Chapter 1904 – Comparable To An Imperial Monarch

An Innate Fiendgod!

Even Chen Xi’s heart shook when he heard this title.

This was an existence that had been born in the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world, and as soon as it was born, it possessed numerous terrifying innate divine abilities like the ability to control water, fire, and lightning. It could incinerate mountains, boil seas, and was all-powerful.

Moreover, the primeval times could absolutely be said to belong to the Innate Fiendgods!

Because such existences could be reborn from a single drop of blood, and so long as a strand of their consciousness remained, then their soul would be eternal. Moreover, their bodies contained a strand of Natural Energy, so it was almost impossible to kill them.

During the boundless years of the past, there had been too many rumors about the Innate Fiendgods, and all sorts of extraordinary and world shocking figures had emerged as well, like the Ancestor of the Youchao Clan, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Master of the Manku period, the ten great Shaman Ancestors of the primeval times….

Since he’d started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had naturally heard too many legends like these, but he’d never seen a true Innate Fiendgod that had been born from within the Chaos.

So, when he saw this corpse of an Innate Fiendgod that towered into the sky, Chen Xi felt slightly shocked in his heart.

Indeed. How could such a terrifying existence have perished here? And it was even to the extent that its corpse wasn’t buried and laid to eternal rest in the ground!

Had it entered this place like the Roc Daolord had all those years ago but was unable to escape in the end and perished here?


Space fluctuated as the floating corpse of the Innate Fiendgod in the distance had started to move slowly. Even though it didn’t have a trace of vitality, the aura it emanated was horrifying.

It was like extremely terrifying danger was hidden within the corpse.

“Retreat!” Chen Xi’s brows knit together as he gazed at the corpse that was approaching ceaselessly, and a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

He practically instinctively led Gu Yan along as he flashed towards the side. He intended to go around this strange corpse.

After all, this was the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was filled with boundless danger and unknown terrors. So, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

Om! Om!

However, before the two of them could even move around it, a strand of strand and icy cold fluctuations arose from the corpse, and it swept out like a ripple that enveloped the world!


At practically the exact same time, the damaged bronze armor that covered the Fiendgod’s corpse had suddenly exploded into pieces before a row of pitch black figures that seemed like locust had charged out from within the corpse. They covered the heavens and the earth like a dark cloud.

In an instant, they completely blocked off Chen Xi and Gu Yan’s paths!

What’s this? Chen Xi’s heart shook as he instantly discerned to his shock that those pitch black figures were wasps.

These wasps were extremely tiny like grains of rice. When he looked carefully at them, they actually had a beautiful and icy cold face of a beauty, a pair of bright blood red pupils, a pale face, and a pair of pitch black and seemingly translucent wings on their backs.

In overall, they seemed beautiful, strange, and horrifying.

They were clearly just the size of rice and were extremely inconspicuous, yet they flew swiftly like bolts of lightning and were able to move through space. Moreover, their entire bodies emanated a bloodthirsty and icy cold aura.

What are these things? Chen Xi grew even more vigilant in his heart. Even though these wasps were the size of rice grains, they were like a swarm of locust when gathered together. They formed a dense group of thousands, and the aura they emanated was so terrifying that Chen Xi felt a chill run down his spine.

“Leave! Quickly!” It took a long time to describe yet occurred in an instant. These thoughts had merely flashed in Chen Xi’s heart before he instinctively changed the direction that he led Gu Yan towards and flashed explosively towards the direction they’d come from.

But in merely an instant, Chen Xi stopped while his expression turned solemn.

Because another enormous corpse of an Innate Fiendgod had suddenly appeared in the air behind him.

There was no doubt in Chen Xi’s heart that this corpse definitely had numerous wasps hidden within it as well!

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, we seem to have been encircled.” Gu Yan had a solemn expression, and a clang resounded as he withdrew a brilliant sword that was over 1m long and suffused with starlight.

“Looks like we can only continue charging forward and kill open a path of escape!” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he withdrew the Talisman Armament, and his eyes flowed with a cold glow and surged with copious killing intent.

“Charge!” Amidst a loud shout, Chen Xi’s dense black hair fluttered while the Talisman Armament in his hand transformed into a brilliant torrent that slashed through the sky. It seemed like a ray that could pierce the sun, and it emanated peerlessly ferocious might.


In an instant, the first group of wasps that charged over were covered by this sword qi, and they were simultaneously blasted apart into strands of bloody mist.

However, before Chen Xi could even feel happy for the success he achieved, the bloody mist actually converged together once more and was condensed into numerous wasps!

With Chen Xi’s current cultivation in the Sword Dao, he was actually unable to put an end to their lives!

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he witnessed this scene.

He’d determined that the combat strength possessed by every single wasp was at most comparable to a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God at the initial-stage and dealing with such opponents were simply as easy as blowing off dust for Chen Xi.

Earlier, the true source of his fears was that these wasps were truly too numerous. They formed a dense expanse that covered the heavens and the earth and surged like a tide. Moreover, they were still ceaselessly swarming out from within the corpse, and it seemed like there was no end to them.

Now, when he saw that the wasps which he’d annihilated with a swing of his sword had actually instantly come back to life and recovered to their previous state, Chen Xi instantly realized how terrifying they were!

Because these damnable things weren’t just huge in number, they even possessed the ability to resurrect themselves. So, they were extremely difficult to be killed!

“Dammit! What exactly are they?” Gu Yan had a solemn expression as he swung his sword without end, and he successively annihilated the wasps that charged towards them.

“Don’t worry about that. Continue charging.” Chen Xi’s expression was murderous as he spoke swiftly. At this moment, expanse after expanse of dense wasps were flying out from the corpse behind them, and they would be completely trapped once they were completely encircled.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

At this moment, Chen Xi and Gu Yan seemed to have realized how serious the situation was, and they practically utilized their entire strengths as they did all they could to charge forward.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky as it emanated an extraordinarily large and thick strand of sword qi. It was brilliant, vast, and covered in a myriad of talisman markings as it smashed through space.

Chen Xi’s entire body effused killing intent while he seemed like an emperor of the sword that has descended into the sky, and he easily destroyed everything that stood before the edge of his blade.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, Gu Yan soared through space with his sword in hand, and his Sword Insight was like a waterfall, ocean, lightning, flames, and so on and so forth. It formed a myriad of grand phenomena as he charged at full speed by Chen Xi’s side.

In merely the time for a few breaths, the two of them had charged a distance of over 3km through the swarm of wasps, and they were on the verge of approaching the Fiendgod’s corpse.

According to this speed, it would only take a moment before they could charge out of the encirclement and escape from this difficult situation.


However, before they could even approach it, the corpse actually stood up as if it had awakened from deep sleep!

Its towering figure simply seemed like a pillar that could support the sky, and it was oppressing and ferocious to the extreme.

But if one looked carefully, this corpse didn’t possess any fluctuations of vitality, and the reason it had suddenly awakened was because countless wasps were displaying their might from within its body!

In other words, the corpse was being jointly controlled by countless wasps!


The corpse opened its mouth and spat, and an expanse of blood red lightning swept down like a waterfall. The lightning crushed space into powder as it smashed down forcefully at Chen Xi and Gu Yan.

Merely this attack alone actually caused the surroundings to dim down while all things trembled, and even space was filled with a horrifyingly destructive aura.

“Dammit!” At this moment, Chen Xi’s calm expression had finally changed slightly because he’d sensed that aura emanated from this corpse of a Fiendgod which was being controlled by countless wasps was actually on par with an Imperial Monarch!

Moreover, it wasn’t an ordinary First Star or Second Star Imperial Monarch!

Chen Xi had fought Imperial Monarch Nan Du and Imperial Monarch Miao Feng in the past, so how could he possibly be unaware that the strength possessed by this corpse right now was at least at the Third Star Imperial Monarch Realm or above.

Even if it was merely a Third Star Imperial Monarch, under the circumstances that he didn’t utilize the Godslaughter Burst or detonated some Natural Spirit Treasures, then he was utterly not a match for it while relying on his current combat strength!


At this critical moment, Chen Xi had no choice but to evade. He brought Gu Yan along as he flashed towards the side at full speed, and he barely avoided this attack.

However, an abyss that covered an area of 5,000km was forcefully blasted open on the ground, and it was impossible to see the bottom of it!

This clearly showed how severe the consequences would be if that blood red lightning had struck onto Chen Xi and Gu Yan.


The corpse roared loudly because it missed, and then an expanse of blood red lightning swept out from its bloody mouth and rumbled as they struck down.

At the same time, it stretched its arms, causing a large blood red net of lightning to be formed between its hands, and the net enveloped this expanse of the heavens and the earth. It seemed as if it wanted to completely trap Chen Xi and Gu Yan here.

This corpse was truly too tall. Chen Xi and Gu Yan were simply like ants before it. Moreover, its attacks were terrifying to the extreme. The blood red lightning covered the heavens and the earth, and they dyed the entire world blood red!

“Let’s go!” At this moment, Chen Xi had no choice but to avoid the brunt of its force as well, and he charged towards the other side with Gu Yan.


However, right at this moment, the corpse behind them rumbled as it stood up as well, and it jointly blocked off their paths of retreat with the other corpse.

The situation was critical!

At this moment, Chen Xi and Gu Yan were like insects that had fallen into a huge net, and they were facing two corpses of Fiendgods that were comparable to Third Star Imperial Monarchs. So, they seemed to be extremely tiny and powerless.

How could Chen Xi have imagined that it wasn’t just the environment within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos that was dangerous, even battling the living beings here would be so terrifying?

It was comparable to a Third Star Imperial Monarch!

Not to mention a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, even an ordinary Imperial Monarch would probably be helpless against it!

However, this was the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. It was dangerous, filled with the unknown, and unimaginable dangers existed within it! Otherwise, it wouldn’t have become an existence that was reputed to be a forbidden place throughout the ages.

“I’ll detonate a Natural Spirit Treasure later and seize a chance for us to escape to safety. Gu Yan, you must make sure to follow closely by my side.” At this extremely dangerous moment, Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in his eyes as he spoke swiftly to Gu Yan via voice transmission.

Under such circumstances, he could only utilize such a method to try and desperately defy death!

However, before Chen Xi could act, a clear, melodious, and gentle voice suddenly resounded by his ear. “Young Master, Young Master! Quickly let A’Liang out!”

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