Chapter 1911 – The Source Of Catastrophe

Exactly how many regions had formed within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos?

No one knew the answer to that.

Chen Xi was unable to determine it as well. However, he was very clearly aware that if they didn’t take the initiative to search, then even if there were countless formed regions here, they would have no chance to find them.

But Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown because after an entire half a month passed since they parted ways with Zhao Qingyao, they actually hadn’t noticed a single region.

Their luck seemed to be slightly bad.

If it was merely like that, then Chen Xi wouldn’t be so anxious. The true source of his worries was that as they moved deeper into the DGC, the amount of danger they encountered grew more and more numerous!

It wasn’t just natural calamities that descended ceaselessly, they even encountered a variety of strange and bizarre living beings all along the way. Moreover, all of their combat strengths were extremely formidable and practically none of them was inferior to an Imperial Monarch!

If it wasn’t for the Godsmash Drum and Divine Stick of incineration in A’Liang’s possession to act as their trump card, then Chen Xi doubted whether they would be able to persist until now.

Just like this very moment, they were trapped in an area that was covered in surging greyish mist, and it reduced their visibility to zero.

The mist was filled with a terrifying energy that was capable of soundlessly corroding the soul and tarnishing the Dao Heart of a cultivator, and the consequences of it was either qi deviation in minor cases or death in severe cases.

While residing within this mist, their senses could merely stretch out to an area of 3km around them, and this was absolutely an extremely threatening distance to Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

Fortunately, Chen Xi possessed the Daoseal Mark, so he wasn’t affected by this. Otherwise, it would be extremely easy to become lost within this boundless mist.

It wasn’t just that, numerous terrifying living beings were hidden within the mist, and there were many that even A’Liang was unable to name.

They laid in ambush here as assassins that were hiding in the dark, and the slightest carelessness would cause one to suffer their ferocious surprise attack.

All the way until here, Chen Xi’s group had encounter seven surprise attacks now. Every single time, they were only barely able to turn the situation around.

This caused Chen Xi’s group to have no choice but to slow down and travel vigilantly.

However, after they experienced these surprise attacks and battles, it allowed Chen Xi’s Sword Dao to attain a form of tempering, and it was gradually approaching the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm. Even though it was extremely slow, it was still a form of improvement in the end. So, he could be said to have benefitted from this misfortune.

Gu Yan was the same.

It was even to the extent that even A’Liang’s combat strength was being tempered and improved through these battles.

At the bottom of it all, all of this had come to fruition because they were forced to.

The more dangerous the situation they were in was, the greater one’s potential would be unearthed. Every single battle was like a tempering that allowed one to transform without even realizing it.

At the same time, this sort of tempering allowed the cooperation between the three of them to grow better and better. It was even to the extent that there was no need to speak a single word before they could cooperate flawlessly.

Chen Xi’s group moved forward incessantly amidst the thick mist.

For the sake of guarding against the corrosive energy that filled the mist, they had no choice but to circulate their entire cultivations to defeat against it and disperse it.

Under such circumstances, it was utterly impossible for them to conceal their auras.

In other words, as they moved through the boundless mist, Chen Xi and the others were like fireflies beneath the veil of light, and they seemed extraordinarily conspicuous.

Such a situation caused it to be very easy for them to suffer assaults from the dangerous living beings that were hidden here.

However, they had no other way around it, and Chen Xi and the others had become accustomed to this.


Suddenly, a blood red shadow charged out like a bolt of lightning, and it tore through the air as it shot forcefully towards Chen Xi who led the group!


Chen Xi practically instinctively raised the Talisman Armament and slashed, and he forcefully blocked this attack. However, he was shaken to the point of staggering back without end.

This clearly showed how terrifying the strength of that blood red shadow was.


At the same time that Chen Xi moved backward, Gu Yan had launched an attack from the side. He charged forward while utilizing his sword to its limits.


Accompanying this attack was the rumbling of a drum that sounded like a thunderclap. It was the Godsmash Drum. Obviously, A’Liang had made a move as well.

One could clearly notice that the blood red figure was about to collide with Gu Yan, but when the Godsmash Drum resounded, its entire body stiffened while its movements slowed down.


Gu Yan seized this opportunity and forcefully slashed the blood red figure, causing an expanse of extremely rancid blood to spray.


Suffering this heavy injury caused the blood red figure to roar furiously from pain, and it attacked ragefully with the intention of killing Gu Yan who stood before it.

But right at this moment, a large net that was clear and cool like starlight descended from the sky, and it captured that blood red figure.

“Incinerate!” A’Liang had seized this opportunity to withdraw the Divine Stick of Incineration, and it emanated surging and pure white divine flames that completely covered that blood red figure.

In the time of a few breaths, it was incinerated amidst extremely miserable and shrill cries!

All of this had happened too quickly. Since the moment that the blood red figure attacked to the moment that Chen Xi, Gu Yan, and A’Liang had made a move successively, this string of movements had been completed in the blink of an eye.

On the other hand, the blood red figure didn’t even have the time to react before it was annihilated on the spot!

This was the strength of tacit understanding. After experiencing the battles all along the way, it had long since allowed Chen Xi, Gu Yan, and A’Liang to foster the best method of cooperation in battle for them, and it allowed them to defeat their enemies with such ease.

Otherwise, with the combat strength of this blood red figure that was comparable to a Third Star Imperial Monarch, Chen Xi would probably not be a match for it at all even if he utilized the Godslaughter Burst.

The reason they were able to kill it so quickly was firstly because of the extreme tacit understanding between the three of them and secondly because of the divine artifacts in A’Liang’s possession. Those two divine artifacts innately countered the various living beings within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

After the blood red figure perished, Chen Xi seemed completely unfazed, and he stayed vigilant towards the surroundings as he continued leading Gu Yan and A’Liang forward.

“Eh, wait a minute, Young Master.” A’Liang suddenly exclaimed with surprise.

“Look over there.” She pointed at the spot where the blood red figure had perished.

Chen Xi glanced over and instantly noticed a mottled piece of bronze on the ground. It was around the size of a palm, completely dim, and without any aura at all. It was like an ordinary grain of sand, and if one didn’t look carefully, it was extremely easy to be overlooked.

A piece of bronze? Chen Xi walked forward and looked carefully. Surprisingly, he noticed a row of words on it — The source of catastrophe! Impossible! Leave quickly! Leave quickly!

The writing was barely legible, and it was filled with a tone of terror and despair, causing it to be extremely horrifying.

“The source of catastrophe? Is this a warning that we should leave this place swiftly?” Chen Xi had a solemn expression.

“It’s mottled with rust, so it has probably existed for a very long time now. So, there’s no need to pay too much attention to it. Perhaps it’s just an exaggerated warning.” Chen Xi pondered deeply and said, “Let’s continue forward.”

Gu Yan nodded and said, “Right. The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is filled with too much danger and unknown things. It’s just a damaged piece of bronze, and it’s nothing.”

Chen Xi and the others immediately stopped hesitating and continued forward.

However, all along the way, the piece of damaged bronze frequently appeared in Chen Xi’s mind. The source of catastrophe? What does it mean?

Who left this piece of bronze behind all those years ago?

What sort of terrifying and unexpected event did he encounter to leave such words behind to warn those that come after him?

All of this was like a mystery that caused Chen Xi to be even more careful. The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos really was too mysterious and filled with the unknown. Even the five extremes of the Imperial Region knew very little of it. So, now that he’d encountered something like this, Chen Xi had no choice but to be careful.

Three days later, Chen Xi’s group finally emerged from the area covered in mist and arrived at an area covered in mountains that rose and fell.

At this moment, all three of them heaved sighs of relief. The path here was truly too danger. Not only were their senses restricted, they had to be on guard against surprise attacks at all times, and it was absolutely not a pleasant experience.

However, after they experienced this tempering, regardless of whether it was Chen Xi, Gu Yan, or A’Liang, all of their combat strengths had attained obvious increases. Especially A’Liang, she actually faintly showed signs of breaking through into the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

Such a speed of cultivation even shocked Chen Xi to the extreme.

“Let’s look for a place to….” Chen Xi intended to rest and recuperate before setting out again.

However, before he could finish speaking, Gu Yan suddenly raised his head and gazed towards the starry sky in the distance as he said with excitement, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, look! Quickly! That expanse of the starry sky is covered in the aura of a barrier!”

Hmm? Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he gazed over. Sure enough, he noticed to his surprise that a formed region resided there!

“After so many days, we’ve finally found one!” Gu Yan spoke with excitement, and he was visibly delighted. They’d experienced too many dangers all along the way yet were unable to find any regions that had taken form, and this had caused him to feel anxious in his heart. So, this was the reason why he seemed so excited when he witnessed this scene.

“Come, let’s go take a look!” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to lead the charge towards there.

It really was a region that had taken form, and the universe and stars within it were covered in a unique barrier, causing everything within it to be in a stable and orderly state.

The fact that especially delighted Chen Xi was that it was obvious that no one had been there.

After spending another six hours of time, they finally found the quintessence of this region!

The quintessence energy that seemed like a ball of chaos was suffused with an extremely thick aura of Chaos. Numerous stars stood on ground around it, and it seemed divine and magnificent.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, quickly make a move. This fortune was difficult to come by, so you must seize this opportunity to refine and absorb it in one go!” Gu Yan took a deep breath and urged Chen Xi on.

“No.” Chen Xi shook his head. “Leave this opportunity to Tu Meng. He is injured, so perhaps he can rely on this opportunity to advance in one go and undergo a tremendous transformation.”

Gu Yan was stunned. Gu Yan wanted to persuade Chen Xi, but Chen Xi stopped him with a wave of the hand. “It’s decided. Don’t worry, the next quintessence of a region we find will be yours to refine and absorb.”

“Martial Ancestral Uncle….” Gu Yan was indescribably touched in his heart.

“Cut the crap and stand on guard for me.” Chen Xi smiled. He was just about to summon Tu Meng, tell Tu Meng everything, and ask Tu Meng to prepare himself.

However, right at this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something. The smile on the corners of his mouth immediately froze while his movement stopped.

Gu Yan was stunned and asked. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, what’s wrong?”

“Be quiet. Someone is approaching from the shadows!” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged, but he instructed Gu Yan and A’Liang to prepare for battle via voice transmission.

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