Chapter 1914 – Snowfield

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he swiftly raised his head.

A strand of divine Dao light had suddenly filled an expanse of the starry sky that was extremely far away, and it was dazzling like the scorching sun and extremely striking.

Because it was truly too far away, even if he relied on his perception, he was utterly unable to clearly see exactly what had occurred there.

However, at this instant, a thought had instinctively appeared within his mind — someone has advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm and become a Region Lord!

Perhaps, that grand rumbling of the Dao and divine glow of the Dao are precisely the phenomena of the heavens and the earth caused by the advancement!

Who exactly is it?

Someone has accomplished this after just entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos for a few months?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he was unable to calm down for a long time.

He was very clearly aware that if his judgment was accurate, then it meant that someone amongst the disciples that entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos with him had taken a huge step and far surpassed the others!

If it was a friend, then there was naturally no need to worry.

But if it was an enemy….

Then the consequences would be unimaginable!

Chen Xi was confident in his ability to go against ordinary Imperial Monarchs, but he was extremely fearful and even didn’t have much confidence to go against a Region Lord that possessed the energy of a Region!

The Imperial Monarch Realm already stood at the peak of the cultivation world in the Ancient God Domain, and they were like overlords that possessed monstrous might.

On the other hand, Region Lords were even more terrifying than Imperial Monarchs. They possessed unique Region Energy and were able to utilize the energy of a region. They seemed to be lords amongst Imperial Monarchs!

Could any Universe Enlightened Ancestral God in the world dare to boast about going against such an existence?

Exactly how terrifying were Region Lords? Even Chen Xi couldn’t say for sure! However, he was very clearly aware that there were billions of living beings within the 1,000 plus regions in the entire Ancient God Domain, but there were merely over 1,000 existences that could become Region Lords!

Indeed. This number seemed to be quite large, but amongst the countless universes and the innumerable powers within the entire Ancient God Domain, it seemed to be extremely rare and few.

Rarity decided the value of things.

It was the same for cultivators. The higher a realm of cultivation was and the more difficult it was to attain that cultivation, the fewer would be able to step foot into such a realm of cultivation.

There was no doubt that such a figure definitely possessed unimaginable might!

“I never expected that someone would actually succeed in advance at this moment….” At this moment, Gu Yan couldn’t help but sigh. Just like Chen Xi, he’d realized that someone had stepped foot into the ranks of Region Lords.

“There’s no need to pay too much attention to this. The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is filled with dangers and the unknown. One may not necessarily be able to roam freely and act without restraint upon advancing to become a Region Lord.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then he said indifferently, “Come, let’s continue. The longer we delay, the more disadvantageous it’ll be for us.”

Gu Yan nodded while his expression turned solemn.

“Someone has advanced!” It wasn’t just Chen Xi’s group who had noticed. The disciples from the various powers that were scattered throughout the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos had noticed this as well.

“How could it have been accomplished so quickly, and exactly who accomplished this?” Zhu Qianyu from the Divine Institute had his hands behind his back as he muttered.

Donghuang Yinxuan was cultivating within the Region Quintessence behind him.

Zhu Qianyu and the other disciples of the Divine Institute hadn’t left, and they were standing on guard here.

In their opinions, if they left now, then the loss of Donghuang Yinxuan would be extremely disadvantageous to them. So, it was better to wait for Donghuang Yinxuan to advance and become a Region Lord before allowing him to continue leading them.

At that time, when a Region Lord like Donghuang Yinxuan in their ground, they would obtain an extraordinarily huge advantage when searching for more regions.

However, at this moment, when they witnessed this phenomenon of the heavens and the earth, the expressions of Zhu Qianyu and the others had become solemn, and they were slightly surprised and bewildered.

Just like Chen Xi, they were unable to determine who’d advanced into the ranks of Region Lords and whether this person was a friend or enemy.

“I only hope that Senior Brother Donghuang will be able to emerge from his cultivation as soon as possible.” Zhu Qianyu sighed. At this moment, he was completely helpless towards this, and he could only entrust his hopes onto Donghuang Yinxuan.

“It’s impossible for it to be Chen Xi or Donghuang Yinxuan. So, besides them, only the disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Dao Institute remain.” Leng Xinghun’s expression was gloomy while a strand of indescribable agitation and rage arose in his heart.

Earlier, they’d been schemed against by Chen Xi and two of his companions had perished at Chen Xi’s hands, so only four of them remained when Leng Xinghun was included.

It was even to the extent that they had no choice but to give up on that Region Quintessence and flee in an embarrassing state. All of this caused a figure like Leng Xinghun to be angered to the point he was in a horrible mood, and he had a bellyful of rage yet nowhere to vent it.

But at this moment, when he witnessed that someone had actually advanced into the ranks of Region Lords, it caused Leng Xinghun to simply feel depressed to the extreme, and his mood was utterly horrible.

Regardless of whether it was a disciple of the Dao Institute or Nuwa’s Dao Palace who had accomplished this, it wasn’t good news for Leng Xinghun.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what do you think we should do next?” One of them gnashed his teeth and was extremely resentful as well.

“What should we do? We naturally have to make the best use of our time and stop at nothing to advance into the ranks of Region Lords before Chen Xi!” Leng Xinghun spoke in a grim voice. “Could it be that all of think that our current forces are capable of going against anyone else? Huh?”

His voice was filled with uncontrollable rage, and it even sounded exasperated.

The others went silent like cicadas in the winter. They knew that Leng Xinghun was already furious to the extreme, and he’d rarely lost his composure like this in the past.

Leng Xinghun took a few deep breaths rapidly and finally recovered his calm, and then he said in a low voice. “Let’s begin.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

The others were stunned. They acutely detected an indescribable feeling of determination coming from Leng Xinghun.

“No matter who it is that has advanced, it’ll cause the situation in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos to become even tenser. Under such circumstances, the important matter at hand is to find a region that has taken form as soon as possible!” Kong Youran’s entire body emanated an oppressive imposing aura, and she didn’t seem lazy like she had in the past.

The gaze from her starry eyes was like a bolt of lightning as it swept towards everyone, and her voice carried an indisputable tone. “From now on, no one is allowed to act arbitrarily at all. Understand?”

The others solemnly acknowledged their orders.

Kong Youran sighed in her heart instead when she saw this. During the last few days that they were travelling through the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, one of their companions had perished because of a calamity that suddenly descended upon them.

This caused all of them to be rather uncomfortable in their hearts.

However, it had already occurred, and it was impossible to change the past. The important matter at hand for Kong Youran was to continue searching and quickly locate a region that had taken form.

So long as a Region Lord emerges from amongst them, then perhaps it would greatly improve the situation they were in.

“Let’s go!” Without any delay, Kong Youran led the group forward.

“It’s actually Senior Brother Li….” At another area, both Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui exchanged glances, and they couldn’t help but feel speechless and even felt that it was slightly absurd.

Just yesterday, their group had located a Region Quintessence, and after a period of discussion, Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui had made concessions to allow Li Lufeng to obtain that supreme fortune.

After that, they led the other two disciples of the Dao Institute away to continue looking for other regions.

But never had they imagined that after less than a day had passed, Li Lufeng had actually finished refining and absorbing the Region Quintessence and had advanced in his cultivation!

They were absolute certain about it!

Yea Chen and the others clearly remembered the location of that region, and the grand phenomena from before had come from exactly that region.

Under such circumstances, even an idiot would realize that Li Lufeng had advanced!

However, they were unable to imagine that he would actually advance so quickly. It was merely a short period of a single day! If news of this were to be spread, would anyone dare believe it?

Most importantly, as far as Yea Chen and the others were concerned, Li Lufeng’s natural talent and constitution were outstanding indeed, but it couldn’t be considered to be heaven defying at all. It was even to the extent that he couldn’t even compare to Yea Chen or Yu Jiuhui.

But it just so happened that he’d succeed!

Moreover, he’d succeeded in a short period of a single day!

This filled Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui with disbelief.

“The Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao is truly unpredictable and changing at all times.” Yu Jiuhui sighed with emotion.

“This is fine as well. My only worry is that Senior Brother Li will forget the warnings of the past after he advanced and go against the will of the Dao Institute again.” Yea Chen’s hand were behind his back as he pondered deeply and spoke with words that carried deep meaning.

The hearts of the others shook, and they remained silent.

“Haha! Someone actually advanced. Unfortunately, those idiots are unaware that the Region Energy here isn’t so easy to enjoy!” Wang Zhong laughed coldly on the back of the blood red bird, and his voice carried boundless ridicule and disdain.

After that, he realized something, and he suddenly frowned and fell into deep through.

“The situation seems to be slightly off. In the past, if someone advanced into the ranks of Region Lords, then it would cause those monsters to set out. But now… why hasn’t there been any movement from them? Could it be that some sort of unexpected change has occurred in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos during these years?

“Looks like I have to be careful as well. The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is a place of calamity and chaos in the end, and there are truly too many uncontrollable calamities….”

Wang Zhong took a deep breath as he gazed into the distance. Moreover, a wave of strange and obscure sounds were emanated from between his lips again, and they were rather rapid and seemed to be urging the blood red bird to speed up.

The phenomena of the heavens and the earth caused a string of reactions, and it caused every single cultivator that had entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos to feel indescribable pressure.

No one dared to slack off, and they made the best use of their time to act.

Seven days later, Chen Xi and Gu Yan arrived at a snowfield that was dazzling like silver and had cold gales whistling through it. The cold surged while strong winds swept throughout the surroundings, and snow fluttered throughout the sky.

As soon as they arrived here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shudder even with the cultivation he possessed. The heavens and the earth here were actually filled with an indescribable baleful energy of Yin, and it pierced into the bones and seeped into the soul!

Every single snowflake was like the size of a cattail lead fan with edges that were sharp like blades, and they carried terrifying energy of ice. They densely covered the sky as they whistled through it, and they were like numerous gleaming blades that were sweeping through the surroundings. Numerous terrifying rifts were torn apart through the heavens and the earth, and the world was in disorder.

However, the true reason why Chen Xi was visibly moved wasn’t all of this. It was because he noticed to his surprise that a pillar of ice that seemed like a white dragon stood towering in the extreme depths of the snowfield, and it actually emanated a terrifying and surging aura of slaughter that threw the surroundings into disorder!

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