Chapter 191 – Chu Tianju

Chapter 191 – Chu Tianju

The Treasure Heaven Pavilion possessed a tremendous background and strong forces, and it gathered all the precious and rare treasures in the world. People that were able to become a customer of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion were either wealthy or noble, and it was a well renowned place of spending huge amounts of wealth in the Darchu Dynasty.

Although the Treasure Heaven Pavilion of Oceanic City wasn’t as grand and magnificent as the Dragon Lake City’s Immortal Assembling Pavilion, it was also a top place of indulgence in Oceanic City. Coupled with many young talents of the northern barbaric lands, central plains, and eastern sea flowing into Oceanic City recently, the business of Treasure Heaven Pavilion could be said to be exceedingly on fire.

When Chen Xi had just arrived earlier, the luxurious main hall that covered an area of 300m was already filled with many cultivators in fine and beautiful clothes and possessed great bearing, and every single move they made revealed an arrogant and conceited aura. None of them were noisy or caused trouble, and they quietly minded their own business, causing them to seem very cultured.

Yet now, along with the sharp cry of the black clothed henchman, it instantly destroyed this quiet atmosphere, causing the surrounding gazes to converge over here. Their gazes swept past Chen Xi before quickly descended onto the man and two women behind the black clothed henchman.

The two young women were nothing worthy of being paid attention to, and what aroused their interest was the young man.

This young man was tall and handsome, wearing a flat crown, silver long robe, gold plated boots with cloud patterns, and his hair lightly carried a violet sheen as it fluttered behind his head, causing him to reveal a noble aura.

“Eh, the central plains Azure Brilliance Sect’s Chu Tianju, he’s come as well?”

“Chu Tianju? The outstanding disciple of the younger generation of Azure Brilliance Sect? I heard he’s only 23 now, yet has already cultivated to the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and he has comprehended nine types of Dao Insights. He’s a young talent with a widespread reputation even in the central plains, and he’s extremely formidable.”

“It indeed is him. This kid is a Core Disciple of the Azure Brilliance Sect. I never imagined he would come to the Oceanic City as well. He probably wants to enter the Oceanic Desert to temper and train himself for the sake of preparing for the Allstar Meeting that’s being held five years from now.”

“There’s a good show to watch this time. But, that Golden Hall Realm kid’s strength is slightly bad, he’ll probably be afraid of Chu Tianju’s might and give up the VIP Room, right?”

Even though the surrounding sounds of discussion were soft, they still drilled into Chen Xi’s ears without the slightest details being missing, and he sighed with emotion in his heart as well. A 23 year old Golden Core Realm cultivator does indeed have the qualifications to be arrogant.

Moreover, with Chen Xi’s sight, he was naturally able to discern that all four of the black clothed henchmen by Chu Tianju’s side possessed cultivations at the Golden Hall Realm, and it displayed how extraordinary Chu Tianju’s status was even more.

“Kid, what’re you standing there like an idiot for? Quickly leave, otherwise, don’t blame me for throwing you out myself!” When he saw Chen Xi standing there like an idiot, the black clothed henchman spoke out once more, and the disdain in his voice grew even denser.

This fellow had a long and narrow face and triangular eyes, and he was called Huang Liang. Even though he was a henchman, the space between his brows was filled with a wisp of pride and arrogance, and it was as if being the henchman of Chu Tianju was an extremely honorable thing.

On the other side, Chu Tianju took things easily and started sizing up the surroundings and occasionally teasing the two young women by his side. From the beginning until the end, he’d never taken a glance at Chen Xi, and this attitude of treating others with contempt was even more arrogant, overbearing, and imperious than the black clothed henchman.

“Senior, this Chu Tianju possesses extremely deep background. Not only is he a Core Disciple of the Azure Brilliance Sect, he’s also one of the inheritors of the central plains Chu Clan at the same time. In my opinion, why don’t you give up the VIP Room to him?” A female attendant sent a voice transmission and spoke with caution.

“Senior, how about you change to a different room?” Another female attendant carefully suggested.

“It seems that I came here first, since when has there been a principle of allowing latecomers to become first? You don’t have to say anything further. I won’t give it up no matter who comes over today. So what if he’s a Young Master or not?” Chen Xi shook his head and said indifferently, “Let’s go. The reason I chose to stay in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion was precisely because of safety considerations. If your Treasure Heaven Pavilion can’t even guarantee this, then you’re ruining your own reputation.”

“What?” Those female attendants were shocked when they heard Chen Xi’s words. They knew Chen Xi was unwilling, but they never imagined that he would be so resolute, and they couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. Could it be that this fellow isn’t afraid of offending Chu Tianju and being killed once he leaves the Treasure Heaven Pavilion?

“You’re courting death!” The expression of the black clothed henchman called Huang Liang turned ominous as his eyes flashed with deep killing intent. “Your words have already committed a great taboo. Kneel down and receive your death!”

He took a step forward as his aura rose abruptly, and his aura crushed over like an enormous mountain descending from the sky, and it pressed down from above Chen Xi. His hands didn’t have the slightest movement and merely a stride forward created an oppressive aura that was like a mountain, and it seemed as if it was about to crush the surrounding air into powder.

“Azure Brilliance Sect ultimate technique, Mountain Suppression Qi!” The female attendants went pale and moved back right away.

“A detestable servant that’s like an ant actually dares offend me repeatedly, you’re truly looking for a beating!” Chen Xi remained entirely unmoved, and all the strong qi completely vanished on arriving before him and transformed into nothingness.

In the next moment, Chen Xi’s figure vanished on the spot.


Under the astonished gazes of the surrounding people, they saw Chen Xi appear before Huang Ling, then his hand stretched out to directly grab onto Huang Ling’s throat before lifting him up and then fiercely pressing him down onto the ground.


A moment ago, Huang Liang was insufferably arrogant and proud, in the next moment, he’d become a wuss that knelt on the ground without the slightest room to resist.

“No!” Huang Liang was just about to rise up in resistance when he saw himself actually being instantly pressed down to kneel on the ground, and he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with terror and emit a loud roar of explosive rage.

The reason it was like this was that Chen Xi’s speed was too swift. From the moment he moved to Huang Liang kneeling, all of it only occurred in the blink of an eye, and it was unexpected to the point that the others were utterly unable to react.

“You actually dare launch a surprise attack? You’re courting death!”

“This kid is too detestable!”

“Kill him!”

The other three black clothed henchmen by Chu Tianju’s side were instantly enraged when they saw Huang Liang kneeling on the ground, and they strode forward while holding strong energies in their hands and attacked Chen Xi in unison.

All of these three people possessed a cultivation at the Golden Hall Realm. When they attacked now, not only did they want to gang up on Chen Xi, their attacks were swift and ruthless, and every single attack struck towards the vital areas of Chen Xi’s body. Obviously, they wanted to kill Chen Xi.

“What ruthless detestable slaves and lackeys!” Chen Xi’s eyes went cold, he moved forward instead of retreating as he pinched his fingers together to form a sword, then he successively pierced out with the strength of the Lightning Fire Sword Dao, directly piercing six bloody holes on each of their hands before flicking his sleeve, causing the three black clothed henchmen to instantly spit blood and fly out over 30 meters away as if they were hit by an enormous sledgehammer, and they fell to the ground and were unable to stand up once more.


Chen Xi’s attacks could be said to be swift like a bolt of lightning and made a clean sweep of everything in its way. In just the blink of an eye, he’d already defeated three people by himself, and everyone in the surroundings gasped in their hearts when they saw this time.

No one had imagined that a Golden Hall Realm young man was actually able to fight four enemies by himself and was even able to finish off his opponents so easily. This had simply exceeded all their imaginations.

Could it be that this fellow isn’t at the Golden Hall Realm, and he’d concealed his strength?

“Hmph! You actually dare bully my henchmen? Die!” Right at this moment, Chu Tianju that had always been standing at the side while teasing the two young women by his side grunted coldly, and then he took a step forward before arrived before Chen Xi at once. He raised his arms as a vast azure light converged into a ball upon them, and it was like he was holding up an azure sun before fiercely pressing it down towards Chen Xi.

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