Chapter 1889 – Dao Control Brush

Kong Youran’s defeat represented she had no chance of participating in the final battle during the Dao Discussion, and she completely lost any qualification to compete for the 1st.

So, the Sovereign Sect’s Daolord Xu Tuo sighed in that way.

Daolord Xue Ling seemed to be very calm and indifferent when facing this. She merely said lightly, “Even though Youran has lost, Leng Xinghun may not necessarily be able to obtain the 1st in the end.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “On the contrary, I feel that if the Myriad Dao Pearl falls into Chen Xi’s hands, then it can be considered to be put to good use and isn’t really a loss.” Her words carried deep meaning within them.

Daolord Xu Tuo’s eyes narrowed, and then he chuckled and didn’t speak further.

Wu Xuechan smiled lightheartedly instead, and he smiled to Daolord Xue Ling and said, “My Little Junior Brother would probably be very happy if he knew that Fellow Daoist Xue Ling thought so highly of him.”

Xue Ling smiled and said, “I’m just telling the truth.”

“Then there’s no harm for me to be honest. I’m afraid that whether Chen Xi will be able to seize the 1st depends on whether my Divine Institute’s Donghuang Yinxuan will even allow him to do so.” Daolord Xuan Ming spoke abruptly with an indifferent and dignified voice, and it didn’t carry any traces of emotion.

Wu Xuechan’s smile faded before he lightly spat out a few words from between his lips. “Then let’s wait and see.”

Right at this moment, Huai Kong’zi’s voice resounded from outside the hall — “The second battle, Chen Xi against Donghuang Yinxuan!”

“Chen Xi, you must be careful. Don’t forget that I placed two Natural Spirit Treasures on you,” said Shi Yu.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smiled, and then he nodded before he flashed towards the Dao Engraved Battlefield.

At the same time, Donghuang Yinxuan had set out as well. Both of them had moved without any hesitation, and they revealed extremely strong confidence.

At this moment, the gazes of all the cultivators in Ten Direction City and Convergence Hall had shot towards Chen Xi and Donghuang Yinxuan, and their gazes burned with anticipation.

“Who do all of you think will be able to obtain victory in the battle?”

“It’s naturally Donghuang Yinxuan!”

“No, it’ll be Chen Xi!”

Many were arguing but even more remained silent. They seemed to be unable to determine exactly which participant in this battle was stronger.

“He’s only a step away from being able to enter the final battle!” Shentu Yanran’s beautiful eyes glistened while she silently looked forward to that moment in her heart. She naturally hoped that Chen Xi could be victorious, and she even hoped that Chen Xi could attain victory in the final battle and become the 1st ranked expert in the Dao Discussion!

“You must win!” At this moment, Le Wuhen, Yuqiu Jing, Zhuanyu Shui, and the others couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle will definitely succeed!” Tu Meng and Gu Yan muttered in their hearts.

The Dao Engraved Battlefield.

Chen Xi and Donghuang Yinxuan stood in confrontation from afar.

At this moment, both their expressions were very calm and composed. However, the more they acted in this way, the more the others were able to sense that they would definitely stop at nothing to obtain victory in this battle!

After all, this was truly a critical battle. It decided which one amongst them would be able to advance into the final battle and compete to obtain the 1st position in the Dao Discussion.

So, no matter if it was Chen Xi or Donghuang Yinxuan, they would absolutely not allow themselves to make any careless mistake, be negligent, or hold back for the sake of that.

“Chen Xi, we meet again. The matters of the world truly are marvelous. Out battle in the Dao Cauldron World that day had been spoiled, yet now, you’re standing before me again. This time, nothing unexpected will occur again,” said Donghuang Yinxuan. His long hair had been tied into a ponytail, causing his extremely handsome face to be fully revealed. Moreover, he had a carefree and composed bearing that was completely different from the stiff and stern bearings that the other disciples of the Divine Institute possessed.

“It’s best that nothing unexpected occurs.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and in a concise manner. He truly didn’t have the mood to waste his breath on Donghuang Yinxuan.

“Heh, then let me experience your Dao of dual swords!” Amidst his composed laughter, Donghuang Yinxuan’s figure flashed while his entire body emanated extremely brilliant golden radiance, and every single strand of his hair turned gold. When looked at from afar, he was simply like a golden god of war, and he was dazzling and resplendent to the extreme.


The square shaped and simple Taixuan Codex that emanated a mysterious aura float up into the air. The tune of the Dao rumbled from it while strings of strange and obscure Dao Markings were released from within it.

In an instant, Donghuang Yinxuan’s imposing aura rose to the limit, and his divine might surged!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At practically the exact same instant, Chen Xi flipped his palms, and then Banisher and the Talisman Armament appeared in unison. One was dark green in color, divine, and extraordinary; the other was suffused with clear Chaotic Qi and was both ancient and mysterious.

As soon as they appeared, a irresistibly copious and peerlessly fierce aura suddenly effused out from Chen Xi’s body.


They hadn’t even clashed yet, but the might both of them revealed had collided with each other, and it caused terrifying rumbling to resound while space was thrown into disorder and blasted into pieces.

Such a scene caused the others to have no doubt that if an ordinary person was dragged into the battle, then just this might alone would be sufficient to annihilate that person on the spot!

“The brilliant primeval times, the indistinct quintessence of the Dao. The Daoists bring peace to the world through scriptures — World Crusher!” Donghuang Yinxuan let out a long howl as he flashed through the air, and then a brilliant page of scripture condensed into form from the Taixuan Codex. Every single word within the scripture was like the sun and moon, and they emanated boundless brilliance.

When looked at from afar, that tiny page of scripture seemed to contain countless suns and moons that were adding radiance and beauty to each other, and they illuminated the world!

“The third page of the Taixuan Codex — World Crusher! The sun, moon, and the first four stars of the big dipper illuminate the nine heaves. Once it’s executed, it’s capable of crushing all things!”

“The scripture has transformed into the sun and the moon, and it reveals the scene of alternation within the world. This is extraordinary!”

“Looks like Donghuang Yinxuan has realized that Chen Xi can’t be underestimated, so he utilized one of his trump cards as soon as the battle began!”

All the great figures in the surroundings were shocked.


As the scripture soared in the sky, it was like a myriad of suns and moon had appeared, and they exuded an extremely terrifying crushing force. Being amidst this force was like residing at the eye of a cosmic tempest, and one would be restrained and crushed. It seemed as if it even wanted to drag one’s soul into a boundless abyss and crush one’s soul there!

This attack is quite formidable. Its aura of the Dao is natural, and its crushing force is world shocking. Any other person would probably be instantly annihilated on the spot…. Chen Xi’s consciousness was like a storm that swept out, and he didn’t hesitate to flash away when he sensed how terrifying this attack was.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had executed the Roc Divine Technique, and he seemed as if he rose above the sky and travelled between reality as his figure vanished.

Quick! Quick! Quick! Inconceivably quick!

Chen Xi’s figure had left that area enveloped by the crushing force in less than a tenth of an instant, and then the dual swords in his hands shook as he slashed with them.

The Banisher floated like a cloud, and it was elusive.

The Talisman Armament was like a powerful ocean that shot straight ahead.

Two completely different strands of sword qi revealed similar brilliances of talisman markings at this moment, and they intersected in midair and revealed extremely terrifying might.

Rumble! Rumble!

World shocking sounds of collision resounded. For a time, inch after inch of the space in the surroundings was crushed into powder. It seemed like the sun and moon had collided, mountains had collapsed, and tidal waves had struck. The heavens and the earth were in chaos.

However, the two of them were actually equally matched in such an intense collision, and both were unable to gain the upper hand!

“Hmph!” Donghuang Yinxuan grunted coldly while golden radiance sprayed from his entire body. His clothes fluttered as he strode through space with the Taixuan Codex in his control, and he attacked once more.

Row after row of ancient and obscure markings of the Dao floated up into appearance. They seemed like blades, swords, and halberd that were filled with the supreme aura of the Dao, and the might of every single marking of the Dao wasn’t inferior to a Natural Sprit Treasure at all!

Chen Xi remained absolutely calm and composed when facing this attack. He held the two swords in his hands as he executed the Roc Divine Technique and fought incessantly with Donghuang Yinxuan.

Moreover, he’d changed his method of battle. He’d stopped going head-on against Donghuang Yinxuan’s attacks, and he relied on the Roc Divine Technique to launch nimble and sudden assaults by relying on his speed. He was like an illusory and ethereal shadow that travelled between reality.

Cultivators of the sword had always been adept in nimbleness, speed, and offense.

Chen Xi who’d attained the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm had even displayed these characteristics to the limit, and he attacked head-on when needed and dodged when necessary.

On the other hand, Donghuang Yinxuan maintained his style from before. He revealed powerful divine might as he utilized the Taixuan Codex, and his attacks were controlled accurately and extremely dense.

Chen Xi was like a flash of light that flickered without end, causing Donghuang Yinxuan’s attacks to accomplish nothing. But at the same time, Chen Xi’s attacks were unable to break through his defenses as well.

It seemed to be a very ordinary battle, but in reality, this battle was absolutely not inferior to the battle between Leng Xinghun and Kong Youran, and it was even to the extent that this battle was even more dangerous and intense.

Because since the battle had begun, both of them had utilized their strongest ability, and the might they revealed could be described as world shocking.

Under such circumstances, the cultivators in the outside world had been dazzled and successively shocked by the battle, causing them to practically forget to breath.

I never expected that the Taixuan Codex would actually be so miraculous. It will probably take some time to break through his defenses…. Chen Xi had been constantly looking for an opportunity throughout the battle, but he was unable to find one in a short period of time. All of this was because the Taixuan Codex’s strength was too heaven defying. Its Dao Markings were like a work of nature and contained all sorts of profundities, so they were very difficult to destroy.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t in a rush. Even though the Taixuan Codex was formidable, he was even more confident in the Talisman Armament that had advanced into a natural Spirit Treasure!

Conversely, Donghuang Yinxuan was shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi’s combat strength would actually be even more formidable than the combat strength Chen Xi had displayed before this. Not only did Chen Xi’s dual swords possess unfathomable and formidable might, even Chen Xi’s movement technique was swift and mysterious to the extreme.

“This fellow is swift, and his Sword Dao is shocking. I’m actually unable to harm him at all even when I utilized the might of the Taixuan Codex’s fifth page. If I continue exhausting my strength like this, then I would probably expose all my ability and allow that fellow’s Leng Xinghun to witness it all.

“In that way, even if I defeat this fellow, Chen Xi, Leng Xinghun would definitely be in an advantageous position during the next battle….

“Looks like I have no choice but to utilize something else!”

As he blinked, a trace of a resolute and ruthless expression appeared in Donghuang Yinxuan’s eyes.


Suddenly, hid figure stopped moving while golden light surged explosively from his body, causing him to seem like a Fiendgod that had descended to the world.

At the same time, a simple and smooth jade brush that was 15cm long had appeared in his palm. The tip of the brush was like a blade, and it was suffused with the clear glow of Chaotic Qi and emanated a sharp glow.

“The Dao Control Brush?” Wu Xuechan’s brows knit together imperceptibly within Convergence Hall.

At this instant, it wasn’t just Wu Xuechan who’d recognized this treasure, many other great figures had as well. Surprisingly, it was another supreme divine artifact of the Divine Institute — the Dao Control brush!

Dao control, it meant that one could control the Dao with it!

If this brush was utilized by itself, then perhaps its strength couldn’t be considered as miraculous. But once it was utilized alongside the Taixuan Codex, then its strength would multiply!

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