Chapter 1898 – Liu Shenji

Daolord Xu Tuo’s suggestion caused many in the hall to be tempted.

Especially Daolord Xuan Ming who didn’t give it any thought before he said, “This suggestion isn’t bad. Our five great powers were able to disregard previous enmities and converge so that the disciples from our respective sects would be able to obtain fortune from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Under such circumstances, we should naturally help each other because working together would be the most reliable course of action.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “After all, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is mysterious and unfathomable. It’s filled with Tribulation Energy that restrains the Dao, so it would truly be too dangerous to act alone.”

Even Daolord Cai Ya couldn’t help but be tempted by these words. As an elder of the Dao Institute, he naturally hoped that the disciples of his sect would be able search for fortune from that mysterious place within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

But right after that, he temporarily suppressed this thought and watched coldly from the sidelines. He wanted to observe the reaction of Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

“Let me ask a single question. Are these five pieces of the secret map a reward for the 1st in the Dao Discussion.” Unexpectedly, it was Daolord Xue Ling from Nuwa’s Dao Palace that spoke first. Her clear gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming.

“Yes.” Even if Xue Tuo and Xuan Ming were unwilling to admit it, they had no choice but to admit this face.

“Since it’s like that, then on what basis should Chen Xi hand these pieces of the map over and share the secrets within it with everyone?” This time, she didn’t wait for the others to answer before she said resolutely, “If it was like that, then why hold that second round of the Dao Discussion. After fighting all the way until the end, even the reward is going to be distributed in the end?”

These words were confrontational, and it caused a trace of gloominess to arise in the space between Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming’s brows.

“Xue Ling, I raised this suggestion for the sake of all the disciples. After all, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos is too dangers. Not to mention that Chen Xi has already obtained five Natural Spirit Treasures, and such a reward is sufficiently abundant. Could it be that it’s unsuitable to make him share the map while in the face of such a major matter?” Xu Tuo took a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice.

“Allow me to be blunt. If Chen Xi is unable to accept this suggestion, then he would be in quite a bad situation after he enters the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos! I presume all of you’re clearly aware that a man’s wealth is his own doom.” Xuan Ming spoke coldly as well, and his voice carried a faint threatening tone.

When he heard this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh from extreme rage. These two old bastards are really growing in shamelessness as they age. They clearly want to forcefully seize the secrets in my possession yet speak with such a strong sense of justice. They’re simply shameless to the extreme.

At this moment, Wu Xuechan frowned as well, and he was just about to speak when he was stopped by Chen Xi. “Eldest Senior Brother, let me speak.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi took a stride forward, and he swept Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming with his gaze while his expression remained calm and composed.

After that, he smiled as he said, “The suggestion Seniors raised is correct. I’ll naturally share the secrets in my possession with the other Fellow Daoists once we enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.”

Hmm? Everyone was stunned when they heard this. They originally thought that Chen Xi would refuse with rage, yet never had they imagined that he would actually accept this suggestion.

Even Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow, and they were unable to discern exactly what this kid before them intended to do.

“However, in my opinion, this secret can only be shared with the friends that I can trust, like the Fellow Daoists from Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Fellow Daoists from the Dao Institute. The disciples from both sects can explore that mysterious place for me. As for the others…. Haha. Forgive me for having no interest to work together with them. I’m not afraid of ungrateful bastards, but I’m afraid of bastards that would bite back for more.”

These words didn’t just allow everyone to fully understand Chen Xi’s intentions, they were even filled with ridicule, and he even mocked both the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute without holding back at all. Moreover, his words were filled with insinuations.

In an instant, many within the hall gasped. They’d never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so bold to speak such words before two Daolords.

At this instant, the faces of Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming had turned gloomy in unison, and a strand of extremely terrifying aura came from their entire bodies.

When had figures like them been ridiculed by a junior?

However, before this strand of terrifying aura could press down onto Chen Xi, it was instantly dispersed by a flick of Wu Xuechan’s sleeve.

At practically the exact same moment, Wu Xuechan smiled indifferently and said, “With both your statuses, could it be that both of you intend to make a fuss about it with my Little Junior Brother?”

“Wu Xuechan! This is how a disciple of your Oracle Mountain acts? Sharp tongues and unaware of his limits. If this was the outside word, then I would have immediately annihilated him just because of those words!” Xu Tuo spoke in a ghastly tone.

At this moment, he’d determined that it was impossible to obtain the secret within those five pieces of beast skin for Chen Xi, so he started speaking in an utterly blunt manner.

“Fellow Daoist Xu Tuo is right. I hope that this audacious Young Brother Chen Xi will be able to return with his life from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” Xuan Ming’s expression was icy cold and dignified, and his voice carried coldness that caused the hearts of others to palpitate.

When he noticed the atmosphere within the hall turn confrontational, Cai Ya didn’t dare maintain silence any longer, and he smiled as he spoke. “Alright. No matter what, it’s already very rare for our five powers to come together and work together. So, please don’t get into conflict before the cooperation is complete. Because if that happened, then it would be disadvantageous to everyone.”

He wasn’t wrong. Every single one of the five powers were needed, or the others would be unable to establish the passageway into the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

So, under such circumstances, allowing conflict to arise wouldn’t be worth it for any one of their sects.

Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming clearly understood this as well, so they immediately grunted coldly and fell silent.

However, their gazes towards Chen Xi was like they were looking at a corpse. Obviously, they’d aroused utter hate for Chen Xi.

Once existences like them became furious, then it would absolutely be an unimaginable calamity to anyone.

Chen Xi understood this because he’d heard from the Goddess of Arambha Temple a very long time ago that existences at the Daolord Realm stood at the highest peak in the Ancient God Domain. They were fearless, merciless, and ruthless. So long as they were offended, they wouldn’t give any consideration to the power that stood behind a person!

Of course, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of them.

Presently, he was far from being able to go against an existence like a Daolord. However, he had his Eldest Senior Brother and Oracle Mountain standing behind him, so he naturally wouldn’t fear anyone in the world.

Not to mention that while these two old fellows wanted to kill him, didn’t his Oracle Mountain want to kill them as well?

At the bottom of it all, perhaps both sides could sit down peacefully here at this moment, but the enmity between them had been formed since countless years ago, and it was irreconcilable.

When faced with such enmity and hatred, none of them would be merciful and softhearted against each other.


Suddenly, a wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then an illusory rain of the radiance of the Dao descended before a figure appeared.

This figure was thin, short, and extremely ordinary. As he stood there, he was even much shorter than Chen Xi.

However, as soon as he appeared, all the sounds of discussion within the hall had stopped abruptly. The deathly silent atmosphere here was actually filled with a supreme and dignified aura that was filled with boundless divinity!

In an instant, the hearts of Chen Xi and the other 29 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm disciples shook while a strand of reverence couldn’t help but arise in their hearts.

This figure was clearly short, thin, and ordinary to the extreme, yet they actually felt extremely tiny when facing him.

It was like they were a group of ants that were looking up at a peak that was impossible to scale!

At this moment, even the bodies of the Imperial Monarchs couldn’t help but stiffen while they revealed reserved expressions. Moreover, they didn’t dare speak loudly as they were afraid of this person!

Only Wu Xuechan and the other Daolords could still maintain their composure. However, when they saw this figure appear at this moment, they still stood up in unison, cupped their hands, and bowed.

“Dean!” Shockingly, he was actually the Dean of the Dao Institute, Liu Shenji!

In an instant, the hearts of Chen Xi and the others shook. This was a supreme existence of legend, an extraordinary overlord that could rival the Master of Oracle Mountain, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and the Divine Institute’s Dean.

This legendary figure had resided within the Dao Institute without showing himself for countless years. Yet at this moment, he’d appeared just like this before the eyes of everyone, so the severity of the shock it created was obvious.

For a time, the atmosphere within the hall became even more deathly silent and solemn.

On the other hand, the Dean of Dao Institute, Liu Shenji, who had an ordinary appearance and short stature seemed to have become the center of attention in the hall. He was supreme!

“Everyone, have you brought the precious treasures of your respective sects?” Liu Shenji spoke with a voice that was filled with a dignified tone. He stood with his hands behind his back while his entire body flowed with a mysterious glow of the Dao, causing others to be unable to see his appearance clearly.

“It’s prepared.” Wu Xuechan and the others nodded.

“Since it’s like that, then Cai Ya, set out with the other Fellow Daoists immediately and head to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” Liu Shenji instructed casually and said, “I’ll personally bring these 30 little fellows with me three days from now and head to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.”

As soon as he spoke these words, all the others didn’t dare disobey his instructions.

Even figures like Xu Tuo and Xuan Ming didn’t dare act against his orders.

This was the power and influence of the Dao Institute’s Dean. Throughout the entire Ancient God Domain, there were only a few people that could rival him.

“Huai Kong’zi, make arrangements for these little fellows in the Ancient Springtime Realm. Three days of time is sufficient for them to recover to their peak states. After that, bring them to Convergence Hall.” Liu Shenji gazed at Huai Kong’zi as he gave further instructions.

“Yes.” Huai Kong’zi bowed and received his orders.

After that, Liu Shenji moved his gaze towards the others within the hall and said, “All of you can seize this opportunity to speak to the disciples of your respective powers. According to my deduction, the trip to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos will take at least three to five years and might even go on for over 10 years of time. Moreover, it’s possible for all sorts of dangers to appear there. No one can guarantee whether these 30 little fellows will be able to return safely. So, it’s best that… all of you are mentally prepared.”

His voice resounded within the hall, yet his figure had vanished.

For a time, the atmosphere within the hall became even more deathly silent because of the words that Lu Shenji had spoken before he left.


It’s possible that all the disciples who enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos this time might not be able to return safely?

If one knew nothing about the situation, one would even suspect that Liu Shenji had spoken those words in order to obstruct all of this from happening.

However, all the existences within the hall wouldn’t think in that way.

Since a figure like Liu Shenji had spoken such words at this moment, then it definitely meant that this trip was really not simple!

It was even to the extent that unimaginable dangers existed there. So, they had to make sufficient preparations!

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