at this moment, and he practically instinctively charge forward.


He smashed through the restrains of space and flashed off to grab Gu Yan before he collided with the tribulation energy.


At the same time, Chen Xi’s figure flashed explosively, and he brought Gu Yan along as he flashed towards the distance. They were barely able to deal with this danger that they faced.

At this moment, Gu Yan had broken out in cold sweat from fear. Earlier, if Chen Xi was a little slower, then he would have definitely perished here.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief as well. However, he was even more surprised by the fact that the suction force that pulled them down had actually vanished without a trace.


Right at this moment, a wave of rumbling resounded from an area extremely far away and above them.

Chen Xi swiftly raised his head, and he immediately noticed that the entrance they’d come from had actually vanished completely!

What’s going on? Chen Xi frowned and was slightly bewildered.

Since the strand and ancient ‘Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar’ collapsed, an enormous rift like an abyss split open on the ground, and then the two of them were swept down by the rift by a suction force and arrived at this mysterious expanse of space in the end. All of this had occurred too swiftly, and it was swift to the point Chen Xi didn’t even have the time to react!

But when he thought about it now, the only fact Chen Xi dared to confirm was that the collapse of the altar was the cause of this string of unexpected events.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was utterly unable to deduce exactly what sort of secrets were hidden here.

However, all of this wasn’t important to Chen Xi and Gu Yan since a long time ago. The important matter at all was where exactly they were and how they should escape!


Before Chen Xi could figure all of this out, a wave of invisible fluctuations of energy suddenly swept over from the starry sky in the distance.

“Shit! It’s the tribulation energy!” Chen Xi’s heart shook. With the senses he possessed while relying on the Daoseal Mark, it allowed him to instantly determine that the tribulation energy in this area had grown even more numerous to an unimaginable number.

It was like an invisible fluctuation, and it ceaselessly whistled through the starry sky. Yet it also seemed like groups of sharks that had sensed blood, and they were patrolling space while trying to kill all outsiders.

This was unlike the tribulation energy Chen Xi had witnessed in the past. One floated passively there without moving at all, and the other attacked actively as if it had a life of its own.


Chen Xi practically didn’t hesitate to bring Gu Yan along as he dodged and flew through this boundless starry sky.

However, before they could even stand still, expanse after expanse of tribulation energy whistled over from all directions.

They were too numerous!

They formed a dense expanse that rippled over like enormous nets, whereas, Chen Xi and Gu Yan were like fish that had fallen into a trap, and they could only ceaselessly move about within the narrow gaps and were in an especially sorry state.

Chen Xi’s expression started to become solemn. He’d acutely noticed that this universe was extremely unusual while the distribution of the tribulation energy was too strange as well. It could be said to be filled with killing intent and was extremely terrifying.

“Gu Yan, looks like I can only ask you to hide for a while.” After a short while, when he determined how dangerous the situation they were in was, Chen Xi spoke with a resolute expression.

At this moment, even Chen Xi felt that it was troublesome. So, if Gu Yan was included, then it would be a bit too strenuous. After all, he could rely on the Daoseal Mark to sense danger and move a step ahead.

But Gu Yan was different. He was even unable to sense the invisible and colorless tribulation energy, so he seemed to be in an extremely sorry state.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, I’ll obey your command.” Gu Yan knew that he would be a burden to Chen Xi if this continued.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to stretch out his hand and gesture, and he placed Gu Yan in the universe within his body. At this point, Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief.

His expression was calm and indifferent, and his black pupils surged with a shocking glow as it ceaselessly swept the surroundings.

“Let me see exactly what sort of place this damnable place is!” A wisp of a bolt of lightning flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes. In the next moment, he chose a direction and flashed over.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

After a short moment, an expanse of tribulation energy surged out like the tide and blocked his path.

“Open up!” Chen Xi roared loudly. He didn’t dodge anymore, and he activated the Daoseal Mark within his soul. After that, he charged and forcefully blasted a path open.

Just like that, he continued forward all along the way while resisting the assaults of the Divine tribulation lightning, and he flew ceaselessly while his figure quickly vanished in the depths of the boundless universe.

At the same time, on the snowfield from before. Gales whistled while snowflakes the size of cattail leaf fans fluttered about, and it was covered in a murderous aura.

The ancient and strange ‘Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar’ was originally standing towering here, and so did an ice pillar at its center.

But now, all of this had vanished completely, and not a single trace of it could be found anymore.

Even the rift on the ground that seemed like an abyss had vanished completely, and it couldn’t be found anymore.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

After a short while, two figures that were like black colored bolts of lightning tore through the sky, and they suddenly stopped above the snowfield.

Both of them wore black clothes and cloaks, and their entire bodies were enveloped by icy cold black mist, causing others to be unable to see their appearances clearly.

However, their auras were icy cold, murderous, fierce, and carried an ancient and strange fluctuation. It actually faintly fused with the aura of the Heaven Dao in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and they acted in cooperation with each other from afar. It seemed rather mysterious.

Under such circumstances, the ceaselessly whistling gale and the fluttering snowflakes that seemed like sharp blades were actually unable to approach them at all!

It was like they were the lords of this world, and everything could only submit before them and not dare offend them in the slightest!

“Someone has destroyed the ‘Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar.”

“What a pity. According to the Lord Holy Shaman, that fellow that was imprisoned here wouldn’t be able to persist for another year before being completely sacrificed. Now, such an incident just had to happen. It’s truly a pity.”

“Is it? That may not necessarily be the case. That fellow who destroyed the altar has probably fallen into the Disaster Region, and it won’t be long before he’ll be completely devoured by the Shaman Beasts of the Lord Holy Shaman.”

“Then do you think we should report this incident to the Lord Holy Shaman?”

“There’s no need. It’s merely a trivial matter. I heard that the five most powerful sects in the Ancient God Domain joined forces this time to send their disciples in here. This is an extremely rare opportunity to us, and the Lord Holy Shaman is planning and preparing. If we’re able to succeed, then our ‘Sky Shaman’ Clan would be able to leave this place and wouldn’t have to suffer this life of hiding.”

“Alas, we avoided the last calamity yet noticed that it still isn’t the end of the Grand Dao. I wonder where the Ultimate Path towards the Dao is….”

“Perhaps it’s in the next era.”

“The next era?” Haha. That’s too far away. I heard from the Lord Holy Shaman that someone from this era has stepped foot onto a supreme realm in the Ultimate Path towards the Dao. I wonder if it’s true.”

“I heard of it as well. The Lord Holy Shaman probably wouldn’t speak at random. So, perhaps this era… is really different from the past.”

The two black cloaked figures chatted as they patrolled the surroundings, and they seemed to be searching for something yet found nothing in the end.

“Let’s go. I’m sure that the fellow who destroyed the altar is trapped within the Disaster Region.”

“Let’s go!” Their voices were still reverberating through the heavens and the earth, yet they’d swiftly vanished on the spot without leaving any trace behind.

Two days later.

Chen Xi’s figure flickered ceaselessly in that boundless expanse of the starry sky, and he was like a lonely passerby that vanished in an instant.

Where exactly is this? As he moved deeper into this place, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel frustrated because this region was truly too huge and was boundlessly vast.

As he traveled through this place, he’d actually been unable to find the border of this region.

At this moment, he was like a passerby that had gotten lost in the boundless expanse of space. He was all alone and unable to find his way out.

But in next to no time, he took a deep breath and suppressed this trace of frustration that was in his heart.

Even though he was unable to determine where he was or where the exit was, everything he’d experienced all along the way allowed him to determine that he was moving forward and wasn’t staying on the same spot.

Just that was enough.

So long as he was moving forward, then he would find the end one day!

The basis for this determination was very simple. It was that as he moved forward, the tribulation energy he encountered grew more numerous and denser.

Up until now, it was like he was moving forward through an expanse of space that had been formed from tribulation energy, and he had no choice but to ceaselessly utilize the Daoseal Mark to open up a path for himself!

If any other cultivator were to have arrived here, then even a Daolord would probably find it difficult to take even a single step, and they would have been inflicted by the tribulation energy, suffered calamity, and perished.

After all, not everyone was like Chen Xi and possessed a unique and mysterious force like the Daoseal Mark.

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