Chapter 1897 – Secrets Of The Ultimate Path

The veil of night descended.

The final battle of the Dao Discussion had come to an end a long time ago, but the cultivators in Ten Direction City hadn’t left just like that. They’d converged together instead and were fervently discussing everything that occurred during the Dao Discussion.

When compared to daytime, Ten Direction City that was enveloped by night was simply bustling to an inconceivable state. Practically every single street, every single building, and every single cultivator were discussing topics related to the Dao Discussion.

“If it’s in terms of the biggest surprise during the Dao Discussion, then it’s definitely Wang Zhong. Unfortunately, he lost at Chen Xi’s hand.”

“If it’s in term so the most ferocious during the Dao Discussion, then it’s definitely Donghuang Yinxuan. Unfortunately, he lost at Chen Xi’s hands as well.”

“If it’s in terms of the most anticipated to obtain the first, then it would undoubtedly be Leng Xinghun. But in the end… he lost to Chen Xi as well.”

“It seems that so long as anyone encounters Chen Xi, then person would face a bad outcome. This is slightly thought provoking.”

“Yes. Chen Xi had merely risen to prominence for a few tens of years, yet he obtained the first in this Dao Discussion. Who would have imagined that this would happen?”

All sorts of sounds of discussion resounded beneath the night sky, and there were many topics of discussion, but practically every single one of them were related to a single person.

That person was Chen Xi!

On the other hand, Leng Xinghun who was ranked at the 2nd dimmed in comparison when compared to Chen Xi.

When they mentioned Chen Xi, all of them revealed reverence, respect and shock, and when they mentioned Leng Xinghun, all of them reacted in a uniform manner. They sighed with emotion and felt pity.

Merely based on these discussions alone, it was sufficient to discern how influential Chen Xi success in obtaining the first in the Dao Discussion was.

It was even to the extent that one could foresee that it wouldn’t be long before the entire Ancient God Domain would be stirred, and Chen Xi’s name would be spread throughout the world for all to know.

After all, the Dao Discussion was held by the five extremes of the Imperial Region, and it was unprecedentedly grand. It had drawn over the gazes of the cultivation world in the entire Ancient God Domain before it had even begun.

As the 1st in this Dao Discussion, it was obvious how much attention Chen Xi received.

While the outside world reveled in the excitement, others discerned that there were secrets behind all of this.

Some great figures were clearly aware that the meaning behind Chen Xi’s success of representing Oracle Mountain to seize the first in the Dao Discussion was absolutely not so simple.

It was obvious from the objective of the Dao Discussion. The 30 disciples that had been selected through the first round had already obtained the qualifications to enter the Forgotten Ruins of Chaos. Under such circumstances, why was the second round held?

This itself was slightly unusual!

Regretfully, along with the end of the Dao Discussion, all the 30 disciples including Chen Xi had been summoned into the Dao Institute’s Convergence Hall and no further news had been spread from there. So, all the great figures that were paying attention to this could only make wild deductions in their hearts.

Convergence Hall.

Along with the end of the Dao Discussion, Chen Xi and the other disciples that participated in the second round had converged here.

They stood before the hall with solemn expressions, and they didn’t dare speak loudly at all.

Because an entire five extraordinary existences at the Daolord Realm and numerous Imperial Monarchs sat before them!

Merely the auras emanated from these great figures caused them to feel restrained and not dare act arbitrarily.

“The Dao Discussion has come to an end. Victory and defeat have become a matter of the past, so there’s no need to mention it again.” Cai Ya spoke in a low voice, and his aged eyes swept past Chen Xi and the others while his voice was extremely dignified.

“However, there are some things that had to be carried out after the Dao Discussion came to an end. Like the reward for the 1st.” As he spoke, Cai Ya waved his hand.


Five jade boxes of varying colors appeared out of thin air, and they flew to a stop before Chen Xi.

“These five Natural Spirit Treasures were provided by my Dao Institute, Oracle Mountain, the Sovereign Sect, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Divine Institute. They were specially prepared for the disciple that seized the 1st. Chen Xi, take them.”


The gazes of many within the hall moved onto those five jade boxes, and many gazes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of envy.

Of course, there were also many gazes that carried a trace of unwillingness.

These five jade boxes respectively held the Infinite Skybreak Shuttle, the Spiritvoid Garment, the Yin-Yang Universe Flag, the Globe Halberd, and the Myriad Dao Pearl.

Every single one of them was a precious treasure even amongst Natural Spirit Treasures, and they were extremely miraculous. They contained numerous inconceivable abilities, and their value was so great that they’d exceeded the value of ordinary Natural Spirit Treasures and were invaluable.

In the outside world, every single one of these Natural Spirit Treasure was sufficient to make the eyes of any cultivator turn red with greed and covetous intentions, and they would even be willing to fight to the death to obtain it.

Yet now, all of them had become Chen Xi’s reward, so how could the others not feel envious? How could they be willing to see Chen Xi obtain them all?

However, all of this had been decided, and no matter who it was, that person could only feel envious and unwilling.

“Thank you!” Chen Xi took a deep breath, cupped his hands towards the surroundings, and then put the jade boxes away. Even though his expression was calm as before, a wisp of excitement couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

It was five precious Natural Spirit Treasures!

Such a reward was so generous that it truly surprised Chen Xi.

“Little Fellow, there’s no need for that. I’ve already said it earlier, the Myriad Dao Pearl of my Nuwa’s Dao Palace was prepared for an outstanding genius like you.” Xue Ling smiled lightly as she spoke warmly and gently.

However, when these words entered into Xu Tuo’s ears, it caused his face to turn grim, and he faintly sensed a trace of ridicule in it.

Because he’d bluntly ridiculed Nuwa’s Dao Palace earlier when Leng Xinghun defeated Kong Youran.

But who would have imagined that Chen Xi would have obtained everything in the end? This caused an extraordinary figure like Daolord Xu Tuo to be unable to help but feel depressed.

When he noticed that the atmosphere was slightly off, Cai Ya coughed dryly and changed the topic. “Chen Xi, besides these rewards, there’s still another reward to be bestowed upon you.”

Chen Xi was stunned.

The other participants of the Dao Discussion were bewildered as well. There’s another reward? Could it be even more precious than five Natural Spirit Treasures?

In next to no time, they obtained the answer they sought.

After he finished speaking, Cai Ya had withdrawn four damaged pieces of beast skin. Every single one of them was suffused with an obscure and mysterious force that could obstruct all investigation, so they were utterly unable to determine what exactly was recorded on them.

However, the more it was like this, the more curious they were. Exactly what sort of secrets are hidden within these four pieces of beast skin?

Cai Ya didn’t reveal the answer, and he shot his gaze towards the Sovereign Sect’s Daolord Xu Tuo before he said with a smile on his face, “Fellow Daoist Xu Tuo, it’s about time for you to hand over the beast skin in your possession as well, right?”

There’s another piece of beast skin?

Everyone was stunned, and then they looked at Xu Tuo.

At this moment, Xu Tuo’s expression was still gloomy. In other words, his expression had never recovered since the moment Leng Xinghun lost miserably.

Moreover, when he heard Cai Ya’s words right now, it caused his aged face that was densely covered in wrinkles to seem even more gloomy.

“Haha! There’s no need for Fellow Daoist Cai Ya’s reminder. I’ll naturally hand it over.” After a moment of silence, Xu Tuo smiled coldly, and with a flick of his sleeve, a similarly damaged and ancient beast skin was tossed over through the air.

After he did all of this, he suddenly sighed with emotion. “Forgive me, everyone. It wasn’t that I did this intentionally, but this beast skin is too important. It’s related to a mysterious place within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it’s very likely for the person who’s able to enter that place to obtain the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao. Under such circumstances, I was slightly unwilling to hand it over as well.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of all the disciples including Chen Xi shook fiercely. The true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao!?

If it’s real, then these five pieces of beast skin are truly too precious, and they are so valuable that they can even make great figures at the Daolord Realm fight over them!

This was clear from the display Xu Tuo had put on earlier.

On the other hand, when they heard these words, Wu Xuechan, Xue Ling, Cai Ya, and the others couldn’t help but frown. They seemed to be displeased that Xu Tuo exposed such a world shocking secret at such a moment.

“There’s no need to be reluctant, Fellow Daoist Xu Tuo. Even if these five pieces of beast skin are combined together, it’s impossible to form a complete secret map.” Cai Ya pondered deeply for a moment before he smiled indifferently and said, “Not to mention that the rumor about the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao and these five pieces of beast skin were all left behind by the Roc Daolord, and it may not necessarily be true.”

“No!” Xu Tuo spoke decisively and said, “Since the ancient times until now, only the Roc Daolord has entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Even though he still suffered calamity and perished in the end, the treasures he left behind would definitely not be tricks or fake. In my opinion, it’s very likely to be true.”

When they finished listening to all of this, even Chen Xi couldn’t avoid feeling shocking. Why is all of this related to the Roc Daolord again?

When he thought about it carefully, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that since he entered the Last Days Domain from the three dimensions, he seemed to have started to hear about the Roc Daolord.

It was even to the extent that the Last Days Domain was formed from the Roc Daolord’s remains!

At that time, Chen Xi had even encountered the Princess of the Primeval Micro Race, A’Liang, and the others from the Primeval Micro Race at that time in the Last Days Domain. Moreover, he was fortunate enough to obtain the energy left behind by the Roc Daolord from them.

Later on, because of the Goddess that resided in Arambha Temple, Chen Xi found out that the Roc Daolord had entered into the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos at that time, yet he perished in the end because he was inflicted by the Tribulation Energy that restrained the Dao from within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

Now, when he found out that the five ancient pieces of a beast skin map and the rumor of the true secrets of the Ultimate Path of the Dao had been left behind by the Roc Daolord, Chen Xi naturally couldn’t avoid sighing with emotion. Exactly what sort of existence is that Roc Daolord?

Why did Xu Tuo bluntly reveal all of these secrets at this moment?

In an instant, an incomprehensible feeling of coldness suddenly surged from Chen Xi’s heart, and it caused him to suddenly awaken from his deep thought.

This old fellow wouldn’t be harboring malicious intent and intends to allow the entire world to know that I’ve obtained these five pieces of the secret map?

“In my opinion, when these 30 little fellows enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, it will probably be impossible to enter that mysterious place by relying on a single person’s strength. Why don’t we combine these five pieces of beast skin together and distribute the secrets within them to all the other disciples, so that they can participate and work together towards this goal?” Right at this moment, Xu Tuo spoke abruptly and raised a suggestion.

In an instant, Chen Xi laughed coldly in his heart. So that’s what this old bastard was planning!

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