Chapter 1903 – The Corpse of a Fiendgod

The Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was huge, and it was unimaginably enormous.

When Chen Xi started fleeing with Gu Yan and Tu Meng, he finally noticed that this mysterious and unknown place he resided in was actually much vaster than any large world he’d seen in the past, and it was even to the extent that it was immeasurable.

Chen Xi was only able to determine according to time that if he were flying on the starry sky, then he would be able to pass numerous galaxies and travel through a vast universe in the time for an incense stick to burn.

However, such a distance seemed to be nothing in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

The seemed to be no sky here, and it was stars that filled the ‘sky’. They hung densely in the sky and emanated piercingly cold radiance.

Just like the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, the starry sky was vast and seemingly without end as well.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi didn’t have the time to carefully sense the situation.

Because it had truly been too dangerous all along the way here, and chaos was everywhere.

Raging storms, erupting volcanoes, fragmented expanses of space, bloody mist that drifted like smoke…. All along the way, he’d practically not noticed a single safe and quiet area.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi frequently noticed numerous stars whistling down from the sky and smashing onto the ground. The opened up craters that covered an area of 500,000km, and the terrifying impact from the crash caused Chen Xi’s heart to shudder with fear.

In short, the heavens, the earth, and everything here was in a chaotic state while all sorts of dangers and natural disasters occurred at every single moment.

With Chen Xi’s current strength, he still had no choice but to become tense and extremely careful as he faced this extremely adverse environment.

Because while the disasters here seemed to be no different than the outside world, the might of it was extraordinarily huge.

The storms here could easily tear a god into pieces.

The lava here could instantly incinerate anything.

The spatial rifts here could even instantly turn everything into powder!

Besides all of this, there were extremely venomous miasma that could corrode the soul, baleful rays of light that could melt the essence, spirit, and energy….

It was even to the extent that every single plant here could instantly become a lethal calamity that caused one to fall into eternal damnation!

It was too terrifying.

Since he’d started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had experienced countless dangerous places, but they were instantly nothing when compared to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos that lay before him.

Chen Xi finally understood why practically no one had stepped foot here since the ancient times until now. Because the dangers here were sufficient to make no cultivator dare to come close!

Even a figure like the Roc Daolord had suffered calamity here, and this clearly showed how terrifying the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was.

Perhaps it was exactly because of this that no one had established a region here and it still hadn’t been assimilated into the Ancient God Domain until now.

In other words, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos could be described as being primitive, desolate, dangerous, and unfathomable!

After a long time passed, Chen Xi was finally barely able to find a place to stop.

It was a completely barren and pitch black mountain that rose 3km into the air, and it was completely suffused with strands of faint baleful qi.

However, even though this baleful qi was formidable, it was unable to harm Chen Xi.

“Tu Meng, how do you feel?” Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about his own injuries, and he looked at Tu Meng as soon as he descended to the ground.

At this moment, Tu Meng was completely dyed red with blood and a bloody hole that was the size of a bowl resided on the left of his chest. Blood was still gurgling from it, and it was a horrifying sight.

All along the way, Tu Meng had been constantly gritting his teeth and enduring the pain throughout his body, and this had caused his countenance to seem rather pale while his body was in bad shape.

However, when he heard Chen Xi, he still forced a smile onto his face and said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, I’m fine. I won’t die. Don’t worry about me.”

Chen Xi frowned, and he recalled what they’d encountered earlier, causing him to almost lose control of the flames of rage in his heart.

“Those damnable bastards! I’ll definitely make them pay a hundredfold when I see them next!” Chen Xi gnashed his teeth while he hated them to the bone. Because his group had suffered their ambush after just entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and if he hadn’t rescued Tu Meng in time, then Tu Meng would have perished.

How could Chen Xi not be infuriated by this?

Most importantly, now that Tu Meng was heavily injured, it would undoubtedly be equivalent to losing a strong companion during the next period of time, and this was absolutely not a good thing for them.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle is right. It’s completely different from the Dao Discussion now, and those old geezers aren’t here. That was why those fellows from the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute dared to launch an ambush against us. So, we don’t have to hold back, and it’s best if we’re able to annihilate them!” Gu Yan spoke coldly from the side while revealing a murderous aura. The ambush just now had taken him by surprise as well, and he truly felt aggrieved to the extreme when he thought about how heavily injured Tu Meng was.

“We naturally have to take revenge. But the important matter at hand is to first survive the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and strive to establish a region of our own as soon as possible.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he recovered his calm before he said swiftly, “For the sake of entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, Leng Xinghun suppressed his cultivation for over 10,000 years. So now that they were unable to kill you, they would definitely choose to establish their regions as soon as possible and advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment before he continued. “If such a situation really occurs, then it would be even more disadvantageous to us. So, we must accomplish this before they can!”

As he finished speaking, a wisp of resolution arose in his voice.

Gu Yan’s expression became solemn and serious as well, and he said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, then what should we do now?”

Chen Xi glanced at Tu Meng and said, “I have no choice but to inconvenience you to recuperate in the world within my body for now.”

Tu Meng grinned and said, “being able to observe the universe within Martial Ancestral Uncle’s body is everything I could wish for. How could it be an inconvenience?”

Chen Xi patted Tu Meng on the shoulder, and he didn’t say anything before transporting Tu Meng into the universe within his body.

Right at this moment, Gu Yan suddenly thought of something and said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, do you think the Fellow Daoists from Nuwa’s Dao Palace suffered an ambush as well?”

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed when he heard this. He remained silent for a short while before he said, “No. We practically entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos right after them. So, if the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute had made a move against Nuwa’s Dao Palace, then they wouldn’t have time to lay another ambush for us.”

Gu Yan thought for a moment before he agreed with Chen Xi’s opinion.

“Come, let’s set out.” Chen Xi glanced at the surroundings and observed it for a moment. In the end, he looked at the sky because if one wanted to grasp Region Energy, then one naturally had to take control of a region of stars!

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, you are injured. Why don’t you rest for a while before we set out…?”

Chen Xi interrupted him before he could finish. “It’s only a minor injury, and it doesn’t affect anything. I can recover on the way.”

Gu Yan didn’t continue persuading Chen Xi when he heard this, and his figure flickered with Chen Xi and teleported towards the distance.

A region included numerous universes, and every single universe contained a myriad of stars, so it could be said to be boundlessly vast.

For example, there were over a thousand known regions in the Ancient God Domain. However, all of them had owners since a long time ago, and even if they seized the region by force, it wouldn’t be of much use to Chen Xi and the others.

Because according to the Goddess in Arambha Temple, the strongest Region Energy usually came from those regions that hadn’t been in the possession of anyone else in the past.

On the other hand, throughout the Ancient God Domain, such new regions to establish could only be found in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos that they resided in.

This was one of the reasons why Chen Xi and the other 29 disciples had done everything they could and resolutely risked their lives to come here.

Possessing Region Energy was equivalent to possessing the foundation to become a Region Lord, and it was extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation in the future.

It was even to the extent that Region Lords who possessed Region Energy had a higher chance of successfully charging into the Daolord Realm.

Simply speaking, Region Lords were a type of Imperial Monarchs, but not every single Imperial Monarch could become a Region Lord.

One of the criteria to determine if one was a Region Lord was if that person possessed Region Energy.

At this moment, Chen Xi and Gu Yan had to find new regions that hadn’t been established yet within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and then refine and absorb the quintessence of these regions!

Presently, Chen Xi was already clearly aware that if one desired to possess the energy of a region, then one had to find a region first, and then enter the region and refine and absorb its quintessence.

In this way, one could obtain Region Energy, break through the threshold of the Imperial Monarch Realm and become a true Region Lord!

However, it wasn’t so easy to accomplish this.

After Chen Xi and Gu Yan had set out, they’d teleported for a few hours and carefully observed the pathways of numerous stars, yet they hadn’t found a single formed region.

All of this was related to the ability to locate a region.

A region that had taken form possessed a unique aura of the Heaven Dao that belonged only to it, and it could be formed into a barrier that was like a wall.

This barrier enveloped the entire region, and it could completely separate the region from the other chaotic portions of the starry sky here.

To put it in simpler terms, the barrier was like an eggshell, and it protected the egg white and egg yolk.

On the other hand, a region that hadn’t taken form didn’t possess this barrier, and the distribution of its stars were utterly disorderly as well.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the term ‘region’ referred to an area that contained numerous universes, and the Region Energy was the energy that came from the region’s quintessence.

Region and Region Energy, one was a boundary and the other was energy. They were completely different.

Two more hours passed.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly stopped moving while two cold rays of light shot out from his eyes as he swiftly looked towards the distance.

At practically the exact same moment, the space extremely far in the distance had suddenly exploded into pieces and formed a spatial rift while an extremely enormous corpse swiftly floated out from within.

It was a corpse indeed. It was extremely long and completely covered in ancient damaged pieces of bronze armor.

It floated silently in midair like a floating mass of land because it was truly too enormous. Even though it had no fluctuations of vitality, but it emanated an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

When looked at from the angle that Chen Xi was looking from, he could merely see two extremely enormous soles, and they rose up into the sky like two mountains.

“This seems to be an Innate Fiendgod that was born from within the Chaos!” Gu Yan spoke with shock, and his voice carried disbelief. “How could he have perished here? Even his corpse wasn’t buried and laid to eternal rest in the ground!?”

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