Chapter 189 – Eradicating Future Troubles

Chapter 189 – Eradicating Future Troubles


Right when Xiao Jun executed the blood escape technique, Ling Bai had suddenly moved to transform into a wisp of gold light that shot out explosively, and his speed was so swift that it even caused Chen Xi to exclaim with admiration. The speed Ling Bai revealed at this moment was even swifter than his Divine Windwing Flight combined with his Wind Dao Insight.

“Truly a troublesome woman… Do you think you can escape? Die!” Right when Ling Bai’s voice was still drifting out, a wisp of golden slight fiercely slashed down under the sky a few tens of kilometers away, instantly causing a patch of bloody rain to explode out and spray down copiously towards the ground.

Chen Xi gasped when he saw this scene. Little fellow Ling Bai is too violent and bloody!

“I was fortunate enough to accomplish my mission.” In the next moment, Ling Bai had already returned, and his handsome and cold little face was covered in detestation. “Fuck! I normally hate women the most, especially intelligent women. Killing her has simply dirtied my hands.”

Chen Xi opened his mouth yet didn’t know what to say, and he muttered in his heart. Could it be that Ling Bai was hurt by some woman in the past, and he became warped and narrow-minded because of this?

Of course, even though Ling Bai’s actions were ruthless and brutal, it had instead completely killed the danger within its cradle. In this way, after he entered Oceanic City, he only had to conceal his identity and didn’t have to worry about being recognized by the members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect.

The only thing that Chen Xi was worried about was that he would bump into the Hall Master Fan that Xiao Jun spoke of after he entered Oceanic City. Because he was already convinced that when he subdued the Buddha’s Pagoda in Dragon Lake City, this person had surely been hiding at the side and saw him. If they were to meet each other in Oceanic City, then it would be really dangerous.

“Let’s go see if that sickle Magic Treasure is still there.” Ling Bai didn’t know what Chen Xi was thinking, and the little fellow’s interest in Magic Treasures was obviously greater than his interest in women. The two of them immediately arrived at the place Han Guyue fell, and their gazes searched their surroundings before quickly noticing their target.

This was a 300m deep hole that was very obviously created from the earlier explosion of the golden cores, whereas, a 3m long pitch black sickle laid silently at its bottom. When looked at from afar, it was like the sickle used by the farmers of the mortal world to reap a rice paddy, and it was exceedingly ordinary to the point it was even like a piece of scrap iron.

But only Chen Xi and Ling Bai knew how terrifying a treasure this was.

“What a treasure! The killing intent within it is boundless, pure, and fierce, and it seems to have been born from accepting the killing intent of the heaven and earth and doesn’t possess a strand of evil qi. This is a righteous weapon of slaughter, a peerless weapon of slaughter! No wonder that Old Dog Han was able to comprehend a strand of Slaughter Dao Insight!” Ling Bai leaped into the hole and picked up the pitch black sickle, and he couldn’t help but exclaim repeatedly in admiration. In this explosion that shook the heaven and the earth, this thing was actually completely unharmed, and it wasn’t damaged in the slightest!

“Oh, let’s me see.” Chen Xi couldn’t endure the curiosity in his heart, and he stuck out his hand to take it. He felt this sickle was light like a goose feather, and it actually seemed to not have the slightest shred of weight. It felt hard and icy cold in his hand, seeming like iron yet not like iron, seeming like wood yet not wood, and what material it was made from couldn’t be discerned.

“What Magic Treasure is this? Ling Bai, do you know what grade this sickle is?” Chen Xi asked with amazement.

“It can only be considered to be a rare treasure. If I’m not wrong, this sickle was formed by the slaughter qi of the heaven and earth that was condensed over an innumerable amount of years. It’s still not a Magic Treasure, yet it’s more formidable than one. The slaughter qi within the sickle contained the Slaughter Dao Insight of the heaven and earth, and this type of Dao Insight is only contained within Immortal Artifacts.” Ling Bai’s gaze burned as he said slowly, “An Immortal Artifact contains a world of its own within itself, and this world is formed from Dao Insight. The more types of Dao Insight contained within the Immortal Artifact, the stronger its might would be. When some Heavenly Immortals refine their Immortal Artifacts, besides gathering rare and valuable materials, the most important step was to extract their comprehension towards the Heaven Dao and inject it into the Immortal Artifact, causing it to advance and transform to become even stronger!”

“What you mean is… If I’m able to properly refine this sickle of Slaughter Dao Insight, it’s even able to become an Immortal Artifact?” Chen Xi was astounded.

Ling Bai nodded and then shook his head. “It’s originally a supreme material to refine an Immortal Artifact, do you think it’s possible to refine a Magic Treasure of another grade with it?”

“A material that hasn’t even been refined was able to exert such terrifying might in the hands of that Han Guyue. If it’s refined into an Immortal Artifact, I’m afraid it would be the number one weapon of slaughter amongst Immortal Artifacts!” Chen Xi exclaimed with admiration, and then he frowned. “If it’s like this, it’s better if I don’t use this thing in the future. If it’s noticed by some expert with exceedingly high ability, then it will surely cause endless troubles.”

“You don’t say! Old Dog Han’s ability to live until now and only be killed by us while swaggering about all day with this thing is truly a miracle!” Ling Bai grinned and said, “But, you can use this treasure to comprehend the Dao of Slaughter, and when you encounter danger, you can even use it as a trump card.”

Chen Xi nodded as he could only do that. With his current strength, possessing a treasure of slaughter like this would be no different than how wealth caused trouble for an innocent person, and it was better to keep a low profile.

After all, possessing a damaged Buddha’s Pagoda had already aroused the covetous thoughts of all the various powers of the entire Dragon Lake City, and if it wasn’t for having Bei Heng as his reliance, he’d probably have been torn into pieces by endless amounts of enemies long ago. Now that he’d obtained the Sickle of Slaughter, the temptation was something that even some old freaks that stayed in seclusion would probably be unable to resist.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi abruptly recalled that Tantai Zixuan and the other four Golden Hall Realm cultivators were still hidden within his Buddha’s Pagoda, and his heart couldn’t help but jerk as he cried out in his heart. Shit!

If these people knew that Han Guyue had died at his hands, then they would surely understand that the Sickle of Slaughter had fallen into his possession. Moreover, they were within the Buddha’s Pagoda and probably had already guessed that they were hidden within an Immortal Artifact, as only an Immortal Artifact that contained a world of its own was able to conceal people within it!

This was an extremely simple truth that anyone was able to guess.

In this way, the matter of Chen Xi possessing an Immortal Artifact and the Sickle of Slaughter would be utterly impossible to be concealed from Tantai Zixuan and the others, unless he killed them to keep their mouths shut.

Do I really have to kill them? Chen Xi couldn’t help but hesitate slightly.

“Wouldn’t it be solved by asking them to establish a vow under the Dao of the Heavens?” Ling Bai seemed to have perceived Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he grinned as he said, “Of course, if you feel it isn’t safe, I’ll kill them for you and won’t make it difficult on you.”

Chen Xi glared angrily at this madly murderous little fellow, and he already had a decision in his heart. With a flick of his sleeve, he’d already let out Tantai Zixuan and the others.

After Tantai Zixuan found out that Chen Xi had annihilated Han Guyue, she seemed to be extremely composed, and her expression even contained a trace of seriousness. Because it was just like Chen Xi had guessed, during this period of hiding within the Buddha’s Pagoda, all of them had already guessed that they were within an Immortal Artifact, and besides exclaiming with admiration, they couldn’t help but be anxious and fearful. They understood that they’d probably found out an extremely great secret of Chen Xi’s, and what was waiting for them would perhaps be the fate of being killed to keep their mouths shut.

Because of this, the atmosphere at the scene seemed to be exceedingly depressing, and even slightly oppressive.

Chen Xi possessing an Immortal Artifact and being able to annihilate all the experts of the Han Clan by himself had already exceeded the imagination of Tantai Zixuan and the others. In their hearts, although Chen Ke only had a cultivation at the Golden Hall Realm, his strength was even more terrifying than the Golden Core Realm cultivators they’d seen, and he was simply a monstrous existence.

They were unable to defeat him, and they understood that resistance was of no use. They were the meat on Chen Ke’s chopping block and were at his mercy. So, they were anxiously and fearfully waiting. Was it death? Or perhaps survival? It was all held in a single thought of Chen Ke.

“Establish a vow under the Dao of the Heavens and I’ll let all of you go.” Chen Xi was silent for a long time, and he spared them in the end. He wasn’t a cold and emotionless butcher, nor was he willing to become a person that indiscriminately killed the innocent.

Tantai Zixuan and the others heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they heard this. They knew that this was already the best outcome, and no one felt it was improper in the slightest.

To a cultivator, a vow established under the Dao of the Heavens was undoubtedly the greatest restraint to them. Once they violated it, their end was bound to be exceedingly miserable, and it was even to the extent of possibly suffering the punishment of the Heavens Dao and being obliterated.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Ke, then… We’ll be leaving first?” After establishing the vow under the Dao of the Heavens, Tantai Zixuan took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice.


The hearts of Tantai Zixuan and the others jerked.

Chen Xi smiled. “Didn’t Miss Tantai want to conduct a trade with me? I’ll follow all of you to Oceanic City.”

Oceanic City was neighboring to the Oceanic Desert, and it was a place that Chen Xi had to pass by. He decided to seize this opportunity to head to Oceanic City and sell off the things that he didn’t need and exchange them for some Magic Treasures and medicinal pills as preparation for entering the Oceanic Desert.

Tantai Zixuan was obviously extremely surprised, and she was stunned for a moment before nodding with pleasant surprise. “Good, good, good.” She was already unable to speak clearly.

Because she knew that since Chen Xi was able to walk out of the Emeraldcloud Gorge’s Crack of Despair, the precious materials in his possession would surely not be of a small amount. If she was able to conduct a trade with him, then not only would she be able to improve her status in her clan, she would even be able to win the recognition of her Father and all the elders, and perhaps she would directly be designated as the inheritor of the position of Patriarch.

But when she thought of her Father, Tantai Hong, Tantai Zixuan instantly became anxious in her heart as she clearly remembered what Han Guyue had said. If her Father was in good health, he would have probably come to receive me since a long time ago… Yet he hasn’t appeared now, could it be that something has really happened to him?

“There isn’t a moment to lose, let’s go right now.” Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something as he glanced at Tantai Zixuan, and he seemed to have seen through her thoughts. He didn’t dally right away and withdrew his treasure vessel to carry everyone before tearing through the sky.

I heard Oceanic City is the most solid and grandest great city in the entire southern territory, and it’s entirely constructed from Sulfuric Goldust. It’s impermeable to both storms and weapons, and it’s extremely magnificent and lofty. I wonder if it’s true. As he sat crossed-legged on the treasured vessel, Chen Xi circulated his cultivation technique to heal his injuries as he pondered in his heart. But according to what the Whitecrane Sect’s Pei Zhong and Xue Chen said, there are disciples of the younger generation of the various other sects of the central plains that were heading to the Oceanic Desert as well. On one hand, it’s to temper their strengths and prepare for the Allstar Meeting, and on the other hand, it was for the sake of searching for clues to that Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. Perhaps, all these geniuses have already gathered in Oceanic City now… Right, there’re also the members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Why have they appeared in Oceanic City as well?

Without any reason or rhyme, Chen Xi sighed in his heart because he noticed that the matter seemed to have become more and more complicated.

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