Chapter 1888 – The Energy of Heavenly Tribulation

On the Dao Engraved Battlefield.

Leng Xinghun and Kong Youran stood in confrontation from afar.

The atmosphere between them was murderous.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone had converged onto Leng Xinghun and Kong Youran, and they held their breaths in concentration and remained silent.

Even the great figures at the Daolord Realm within Convergence Hall were no exception.

This was the first battle between the top four disciples, and the victor would participate in the final battle for the position of first in the Dao Discussion.

On the other hand, the defeated would have no choice but to stop here!

“You possess the bloodline of the primeval Peacock King and have grasped the five supreme inheritances of Nuwa’s Dao Palace. You’re an opponent that’s worthy of me taking seriously, so I will go all out in the battle that’s about to begin.” Leng Xinghun stood with his hands behind his back while his long blood red hair fluttered, and his cold and indifferent voice revealed a strand of a domineering aura of supremacy.

This was the first time Leng Xinghun had spoken before a battle throughout the Dao Discussion, and it clearly showed how seriously he took Kong Youran.

“Oh, should I feel honored by that?” Kong Youran had a lazy bearing, and her voice was soft, cold, and pleasing to the ear. She was carefree and composed to the extreme. But in terms of imposing aura, she was actually on par with Leng Xinghun, and they each exceeded the other in different aspects.

“There’s no need for that. But once you’ve been defeated, then perhaps you’ll be able to clearly understand the gap between us.” A wisp of blood red color suffused Leng Xinghun’s eyes while his imposing aura grew even more oppressive.

“Then cut the crap and start the battle!” Kong Youran grinned while she suddenly launched an attack.


With a single gesture, boundless dazzling five colored light rumbled as they effused out and enveloped the entire battlefield, and they were immeasurably divine and filled every inch of the battlefield.

Kong Youran’s clothes fluttered as she controlled the five colored light, and her entire body flowed with an inviolable and terrifying aura of divine might.

“Five Shade Blade, Heavensplit!” Kong Youran strode through space while boundless five colored energy condensed into a sharp resplendent blade, and it shot through the sky towards Leng Xinghun.

Hiss! Hiss!

The blade was murderous and terrifying to the extreme, and everywhere it passed, space was slashed into pieces without it encountering any resistance at all.

Amazing! This probably is Kong Youran’s true strength. She clearly held back a great deal during the previous battles. Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he clearly sensed how terrifying Kong Youran’s attack was.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, all the other cultivators in the surroundings had acutely noticed this. At this moment, Kong Youran had changed, she’d become completely different to how she was in all the previous battles. The might revealed from every single move she made could even shock some Imperial Monarchs, and they were truly unable to imagine that she was merely an existence at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm….


At the same time that Kong Youran launched an attack, Leng Xinghun had attacked ferociously as well. His figure was mighty and suffused with the Calamity Energy, whereas, his eyes were completely emotionless, deep like an abyss, and cold to a horrifying degree.

“Yin and Yang reside at the ends of the world. Calamity is the bridge and the chains of blood are the catalyst!” Amidst his emotionless and indifferent voice, Leng Xinghun grabbed with his hands, and then a myriad of blood red divine chains suddenly surged out from space. They were coiled with surging and dazzling Calamity Energy as they covered the heavens and the earth.

The blood red divine chains emanated an oppressive aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate with fear. It was a form of the energy of calamity that had arrived at an extreme, and it was a form of the Energy of Heavenly Tribulation that caused the hearts of all living beings to tremble and suffused with fear!


As soon as these blood red chains that were filled with the aura of calamity and heavenly tribulation appeared, they practically destroyed half of the five colored light that enveloped the surroundings.

On the other hand, Leng Xinghun was like a king that wielded the power of punishment for the heavens, and his imposing aura was astounding to the extreme.

Such a scene could absolutely be described as world shocking.

Kong Youran seemed as if she controlled light, and five colored divine radiance enshrouded her entire body, causing her to seem divine and extraordinary while deterring others from committing any disrespect. On the other hand, Leng Xinghun was like the emotionless Heaven Dao. He was murderous, cold, emotionless, and caused terror and oppression to strike at the deepest depths of one’s heart.

Such a pair of man and woman were in battle on the battlefield at this moment, and the strength they revealed simply caused all the cultivators here to be astounded and feel as if they were being suffocated.

“The Energy of Heavenly Tribulation! Amazing! He has actually started to borrow the might of the Heaven Dao for his own use while still at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. This kid’s natural talent can truly be described as unprecedented!” Within Convergence Hall, the gaze of Daolord Xue Ling from Nuwa’s Dao Palace was like a bolt of lightning. It surged with divine radiance while her voice carried a wisp of surprise.

“You flatter him. That descendent of the primeval Peacock King is extraordinary as well for being able to fully fuse the five great inheritances of Nuwa’s Dao Palace.” The Sovereign Sect’s Daolord Xu Tuo spoke with a hoarse and low voice.

If one wasn’t aware of the true situation, they would think that these two Daolords had a good relationship, yet only those that truly understood the relationship between them knew that while they seemed to be praising the other’s disciple, they had actually started to show signs of competing with each other.

“No matter if it’s Leng Xinghun or Kong Youran, both of them can be said to be peerless geniuses that lead a generation, so they are worthy of commendation regardless of who wins.” Daolord Cai Ya stroked his beard and smiled. “Grand Lord, Fellow Daoist Xuan Ming, what do the two of you think?”

Wu Xuechan smiled and neither agreed nor disagreed.

Xuan Ming said coldly instead, “That’s difficult to say for sure.”

Cai Ya roared with laughter, and then he stopped mentioning this topic.

As they spoke, their gazes were still fixed on the battlefield at all times. Existences that had attained their levels of cultivation were naturally able to discern that the outcome of this battle would probably not be determined in a short period of time.

Calamity, Heavenly Tribulation…. At this moment, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. While he was still in the three dimensions, he was extremely familiar with the Energy of Calamity because he frequently fought with the disciples of the Sovereign Sect.

However, the Energy of Calamity that Leng Xinghun executed was clearly not ordinary, and it was filled with the energy of Heavenly Tribulation. Its might was terrifying to the point even Chen Xi’s heart shook incessantly.

Heavenly Tribulation!

Chen Xi had seen this force in the past, but it was from the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, so how could Chen Xi have imagined that Leng Xinghun could actually control such a force?

Looks like Leng Xinghun has obviously obtained the true inheritance of the Sovereign Sect. He’s actually able to utilize the energy of Heavenly Tribulation. He truly can’t be underestimated…. Chen Xi muttered in his heart.

“No wonder you made me feel uncomfortable. So, you’ve grasped the energy of Heavenly Tribulation. That’s fine as well. Let me see if your energy of Heavenly Tribulation is more formidable or my Inheritance of the Five Colors is stronger!” On the battlefield, Kong Youran’s clear eyes had focused as well when she witnessed Leng Xinghun’s ability, and then a wisp of blazing light erupted from her while her will to fight grew stronger.

“Hmph!” A wisp of a cold arm arose on the corners of Leng Xinghun’s mouth. “I’ll convince you of your inferiority.”


An intense battle erupted between them. Divine radiance collided while techniques charged against each other. Extremely terrifying destructive force erupted from the collisions between them, and it gave others the feeling that the world was about to collapse, be crushed into powder, and transformed into nothingness.

Fortunately, all of this was occurring within the Dao Engraved Battlefield or the consequences would be unimaginable.

This battle could really be considered as unprecedentedly rare, and its impetus was so great and the dangers of it was so horrifying that it had arrived at an unprecedented height.

It caused hearts of all the spectators in the outside world to be filled with excitement, and they were unable to maintain their calm.

Many Imperial Monarchs sighed with emotion because they were absolutely unable to display such world shocking might while they were at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm all those years ago.

On the other hand, when the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts witness all of this, every single one of them felt frustrated. They felt that they were far inferior to existences like Leng Xinghun and Kong Youran, and it was even to the extent that such existences were beyond their reach.

As for Chen Xi, he’d been calmly analyzing the battle since the beginning, and he ceaselessly deduced how he would deal with Leng Xinghun if he took Kong Youran’s place….


After the time for an entire incense stick to burn, a terrifying sound of collision resounded on the battlefield, and it was deafening like the world was collapsing.

In the next moment, Leng Xinghun’s figure suddenly staggered back by over 100m.

In an instant, the spectators were astounded.

Could it be that Leng Xinghun is about to be suppressed?

“Hmm?” At this moment, the Daolord Xu Tuo’s muddy eyes couldn’t help but focus.


Before the spectators could recover from their shock, Kong Youran had seized this opportunity to launch another attack, and the five colored divine radiance blazed like flames as it rumbled and sprayed towards Leng Xinghun.

However, when he saw this scene, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wisp of horror in his heart, and he said inwardly. Shit!


Sure enough, right when Kong Youran executed this attack, Leng Xinghun who seemed to be in a sorry state had suddenly raised his head, and then a pitch black and icy cold eye suddenly appeared soundlessly in the space between his brows.

The eye of emotionless, indifferent, and deep to the point it caused one’s heart to palpitate with fear. As soon as it appeared, it emanated a strand of grey and hazy divine light that flashed in space.

In an instant, all the spectators of the battle noticed Kong Youran’s figure stiffen abruptly, and then a wisp of shock arose on her peerlessly beautiful face.

Right after that, she seemed as if she’d been struck by lightning. Her pretty face turned ghastly pale while she suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.


At this moment, Leng Xinghun’s figure had suddenly appeared and slapped with his palm.

Kong Youran tried to resist instinctively yet it was too late. She was forcefully blasted flying by this attack, and she successively coughed up mouthfuls of blood while her expression became dispirited to the extreme.

“You’ve lost.” Leng Xinghun immediately stopped attacking when he witnessed this, and then he spoke indifferently. On the other hand, the eye that appeared soundlessly in the space between his brows had vanished.

All the spectators were shocked and speechless. All of this had occurred too quickly. They’d originally thought that Leng Xinghun would be suppressed, yet never had they imagined that Kong Youran would have actually lose in the blink of an eye!

It was even to the extent that most cultivators hadn’t been able to clearly see what sort of ability Leng Xinghun had utilized to accomplish this.

All of this simply seemed too inconceivable.

Only Chen Xi sighed in his heart and felt extreme pity for Kong Youran. How could he be unable to discern it? He was 80% confident that the eye which had appeared in the space between Leng Xinghun’s brows was the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation!

“The Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, huh? Such a force isn’t something you’re able to control now. But you’ve still won….” Kong Youran puckered her lips and sighed lightly on the battlefield, and then she turned around and left the battlefield. Moreover, she didn’t seem to reveal much unwillingness to accept this outcome.

At practically the exact same time, Leng Xinghun left swiftly as well.

At this point, the first battle had come to an end, and the surroundings were already filled with clamorous noise. All of them were exclaiming with surprise and seemed to be filled with disbelief.

Of course, there were many that were shocked by the ability Leng Xinghun revealed.

“I feel bad for making Nuwa’s Dao Palace lose the Myriad Dao Pearl.” In Convergence Hall, the Sovereign Sect’s Daolord Xu Tuo opened his muddy eyes and sighed with emotion, and his voice was hoarse, low, and carried a tone of satisfaction.

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