Chapter 1892 – Beast Skin Map

Convergence hall.

Daolord Xuan Ming fell into silence. Even though he knew that Donghuang Yinxuan might lose, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he witnessed this scene.

How could that little fellow from Oracle Mountain be so strong?

Could it be that it’s just as the Sect Master said? As the ninth Comprehender of the River Diagram, this kid possesses strength that ordinary people are unable to attain?

His destiny is unfathomable!

This is truly heaven defying….

Xuan Ming sighed in his heart.

“That final attack is clearly the Ultimate Dao of the Sword passed down from the Master of the Manku period, Xuan. Controlling the sword with the heart to destroy the world!” Daolord Cai Ya from the Dao Institute spoke with slight surprise. “I never expected that this Young Brother from Oracle Mountain’s cultivation in the Dao Heart had attained such a profound state.”

“It really is Xuan’s inheritance.” Daolord Xue Ling nodded.

“Hmph! That Master of the Manku period was a heretic that had no choice but to flee outside the Ancient God Domain in order to avoid being annihilated by the Heaven Dao.” Daolord Xu Tuo from the Sovereign Sect grunted coldly. “It isn’t necessarily a good thing to possess his inheritance!”

Wu Xuechan merely smiled and didn’t argue when facing all of this.

“I presume everyone is clearly aware that the reason a 1st ranked disciple had to be decided in this Dao Discussion isn’t merely for the allowing our disciples to fight for supremacy.” Suddenly, Cai Ya spoke while his voice had become solemn and stern, and he drew the gazes of all the Daolords over to himself.

“Now, the final battle in the Dao Discussion is about to begin, and the outcome will be revealed very soon. At this moment, please produce the secret map in all of your possessions.” As Cai Ya spoke, he withdrew an ancient piece of damaged beast skin and placed it on the table in front of him.

The beast skin was merely the size of an infant’s palm. It was completely grey and very inconspicuous, but its surface surged with a strand of strange and obscure energy that caused others to be unable to see through its content.

It was even to the extent that great figures at the Daolord Realm like Wu Xuechan, Xue Ling, Xu Tuo, and Xuan Ming were unable to as well!

When he heard this, Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

As he spoke, he withdrew another piece of beast skin as well. It was similarly damaged, ancient, and suffused with an obscure and strange fluctuation of energy.

In next to no time and as if there was tacit understanding between them, Xue Ling withdrew a beast skin as well.

“Hmph! Take it!” Xuan Ming was slightly unwilling. However, in the end, he’d still grunted coldly, withdrawn the beast skin, and tossed it to Cai Ya.

Obviously, he was clearly aware that the disciples from his own sect had no chance of joining the final battle because no matter if it was Leng Xinghun or Chen Xi who won, he would still have to hand the beast skin over.

Only Daolord Xu Tuo remained silent for a long time, and then he spoke with a hoarse voice. “I’ll naturally hand it over once the Dao Discussion comes to an end.”

Cai Ya didn’t insist when he heard this, and he said with a smile, “Alright. However, I presume Fellow Daoist Xu Tuo is clearly aware that these pieces of beast skin are related to a mysterious place within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. According to the agreement between our five sects, we have to hand it over no matter what the outcome of the Dao Discussion is.”

Xu Tuo nodded indifferently and said, “Of course.”

On the Square of Vie, Chen Xi sat cross-legged while he meditated and recuperated.

Defeating Donghuang Yinxuan caused him to exhaust a great deal of energy, and his physical strength showed faint signs of exhaustion. Fortunately, he hadn’t suffered any severe injuries.

Presently, 12 hours of time were provided to him to recuperate before the final battle began. According to Chen Xi’s deduction, this period of time would be sufficient for him to recover completely to his peak state.

At the other side, Leng Xinghun was meditating as well.

However, he was deducing the combat strength that Chen Xi possessed.

Leng Xinghun had watched the battle between Chen Xi and Donghuang Yinxuan clearly, so he even he felt slightly uncertain about Chen Xi’s combat strength.

So, he couldn’t help but become vigilant because of this. He seized this opportunity to start silently deducing in his heart because he wanted to figure the extent of Chen Xi’s ability!

For the sake of making an overall observation of Chen Xi’s complete strength, he’d even started slowly analyzing every single thing Chen Xi displayed in the Dao Cauldron World, and he didn’t miss even a trace of detail.

This didn’t mean that fear had arisen in Leng Xinghun’s heart, and it was instead because he’d taken Chen Xi to be his number one enemy. So, he had to make sure nothing would go wrong while he dealt with such an opponent!

After all, only the last battle remained now. No matter how careful he became, it was worth it at such a critical moment.

No matter if it was Chen Xi or Leng Xinghun, both were meditating with their eyes closed, and they revealed calm expressions as they prepared for the final battle.

On the other hand, the outside world was covered in clamorous noise as the sounds of all sorts of discussions resounded incessantly. They were similarly discussing who would have the last laugh during the upcoming final battle.

But in next to no time, the focus of these discussions had been moved by another piece of news.

“What? Each of the five Daolords produced a Natural Spirit Treasure as the reward for the 1st in the Dao Discussion?”

“The Infinite Skybreak Shuttle, the Spiritvoid Garment, the Yin-Yang Universe Flag, the Globe Halberd, and the Myriad Dao Pearl…. All five of these Natural Spirit Treasures are precious treasures amongst Natural Spirit Treasures that have been passed down for a long time, and ordinary Natural Spirit Treasures can’t compare to them at all!”

“How extravagant! Absolutely extravagant! I was wondering why the Dao Discussion had no rewards. So, it turns out that they’d prepared it a long time ago!”

“Tsk! Tsk! Regardless of whether Chen Xi or Leng Xinghun attains the 1st in the Dao Discussion, that person will truly become a great winner. Not only would that person become renowned in the world as the publicly acknowledged number one expert in the Ancient God Domain, that person would even be rewarded with numerous divine artifacts. It’s simply like killing two birds with one stone by gaining both reputation and treasures!”

“My God! Even the eyes of Imperial Monarchs would go red with desire when facing such generous rewards.”

The surroundings were filled with an uproar. All of them were shocked by this news. Five Natural Spirit Treasures that were precious treasures even amongst Natural Spirit Treasures carried a value that exceeded their imagination.

It was exactly because of this piece of news that all the cultivators in the outside world were filled with even more anticipation towards the final battle.

Only Shi Yu was slightly speechless. He’d just returned from the city because Chen Xi’s victory against Donghuang Yinxuan had allowed him to instantly win a huge amount of winnings from the bet he placed. Not only did he get back the two Natural Spirit Treasures he’d put up for the bet, he’d even obtained a large pile of various precious treasures.

Their value was so great that they were absolutely not inferior to the value of two Natural Spirit Treasures!

However, when all of this was compared with the rewards for the 1st, it simply paled in comparison and wasn’t worth mentioning.

This is good as well. At the very least, there’s no need for me to give that fellow some of the treasures I won from the bet…. Shi Yu smiled with self ridicule. He’d subconsciously felt that Chen Xi would definitely be able to win and would definitely obtain those five Natural Spirit Treasures as reward.

This was trust between friends, and there was no reason for it.

12 hours later.

“The final battle will begin now!” Huai Kong’zi spoke concisely outside Convergence Hall. He seemed to be very clearly aware that everyone was filled with anticipation towards this battle, so he didn’t waste his breath and directly announced the start of it.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi and Leng Xinghun who were meditating had opened their eyes, and then their figures flashed before they arrived at the Dao Engraved Battlefield in the next moment.

They stood in confrontation with each other from afar.

For a time, the sounds of discussion in the outside world had stopped abruptly while the atmosphere turned deathly silent. Moreover, the air was filled with a tense, murderous, and confrontational aura.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and held their breaths in concentration while they stared fixedly at the battlefield as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

This battle was the final battle of the Dao Discussion, and it would decide the 1st in the Dao Discussion.

Moreover, there was no doubt that regardless of who won and who lost, they would go down in history and leave an extremely exciting record within the annals of history in the Ancient God Domain!

On the other hand, this battle carried extraordinary meaning to all the great figures within Convergence Hall, and it was linked to the five pieces of beast skin that were related to a mysterious place within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

“Let’s begin!” There was no unnecessary words or probing attacks. At the moment Leng Xinghun stepped foot onto the battlefield, he seemed to have become a completely different person.

His blood red hair fluttered while his blood red pupils were deep, and his entire body emanated a cruel, merciless, and extremely indifferent aura. His imposing aura had risen to its extreme as well, and others could clearly notice the energy of the Grand Dao surging around his body, causing the clouds to surge as it shot into the sky. He seemed mighty to the extreme.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Leng Xinghun had attacked ferociously. He grasped a black broken blade in his hand as he shot through the sky, causing space to be swiftly torn apart, and he like a bolt of lightning while the energy of calamity swept out from him.

This black broken blade was called Thundervoid, and it was a precious treasure that possessed unfathomable divine might and was passed down within the Sovereign Sect. According to legend, it was able to severe the head of sages and obliterate the souls of Fiendgods!


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi attacked as well. The Talisman Armament slashed through the sky while emanating clear Chaotic Qi, and a myriad of dazzling and resplendent talisman markings were formed from it.

This time, he hadn’t utilized the Banisher because its might was inferior, and it was unable to display sufficient strength when facing an opponent like Leng Xinghun.

However, there was another benefit of utilizing a single sword, and it was that Chen Xi could converge all his strength onto that sword and completely erupt with that strength.


They collided. Divine radiance collapsed violently while fluctuations rippled like a raging ocean with mighty waves.

“Slash!” Before this attack had dispersed completely, Leng Xinghun’s figure flashed while his imposing aura grew even more ferocious, and Thundervoid carried peerless destructive force as it struck one more towards Chen Xi.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his expression grew even calmer and indifferent. He held the Talisman Armament in his hand as he fought Leng Xinghun in an intense battle.




In a short moment of time, they’d collided no less than over 100 times. Techniques rumbled while divine radiance erupted, and it was dazzling and terrifying.

The surroundings seethed with excitement. It was a peak battle between experts, a final battle between exalts, and they wrecked destruction throughout the battlefield!

Since the beginning of this final battle, an intense scene that was world shocking and heaven defying had displayed, and it was unparalleled!

When compared to all the prior battles, none of them could compare to how intense and terrifying this battle was.

Because from the beginning of this battle, both Chen Xi and Leng Xinghun hadn’t held back at all, and they successively executed all the lethal and ultimate moves they knew.

Moreover, every single one of these moves surpassed the might of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and they were capable of instantly and easily annihilating most Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts!

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