Chapter 1902 – Ambush

“Kill!” When Chen Xi had just opened his eyes, an extremely cold and indifferent voice resounded by his ear.

It was like a thunderclap.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s pupils dilated while his nerves tensed. He practically instinctively withdrew the Talisman Armament, and then executed the most formidable defensive move he possessed — the Impeccable Style.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The sword barrier of the Impeccable Style had just formed when it suffered an extremely terrifying impact, and before it could even disperse the force from this impact, another attack had smashed down forcefully onto it.

It was like raging waves that were beating against the shore. Each wave was stronger than the last, and the collision caused a myriad of strands of divine radiance to erupt while space was warped and crushed into powder amidst sharp rumbling.


Since he was caught off guard, Chen Xi was actually forcefully struck to the point of coughing up blood and staggering back. He was almost unable to hold on.

All of this had occurred too quickly. No one had imagined that they would suddenly suffer such an ambush right after they emerged from the passageway formed by the black vortex.

The people lying in ambush had clearly been accumulating strength for some time, and they instantly took Chen Xi by surprise. It was even to the extent that if he didn’t possess ample experience in combat and had an extraordinary reaction time, merely this round of attacks would have been sufficient to annihilate him on the spot!

“Kill!” A dazzling rain of light descended in the surroundings while attacks descended like a violent storm. Before these attacks could even descend, numerous terrifying attacks swarmed over from all directions once more.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi wasn’t even able to determine who his opponents were!

Dammit! Chen Xi’s expression was gloomy to the extreme. His gaze was sharp like a bolt of lightning while he shouted loudly, and he practically utilized his entire strength as he swung the Talisman Armament to its limits.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of collisions that were dense like the rumbling of drums resounded incessantly. Every single one of these attacks were actually terrifying to the extreme and were executed with top-rate techniques in the world. Moreover, all of them were executed with Natural Spirit Treasures that possessed shocking destructive might.

Besides that, it was very obvious that his opponents were absolutely not just two or three people, and it was a group instead. Every single one of them possessed extremely formidable combat strengths, and they were peak geniuses in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Under such circumstances, even if Chen Xi exerted all his strength, he was actually struck to the point of coughing up blood against. The vital blood within his entire body roiled while his bones seemed as if they were about to fall apart.

However, at this moment, he finally saw the appearance of his attackers clearly. Surprisingly, it was Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others from their respective sects!

In other words, all the disciples of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute who had entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos had actually been lying in ambush here to launch an assassination against Chen Xi.

“Kill!” The icy cold and emotionless voice resounded once more.

Chen Xi was infuriated to the extreme. These damnable bastards! They’re simply going too far by attacking as soon as we entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

Indeed, even a figure like Chen Xi had been taken by surprise by this sudden ambush, and he’d almost suffered calamity.

He’d never imagined that something like this would occur.

After all, under normal circumstances, the first reaction anyone had towards an unknown, mysterious, and dangerous place would be to investigate if they were in a dangerous situation.

But it was very obvious that Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and their groups hadn’t done that, and they acted to the contrary of this. They seized this opportunity to launch an ambush against Chen Xi, and this was something that would have probably surprised anyone.

However, it was clearly too late to figure out all of this now. Chen Xi was in a dangerous situation, whereas, Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others would definitely not let go of this opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi!


All sorts of terrifying attacks covered the heavens and the earth as they descended down here, and it caused Chen Xi to be only able to resist passively like a trapped beast that had fallen into a hopeless situation.

“Junior Brother Tu Meng!” Suddenly, a furious voice resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake. He turned around and looked over, and he instantly noticed that Tu Meng had actually fallen into a tight encirclement. Moreover, Tu Meng’s clothes were dyed red with blood and might perish at any moment!

In an instant, a strand of indescribable rage seethed like lava throughout Chen Xi’s body, and it caused his eyes to turn blood red.

These damnable bastards!

Chen Xi gritted his teeth as he suddenly withdrew a large blood red bell. It droned as it soared into the air and shook incessantly. It was exactly the Divine Blood Desolation Bell.


It was merely a single word, yet it made the Divine Blood Desolation Bell suddenly tremble before it rumbled and exploded into pieces, and an extremely terrifying blast of Natural Energy swept towards the surroundings.


“Avoid it quickly!”

A wave of shouts resounded in the distance.

Chen Xi seized this opportunity to flash towards Tu Meng’s side, and then he grabbed Tu Meng before flashing towards the distance.


However, right at this instant, a sharp and pitch black blade appeared soundlessly and slashed forcefully towards Chen Xi’s back.

This strike was truly too swift and sudden. It seemed as if it had been waiting here for a long time for Chen Xi to make an appearance so that it could give Chen Xi a lethal strike.

Obviously, this person had accomplished his goal!

This attack was swift to the point Chen Xi was unable to dodge it, and it collided with Chen Xi’s back.


However, unexpectedly, a layer of illusory light suddenly effused out from Chen Xi’s body, and it actually blocked this attack.

“Dammit! It’s actually the Spiritvoid Garment!” A shocked and furious voice resounded from afar.

At this moment, Chen Xi had relied on the force from this attack to charge out of the encirclement with Tu Meng and Gu Yan, and he teleported towards the distance at full speed.

“Pursue him!”

“We must not allow him to escape no matter what!”

A wave of shouts resounded. How could Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others just watch as their prey fled, so they immediately flashed out in pursuit at full speed.


However, right when they moved, a bronze halberd that was suffused with Chaotic Qi swept over, and it emanated surging and terrifying divine radiance.

The Natural Spirit Treasure — Globe Halberd!

“That damnable bastard is playing the same trick again!” How could Leng Xinghun and the others who’d been tricked by Chen Xi on countless occasions be unaware that Chen Xi was going to detonate a Natural Spirit Treasure again.

As for whether he was just frightening them or not, none of them were able to determine it.

However, with the experience they’d obtained from being tricked numerous times in the past, Leng Xinghun and the others immediately decided to flash towards the side with the intention of going around the Globe Halberd.

However, their guess was clearly wrong this time. The Globe Halberd had rumbled and exploded before they could even go around it. It was simply like a scorching sun had exploded into pieces, and it emanated terrifying waves of air that caused an area of 50,000km in the surroundings to transform into a burning ocean of fire.



In an instant, Leng Xinghun and the others were caught off guard. They were in extremely embarrassing states as they dodged successively without end, and some even suffered some injuries from it.

Such a delay instantly caused them to lose all traces of Chen Xi, and they’d missed the best opportunity to pursue Chen Xi.

Dust and dirt suffused the surroundings.

When everything returned to calm, Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others had extremely gloomy and icy cold expressions.

“I never expected that damnable bastard would be able to escape again….”

All of them had livid expressions. Earlier, they were just a thread away from success, yet who would’ve imagined that such an unexpected event would occur at the critical moment?

Who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so decisive and detonate two Natural Spirit Treasures in a short period of time?

They’d experienced such detonations on more than one occasion, but they were helpless against it every single time, and this caused them to feel aggrieved and furious in their hearts.

Especially Leng Xinghun. Earlier, he’d seized the moment when Chen Xi went to rescue Tu Meng to successfully launch a surprise attack against Chen Xi. But unexpectedly, Chen Xi was actually wearing the Spiritvoid Garment, and it caused his attack to be unable to harm Chen Xi at all.

If it wasn’t for that, Chen Xi would have probably been split open by now, right? At this moment, Leng Xinghun was simply speechless. Every single time he made a move against this fellow, this fellow would be able to escape. Isn’t his luck a bit too good?

“Now that he has fled, I wonder when we’ll be able to find him again. It’s truly a pity….” After a short while, Donghuang Yinxuan sighed while his voice carried a wisp of rage.

For the sake of launching an ambush against Chen Xi, they hadn’t even hesitated to join forces and attack with all their strength. They absolutely hadn’t underestimated Chen Xi at all.

It was even to the extent that because they were clearly aware of how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was, they’d struck quickly and forcefully as soon as they attacked. But in the end….

They were still unable to succeed!

“It’s fine. We’ll be in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos for at least three to five years, and it might even go on for over 10 years of time. We’ll definitely have the chance to encounter him again.” Leng Xinghun took a deep breath, forcefully restrained the aggrievance and anger in his heart, and then he said in a low voice, “The important matter at hand is to find new regions as soon as possible, and then refine and absorb the Region Energy within them. If we’re able to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm as soon as possible, then it would be even better.”

Donghuang Yinxuan’s eyes narrowed when he heard this, and he deeply agreed. “If we’re able to seize this opportunity to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm, then dealing with Chen Xi would naturally be nothing difficult.”

The expressions of the others eased up greatly as well, and they started thinking about what to do next in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

“But everyone must be careful. This is the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos in the end, and it’s extremely dangerous. No one is allowed to act arbitrarily without orders!” Leng Xinghun glanced at all of them as he reminded in a deep voice.

“Of course.” All the others including Donghuang Yinxuan agreed simultaneously.

At such a moment, working together was absolutely safer than exploring alone. After all, according to Liu Shenji, even the Roc Daolord had suffered calamity here!

So, none of them dared to be careless.

Leng Xinghun immediately had a brief discussion with them before they left swiftly and flashed towards the distance.

Not long after they left, a figure suddenly appeared on this desolate battlefield.

He wore embroidered clothes, a marten coat, and a crown of feathers. He had an elegant bearing like that of a young marquis in the mortal world. Surprisingly, it was the disciple from the Golden Toad Isle, Wang Zhong!

“Haha! Continue fighting. The fiercer the better.” He swept the surroundings with his gaze before a wisp of a strange smile arose on the corners of his mouth.

After that, he stretched his body, placed his hands behind his back, and then walked towards the distance. “I never expected that I would be able to watch a show upon returning here this time. It’s truly interesting….”

He had a relaxed expression as he walked within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was like he was strolling idly in his courtyard and didn’t reveal even a trace of anxiety.

It felt like he was a fish that had returned to the ocean or an eagle that had ascended once more into the sky. He, Wang Zhong, seemed to be extremely familiar with this place….

Before long, Wang Zhong’s figure had vanished.

“I’ll definitely see through you in three years!” Suddenly, Jia Nan’s figure had arrived at this desolate battlefield as well, and the place he stood just happened to be where Wang Zhong stood earlier.

His gaze was deep as he looked towards the distance, and a wisp of resolution resided in the space between his brows on his tranquil and firm face.

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