Chapter 1908 – Searching For The Quintessence

Sword Insight shot into the sky and surged through the starry sky. It crushed the stars before it and caused a myriad of rays of divine radiance to surge!

Chen Xi and Wang Zhong were locked in battle. They didn’t hold back at all and surged with killing intent as they displayed all the might they possessed.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body surged with Sword Insight. Every single move he made possessed an imposing aura of supremacy that looked down upon the ages.

Strictly speaking, it was the second time Chen Xi had fought Wang Zhong.

This first was during the Dao Discussion. Chen Xi had utilized dual swords to take Wang Zhong by surprise and defeat Wang Zhong who was similarly utilizing dual swords.

That battle allowed Chen Xi to have a deep understanding of Wang Zhong’s combat strength.

However, when he fought Wang Zhong at this moment, Chen Xi noticed that the combat strength Wang Zhong revealed was actually much more formidable than before!

Earlier, Zhao Qingyao had a similar feeling. She felt that Wang Zhong had clearly concealed some ability during the Dao Discussion.

However, Chen Xi didn’t think the same. Because he acutely noticed that the strength Wang Zhong display had actually faintly formed a sort of unique link with the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. It was precisely this link that allowed Wang Zhong’s combat strength to obtain an obvious increase!

In other words, the reason Wang Zhong’s current combat strength was much more formidable when compared to the during the Dao Discussion was because he possessed some sort of secret technique, and it allowed him to utilize a portion of the energy of the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

This seemed slightly inconceivable.

Even though Chen Xi was unable to guess the exact reason, he had a stronger feeling that Wang Zhong’s origins were absolutely not ordinary, and it was utterly impossible for Wang Zhong to be a disciple of the Golden Toad Isle!

The more it was like this, the firmer Chen Xi’s resolution to kill Wang Zhong was.

Early on during the Dao Discussion, he’d already sensed a trace of incomprehensible detest towards Wang Zhong. Moreover, he noticed that Wang Zhong seemed to have him to be prey and was extremely hostile towards him.

Under such circumstances, even if he was unable to figure Wang Zhong’s identity out, Chen Xi would absolutely not show any mercy.


The battle here grew more and more intense. It shook the starry sky and caused enormous bangs that sounded like thunder to sweep towards the surroundings.

At this moment, Wang Zhong was filled with killing intent as well. He utilized dual swords as he fought Chen Xi with all his might, and they fought to the point everything in the world dimmed in comparison.

“Chen Xi, you can’t do anything to me here!” Wang Zhong roared with laughter and had a haughty bearing. His entire body was enveloped beneath an expanse of black mist, and he was like a horrifying demon god that had come from hell.

The Tribulation Terminator sword in his palm carried surging jet black light as he attacked, and it emanated terrifying and obliterating might.

“Is that so?” Chen Xi’s eyes were piercingly cold while his entire body seethed with the supreme imposing aura of an imperial sovereign. It seemed like he looked down upon all living beings and reigned supreme.

In an instant, his might rose explosively once more!


The Talisman Armament swept through the air while violet gold divine radiance seethed, and he emanated a myriad of brilliant talismans as he executed an enormous and thick strand of sword qi that shot through the starry sky.


Everywhere the sword qi passed, stars rumbled and exploded into powder. Neither space not the world could stop it, and it possessed peerless might!

During the final battle of the Dao Discussion, Chen Xi had related on such ability to defeat Leng Xinghun in one go.

At that time, Wang Zhong had witnessed the battle, so he was naturally clearly aware of how terrifying this attack was. No matter how confident he was, his expression couldn’t help but change slightly now while his pupils constricted.


Wang Zhong exerted all his strength to execute an extraordinary strand of sword qi that towered into the sky, and it collided head-on with Chen Xi’s attack.


A world shaking collision resounded. Wang Zhong’s entire body was blasted flying by over 3km, and his entire body twitched while he couldn’t help but cough up large mouthfuls of blood.

“Dammit! Chen Xi, the day this lord recovers his true self will be the day of your death!” Wang Zhong roared loudly. His hair was disheveled while his eyes had become extremely scarlet red, and he seemed extremely terrifying.


In the next moment, he actually retreated and fled towards the distance.

“You want to leave? Leave your life behind!” Along with this icy cold voice, Gu Yan’s figure suddenly charged out and blocked Wang Zhong’s path. At practically the exact same moment, a wisp of immense sword qi slashed down forcefully towards Wang Zhong.

Gu Yan had clearly been accumulating strength for a long time, and he was hiding in the shadows in case Wang Zhong fled!

All of this had occurred too quickly, and it instantly took Wang Zhong by surprise. This sword qi struck forcefully on his chest, and it tore a bone deep wound open there.

“Bastard!” Wang Zhong roared with pain, and his expression turned savage. If he hadn’t dodged in time, then this strike would have almost taken his life.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At practically the exact same moment, Zhao Qingyao and Chen Xi launched a pincer attack from both sides.

In an instant, they’d fully locked off Wang Zhong’s paths of retreat.

“Do all of you think… you can kill this lord with just that? How laughable!” At this critical moment, Wang Zhong actually laughed coldly, and the space between his brows was filled with an insane and resolute expression.


In an instant, a strange bloody glow suddenly arose on Wang Zhong’s body, and it shot into the sky, causing the starry sky to be dyed blood red. It was a horrifying sight to behold.

At practically the exact same moment, an aura of extreme danger effused out.

“Retreat! Quickly!” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he suddenly shouted loudly, and he retreated explosively.

Gu Yan and Zhao Qingyao had realized that the situation was bad, and after they received Chen Xi’s warning, they’d practically instinctively evaded towards the distance.


Right when they’d just evaded, Wang Zhong’s entire figure suddenly exploded into a myriad of strands of bloody light, and they charged swiftly towards the surroundings.

This expanse of the starry sky fell into disorder. Everything was being destroyed while a terrifying energy storm swept through it, and it caused Chen Xi and the others to have no choice but to dodge successively as well.

After a short moment, this aura of obliteration had finally vanished completely, and this expanse of the starry sky that encompassed a myriad of stars had transformed into a scene of desolation. Not to mentions stars, there wasn’t even a single meteor in sight!

“Chen Xi! All of you just wait! I’ll definitely slice all of you into pieces, burn your bones, and scatter your ashes when we meet next!” An icy cold voice that was filled with boundless resentment resounded within the deathly silent expanse of space here, and then it vanished.

“That fellow is actually alive?” Gu Yan’s expression changed slightly. He immediately realized that Wang Zhong hadn’t detonated himself just now, and Wang Zhong had executed a terrifying secret technique to flee instead!

“How could this have happened?” Zhao Qingyao’s expression changed indeterminately as well, and it was filled with disbelief.

Wang Zhong was all alone, yet he was actually able to escape before their joint forces. Isn’t he a little too formidable?

“If that fellow died, then I wouldn’t doubt his identity. But now, I’m certain that he isn’t Wang Zhong.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while coldness surged in his eyes. “It’s even to the extent that I feel that fellow isn’t a cultivator from the Ancient God Domain but a Variant from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos instead!”

From the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos? Gu Yan and Zhao Qingyao were shocked. If this is true, then Wang Zhong’s identity is too mysterious. Who exactly is he? Why did he make an appearance in the Ancient God Domain?

“How interesting. It seems like the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is much more mysterious than I imagined. If I’m able to capture Wang Zhong, then perhaps I’ll be able to obtain some valuable information from him.” Chen Xi pondered deeply while seemed to be lost in thought. He’d been constantly pondering about what Wang Zhong had said. He felt that there was definitely a reason why Wang Zhong was hostile towards him.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, thank you for your kindness.” Meanwhile, Zhao Qingyao walked forward, bowed, and expressed her gratitude.

“Don’t mention it.” Chen Xi smiled. “A friend of mine entered the True Phoenix Palace a few years ago. So, now that I speak of it, we can be considered to be slightly related.”

“Oh? May I ask who Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s friend is?” Zhao Qingyao’s eyes lit up.

“Zhao Taichi,” said Chen Xi. Zhao Taichi was a senior of Dao Emperor Academy. After she followed his third senior brother Tie Yunhai and the others to the Ancient God Domain, she’d headed to the True Phoenix Palace to cultivate because she herself was a descendant of the True Phoenixes.

“So, it’s Junior Sister Taichi.” A wisp of a smile immediately arose on the corners of Zhao Qingyao’s mouth. Obviously, she had a rather good relationship with Zhao Taichi.

Chen Xi was speechless. He’d never imagined that Zhao Taichi would actually become Zhao Qingyao’s junior sister. After all, Zhao Taichi’s seniority in Dao Emperor Academy was extremely high, and even Chen Xi had to address her respectfully as senior.

But along with the passage of time, this seniority had undergone a tremendous change according to the difference in strength and identity.

Chen Xi was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain and the little junior brother of the Grand Lord Wu Xuechan, whereas, Zhao Taichi had become Zhao Qingyao’s junior sister….

If it was in terms of seniority, then Chen Xi was much more superior to her now.

Of course, seniority had to be observed strictly amongst fellow disciples of a sect, but there wasn’t much importance attached to it while one roamed the world.

Chen Xi suddenly asked. “Miss Zhao, if you don’t have anything else to attend to, then how about we search for this region’s quintessence together?”

Zhao Qingyao was stunned, and then her clear eyes focused imperceptibly.

“Don’t worry, I merely desire to see exactly how the quintessence looks like so I can make preparations for the future,” said Chen Xi while he revealed a smile on his face.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, there’s no need for that. If Fellow Daoist hadn’t rescued me in time, then I would have suffered calamity a long time ago. So, I have no complaints even if I have to give it to you.” Zhao Qingyao spoke with a serious expression.

“If it’s yours then it’s yours. You don’t have to say anything else.” Chen Xi refused to take advantage of her. Since he’d confirmed that Zhao Qingyao was Zhao Taichi’s senior sister, then he would naturally not do something like that.

This was a principle that Chen Xi followed, and he’d held firmly onto it since he’d started cultivating until now. He was staying true to his heart.

“There’s no time to lose or something unexpected might occur. Let’s act right away.” In the next moment, Chen Xi changed the topic.

Zhao Qingyao’s impression of Chen Xi grew extremely better when she witnessed this, and she felt even more grateful to him. She’d decided that if she had the chance in the future, she would definitely repay this great kindness.

“Come with me.” Zhao Qingyao didn’t delay. She had a serious expression as she pointed towards the boundless starry sky in the distance. She said, “Earlier, Tai Shuhong and I determined that the quintessence energy of this region might be hidden in that universe over there!”

“Let’s go!” The three of them immediately flashed and teleported through space, and they flew towards that universe in the starry sky.

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