Chapter 1905 – Unusual Heaven Dao

A’Liang? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Never had he imagined that this princess of the Primeval Micro Race would actually wake up at this critical moment.

“A’Liang, it’s dangerous out here now. I’ll let you out….” Chen Xi hadn’t finished speaking when a loud bang resounded. An expanse of blood red lightly had rained down and almost enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.


Even if he’d evaded it in the end, this attack still shook Chen Xi to the point within his body hurt faintly, and it was to the point he’d almost coughed up blood.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, are you alright?” Gu Yan came over to support Chen Xi.

“I’m fine.” As he spoke, Chen Xi withdrew the Yin-Yang Universe Flag with the intention of detonating it.

“Young Master, Young Master. Let A’Liang out. A’Liang can deal with those Blood Rakshasa Wasps!” A’Liang’s voice resounded once more, and it carried an anxious tone.

Blood Rakshasa Wasps?

A’Liang can deal with them?Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he was slightly hesitant.


Meanwhile, those two towering Fiendgod corpses had approached from both sides. Their entire bodies were coiled by surging blood red lightning storms while their auras were monstrously tyrannical to the point of being suffocating.

“Young Master. Quickly!” A’Liang’s voice was even more anxious.

The situation was pressing, and they were in imminent danger!

In the end, Chen Xi gritted his teeth, withdrew a bronze box, and opened it gently.


A’Liang who wore a plain dress and a crown of flowers, had long hair that hung down to her shoulders, and possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance flew out swiftly from within the box.

She was extremely tiny, and she was like a fairy as she fluttered about in the air and emanated a pure and graceful aura.

As he dodged the attacks of the enemy, Chen Xi spoke in a doubtful tone. “A’Liang, you’re not facing just a single Blood Rakshasa Wasp, so you must be careful. If you’re unable to resist them….”


While Chen Xi was reminding her, A’Liang had withdrawn an ancient beast skin drum, and the surface of the drum was covered in strange and dense patterns and markings of the Dao.

The Godsmash Drum!


Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, A’Liang was already chanting a scripture while her fair right hand had slapped lightly towards the space before her. The Godsmash Drum that floated in midair suddenly shook, and then it emanated an expanse of dazzling divine radiance as it shot into the sky.

Accompanying all of this was the sound of the drum.

This sound was heavy and deep like an army trampling through the lands or lightning raging through the world. It shook the heavens and the earth!


The space here exploded into pieces. The soundwave from the drum was seemingly material, and it instantly shook the bodies of those towering Fiendgod corpses.

In an instant, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the two corpses which were approaching menacingly actually seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning. Their entire bodies were stiff on the spot, and it was like they’d become statues.

What? Gu Yan couldn’t help but be stunned. Never had he imagined that a single strike of a drum would actually be able to gain such terrifying and miraculous effects.

After all, those two corpses were existences comparable to Third Star Imperial Monarchs!

“Let’s go!” How could Chen Xi let such a rare opportunity slip by? He didn’t hesitate at all to bring Gu Yan and A’Liang along to leave this place.

“Young Master, relax. It’s not over.” A’Liang’s reaction caused Chen Xi to be stunned once more.

In the next moment, A’Liang gestured with her left hand, and then an exquisite and majestic divine staff that was made completely of jade and suffused with brilliant golden light appeared in her hand.

The Divine Stick of Incineration!

Just like the Godsmash Drum, it was a treasure passed down in the Primeval Micro Race. According to legend, it was passed down by the Ancestor of the Primeval Micro Race, and it possessed unfathomable might.


Meanwhile, Chen Xi had noticed that while the corpses remained motionless and seemed to have stiffened completely on the spot, only a mere instant passed before row after row of Blood Rakshasa Wasps fell out like tidewater from within the corpses.

At this moment, these mysterious wasps that were originally savage, bloodthirsty, icy cold, and cruel actually seemed as if they’d lost consciousness, and they trickled down from the two corpses of Fiendgods.

“Heavenly flames become one, incinerate all evil!” Amidst her gentle, clear, and melodious chanting, A’Liang’s expression became solemn and pure, and he lightly waved the Divine Stick of Incineration through the air.

In an instant, numerous white colored flames covered the heavens and the earth as they surged out like waves, and they enveloped down towards the Blood Rakshasa Wasps.

The heavens and the earth had become a pure ocean of white flames that burned and surged incessantly.

Chen Xi could clearly notice that the dense expanse of Blood Rakshasa Wasps seemed to have awakened from their unconscious state, and their beautiful yet icy cold faces had warped from terror as they let out sharp and ear piercing cries. However, no matter how they struggled, they were unable to charge out of the ocean of divine flames.

In the end, numerous bangs resounded as their bodies were incinerated and melted into strands of blood red mist.

After that, even the blood red mist was incinerated, causing them to be unable to fuse together once more. Thus, they perished for good.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be visibly moved when he witnessed all of this. He was very clearly aware how difficult it was to kill those wasps. However, A’Liang had merely relied on the Godsmash Drum and Divine Stick of Incineration in her possession to easily annihilate all of these wasps. So, how could Chen Xi not be amazed?

“Is… is this what it means when they say that everything has a counter?” Gu Yan was stunned as well, and he felt slight disbelief.

“Young Master, we’re completely safe now.” Meanwhile, A’Liang seemed as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders, and a wisp of a happy smile appeared on the corners of her mouth.

“Amazing! I never imagined that after you slept for so many years, you would actually possess such shocking might as soon as you awakened. I truly feel ashamed of my inferiority.” Chen Xi clapped and laughed as he spoke with sincere praise.

He’d naturally discerned that A’Liang had utilized the Godsmash Drum to stun the wasps, causing them to lose control of the corpses and fall out from within them.

After that, she utilized the might of the Divine Stick of Incineration to incinerate all the wasps in one go and completely put an end to any possibility of resurrection.

Such methods were straightforward and fatal. From the beginning until the end, it seemed like it was as easy as blowing off dust. If Chen Xi hadn’t witnessed it with his won two eyes, even he would be unable to believe all of this.

After all, those two corpses at least possessed the strengths of Third Star Imperial Monarchs under the control of the Blood Rakshasa Wasps.

On the other hand, A’Liang was merely at the initial-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm now. However, she was able to accomplish all of this. So, it naturally seemed extremely inconceivable.

A’Liang was instantly slightly embarrassed when she heard Chen Xi’s praise. She lowered her head while her fair hands were held together, and she stammered. “Young Master, it isn’t A’Liang who’s formidable. It’s the two treasures in A’Liang’s possession that just happen to be the counters for those Blood Rakshasa Wasps.”

Chen Xi was naturally clearly aware of this. However, if A’Liang wasn’t here, then it would naturally be impossible for those two divine treasures to reveal their might.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, is this that princess of the Primeval Micro Race?” asked Gu Yan while his gaze carried a wisp of curiosity. It was the first time he’d met a descendant of the Primeval Micro Race, and he noticed that they really were as the rumors said. The bodies of the Primeval Micro Race were small like a bean and extremely inconspicuous.

However, Gu Yan would absolutely not dare underestimate A’Liang because of that.

“Yes. A’Liang, this is Gu Yan. According to seniority, I’m his Martial Ancestral Uncle.” Chen Xi smiled a she introduced them.

“Greetings Young Master Gu Yan.” A’Liang bowed and seemed very obedient.

Gu Yan hurriedly said, “Just call me Gu Yan.”

Chen Xi swept his gaze towards the distance, and he noticed that the two corpses were still standing towering there like statues that didn’t have even a trace of vitality. Even though they stood towering in the heavens and the earth, they revealed a solemn and sorrowful aura.

“They were unable to attain eternal rest beneath the earth and became controlled by evil instead. It’s truly a pity.” Chen Xi sighed. He walked forward and bowed seriously three times towards the two corpses. After that, he flicked his sleeve, and an expanse of divine flames sprayed out and incinerated them in a short period of a few breaths of time.

After that, Chen Xi put their ashes away carefully into two jade boxes before burying them in the ground.

“Let’s leave this place first.” After he finished all of this, Chen Xi instructed Gu Yan and A’Liang.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

However, right when Chen Xi’s group was about to leave, two voices that were deep and desolate had suddenly resounded at practically the exact same moment.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he suddenly turned around and looked towards the spot he buried the ashes of those two Innate Fiendgods. However, he didn’t notice anything.

“Young Master, that was a strand of the will of those Innate Fiendgods because they had regrets before they died. Now, they’re finally free, and it has dispersed along with this. So, they naturally have to thank you, Young Master.” A’Liang had clearly heard those voices as well, and she couldn’t help but gaze at Chen Xi with slight admiration.

“I didn’t do this to obtain their thanks.” Chen Xi smiled and remained indifferent towards this as he turned around and left.

One hour later, Chen Xi’s group safely traversed numerous extremely dangerous regions and finally found a safe place.

“Let’s rest for a while, and we’ll set out again later.” Chen Xi sat cross-legged while he gazed up into the sky. A myriad of stars were flickering there, yet they were in utter disorder and didn’t reveal even a trace of the aura of a barrier.

This meant that up until now, the entire expanse of the starry sky he’d laid eyes upon still showed no signs of a region that had taken form.

Chen Xi suddenly asked. “A’Liang, how were you able to recognize the Blood Rakshasa Wasps? Exactly what sort of beings are they?”

At this moment, A’Liang was sitting in the auricle of Chen Xi’s ear just as she’d done in the past. She was smiling while she shook her legs, and her expression was completely tranquil and carefree.

A’Liang tilted her head and thought for a moment upon hearing Chen Xi’s question, and then she said in a clear voice. “A’Liang heard it from Grandma. All those years ago, the Roc Daolord had led our Primeval Micro Race to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos with him, and they’d fought these Blood Rakshasa Wasps on many occasions.”

She paused for a moment before she continued. “According to Grandma, these wasps are beings unique to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. They’re naturally born with bloodthirsty and cruel disposition, and they are especially fond of devouring the spirit, energy, and essence of cultivators. They frequently reside within corpses and decaying flesh, so it’s very difficult to notice them.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and then he frowned and said, “Then do you know why they are able to control the corpse of a Fiendgod and bring forth a might that isn’t inferior to a Third Star Imperial Monarch?”

A’Liang didn’t give it any thought before she replied. “It’s very simple. All of these beings in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos possess a sort of energy, and it’s an energy that allows them to bring forth the might of a corpse when its owner was still alive by way of controlling the corpse itself. By controlling a corpse, they are be able to bring forth strength that corresponds to the corpse’s owner strength while the corpse’s owner was still alive.

“As for the reason behind this, even Grandma couldn’t explain it. She merely said that it’s probably related to the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.”

It’s related to the Laws of the Heaven Dao? Chen Xi’s heart shook. After he entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, he’d similarly noticed that the Laws of the Heaven Dao here contained an aura that was completely different to the Ancient God Domain. It was unfamiliar, mysterious, and unfathomable.

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