Chapter 1909 – Tribulation Energy

At a blood red swamp. The heavens and the earth here were dim and covered in baleful mist, and the deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings carried a horrifying and ghastly aura.


Suddenly, a blood red figure descended forcefully like a meteor from the sky and smashed down into the swamp, causing an expanse of dense blood red mud to spray.


As soon as it descended, it suddenly stood up, and then its scarlet red eyes swept the surroundings. After that, it instantly eased up when it noticed that there was no danger here.

He started to gasp for breath.

It was clear that his clothes were tainted red with blood, his countenance was ghastly pale and translucent, and his eyes were scarlet red like blood. Especially his chest, a horrifying bone deep injury was surprisingly present there.

This figure was exactly Wang Zhong who’d escaped death.

However, at this moment, he seemed to be in an extremely sorry state. He was heavily injured, his aura was in disorder, and his entire body was covered in blood red mud. When looked at from afar, he simple seemed like a blood red person that had been sculpted from mud.

“Dammit! Damnable Savior! Once this lord reclaims his true body, it’ll be the moment of your death!” Wang Zhong gritted his teeth while he revealed a warped and savage expression that was covered in resentment and hatred.

He was truly exasperated. Earlier, he’d almost lost his life, and now that he’d escape death, he simply hated Chen Xi to the bone when he recalled everything he’d encountered earlier.

After a short moment, Wang Zhong stopped gasping for breath while his expression gradually returned to normal. He lowered his head to gaze at the injury on his chest, and he was clearly aware that it was utterly impossible to heal his wounds in a short period of time.

“If I was able to find my true body, then how could I have been reduced to such a miserable state?” Wang Zhong seemed to have thought of something and sighed while his scarlet red eyes were suffused with the color of recollection.

He hadn’t returned here for a very, very long time. All those years ago, for the sake of leaving this place to carry out his mission in the Ancient God Domain, he had no choice but to leave his true body here.

The reason was that there was a natural barrier between the Ancient God Domain and the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was the tribulation energy that restrained the Dao!

Leaving and entering this place was simply as difficult as ascending the heavens.

Just like when they entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Only the joint forces of the five extremes of the Imperial Region were able to establish a passageway into the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

When Wang Zhong left the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos all those years ago, he’d utilized a secret technique as well, and he’d broken down his body in order to enter the Ancient God Domain.

But when he returned now, he noticed to his astonishment that the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was completely different now, and it wasn’t the world that he was familiar with.

Everything changes with the passage of time.

This was the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. It was extremely chaotic and changing at all times. So, it was impossible to find the traces of the scenes he was familiar with from all those years ago.

“I wonder if it’s right or wrong in the end. A figure like me was actually born to be a servant yet would cease to exist in death. How truly ironic….” Wang Zhong sighed faintly, and it was filled with unwillingness and a sense of loss.

But in next to no time, Wang Zhong stopped thinking about all of this. Everything had changed, but he was sure that his true body still existed in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!


Suddenly, the sound of air being torn apart resounded from the depths of the baleful mist that enveloped this blood red swamp, and it shook the surroundings.

Wang Zhong’s expression instantly changed, and he swiftly raised his head to look over. He saw a large blood red bird tear through the sky and whistle over from afar.

This huge bird’s pupils were blood red, its beak was sharp like a hook, and its wings covered an area of 3km. Its entire body flowed with a blood red glow, and it emanated a terrifying and monstrous aura of blood.

Merely based on its aura alone, it was actually not inferior to an Imperial Monarch!

A Bloodcore Fenix? However, a wisp of a strange smile suffused the corners of Wang Zhong’s mouth when he saw the appearance of this bird clearly.

Domo Star…. In the next moment, a wave of extremely obscure and strange sounds came from between his lips. It was completely different from the language utilized in the Ancient God Domain, yet it revealed a grand and solemn tone.

At this moment, Wang Zhong’s expression had become arrogant and domineering as well. He was like a king that look down upon the huge blood red bird that flashed over from afar.


The bird’s figure trembled while a wisp of bewilderment arose in its blood red eyes. It stopped in midair while it actually restrained the baleful aura it emanated.

Wang Zhong’s expression grew even more dignified upon noticing this, and he spoke even more swiftly in an obscure and grand language. He seemed to be giving out some sort of order.

After a short moment, it actually revealed a trace of reverence and seemed to have submitted.

Wang Zhong suddenly smiled when he saw this, and then he muttered. “Fortunately, these stupid things haven’t forgotten their promise from all those years ago.”

As he spoke, his figure flashed onto the huge blood red bird, and then he pointed towards the distance as he spoke in a low voice.


In the next moment, the bird’s wings shook, and it carried Wang Zhong along as it tore through the sky and vanished.

Chen Xi, just you wait! Wang Zhong laughed coldly in his heart.

Three days later.

At a vast and empty universe, Chen Xi’s group of three that was teleporting through it seemed to have noticed something, and they simultaneously stopped and looked over towards the distance.

An extremely enormous ball of chaos floated in the space extremely far away. A myriad of stars surrounded it, and they were like stars that surrounded a bright moon and were protecting their king.

The ball of chaos was truly too enormous. It was suffused with an extremely heavy aura of quintessence that caused others to feel as if they’d laid eye on a small world of chaos!

It floated there motionlessly yet was filled with energy and vitality. It seemed like the source of all things and the core of the universe.

“What’s that?”

“It’s definitely the quintessence energy of this region!”

Chen Xi, Gu Yan, and Zhao Qingyao were shocked in their hearts. Even A’Liang who sat on Chen Xi’s auricle couldn’t help but stick her head out and curiously size everything up.

“So long as it’s refined and absorbed, then it’ll be possible to obtain Region Energy, charge into the Imperial Monarch Realm, and attain the might of a Region Lord!” Zhao Qingyao’s gaze burned with desire, and it revealed yearning that came from the bottom of her heart.

Region Energy was a miraculous and unfathomable energy that allowed Imperial Monarchs to possess the might to control a region and the world within it!

For example, every single one of the thousand plus regions in the Ancient God Domain had a Region Lord of its own, and fighting such an existence was like fighting an entire region. So, it was obvious how terrifying they were.

“Miss Zhao, there’s no need to hesitate. Go refine and absorb it right now.” Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that Zhao Qingyao was still hesitant when facing him, otherwise, she would have disregarded everything, changed over, and taken action.

“Thank you.” Zhao Qingyao took a deep breath. She seemed to want to thank Chen Xi for fulfilling her wish, but in the end, all her gratitude transformed into these two simple words.

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around with the intention of acting.

However, right at this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something, and he frowned as he instantly said, “Miss Zhao, wait!”

Zhao Qingyao’s figure stiffened while the expression in her eyes changed indeterminately. She seemed to think that Chen Xi had changed his mind.

“There’s no need to misunderstand. Look over there first.” Chen Xi pointed towards the surroundings of the ‘quintessence’, and he revealed a rare solemn expression. “There’s a mysterious energy around the quintessence. Once you move forward rashly, then the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Zhao Qingyao was stunned. She immediately realized that she’d misunderstood Chen Xi, and she couldn’t help but feel ashamed in her heart while she said in a low voice. “Thank you for the warning, Fellow Daoist Chen Xi.”

As she spoke, she raised her eyes to look over, but she was extremely puzzled and muttered. “What energy? Why am I unable to sense it?”

Yes, in Zhao Qingyao’s eyes, besides a myriad of stars, there was nothing else around the enormous ball of chaos.

It was even to the extent that she was unable to sense a trace of danger at all.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, exactly what energy is it?” At this moment, Gu Yan was slightly puzzled as well because he hadn’t noticed it as well.

Their reactions caused Chen Xi’s brows to raise, and then he came to a sudden understanding. He knew that he was only able to notice all of this by relying on the Daoseal Mark within his soul.

On the other hand, if he merely utilized his senses alone, then he was similarly unable to sense the existence of that mysterious energy.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to flick a strand of sword qi over. It swiftly tore through space and shot explosively towards the ball of chaos.


In the next moment, under the surprised gazes of Zhao Qingyao and Gu Yan, that wisp of sword qi hadn’t even approached the ball of chaos when it seemed to have fallen into an unshakeable pool. It caused an expanse of invisible ripples to arise, and then it vanished.

At this moment, they finally saw it clearly. It turned out that an invisible and mysterious energy was really existed on the myriad of stars that resided around the ball of chaos.

This energy was invisible, colorless, and indistinct, yet it existed everywhere. It seemed extremely mysterious!

Moreover, their expressions changed while a strand of uncontrollable coldness arose in their hearts when they noticed it.

It was like if they came into slight contact with that mysterious and invisible energy, then they would perish on the spot!

“What energy is that?” Both of them spoke simultaneously.

Chen Xi frowned as well. He seemed to have the answer yet didn’t dare say for sure.

“It’s the tribulation energy that restrains the Dao!” Right at this moment, A’Liang who’d been quiet all along spoke. “It’s invisible, colorless, and contains no light. Tribulation formed into restriction, and this restriction can obliterate the Dao! It perfectly fits the description in the rumors about the tribulation energy that restrains the Dao!”

A’Liang paused for a moment before she continued. “Grandma once said that the Roc Daolord had accidently allowed himself to be tainted by this tribulation energy. So, even though he’d escaped the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos in the end, he was still unable to disperse this energy and perished in the end.”

The tribulation energy that restrains the Dao!

When he got the answer, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow while he said to himself, As expected!

At this moment, Zhao Qingyao was extremely terrified. She was clearly aware that if Chen Xi hadn’t stopped her, then she would have probably suffered calamity by now!

“Who would have imagined that the quintessence of this region would actually by enveloped by this tribulation energy…. It’s probably slightly difficult to refine and absorb it now.” Gu Yan frowned as he pondered deeply.

It wasn’t just difficult. It was simply dangerous to the extreme!

Even a figure like the Roc Daolord had perished in the end from being tainted by it, so it was obvious how terrifying this mysterious energy was.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and the others were merely Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, and they were leaps and bounds away from a figure like the Roc Daolord. Under such circumstances, how could anyone dare speak about refining and absorbing the quintessence of that region?

“What should we do?” In an instant, Zhao Qingyao was at a complete loss for what to do and was extremely conflicted.

A supreme fortune encounter was right before their eyes and right within their reach. However, it just so happened that extraordinary danger stood before them, and it was simply torturous.

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