Chapter 1912 – Outwitting The Enemy

Both A’Liang and Gu Yan’s eyes narrowed when they heard this, and they started accumulating strength in secret as they waited. But on the surface, they still seemed as if they hadn’t noticed anything.

“So, it’s them….’ After a short moment, a wisp of piercingly cold light that was almost imperceptibly flashed within the depths of Chen Xi’s black pupils.

“Shit! I never expected that the quintessence of this region would actually be enveloped by a strand of tribulation energy that restrains the Dao! What should we do?” Chen Xi frowned. He acted as if he’d noticed the tribulation energy for the first time and was troubled by it.

Gu Yan and A’Liang immediately tacitly understood that Chen Xi was putting on a show.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, isn’t it just the tribulation energy that restrains the Dao. Even if we have to fight with our lives on the line, we must try to obtain such a supreme fortune!” Gu Yan gritted his teeth as he spoke, and the gaze he shot at the quintessence in the distance was filled with burning greed.

“Absolutely not!” Chen Xi’s expression turned solemn as he berated in a stern voice. “Are you trying to die? There are so many regions, and the tribulation energy may not necessarily be covering every single one of them. However, you only have a single life. You wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences if any mishap occurs!”

Gu Yan’s expression changed indeterminately, and it seemed like he was extremely troubled and hesitant. In the end, he sighed dejectedly and said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, then what do you think we should do? Could it be that we should just look on helplessly as this supreme fortune slips by?”

Even Chen Xi could help but praise in his heart when he witnessed this. Never had he imagined that this kid, Gu Yan, who was usually reserved and reticent would actually be so skilled and remarkable when it came to putting on an act.

“What else can we do? We can only give up.” Chen Xi remained silent for a short moment, and then he sighed emotionally with a tone that was filled with unwillingness.

After that, he forcefully raised his spirits and patted Gu Yan on the shoulder before he said, “It’s fine, even if we miss this one, there’s be another. It’s most important to stay alive.”

Gu Yan nodded with a depressed expression.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi stared once more at the quintessence energy in the distance, and he seemed extremely reluctant. But in the end, he gritted his teeth, turned around, and left.

Gu Yan sighed when he saw this, and then he hurriedly chased after Chen Xi.

In next to no time, both of them had vanished in the boundless starry sky.


Just a short moment after Chen Xi and Gu Yan’s figure vanished, a wave of spatial fluctuation arose in this expanse of the starry sky, and then a group of figures appeared.

“Heh! I never expected that fellow, Chen Xi, would actually be so cowardly. He actually fled just like that. But this is good as well. He allowed us to obtain this supreme fortune just like that.” One of them laughed coldly with disdain.

Obviously, they’d witnessed the conversations and actions of Chen Xi and Gu Yan.

“That fellow is sensible. He’s clearly aware that the tribulation energy isn’t something he can go against, so taking such action for the sake of preserving his life is within reason.” One of them pondered deeply and analyzed the situation in a calm manner.

The others deeply agreed.

Only Leng Xinghun frowned and remained silent for a long time before he said, “Do all of you think that Chen Xi is someone that would retreat in the face of difficulty?”

Just these worlds alone caused the other five disciples of the Sovereign Sect to be stunned, and they couldn’t help but recall Chen Xi’s display during the Dao Discussion.

In next to no time, their expressions became slightly solemn. Indeed, just isn’t like that. So, how could he possibly give up?

“Eldest Senior Brother, then what do you think that fellow, Chen Xi, intends to do?” One of them exclaimed with bewilderment.

Leng Xinghun glanced at the surroundings before he said indifferently, “Carry out a search and see if that fellow is hiding in the shadows.”

Obviously, he suspected that Chen Xi and Gu Yan hadn’t left as well, and the two of them were hiding in the shadows while watching his group!

“Let’s go!” In next to no time, the other five disciples of the Sovereign Sect had split up and flashed out in all directions to search the area.

On the other hand, Leng Xinghun stood on the spot, and the gaze from his blood red pupils was like a bolt of lightning as he stared silently at the quintessence in the distance.

Since he lost at Chen Xi’s hand during the final battle in the Dao Discussion, he’d clearly understood that Chen Xi was absolutely not an ordinary figure. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi’s combat strength was so formidable, methods were so experience, and ability to strategize was so great that Leng Xinghun felt he was slightly inferior in comparison.

When facing an unfathomable opponent who was a heaven defying and monstrous genius, no matter how proud and conceited Leng Xinghun was, he didn’t dare be careless at all.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to kill him when we’d just entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Leng Xinghun sighed in his heart.

There was only a single reason why they’d hidden themselves in the shadows and hadn’t made a move for so long, it was because they didn’t have absolute confidence in their ability to kill Chen Xi and Gu Yan!

It wasn’t because he was afraid of Chen Xi, and it was instead because he was very clearly aware that perhaps his group could heavily injure Chen Xi, but it was probably a bit too difficult to kill Chen Xi.

Most importantly, once he acted in this way, it would even bring unforeseeable harm to the members of his Sovereign Sect.

That was something Leng Xinghun was unable to accept.

After all, a supreme fortune was right before their eyes. Under such circumstances, Leng Xinghun was absolutely unwilling to fight Chen Xi to the point both their sides were heavily injured.

However, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t afraid of Chen Xi.

Leng Xinghun was very clearly aware that if it was solely in terms of combat strength, then he was inferior to Chen Xi indeed. However, it was sufficient for him to make up for this gap by relying on the advantage in numbers that his group possessed.

The true source of Leng Xinghun’s fears was Chen Xi’s ability to detonate Natural Spirit Treasures, and it was the true source of his headaches.

He was truly unable to imagine how anyone in the world could actually accomplish this. Moreover, he was also unable to imagine how Chen Xi could do it without feeling any reluctance at all.

They were Natural Spirit Treasures!

Not a pile of common trash!

How could he just casually detonate them?

He’s truly an incomprehensible fellow!

Leng Xinghun couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, and then he shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this. He placed his thoughts onto the supreme fortune that floated in front of him instead.

If I’m able to smoothly refine and absorb the quintessence of this region, then I’ll be able to step foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm in one go and possess the might of a Region Lord. At that time, how could Chen Xi possibly go against me? When he thought up to here, his heart couldn’t help but burn with desire. It was even to the extent that he could imagine that once he became a Region Lord, then going against Chen Xi who was just a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would simply be as easy as squashing an ant!

“Eldest Senior Brother, we’ve already searched the surroundings and didn’t notice anything unusual.” Meanwhile, those disciples of the Sovereign Sect had returned successively. All of them hadn’t noticed anything unusual, and they revealed relaxed expressions after that.

“Oh?” Leng Xinghun pondered deeply. Not only did this not make him feel at ease, it caused him to feel even more suspicious and doubtful.

Did that fellow really give up just like that?

“Eldest Senior Brother, there no need to worry anymore. After you break through the tribulation energy and enter the quintessence, then it would be useless even if that fellow Chen Xi returns.”

One of them laughed coldly and said, “Chen Xi should be worried about how severe the situation he was in would become once you’ve stepped foot into the ranks of Region Lords!”

“Right, Eldest Senior Brother, we’ll stand on guard for you. Seize this opportunity to act immediately. Don’t continue wasting time.” The others spoke successively.

Leng Xinghun took a deep breath when he heard this, and then a wisp of a resolute expression arose on his handsome and cold face. He said, “Since it’s like that, then it’s decided!”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when he flipped his palm, and then a bronze mirror floated up into appearance. This mirror was round on the outside and square on the inside, and strands of brilliant Primordial Energy surged on its surface. As soon as it appeared, it emanated a strand of strange rumbling the resounded through the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, numerous green lotuses of the Grand Dao actually appeared in the world, and they race against each other to bloom before protecting Leng Xinghun at the center of them, causing him to seem like innate god that was born from within the Grand Dao, possessed peerless divine might, and looked down upon the world!

The Primordial Mirror!

It was one of the ultimate treasures of the Sovereign Sect. According to rumor, it could overturn Yin, Yang, and the five elements; cause time to roll back; and change the world. It possessed world shocking might and numerous inconceivable and miraculous effects.

When they saw this, the expressions of all the other five disciples turned solemn. They split up and stood in the surroundings, circulated their cultivations, and started standing on guard for Leng Xinghun.


Leng Xinghun didn’t hesitate to wave the mirror in his hand, and a torrent swiftly sprayed out from the surface of the mirror. It was brilliant like the morning sun and dazzling like flames, and it swept over horizontally at an inconceivable speed.


A circle of intense ripples suddenly arose around the quintessence in the distance. It was the tribulation energy that restricted the Dao, and it had suddenly started to roil intensely after being impacted by the might of the Primordial Mirror.

“Open!” Leng Xinghun roared while another torrent flashed out from the mirror.


It forcefully blasted a rift open in the tribulation energy!


At practically the exact same moment, Leng Xinghun’s figure flashed and teleported towards the rift. He intended to seize this opportunity to charge into the quintessence.

At this instant, the other disciples of the Sovereign Sect were anxious to the extreme. It was the tribulation energy of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos in the end, and they couldn’t help but feel worried for Leng Xinghun.


When Leng Xinghun was about to approach the rift, a strand of sword qi suddenly appeared from within space, and it appeared just in front of Leng Xinghun before it slashed down!

This attack was simply one that had been prepared for a long time and was waiting there. It was too inconceivable and occurred too swiftly.

Under such circumstances, not to mention Leng Xinghun, even an Imperial Monarch would probably be caught off guard.

However, Leng Xinghun seemed to have expected this scene since the beginning, and a wisp of an extremely cold arc arose on the corners of his mouth.

At practically the exact same moment, his figure suddenly vanished, and he barely avoided this strand of sword qi that appeared abruptly.

“Chen Xi, get the fuck out here!” In the next moment, Leng Xinghun had teleported through space and slammed his palm towards a spot in space that was far away in the distance.


Divine radiance rumbled and was peerlessly resplendent. That expanse was space was forcefully blasted into pieces and transformed into nothingness.

One could clearly notice a figure had moved like a shadow and evaded to the side right before Leng Xinghun’s figure had slammed down there.

Surprisingly, it was exactly Chen Xi!

“Hmph! I carefully observed all your battles during the Dao Discussion, and I even searched for all the information related to you after the Dao Discussion came to an end. How could I not be aware that you possess a secret technique of concealment?

“Now, you actually dared to play the same trick twice. Aren’t you underestimating me, Leng Xinghun, a little too much!?” Leng Xinghun’s expression was cold and emotionless as his gaze locked onto Chen Xi like a cold bolt of lightning, and a wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of his mouth.

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