Chapter 1893 – Taking Every Possibility Into Account


Space exploded into pieces. Leng Xinghun’s blood red hair fluttered wildly while the Thundervoid blade in his hand droned, and it carried monstrous black colored divine flames of calamity as it struck down.


The Talisman Armament was like a shadow that suddenly appeared and blocked this attack, and then it was stabbed diagonally, causing sword qi to shoot out like a waterfall that smashed towards Leng Xinghun.

Leng Xinghun’s figure retreated explosively while an ancient checkerboard that made a clear distinction between black and white condensed into form in his slender palm, and then it revolved endlessly.

The Natural Spirit Treasure — Heavenmatch Checkboard!


A black colored checker pierce soared into the sky like a black sun, and it crushed the world as it enveloped down at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and his figure flickered and vanished on the spot.


Right when his figure had just vanished, the space he stood earlier had suddenly collapsed and was occupied by a ray of black divine radiance that shot into the sky.

The black divine radiance was formed from the black checker piece. When looked at from afar, it was like a pillar that could hold the heavens up, and it emanated terrifying might and a powerful imposing aura that gave others the feeling that it was unshakeable.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Leng Xinghun seemed to not be surprised when he saw Chen Xi’s figure flash and dodge it, and he didn’t slow down at all as he controlled the Heavenmatch Checkerboard to the point it spun as numerous checker pieces shot out explosively from it.

The black pieces were powerful and heavy; the white pieces were icy cold and murderous.

Piece after piece soared horizontally and vertically through space, and they formed numerous absolutely straight rifts in space as they smashed down through the world.

When looked at from afar, it was like Leng Xinghun had transformed into the saint of checkers, and the heavens and the earth were the board while he utilized the black and white pieces to determine life and death as he played a match against the heavens.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was like prey that had fallen into the checkboard, and he dodged incessantly yet was unable to escape it.

If life was like checkers, then the one in control of the black and white pieces controlled life and death. It was like a trap, and one could only suffer being trapped and besieged upon falling into it!

This was why the Heavenmatch Checkerboard was terrifying.


In merely a short moment, the last black checker piece descended, and it completely stabilized the situation.

There were 19 spots both horizontally and vertically.

White started with 180 while black started with 181. They crisscrossed in a completely square shape to form a barrier around the heavens and the earth, and they reflected radiance off each other while emanating terrifying divine radiance themselves.

Chen Xi was completely trapped within the checkboard!

When looked at from the outside world, it was like Chen Xi had fallen into a ghastly world, and it was covered in black and white that intersected together. Chen Xi was lost within it and was unable to escape.

Numerous cultivators were unable to sit still when they witnessed this, and they felt extremely shocked. The Heavenmatch Checkerboard’s might was too terrifying and unimaginable.

“Kill!” A wisp of a cold expression arose on the corners of Leng Xinghun’s mouth. He controlled the Heavenmatch Checkerboard with his hand, causing the motionless black and white pieces that were dispersed throughout the battlefield to suddenly emanate a terrifying glow before starting to move and intersect.


Every single time they intersected, a strand of terrifying destructive force was created, and it transformed space into powder. Its might was formidable and shocking to the extreme.

At this moment, Leng Xinghun seemed like he was playing checkers. He seemed to be drawing techniques from numerous unpredictable manuals, and the black and white pieces were controlled by him to charge throughout the board and smashed down incessantly at Chen Xi.


Even if Chen Xi dodged successively, his movement was greatly limited while residing within the board. So, he was caught off guard and struck over and over again by the black and white pieces. It caused him to stagger back endlessly, and even though he wasn’t injured, he in an embarrassing state.

The situation he was in seemed to have turn bad.

This caused the hearts of many cultivators to constrict while they felt extremely worried for Chen Xi.


But in merely a short moment, Chen Xi who’d been blasted back once more had grunted coldly. The Talisman Armament in his palm suddenly emanated strange droning, and then a myriad of talisman markings sprayed out from it and formed a sword shaped vortex.


A pair of black and white checker pieces smashed down once more. However, they didn’t even have the chance to reveal their might before they suddenly wailed and were torn up by a terrifying devouring force, and then they fell into the sword shaped vortex and vanished.

Hmm? Brilliant light shot out from Leng Xinghun’s eyes, and then he flicked his sleeve.

36 pairs of black and white pieces crisscrossed as they encircled Chen Xi and smashed down at him from all directions, causing all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat to be completely sealed off.

Om~ Om~

However, as the Talisman Armament soared into the sky, waves of strange fluctuation swept out, and then those 36 pairs of black and white pieces didn’t even have the chance to struggle before they were devoured by the sword shaped vortex created by the Talisman Armament!

They weren’t just unable to harm Chen Xi. The might of the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s palm had grown stronger after they were devoured. The sword shaped vortex was suffused with an illusory glow, and it was deep like am abyss and seemed to be able to swallow the world!

“Eh!” A wave of exclaims of surprise resounded in the outside world, and they seemed to be filled with disbelief.

“A Natural Spirit Treasure that’s able to devour the energy of other Natural Spirit Treasures and improve its own might?” Xu Tuo’s muddy eyes suddenly narrowed and were suffused with a shocking black glow of lightning.

“Natural Spirit Treasures that possess such a unique miraculous effect are truly rare. According to my knowledge, only the Primordial Spirit Gourd ranked at the 2nd position in the three dimensions possessed such a miraculous effect. But that treasure has vanished along with the ages.” Cai Ya couldn’t avoid feeling surprised. Existences like them had seen all sorts of Natural Spirit Treasures, but it was extremely rare to see a Natural Spirit Treasure that possessed such miraculous effects like the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hands.

“A Talisman Armament that has been nurtured by a Natural Spirit Foundation can actually form such a unique ability. It’s truly unexpected. Looks like he clearly obtained the guidance of an expert when he refined it.” Xue Ling spoke as well, and her voice carried a wisp of praise.

She wasn’t wrong. If Chen Xi hadn’t obtained the secret technique that Senior White had passed down to him, then he would have been utterly unable to accomplish this when transforming the Talisman Armament into a Natural Spirit Treasure.

At this moment, Wu Xuechan had seen through its secrets as well, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised. He’d never imagined that this little junior brother of his would actually possess such supreme fortune.

Merely the might possessed by the Talisman Armament had far surpassed the might of ordinary Natural Spirit Treasures, and it could absolutely be considered as an extraordinary Natural Spirit Treasure.

He’s actually devouring the energy of the Heavenmatch Checkerboard! At this instant, Leng Xinghun had noticed that the situation was bad as well, and his heart couldn’t help but tremble while he intended to change his attack strategy.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi who stood within the board had suddenly taken the initiative to attack, and the Talisman Armament carried an illusory sword shaped vortex along with it as it swept through the surroundings!

In an instant, all the black and white pieces trembled in unison before they suddenly exploded into pieces, causing the entire board to seem as if it had suffered a lightning strike and was obliterated right after.


Leng Xinghun’s figure trembled from the backlash while the vital blood within his entire body roiled, and he almost coughed up blood from the discomfort he felt.


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to attack.

When he noticed this, a pitch black and deep vertical eye suddenly opened up between Leng Xinghun’s brows, and it was cold, indifferent, and was boundlessly majestic.

The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!


A grey and hazy ray of light shot out soundlessly from the vertical eye and flashed before Leng Xinghun.

After that, Chen Xi’s attack figure suddenly stopped moving as if he’d suffered a terrifying assault.

When Kong Youran fought Leng Xinghun earlier, Leng Xinghun had relied on this move to catch Kong Youran off guard and defeat her.

Now, this scene had actually appeared once more!

In an instant, the hearts of the cultivators in the outside world couldn’t help but rise to their throats. Would Chen Xi… be able to resist it?

“Slash!” Leng Xinghun’s figure flashed while the Thundervoid in his palm shot through the sky, and it suddenly swept horizontally towards Chen Xi’s throat at an inconceivable speed!

It was quick!

Too quick!

Actually, since Chen Xi escaped the board and attacked Leng Xinghun, to this instant where Leng Xinghun suddenly utilized the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and attacked ferociously. This string of actions had occurred in practically an instant, and it could be said to be unfathomably dangerous and shocking to the extreme.

Moreover, when Chen Xi’s figure stopped and Leng Xinghun attacked, the situation had arrived at an unprecedentedly dangerous state.

It was a moment of life and death, and it caused numerous cultivators to even feel suffocated while their bodies stiffened on the spot.

When the black Thundervoid blade was approaching his eyebrows, a strand of shocking divine light suddenly shot out explosively from Chen Xi’s eyes.


In the next moment, the Talisman Armament in his palm seemed as if it had eyes as it went head-on against Leng Xinghun’s attack.

Numerous cultivators in the outside world heaved long sighs of relief upon witnessing this scene, and it seemed as if they were actually more nervous than Chen Xi.

However, when this strike failed, Leng Xinghun wasn’t shocked but delighted instead. He seemed as if he’d expected this would happen, and he opened his mouth to spit out a strand of blood red light that shot explosively towards Chen Xi.

This unexpected event had occurred so quickly and so suddenly that numerous cultivators in the outside world were unable to react to it.

However, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed it a long time ago, and he flicked his sleeve.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Three clear and resounding howls resounded as three bright golden coins floated up into the air, and then they formed the shape of the ‘品’ character and forcefully stopped the blood red flying sword in front of Chen Xi.


The sound of collision resounded while a terrifying force swept towards the surroundings, and it split Chen Xi and Leng Xinghun’s figures apart.

This string of events was rather unpredictable and had taken everyone by surprise, so all the cultivators in the outside world couldn’t help but be stunned when everything came to an end.

They’re too formidable!

The scenes that had appeared during this short instant could simply be considered as world shocking and inconceivable.

On the other hand, the battle between Chen Xi and Leng Xinghun had even arrived at an inconceivable height that was unimaginable.

No one had imagined that Leng Xinghun’s attack didn’t consist of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation alone, and he had a blood red flying sword hidden in his mouth as well.

Moreover, none of them had imagined that Chen Xi would actually be unaffected by the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, and it was even to the extent that he’d prepared the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to deal with the situation.

This string of dangerous collision caused the great figures in the outside world to be unable to help but nod to themselves and exclaim endlessly with admiration.

However, this battle hadn’t come to an end just like that.

“Looks like you guessed that the might of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation wouldn’t be able to harm me, so you prepared a flying sword with the intention of catching me off guard and killing me?” Chen Xi spoke calmly while his black pupils surged with divine radiance.

“You’re only got half of it right.” Leng Xinghun’s expression was cold and emotionless as he said, “When I did all of this, I was very clearly aware that I might not be able to harm you at all. However, I didn’t have any intention to harm you in the first place.”

As he spoke, a wave of obscure and incomprehensible rumbling of the Dao came from between his lips.

After that, the three copper coins that floated before Chen Xi actually seemed as if they’d received some sort of summon, and they droned as they struggled incessantly. Moreover, they actually flashed towards Leng Xinghun.

“My objective was to take them back. They are a precious treasure of my Sovereign Sect, so how can they fall into the hands of our enemy?” A wisp of a smile that made him seem as if he’d taken every possibility into account had appeared on the corners of Leng Xinghun’s mouth, and it was extremely terrifying.

“So, that’s how it is. What a great scheme. Unfortunately, you’ve underestimated me.” Chen Xi smiled as well. As he spoke, he lightly spat out a single word from between his lips. “Explode!”

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