Chapter 1910 – The Miraculous Effect Of The Daoseal Mark

The atmosphere here was deathly silent.

A supreme fortune was right before their eyes, yet they were unable to approach it at all. It was simply torturous to the extreme.

“A’Liang, do you have a method to deal with it?” Gu Yan couldn’t help but ask this question.

Zhao Qingyao couldn’t help but look over. Earlier, her mind was in disorder, so she’d only noticed A’Liang’s existence now, and her starry eyes couldn’t help but focus. The Primeval Micro Race?

Never had she imagined that this ancient race that had gone extinct in the annals of history would actually still have living members in the world.

“No.” A’Liang shook her head and said, “If there was a method to deal with it, then the Roc Daolord wouldn’t have suffered calamity and perished.”

When she heard this answer, the trace of hope that arose in Zhao Qingyao’s heart had been instantly obliterated, and her face dimmed down slightly.

Could it be that I’m really going to have no chance to obtain the quintessence energy of this region?

“Perhaps we can try probing it and searching, and we might be able to find some weak points that allow us to avoid the tribulation energy and approach the quintessence.” Gu Yan pondered deeply before he spoke.

“Alright.” Zhao Qingyao thought for a moment before she decided to try because if she were to give up just like this, then she would be bound to regret it forever.

“There’s no need for that.” Suddenly, Chen Xi who’d remained silent until now had spoken. He focused his gaze towards the distance and said, “I’d observed it earlier. The tribulation energy covers every single inch of space around it, and it’s utterly impossible to find any weak points.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Even if we attack it, then perhaps we would be able to locate some weak points in the end. But it would absolutely exhaust too much energy and time. Once we use too much time, then it would probably draw the attention of others.”

His words caused Gu Yan and Zhao Qingyao to fall silent while their hearts felt heavy. This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work. Then what should we do?

“We must make the best use of our time and act.” Chen Xi had a solemn expression. “We can’t delay anymore.”


How do we act under such circumstances? Could it be that we should risk out lives?

Gu Yan and Zhao Qingyao were bewildered.

“Miss Zhao, prepare yourself. I’ll break open the defenses of the tribulation energy in a while, and you must grab the opportunity I create.” Chen Xi seemed to be unwilling to explain, and he directly told them of his plan.

“What? Martial Ancestral Uncle, you intend to attack the tribulation energy? That absolutely won’t do! What if that energy assaults you and you are inflicted with it? Wouldn’t that… wouldn’t that mean….” Gu Yan’s expression changed slightly while he dissuaded anxiously.

He wasn’t willing to make Chen Xi suffer any danger for Zhao Qingyao’s sake.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, it’s too dangerous. We should forget it.” Zhao Qingyao dissuaded from the side as well. Chen Xi had already saved her life. If he were to put his life on the life for her sake, then such kindness was something she couldn’t endure.

“Don’t worry, I would definitely not play around with my life.” Chen Xi smiled, and then his expression turned solemn while his gaze was deep and profound. “Miss Zhao, be careful!”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a strand of obscure and mysterious fluctuation suddenly swept out from Chen Xi, and it was like a ripple that silently swept out.

It was impossible to stop Chen Xi, so Gu Yan could only watch helplessly when he saw this, and he was both anxious and nervous. No matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to figure out why his Martial Ancestral Uncle would act in this way. Is it even worth it?

Zhao Qingyao was the same. She couldn’t figure it out, but she was extremely moved in her heart. At this moment, she would probably even be willing to lay down her life for Chen Xi.


Suddenly, a deep sound of collision resounded. They could clearly notice that an expanse of invisible energy fluctuations had suddenly arose around the enormous quintessence energy of the Region, and it surged violently and rippled like raging waves.

When looked at from afar, it was like an extremely swift little boat had charged into a calm lake, and it caused numerous circles of ripples to arise.

The little boat was the energy Chen Xi emanated, and the lake was the invisible and colorless tribulation energy that restricted the Dao!

When they witnessed this scene, the hearts of both Gu Yan and Zhao Qingyao shook violently, and they felt slight disbelief. The tribulation energy was actually shaken by Chen Xi!

How… exactly did he accomplish this?

After all, even the Roc Daolord was helpless before such an energy all those years ago!

“Quickly prepare to act!” Chen Xi didn’t give them the time to recover from their shock before he spoke in a deep voice. At this moment, his expression was solemn and serious to the extreme as well, and a wisp of strange and dazzling fluctuations had appeared in the depths of his eyes.

Zhao Qingyao immediately restrained her thoughts and discarded all the distracting thoughts she possessed, and she didn’t dare allow her thoughts to continue running wild.

She had a resolute expression on her face as she circulated the vital energy within her entire body, and she was like a fully drawn bow that was accumulating strength while waiting to be released. Chen Xi has already helped her accomplish this, so even she would be unwilling to forgive herself if she was unable to grab this opportunity!


In the end, an ear piercing sound of shattering resounded, and then a rift suddenly cracked open on the ceaselessly surging tribulation energy in the distance.

The enormous ball of chaos, the quintessence energy of the Region, resided at the end of the rift!


At practically the exact same moment, Zhao Qingyao’s figure flashed like a bolt of lightning, and she instantly flashed along the rift and charged over.


When the rift suddenly collapsed and completely vanished, her figure had barely charged through and vanished.

If she was just a step slower, then the consequences would be unimaginable!

When the tribulation energy recovered to its previous state, Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief while a wisp of an unusual expression arose in his eyes. He muttered. “It really is as I expected….”

On the other hand, Gu Yan and A’Liang was stunned. He actually succeeded!?

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, thank you! If you need anything in the future, then I’ll definitely do my best, and I won’t refuse no matter what!” Zhao Qingyao’s voice resounded from within the ball of chaos, and it was extremely solemn and carried heartfelt gratitude.

After that, the voice vanished.

Chen Xi and Gu Yan could clearly sense that the originally motionless ball of chaos had suddenly started to drone and circulate at this moment, and it seemed as if it had awakened from deathly silence.

Obviously, Zhao Qingyao had started to refine and absorb it!

He really succeeded!

Gu Yan sighed incessantly with emotion, and his gaze towards Chen Xi even carried a wisp of indescribable admiration.

Because the actions of his Martial Ancestral Uncle had always exceeded his expectations, and everything impossible seemed to not be a problem before his Martial Ancestral Uncle.

“Young Master, how did you accomplish it?” A’Liang couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi grinned and said, “I possess a type of energy that just happens to be able to go against this tribulation energy.”

Chen Xi was speaking about the Daoseal Mark within his soul.

It came from within the River Diagram fragments. In the past, Chen Xi was merely aware that it could conceal his aura, capture the fluctuations of his enemy’s voice transmissions, and even see through all the methods of concealment possessed by his opponents.

Yet now, after this probe, Chen Xi noticed once more that the miraculous effects of the Daoseal Mark was absolutely not so simple.

At the very least, it was actually capable of revealing inconceivable effects when dealing with the tribulation energy that restrains the Dao!

This had even taken Chen Xi by surprise, and it was definitely an unexpected discovery and a pleasant surprise. It even allowed him to feel even more certain that if he encountered this tribulation energy in the future, then he could at least guarantee his own safety!

When they heard Chen Xi, the hearts of both Gu Yan and A’Liang couldn’t help but shake. An energy that can go against this tribulation energy. Isn’t that a little too inconceivable?

After all, the Roc Daolord was extraordinarily formidable all those years ago, yet he was still unable to resist this tribulation energy. But Chen Xi could!

How could this not surprise them?

“Fantastic! If we encounter such a situation in the future, then wouldn’t be helpless like we were just now.” A’Liang spoke with delight.

Gu Yan nodded endlessly as well, and he deeply agreed. He was even able to imagine that even if Chen Xi was trapped within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos without anyone to help him from the outside, he would be able to leave by relying on this ability!

“Now, Miss Zhao is completely safe. Even if others arrive here and intend to seize the quintessence, it’s entirely impossible.” Chen Xi stared towards the distance and observed for a while before he determined that one didn’t have to worry about being disturbed while refining and absorbing the quintessence of a Region.

Because the surroundings of the quintessence weren’t just densely covered by tribulation energy. When Zhao Qingyao started to refine and absorb it, it had allowed her to start grasping the energy of this region and gradually become the owner of this region.

Under such circumstances, how could anyone disturb her?

Chen Xi was even certain that once Zhao Qingyao completely refined and absorbed this supreme fortuitous encounter of hers, she would definitely step foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm and become a true Region Lord.

“Alright, let’s leave.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, turned around, and left.

He couldn’t be said to feel much envy when facing this fortuitous encounter that Zhao Qingyao obtained. Conversely, this event allowed him to obtain a complete understanding of what the quintessence of a region was, how one should refine and absorb it, and what one might encounter during that process.

All of this was extremely beneficial towards their next move after this.

Not to mention that he’d made friends with Zhao Qingyao this time, and it could be considered to be worth it.

It was even to the extent that one could say that Zhao Qingyao would definitely not stand by idly if Chen Xi encountered any trouble in the future.

Gu Yan didn’t say anything about all of this. Even though he was rather envious of Zhao Qingyao, he was even more clearly aware that this was his Martial Ancestral Uncle’s decision, so it would definitely not be wrong.


In next to no time, the three of them left this area and returned to the ground of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and they started to continue searching for regions that had taken form.

At practically the exact same time, Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan’s groups had appeared at a universe.

Shockingly, the quintessence of a region floated around 30k in front of them!

“Don’t worry Brother Leng. Even though we’re unable to resist the tribulation energy, but we are able to avoid it. Although it’s only for a few breaths of time, it’s still sufficient for us to charge into the quintessence of that region.” After a long period of silence, Donghuang Yinxuan smiled lightly and spoke with confidence.

“Since it’s like that, then we’ll be leaving first. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, then contact us with the method we agreed upon earlier.” Leng Xinghun’s expression was indifferent, and he spoke casually before leading away the group from the Sovereign Sect.

“Fortunately, this fellow didn’t disregard his principles in the face of fortune….” Donghuang Yinxuan seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw Leng Xinghun’s group leave. After that, his gaze shot towards the quintessence in the distance, and a wisp of anticipation that was impossible to conceal had surged into appearance within his heart.

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