Chapter 1895 – Primordial Light of the Dao

The Imperial Sovereign Dao Root!

The only supreme Dao Root in the world that surpassed ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Roots. So long as one refined and absorbed such a Dao Root, then it would be sufficient to provide one with invincible potential in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

Such existences in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm were called Imperial Sovereign Rank Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

Earlier, everyone had felt how terrifying an Imperial Sovereign Dao Root was from Yea Chen, but none had imagined that Chen Xi had actually refined and absorbed one as well!

If this is true, then how could there possibly be two Imperial Sovereign Dao Roots in the world?

All the cultivators in the outside world were shocked, and they were unable to imagine exactly what the reason for this was.

Only Yea Chen was clearly aware that he’d refined and absorbed the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root that had been preserved from the last era, and it was very obvious that Chen Xi had refined and absorbed the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root that was born in this era!

It really is as I expected. At this moment, Yea Chen couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. When he saw Chen Xi for the first time, he’d instinctively sensed that something was extraordinary about Chen Xi, and he noticed that Chen Xi had a similar aura to his own.

Now, it would seem like it was obviously because of the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root that Chen Xi possessed!

Within Convergence Hall.

Cai Ya seemed to have thought of something and spoke in a daze. “Looks like the Master of the Manku period, Xuan, really did obtain an Imperial Sovereign Dao Root all those years ago. But I never imagined that it would have been obtained by this kid in the end.”

“This kid really concealed his strength well!” Xu Tuo spoke with a hoarse voice that carried a wisp of viciousness.

Wu Xuechan smiled instead, and his smile was thought provoking.

At this moment, Chen Xi was like an imperial sovereign on the Dao Engraved Battlefield. His entire body was suffused by violet gold colored auspicious energy, and he seemed imposing like a sovereign that had descended to the world.


He seemed as if he hadn’t heard Leng Xinghun’s cry of shock, and he resolutely launched an attack at this moment. The Talisman Armament in his palm was covered in layer of violet gold color, and it was simple, harmonious, and carried an oppressive dignified aura that pressed down on one’s heart.

In an instant, a storm arose in this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Violent winds howled while the world instantly dimmed down, and it was like the end of the world had arrived.


A strand of sword qi shot through the sky like a bolt of lightning yet also seemed like a violet gold dragon that had emerged from the Chaos during the primeval times. It slashed the world apart and brought destruction to it.

Numerous rifts swept out through space, and they formed a dense mass that caused space to seem like a portrait that was being torn into pieces.

The spectators were astounded. How could the might of this Imperial Sovereign Dao Root be so terrifying?


Leng Xinghun seemed to have realized how severe the situation was. He suddenly soared into the sky while his blood red hair fluttered violently, and he was like a primeval Fiendgod as he utilized the Thundervoid blade to its limits to execute a slash towards Chen Xi.

However, in merely an instant, this attack of his was crushed into pieces!


Leng Xinghun was caught off guard and the sword qi grazed by him, causing blood to drip down from his neck. His head had almost been chopped off!

“Dammit! This is impossible!” Leng Xinghun roared loudly. His hair was disheveled while his entire body was enveloped by black colored energy of calamity, and he seemed like he’d gone mad.

He was just about to defeat Chen Xi, but such an unexpected event had occurred at the critical moment, and it caused the situation of the battle to be suddenly turned around. Instead of defeating Chen Xi, he’d been successively suppressed by Chen Xi instead. So, this was simply like an extraordinary humiliation to Leng Xinghun who was proud, arrogant, and confident that he could look down upon all opponents in the same cultivation realm.

If he was defeated today, then Chen Xi would attain a supreme reputation because when others mentioned the Dao Discussion, they would definitely recall Chen Xi’s strength!

Serving as a steppingstone to bring contrast to Chen Xi’s accomplishments in battle. How sad was that?

If that really happened, then wouldn’t Chen Xi become the true invincible number one expert in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm?

All of these were things that Leng Xinghun was unable to accept!


A wisp of violet gold sword qi assaulted him once more, and it covered the heavens and the earth with boundless brilliance.


Leng Xinghun was blasted flying again. Blood flowed from every single pore on his body, causing his clothes to be dyed red with blood, and his face warped from pain.

The spectators were astounded.

At this moment, Chen Xi simply seemed invincible and all-powerful. Moreover, they were eternally unable to forget the imposing aura of a peerless imperial sovereign that Chen Xi possessed.

“You think you can defeat me with just that?” Suddenly, Leng Xinghun who’d been completely suppressed had spoken with an extremely icy cold voice, and it emanated a resolute and ruthless tone.

He seemed to have made some sort of decision.


In the next moment, a strand of light suddenly charged out from the top of his head. It appeared primordial and was enshrouded with the aura of the Dao as it shot into the nine heavens and surged through the surroundings!

“The Primordial Light of the Dao!” Many people exclaimed with surprise while shock arose on their faces. Because they’d recognized the light Leng Xinghun revealed to be a miraculous light of the Dao that was born within the Primordial Chaos.

According to legend, before those Innate Gods that were born from within the Chaos had advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm, they would definitely gather a strand of Primordial Light of the Dao and nurture it within their bodies, and they did so for the sake of establishing a flawless foundation in the Imperial Monarch Realm.

However, after the Chaos had been split apart and time passed, the Primordial Light of the Dao had vanished in the world and seemed to not exist anymore.

But who could have imagined that Leng Xinghun actually possessed a strand?

This was simply inconceivable!

“Alas.” Xu Tuo sighed within Convergence Hall, and he seemed to feel that it wasn’t worth it for Leng Xinghun to utilize the Primordial Light of the Dao at this moment.

On the other hand, Wu Xuechan revealed a rare trace of seriousness at this moment.

The Primordial Light of the Dao could establish a perfect foundation in the Imperial Monarch Realm, yet it could also emanate boundless divine might. Once it was utilized, it was sufficient to bring about obliteration to experts in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!


As soon as the Primordial Light of the Dao appeared, the Dao Engraved Battlefield was instantly suffused with an aura of obliteration. The heavens and the earth turned pitch black and seemed to have fallen beneath the veil of eternal night.

Strands of strange energy surged incessantly throughout Leng Xinghun’s body, and it caused him to simply seem like an innate god that had emerged from the Primordial Chaos.

“I originally prepared this for charging into the Imperial Monarch Realm. But now, it doesn’t matter so long as I’m able to defeat you!” Amidst his cold and merciless voice, Leng Xinghun formed seals with his right hand, and then suddenly waved his hand. The strand of Primordial Light of the Dao suddenly shook, and merely this single shake caused the heavens and the earth to quake as if a terrifying calamity had descended.

The heavens and the earth shook. Even the entire battlefield was shaking and droning.

Fortunately, someone made a move at the critical moment and stabilized the battlefield and prevented this energy from leaking out and affecting the outside world.

However, everything within the battlefield weren’t so lucky. They were ceaselessly destroyed, blasted into pieces, and transformed into powder. The extremely grand force was like an ocean that couldn’t be obstructed, and it swept out and enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

The might of the Primordial Light of the Dao was too terrifying. It was dazzling, resplendent, and emanated the radiance of the Dao, causing it to seem terrifying to the point others trembled before him and wished for nothing more than to flee far away.

“Chen Xi, even if you possess an Imperial Sovereign Dao Root, you are still bound to lose!” Leng Xinghun roared loudly while his blood red hair fluttered violently, and his blood red pupils emanated two blood red bolts of lightning that shot over 3km into the distance. Moreover, he seemed to be mysterious and terrifying while being enveloped by the Primordial Light of the Dao.

At this moment, numerous Laws of the Heaven Dao descended from the sky like waterfalls, and they transformed into a material force that surged into Leng Xinghun’s body.

He’d received the energy of the Heaven Dao and was helped by the heavens!

The appearance of the Primordial Light of the Dao had allowed Leng Xinghun to even be able to borrow the energy of the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and it was filled with extraordinary might, causing him to seem to possess monstrous power that could crush anyone!

In an instant, Leng Xinghun’s strength had been risen to an unprecedented height. It was like he’d transformed into the disciple of the Heaven Dao, and he intended to pass judgment on behalf of the Heavens.

There was no doubt that Leng Xinghun was terrifying at this moment. He possessed peerless divine might and seemed lofty and supreme as he formed seals with both hands, and he possessed the might to destroy everything before him.

Chen Xi’s in danger!

This was what many people felt because they’d clearly sensed the changes in Leng Xinghun at this moment.

“Crush!” After accumulating force for a long time, Leng Xinghun had caused everything to rise to their limits, and he looked down upon everything with peerless divine might.


A wisp of the Primordial Light of the Dao soared through the sky, fused with the heavens and the earth, and seemed to be capable of crushing everything!

The hearts of all the spectators trembled while fear arose from their bones. Even the great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm revealed shocked expressions and gasped.

All of them felt that Chen Xi was in big trouble, and the consequences were worrying.

However, in the next moment, the imposing aura throughout Chen Xi’s body suddenly rose!

He stretched his body and swung the Talisman Armament while his entire body was filled by violet gold divine radiance. Moreover, dense markings covered his skin, and they glittered like jade and glowed brilliantly.

Within his body, the potential that came from the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root had erupted completely, and it started circulating fully.

In an instant, the Grand Dao rumbled throughout Chen Xi’s body while he revealed a monstrous aura. Moreover, violet gold brilliant erupted from him, causing others to be unable to look directly at him. He simply seemed like a brilliant violet gold sun that soared through the sky.


Chen Xi slashed with the Talisman Armament.

“That’s not good!” The expressions of many changed while their entire bodies stiffened. They were unable to imagine why Chen Xi would choose a head-on attack at this moment.

Tu Meng, Gu Yan, and the others were even anxious to the extreme, and they couldn’t help but clench their fists.

Right when everything felt that Chen Xi’s action was inadvisable, and he would be in huge trouble, a shocking scene appeared.

The Primordial Light of the Dao that possessed a grand imposing aura and was extremely terrifying suddenly droned as if it had encountered extraordinary resistance.


Right after that, a world shocking explosion resounded as the wisp of violet gold sword qi had directly blasted the Primordial Light of the Dao into pieces.

“What!?” All the spectators were stunned. How could this have happened? The boundlessly grand Primordial Light of the Dao was destroyed so easily?

They were simply unable to believe their eyes and were astounded. Because all of this was completely different from their expectations!

It wasn’t just the spectators, even Leng Xinghun seemed as he’d been struck by lightning at this moment. The peerless divine might he emanated throughout his body seemed as if it had frozen, and it swiftly declined.

The strongest attack that he’d accumulated strength for a long time to execute had actually been destroyed like a piece of paper, so how could he accept this outcome?

“How could this….” Leng Xinghun even forgot to feel angry, and his heart was filled by boundless bewilderment.

“Impossible!” After that, he started howling while his eyes almost split apart with rage. “How could this have happened!? How could this have happened!?”

“Indeed. How could this have happened?” All the spectators were unable to imagine it as well.

At this moment, Chen Xi was like an imperial sovereign that looked down upon the world, and he was unprecedentedly formidable. He was like a unique existence that possessed an aura of supremacy through the ages.


He didn’t hold back at all nor did he waste his breath, and he utilized his entire strength to attack Leng Xinghun!

Leng Xinghun was horrified, and his expression changed abruptly. He condensed the Primordial Light of the Dao once more with the intention of blocking this attack.

However, his actions were clearly a bit too slow. The reason was that after the Primordial Light of the Dao had been blasted into pieces earlier, the speed it condensed back into its earlier state was far from being able to compare with the speed at which Chen Xi attacked.


A world shaking sound of collision resounded. Chen Xi’s strike of the sword caused Leng Xinghun to cough up a large mouthful of blood while his figure was blasted flying!

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