Chapter 1907 – Devouring The Blood Of Gods

There was no sky above the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was stars that filled the sky which entered one’s field of vision when looking upward. This vast starry sky was seemingly boundless.

But this didn’t mean that cultivators could move freely through the starry sky.

There was only a single reason for this. When compared to the ground, the starry sky in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was even more dangerous and terrifying!

Once cultivators entered it, then they wouldn’t just encounter planetary vortexes and starburst, they might even be swept into spatial blackholes and perish on within them.

Most importantly, the starry sky in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was in complete disorder. So, it was extremely easy to get lost while moving forward amidst it, causing one to be forever unable to find the way out!

Of course, all of this was merely related to those regions that hadn’t taken form.

On the other hand, because those regions that had taken form already possessed their own unique barrier, it caused their distribution to be clear and orderly. All the universes within the region were stable, so even if cultivators would still encounter all sorts of dangers while within the starry sky there, the level of danger would really lower by a great deal, and it would be roughly on par with traveling on the ground.

So, until they noticed a region that had taken form, Chen Xi’s group could only travel on the ground.

“Let’s go take a look.” When they noticed that a formed region existed extremely far away in the distance, and it was very likely that a battle was occurring there. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he made this decision.

No matter if it was friend or foe, he had to seize this opportunity and clearly sense exactly how formed regions were and what sort of existence the Region Quintessence was.

This would be vital to Chen Xi’s search after this.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, if it’s an enemy, then should we make a move?” Gu Yan spoke with a piercingly cold gaze.

“Let’s take a look at the situation first.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. “If we have the opportunity, then we should naturally spare no effort to refine and absorb the Region Energy there.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They didn’t delay and immediately teleported through space and flashed towards the starry sky there.

“NO!!!” Zhao Qingyao had a livid expression as she howled with extreme sorrow and rage, and her slender and delicate figure was trembling from rage.

This disciple from True Phoenix Palace was actually unable to control her emotions at this moment!


Before her voice could finish resounding, Wang Zhong had completed his attack, and a bloody head was tossed into the air. The eyes on the head were opened wide with rage, and unwillingness and hatred still remained on its face.

But in merely an instant, this head exploded into pieces.

The horrifying thing was that Wang Zhong grabbed the headless corpse, and then he started sucking large mouthfuls of the blood that was ceaselessly spraying from its neck.

He was like a wild beast that was feeding on the flesh and blood of its prey!

“Oh, how many years has it been? I’ve finally tasted the blood of a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God again. I truly missed this taste.” After a short moment, Wang Zhong raised his head and sighed with satisfaction while a stream of blood was still flowing from the corner of his mouth, causing his handsome appearance to seem unusual, mysterious, and terrifying.

On the other hand, Zhao Qingyao had been stunned by this scene since along time ago, and her pupils had dilated while her entire body felt cold.

The cultivator who’d been killed by Wang Zhong was the disciple of the Divine Mountain of Creation, Tai Shuhong. Just like Zhao Qingyao, both of them were peerless geniuses that had stood above the rest in the battles of the Dao Discussion’s first round.

Yet now, Tai Shuhong was dead!

He hadn’t died from the dangers present within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and he’d died at Wang Zhong’s hands instead!

Zhao Qingyao was slightly unable to accept this.

After all, just moment ago, Tai Shuhong, Wang Zhong, and her were allies that had joined forces, and they were discussion who would refine and absorb the quintessence energy of this region….

But who would have imagined that Wang Zhong had actually launched a lethal strike in an instant, and he’d heavily injured Tai Shuhong with a single surprise attack before killing Tai Shuhong in the end!

It was even to the extent that… Wang Zhong didn’t even let Tai Shuhong’s corpse go, and he’d completely devoured the blood within Tai Shuhong’s corpse. This scene seemed especially brutal and perverse.

This string of unexpected events caused Zhao Qingyao’s heart to suffer an extremely strong impact, and she was filled with disbelief.


According to Zhao Qingyao’s original plan, amongst the 30 disciples that had entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos this time, 25 were from the five extremes of the Imperial Region, and only Tai Shuhong, Wang Zhong, Jia Nan, Xun Jin from the Temple of Minimalism, and she herself were from five different ancient sects.

Jia Nan was used to doing everything by himself.

On the other hand, Xun Jin had vanished as soon as he entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

Originally, Zhao Qingyao and Tai Shuhong had joined forces, and then Wang Zhong joined their alliance later on. Yet who would have imagined that an allied companion would actually be such a ruthless, merciless, and perverse traitor!?

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it was actually completed in an instant. At this moment, Zhao Qingyao was infuriated, and her clear eyes were simply on the verge of burning with flames.

“Wang Zhong, I never imagined that you were actually such a person!” Zhao Qingyao spoke coldly while she almost gnashed her teeth into pieces from hatred.

“I was always such a person. You were just unaware of it.” Wang Zhong tossed casually and tossed away Tai Shuhong’s corpse that he’d drained of blood, and then he wiped the corners of his mouth before he smiled and spoke slowly.

At this moment, he still wore an embroidered robe, a belt around his waist, a crown of feather on his head, and a pair of shoes with cloud patterns on his feet. He had a dignified, imposing, and graceful bearing.

If she hadn’t witnessed the cruel scene of him devouring Tai Shuhong’s blood, it would truly be impossible to believe that such a dazzling figure that countless people praised to be a dark horse in the Dao Discussion would actually commit such a perverse act.

“Zhao Qingyao, you have pretty good looks. If you agree to be my maidservant, then I’ll spare your life. Alright?” Wang Zhong wasn’t anxious to make a move. He smiled as he gazed at Zhao Qingyao who stood in the distance and raised this excessive and humiliating suggestion.

Zhao Qingyao was angered to the point her entire body shivered, and she said in a grim voice. “You must be out of your mind!”

Wang Zhong’s smile grew even more brilliant as he said, “Don’t be angry. No one can save you in this Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Perhaps you should calm down and consider my suggestion. If you agree, then I can even give the quintessence energy of this region to you.”

Zhao Qingyao seemed to have thought of something, and her expression actually instantly calmed down. Her icy cold gaze locked onto Wang Zhong as she said, “You’re absolutely not Wang Zhong! Nor are you a disciple of Golden Toad Isle!”

If Jia Nan was here, he would probably really approve of her judgment.

Unfortunately, these words didn’t cause Wang Zhong’s expression to change at all, and he was still grinning.

He stretched out his hand to point above him, and then pointed to the ground. In the end, he pointed to himself before he said seriously, “While I’m here, I’m all-powerful. You must remember these words, and then answer me. Will you agree to be my maidservant or not?”

His voice carried a wisp of an oppressive tone.

In an instant, a wisp of a ghastly and murderous aura arose from his body. Obviously, he was getting slightly impatient.

“All-powerful?” Zhao Qingyao chuckled while her voice was filled with disdain. “A despicable and shameless bastard like you dares to talk nonsense about being all-powerful? I, Zhao Qingyao, would rather die that be reduced to your maidservant!”

“You’re courting death!” Wang Zhong’s gaze turned cold while killing intent surged explosively from him. He spread his palm open like a fan, and a terrifying energy of the Grand Dao coiled around it as it forcefully tore through space and smashed down towards Zhao Qingyao.


This expanse of space exploded into pieces while rumbling resounded like thunderclaps, and it seemed extremely astounding.

At this instant Zhao Qingyao took a deep breath while a wisp of resolution flashed in her clear eyes. She was clearly aware that she wasn’t a match for Wang Zhong, but she would rather die in battle this time!


A pair of green curved blades appeared in her palms, and she slashed with a wave of her hands, causing a myriad of True Phoenix flames to shoot out and whistle through the air.

A world shaking explosion resounded. Space fell into disorder while terrifying force raged, and it shook the stars in an area of 50,000km and caused them to plummet to the ground.


Zhao Qingyao was struck to the point of staggering back while her pretty face turned pale. She suddenly realized that the strength Wang Zhong revealed now was actually much more terrifying that it was during the Dao Discussion!

“You overestimate your strength!” Wang Zhong chuckled while his figure flashed, and he attacked again. “If I hadn’t concealed some ability, then do you think Chen Xi could have defeated me during the Dao Discussion?”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding when Wang Zhong attacked while barehanded. The force from his palm seemed like a veil that covered the heavens as it enveloped down, and it caused a myriad of strands of black colored divine radiance to surge.

Merely this strike alone had completely sealed off Zhao Qingyao’s surroundings, causing her to be unable to flee.

Obviously, Wang Zhong intended to end the battle swiftly and wasn’t willing to be locked in combat with her.

“But you lost in the end!” Zhao Qingyao let out a clear howl as she suddenly transformed into an extremely gorgeous and noble True Phoenix. Her feathers flowed with flames and glowed brilliantly. Moreover, her imposing aura rose explosively to the limit as well.


Unexpectedly, even if she utilized her trump card, she was actually no match for the strength of a single strike of the palm from Wang Zhong. Her figure was struck to the point of trembling while a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from her mouth, and then she transformed back to her human form again while her pretty face was ghastly pale to the extreme.

“Come here! Not just anyone in this world can be the maidservant of this lord! Could it be that you refuse to experience such a supreme honor?” Wang Zhong roared with laughter as he exerted strength with his palm once more, and he grabbed at Zhao Qingyao from afar.

If he landed this attack, then Zhao Qingyao would utterly lose her ability to fight and would be unable to escape.

In an instant, her expression changed, and a wisp of dense unwillingness surged from her clear eyes. Could it be that… I’m really going to suffer calamity today?


Right at this instant, a peerlessly fierce howl of the sword suddenly resounded through the starry sky and reverberated throughout the nine heavens.

After that, she felt a wave of piercing pain in her eyes, and she was only faintly able to notice an extremely dazzling, blazing, and vast strand of sword qi slash down towards Wang Zhong!

“Chen Xi!!!” After that, Wang Zhong’s extremely furious voice resounded through the starry sky. “You damnable bastard! I’d already let you win during the Dao Discussion. Do you really think I’m afraid of you?”


Before his voice could finish resounding through the surroundings, the sounds of an extremely intense battle resounded.

At this moment, Zhao Qingyao’s field of vision had finally recovered its clarity. She noticed to her shock that Wang Zhong had been stopped by Chen Xi, and they were in intense battle.

Why… did he come to my rescue? Zhao Qingyao was stunned. She’d never imagined that Chen Xi who she didn’t know nor had any connections with would become her savior at this moment. When compared with her companion Wang Zhong who’d become a traitor now, the difference between them was obvious.

This caused a strand of extremely complicated emotions to suddenly arise in her heart.

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