Chapter 1915 – Immortal Monarch Yan Bing

What’s that? Chen Xi was shocked. Even though they were extremely far away, he could still sense the aura of slaughter assault his face, and it was icy cold, bone piercing, and caused his heart to tremble.

The ice pillar shot into the sky and stood towering there while emanating a monstrous aura of slaughter. The aura enveloped the entire snowfield, and it seemed to be extremely terrifying.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, the aura over there is too dangerous. Should we leave or continue forward?” Gu Yan had a solemn expression.

Gales raged throughout this snowfield while a cold aura assaulted their face. It wasn’t just filled with baleful energy of Yin, there was even an aura of slaughter here, and it caused one to feel fearful and stop at the sight of it.

“Forward.” Chen Xi remained silent for a long time before a wisp of resolution flashed in his black pupils.

He had a feeling that some sort of secret was definitely hidden near the towering pillar of ice, and he would definitely miss something if he didn’t head over to investigate.


Gu Yan withdrew his sword and said, “I’ll listen to Martial Ancestral Uncle.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

They immediately moved against the whistling cold winds and teleported towards the depths of the snowfield.

All along the way, they ceaselessly encountered the assault of gales and snowflakes. However, they withstood all of them successively, and they didn’t suffer any injury.

But as they continued forward, the aura of slaughter in the heavens and the earth grew more and more heavier, and it simply seemed material. It stabbed at them to the point their skin hurt, and even their souls were pressures.

This caused the expressions of Chen Xi and Gu Yan to become solemn. Since they’d entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos until now, it was the first time they’d encountered such a dangerous and terrifying area, and they had no choice but to be vigilant.

In next to no time, they were merely 30km away from the towering pillar of ice. Chen Xi was finally able to see clearly that a black ancient sacrificial altar was actually established at the bottom of the pillar of ice!

The sacrificial altar was in a strange hexagonal shape. Every single corner was branded and inscribed with strange and warped talisman markings. These talisman markings were scarlet red like blood and seemed extremely mysterious and horrifying.

On the other hand, the inner part of the sacrificial altar was circular, and the towering pillar of ice stood within that circle!

When looked at from afar, the black colored sacrificial altar, the blood red and strange talisman markings, the towering pillar of ice…. All of them seemed to form a complete whole. They were of strange and ancient make, and they emanated a strand of a monstrous aura of slaughter.

Chen Xi was even unable to determine if it was actually a sacrificial altar because it was completely different from all the sacrificial altars he’d seen in the past.

Moreover, even his extraordinary attainments in the Talisman Dao were actually unable to recognize the strange blood red talisman markings on the hexagonal altar.

The unknown was the most terrifying.

The scene before him had exceeded his expectations, and it was extremely unfamiliar to him and caused indescribable horror to arise in his heart.

What exactly is this? Gu Yan was puzzled as well while A’Liang remained silent while feeling surprised and bewildered.

The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is really mysterious…. Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. He was able to determine that this mysterious and strange altar had stood here for a very long time, and it was filled with an ancient aura.

But right after that, his pupils suddenly constricted. He noticed to his shock that the surroundings of the altar were actually covered in the tribulation energy that restrained the Dao!

It was invisible, colorless, and emanated no light. However, at this moment, it was ceaselessly surging out of like ripples from within the black sacrificial altar, and it coiled around the pillar of ice and ascended all the way up into the nine heavens.

In other words, the tribulation energy didn’t just envelop the strange black altar, it even covered the towering pillar of ice that stood at the center of the altar!

Could it be that some sort of secret is hidden within this pillar of ice and altar? At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression was solemn. The tribulation energy that restrained the Dao could definitely be described as an extremely terrifying energy.

Its might was so formidable that even a figure like the Roc Daolord couldn’t overcome it, and he perished in the end.

Now, even though Chen Xi was clearly aware that he didn’t have to fear this energy by relying on the Daoseal Mark that he possessed, it still didn’t mean that the tribulation energy wasn’t terrifying!

Now, the surroundings of this strange and ancient altar that stood on the snowfield was covered in the tribulation energy that restricted the Dao, so this was extremely unusual.

“You’re back again! How many years has it been? You heretics still refuse to give up! How truly laughable! You want to strip me of my Divine Dao Laws? You must be out of your mind!” Suddenly, a loud shout resounded like a thunderclap from within the pillar of ice, and it horrified the soul as it reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi and Gu Yan’s pupils constricted while their entire bodies tensed up, and they felt extremely surprised in their hearts. Someone actually resides within this pillar of ice?

“Hmm? Wait! Both of you are….” Suddenly, the voice within the pillar of ice seemed to have noticed something, and he spoke with bewilderment. After that, he couldn’t help but cry out. “Two little fellows from the Ancient God Domain? How could this be possible? Who allowed both of you to come to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos? Could it be that you’re tired of living?” His voice was agitated while his emotions rose and fell.

At this instant, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that a figure had faintly appeared on the surface of the ice pillar, and his entire body was restrained within it, causing Chen Xi to be unable to clearly discern the appearance of the figure.

“What are both of you still standing here for? Leave! Quickly! The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is absolutely not as simple as all of you imagine. This is the source of catastrophe, it’s the place where the surviving heretics of the last era reside! If you still don’t leave, then you’ll fall to the same fate as I. Powerless and unable to escape forever!” The voice shouted loudly with an anxious tone.

When these words entered into the ears of Chen Xi and Gu Yan, it wasn’t inferior to a thunderclap that caused them to feel extremely shocked.

The source of catastrophe!

The place where the surviving heretics of the last era reside!

How could this be?

Is this true?

Chen Xi’s thoughts and emotions surged.

Many years ago, when he was at the South Sea Region, he’d heard a little about the last era from Senior White.

It was during an auction of an unprecedented scale during the Treasure Exhibition, and the last item put up for auction was a stone furnace from the last era.

It had three legs, two handles, and was completely round. Grey mist soared up from within the opening on the furnace that was deep and vast, and it seemed as if it could swallow a vast universe!

Even until this day, Chen Xi still remembered that the aura of that furnace was extremely ancient. It seemed like it was emanated from the end of the boundless annals of time, and it had traversed the barriers of time to descend once more into the world.

It was even to the extent that he’d witnessed numerous mysterious scenes from it….

He saw a boundlessly vast expanse of the starry sky. A graceful figure sat cross-legged within the stone furnace while it traveled endlessly through space. It traversed numerous barriers between universes, successively traversed numerous chaotic regions, and 10 million years passed in the blink of an eye.

She seemed to be tracking something down, and she constantly travelled forward in the dark corridors of space.

Yet she also seemed like she was avoiding something and had no choice but to move forward constantly as if she would suffer a calamity if she was slightly slower.

Time flowed by endlessly….

In the end, the graceful figure become more and more blurry, more and more indistinct as if it was about to be obliterated.

After that, she sighed with a voice that carried boundless loneliness and sorrow. “Is it really… impossible to escape?”

At that instant, Chen Xi’s heart shook, and it was enveloped by an indescribable feeling of loneliness. It was like the heavens and the earth had abandoned him, he’d lost all hope, was utterly dejected….

At that time, Senior White’s expression had changed greatly upon laying eyes on the furnace as well. Moreover, Senior White didn’t wait for the auction to end before hastily leading him away.

After that, Chen Xi finally found out from Senior White that the furnace was a divine artifact that had survived from the last era, and it was called an Era Artifact!

According to Senior White, such a treasure was covered by the forces of tribulation and possessed heaven defying might that was a taboo. Once it was noticed by the current Heaven Dao, then it was bound to be destroyed along with its owner.

At that time, Senior White had obtained the skull of a Holy Shaman from the auction, and it was similarly a priceless treasure that had survived from the last era.

But this wasn’t the main point. The main point was that every single time the treasures of the last era started to make an appearance in the world, it meant that… calamity was coming!

Senior White hadn’t even noticed that the stone furnace was a precious treasure from the last era, and it could converge the Karmic Luck of an Era. It was an irreplaceable treasure, and anyone that possessed it during the last era would receive the protection of the Heaven Dao and would even be unable to die.

But now, the Furnace of Karmic Luck was the sign of calamity!

When he heard all of this, Chen Xi had even suspected that it wouldn’t be long before the world would fall into great chaos and boundless calamity.

However, Senior White didn’t dare confirm this. According to Senior White’s point of view, the appearance of the Furnace of Karmic Luck from the last era was merely a sign of calamity. As for when the calamity would arrive, no one could say for sure.

Not to mention that the Ancient God Domain had experienced countless great calamities since it’s birth, and it still existed eternally until now. So, if was impossible to be immediately obliterated.

It was exactly because of this that Chen Xi relaxed at that time and didn’t pay too much attention to this.

But now, when he saw this strange and ancient sacrificial altar before him and heard the warning of that voice within the pillar of ice, Chen Xi was unable to maintain his clam anymore.

The surviving heretics from the last era are actually hiding in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos? This is where the calamity will erupt from?

Chen Xi stood stunned on the spot, and his heart was unable to calm down for a long time. He was unable to put a finger on it, but he felt an indescribable feeling of pressure.

The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was unknown and mysterious. The fundamental reason they’d come here was merely for the sake of establishing regions of their own and advancing into the ranks of Region Lords.

Yet who would have imagined that such a shocking secret was actually hidden here?

If this secret was spread to the outside world, then it would definitely cause the entire Ancient God Domain to be shaken!

“Idiots! What are the both of you still standing here for? Leave! Quickly!” That loud shout resounded once more from within the pillar of ice, and it carried an extremely stern tone.

Chen Xi was shocked, and he awoke from his deep thought.

“May I ask if senior is Imperial Monarch Yan Bing from Yellow Dragon Region?” At this moment, Gu Yan suddenly spoke and asked this question.

“Eh? You recognize me? Which sect are you from?” That voice spoke with surprise, and it confirmed Gu Yan’s guess.

“I’m the third generation disciple of Oracle Mountain, Gu Yan. This is my Martial Ancestral Uncle, Founding Ancestor Fuxi’s personal disciple, Chen Xi.” After he confirmed the identity of the owner of the voice, Gu Yan seemed to have become much more relaxed, and he quickly introduced Chen Xi and himself.

At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, this is the Region Lord of Yellow Dragon Region, Imperial Monarch Yan Bing. All those years ago, he’d received the guidance of Martial Ancestral Uncle Wu Xuechan, and he can be considered to be related to our Oracle Mountain.”

Only now did Chen Xi come to a sudden understanding.

“Disciples of Oracle Mountain! HAHAHA! I never expected that after I’d been trapped here for 18,000 years, I would actually be able to meet fellow disciples of the Grand Lord before I perished! I can truly die without regrets!” Imperial Monarch Yan Bing suddenly roared with laughter and seemed rather happy, yet his voice also carried the sorrow of relief.

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