Chapter 1916 – Underground Abyss

He has been trapped here for 18,000 years!

Both Chen Xi and Gu Yan were stunned. Actually, both of them were slightly surprised when they confirmed the identity of Imperial Monarch Yan Bing.

After all, this was the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. It was like a forbidden area that very few had stepped foot into within these years. Even they’d relied on the strength of the five great sects to forcefully establish a passageway into here.

Yet how did Imperial Monarch Yan Bing accomplish this all those years ago?”

“Since you are fellow disciples of the Grand Lord, then listen to me. Leave right now and never step foot in this place again!” Before Chen Xi and Gu Yan could reply, Imperial Monarch who was trapped within the pillar of ice spoke once more, and his voice was low and solemn. “Even Daolords are unable to escape this place.”

Chen Xi wasn’t dissuaded by these words. He pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Senior, you’re probably unaware but it isn’t just the disciples of my Oracle Mountain that have arrived at the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, the disciples of the other four great powers are here as well. The objective of our arrival is to establish new regions in order to advance into the ranks of Region Lords….”

“So, in this way, both of you won’t leave no matter what I say?” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing spoke in a low voice.

“Exactly.” Chen Xi had a calm and serious expression. “For the sake of pursuing our path towards the Dao, this opportunity absolutely can’t be missed. No matter what sort of price we have to pay.”

Imperial Monarch Yan Bing suddenly sighed and was slightly dejected.

“Then do you know what sort of dangerous you’ll encounter upon advancing into the ranks of Region Lords?” After a short while, Imperial Monarch Yan Bing asked two questions, and then he spoke with a solemn voice that struck directly at the heart. “Do both of you know what sort of situation you’ll face once you are captured by those heretics from the last era?”

Before they could answer him, he continued in a low voice. “Allow me to tell you.”

“When you become Region Lords, you’ll be captured like prey by those heretics!

“The Divine Dao Laws in your possession will be stripped away by them!

“Your energy, spirit, and essence will be devoured by their Shaman Beasts!

“It’s even to the extent that your bodies will be utilized by them, and you’ll become monsters that are neither human, ghost, god, or devil. You’ll be unable to pass away completely for eternity!”

His voice was solemn and carried extremely hatred and rage. It caused both Chen Xi and Gu Yan to be horrified, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts.

“Both of you can choose to not believe me. But take a look at me and you’ll understand. I was captured by those heretics and restrained within this damnable ‘Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar’, and I’m unable to struggle free or escape!” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing spoke in a low voice. “I’ve been trapped here for 18,000 years. If it wasn’t for a secret technique which I possess that’s capable of preventing the invasion of the energy contained within the altar, then I would have probably been unable to hold on a very long time ago. My Divine Dao Laws, spirit, energy, essence, and even body would have been seized by now!”

When he spoke up to here, his voice carried a wisp of dense sorrow and anger.

“But unfortunately, I’m really on the verge of being unable to hold on any longer…. At that time, my Divine Dao Laws, spirit, energy, essence, and even body will be stripped away, and I’ll become an utter monster!”

Gu Yan’s expression changed abruptly, and he couldn’t refrain himself. “Senior, exactly how formidable are those heretics that survived from the last era?”

Imperial Monarch Yan Bing remained silent for a moment before he said, “I’m not very sure as well. But I’m sure that you’ll be unable to go against them even if you advance into the ranks of Region Lords.”

Gu Yan’s expression grew even more solemn as he said, “Then why haven’t we encountered such existences all along the way?”

Imperial Monarch Yan Bing didn’t hesitate with his reply. “You’re only useful to them once you’ve advanced into the ranks of Region Lords.”

The meaning behind his words was that existences at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm like them were unable to draw the attention of the heretics.

These words seemed to be slightly hurtful, but it was the truth.

Gu Yan was stunned by it for a very long time, yet he couldn’t think of anything to refute this.

“Leave. Seize the period before true danger descends to quickly leave this source of catastrophe and never come back. This… isn’t a place that the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain can encroach on at all!” Imperial Monarch persuaded once more.

At this moment, Gu Yan’s confidence couldn’t help but be slightly shaken, and he couldn’t help but look at Chen Xi.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d remained silent until now had suddenly raised his head. His black pupils were like a pair of abysses that were suffused with a dim glow, and he stared directly at the towering pillar of ice as he said, “Let’s ignore all of that for now, and we’ll decide about it after I’ve rescued you.”

“What?” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing said, “Absolutely not! The Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar is covered in Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy. Not to mention you, even a Daolord would perish from being tainted by it!”

“I know.” Chen Xi nodded. At this moment, he seemed to be extraordinarily calm and composed.

“Don’t!” However, when facing Chen Xi’s decision, Imperial Monarch Yan Bing seemed extremely agitated, and it was just a single word, yet it carried an indisputable tone.

This caused Chen Xi to be stunned, and then he said, “Senior, trust me. I’ll definitely be able to rescue you.”

Imperial Monarch Yan Bing fell silent for a long time before he said, “You… can really accomplish it?”

Chen Xi spoke resolutely. “Yes.”

“Alright, that’s good as well….” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing’s voice emanated a wisp of relief from having a heavy burden lifted from his shoulders.


In the next moment, Chen Xi activated the Daoseal Mark, and it transformed into an invisible ripple that swiftly swept out.

Presently, Chen Xi could be said to be adept in resisting the Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy. In merely a short moment, he’d opened up a crack in the tribulation energy that densely covered the altar.


At practically the exact same moment, Gu Yan attacked ferociously. He slashed down with his sword, and an extraordinary strand of sword qi slashed the ice pillar into two.

Bang! Bang!

A wave of ear piercing sounds of explosions resounded, and then a figure charged out from within the pillar of ice at practically the exact same moment. Shockingly, it was Imperial Monarch Yan Bing who’d been trapped there for 18,000 years.

He wore inky green clothes, had grey hair, and possessed a gentle and graceful appearance.


However, before Chen Xi and Gu Yan could make any reaction, the figure of Imperial Monarch Yan Bing who’d escaped had suddenly stiffened, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The blood was extremely pitch black and emanated a strand of foul smelling energy of death. It was a horrifying sight.

In the next moment, Imperial Monarch Yan Bing actually collapsed to the ground. His face turned ghastly pale and dimmed down to the extreme. He seemed as if his strength had been completely taken away.

“Senior!!” Chen Xi’s heart constricted. Never had he imagined that something like this would occur at such a time.

“There’s no need to be anxious. I’m already very fortunate to be able to die after I escaped.” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing spoke in a hoarse voice, and his voice carried an aura of weakness. Chen Xi could clearly notice that Imperial Monarch Yan Bing’s skin had started to crack, his grey hair had started to fall, and his face was covered in a layer of grey colored energy of death.

“How could this have happened?” A wisp of regret surged from within Chen Xi’s heart. If I knew this would happen, then I would have definitely not acted rashly.

“This is fate. Being trapped within the Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar would definitely cause the energy within my entire body to be stripped away and transform me into a monster that will never be able to die a natural death. But once I leave the altar, I’ll still die as well….” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing actually started laughing at this moment. “When the two are compared, the latter is already extremely fortunate to me. So, there’s no need for you to feel guilty and uneasy. Actually, I should even thank you.”

Chen Xi puckered his lips while complicated emotions filled his heart, and he was at a loss for what to say.

“Senior, may I ask if… you have any last words?” Gu Yan took a deep breath before he spoke in a low voice.

“Last words?” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing shook his head, and then a wisp of self ridicule arose on the corners of his mouth. “Death is the greatest fortune, and I have no further regrets.”

As he spoke, he suddenly opened his mouth and actually spat out a brass key, and he passed it to Chen Xi as he said, “This is a treasure I obtained by chance while roaming the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to investigate its secrets before I was captured by those heretics….”

He paused for a moment before he gasped for a few mouthfuls of air, and then he said, “Take it as a form of my kind intentions. I hope you accept it. As for the secrets it hides, you can only rely on yourselves to unlock it. Remember, you must leave as soon as possible….”

His voice gradually lightened and weakened before it vanished.

On the other hand, Imperial Monarch Yan Bing’s entire body had lost all vitality, and he’d passed away as if he’d fallen sleep. A great figure at the Imperial Monarch Realm had been trapped here for 18,000 years before finally perishing just like that.

As he held the brass key and gazed at the calm expression of relief that Imperial Monarch Yan Bing revealed before his death, Chen Xi’s chest felt extremely heavy and suffocated.

Even though they’d merely met for the first time, Imperial Monarch Yan Bing had constantly revealed the broad-mindedness of a senior, and he’d ceaselessly persuaded them to leave. Everything he said had been sincere.

This caused Chen Xi to feel extremely moved. He originally thought that rescuing Imperial Monarch Yan Bing could be considered as an act of kindness, yet never had he imagined that such a thing would actually occur!

For a time, Chen Xi felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart, and his expression was gloomy.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle….” Gu Yan gazed at Chen Xi with a slightly worried expression.

“I’m fine.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the emotions in his heart before he said, “I’m just thinking that if I have the opportunity, then I definitely have to see exactly how capable are those heretics that survived the last era!”

His voice was murderous and carried a strand of resolution.

Gu Yan felt extreme grief and indignation in his heart. A dignified Region Lord had been trapped here and bitterly suffered torture for 18,000 years. Even if he’d escaped in the end, he could only suffer death.

Such a cruel method of torture simply caused one’s blood to boil, and it was despicable and bloody to the extreme!


Meanwhile, the strange and ancient black colored ‘Divine Shaman Sacrificial Altar’ in the distance rumbled before it actually started to collapse.

The ground cracked apart, and then an area of 50,000km in the surroundings actually collapsed at this moment, causing a hole that seemed like a bottomless abyss to appear.


At practically the exact same moment, an irresistible suction force suddenly surged out from within the hole that had just appeared, and it instantly enveloped Chen Xi and Gu Yan, causing them to be utterly unable to evade in time.

Shit! Chen Xi and Gu Yan’s expressions changed simultaneously. They were just about to struggle with all their might when their figures were swept away by a terrifying force, and their figures were uncontrollably dragged into the hole and vanished in an instant.

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