Chapter 1885 – World Shocking Turn Of Events

Just as they’d expected, once Wang Zhong held a second sword, his imposing aura had suddenly risen explosively.

His violet hair fluttered while his eyes were suffused with a gorgeous yet icy cold glow, and he was like a primeval Fiendgod that had awakened from the ages and possessed boundless divine might.

“This sword is called Frostmourn. It’s my favorite treasure, and it has been very long since someone has forced me to utilize this sword.” Wang Zhong sighed lightly with slight emotion.

Along with this sigh, the killing intent he emanated start to seethe even more, and it was like a volcano that was deathly silent for a very long time had suddenly erupted.

“Chen Xi, you can be proud for being able to fall before Frostmourn.” His indifferent voice drifted through the air as Wang Zhong launched another attack.


He lifted up the bright scarlet red sword, Tribulation Terminator, that was in his right hand and slashed, causing an illusory and ethereal bloody glow to shoot out, and it emanated a boundlessly bloody aura that seemed to desire to drench the world in blood.


At the same time, he executed a very simple stab with the crystalline and translucent Frostmourn that was brilliant like snow. In an instant, ice filled the world, and it was sharp and pierced the heart.

Two types of sword techniques that possessed varying strengths had overlapped at this moment, and the grand and terrifying scene it created caused all the cultivators in the surroundings to feel suffocated while their hearts trembled.

Such an attack could even make some Imperial Monarchs experience indescribable pressure!


The swords qi shot over while emanating infernal whistling. It seemed to intend to completely restrain and crush him, and it caused others to feel powerless as if it was impossible to resist or avoid.

The hearts of many rose to their throats, and they were extremely worried for Chen Xi.

Wang Zhong’s strength was truly too formidable. He was like an unfathomably deep abyss and was formidable beyond imagination. So, how would Chen Xi block the might he revealed after he utilized dual swords at this moment?

Chen Xi didn’t block it.

At the instant Wang Zhong attacked, Chen Xi had chosen to attack as well.


A wisp of an extremely flat and ordinary strand of sword qi shot out explosively.

The Profound Heart Sword Technique — Dismemberment Style.

This strike was completely similar to the attack he’d executed earlier. It didn’t reveal even a trace of world shocking might, and it caused many cultivators in the outside world to sigh in their hearts.

Could Chen Xi have really… run out of tricks?


A collision that shook the world resounded. The wisp of sword qi Chen Xi executed had collided with the illusory blood red sword qi first, causing divine radiance to spray towards the surroundings.

Chen Xi had destroyed this attack indeed, but before he could react, the strand of sword qi that came from Frostmourn had descended towards him.


Under such circumstances, Chen Xi could only resist it passively. However, his entire body felt like it was struck by a myriad of mountain, and it moved backward uncontrollably.

3 steps.

5 steps.

7 steps.

Every single step backward Chen Xi took, it caused the hearts of many cultivators in the surroundings to twitch while the feeling of worry in their hearts grew. It was even to the extent that many couldn’t bear to watch.

Because at this moment, the crystalline and translucent sword qi that seemed like a piece of ice had simply pressed down upon Chen Xi like a divine mountain, whereas, Chen Xi seemed as if he it was extremely strenuous for him to endure such pressure, and he could only retreat without end.



This attack of Wang Zhong’s was truly terrifying. It ceaselessly droned and emanated terrifying divine might under his control, and it smashed down forcefully at Chen Xi.

Others could clearly notice that Chen Xi’s clothes, hair, and brows were faintly covered in a layer of white ice.

Moreover, his figure was still moved backward incessantly….

In the opinion of the spectators, if such a situation were to continue, then it wouldn’t be long before Chen Xi would definitely be knocked out of the agreed upon area. At that time, even if he was able to continue resisting Wang Zhong’s attacks, he would have lost in accordance with the rules of this battle.

“How could this be happening? Even a figure like Chen Xi is about to lose at Wang Zhong’s hands?” Someone sighed lightly.

“This attack is truly too formidable. Who would have imagined that the might of Wang Zhong’s dual swords would actually be so formidable?” Another sighed with emotion and felt shocked by the might Wang Zhong revealed.

“It’s over. If Chen Xi is eliminated, then the Oracle Mountain would be completely defeated and unable to join the next round of the battles.” Some even started to sigh with regret.

8 steps.

9 steps.

As Chen Xi retreated incessantly, the hearts of the cultivators in the surroundings shook endlessly as well. They grew more and more anxious, and all of them had opened their eyes wide as they watched.

“Looks like there’s no more suspense in this battle. Needless to say, Wang Zhong is unexpectedly formidable indeed.” Lei Fu sighed with emotion in the Convergence Hall. “Perhaps only my Sovereign Sect’s disciple, Leng Xinghun, would be able to defeat him.”

“Haha, my Divine Institute’s Donghuang Yinxuan isn’t inferior as well.” Chi Song’zi roared with laughter.

Wen Ting’s expression was slightly unsightly when she heard them, but she didn’t say anything in the end. At this moment, all her attention was on Chen Xi, and she was extremely worried for him. So, how could she have the mood to pay attention to Chi Song’zi and Lei Fu’s provocation?

Young Martial Uncle, you must persist! Wen Ting muttered in her heart.

On the Dao Engraved Battlefield.

The battle had entered into an unprecedentedly intense state, and it was at its most critical moment. Because at this moment, Chen Xi was almost at the edge of the area that was agreed upon before the battle commenced.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong’s imposing aura blazed like a raging fire, and he ceaselessly attacked Chen Xi with that wisp of sword qi from Frostmourn which possessed shocking divine might.

When they were compared, only a blind person would be unable to notice that Chen Xi was in a disadvantaged position.

While the battle was in such a situation, the battle might conclude at any moment!

“Chen Xi, your combat strength exceeded my expectations indeed, but it’s far from being at a level that can arouse fear in me. A person like you is bound to be absolutely unable to be a match for me.” At this critical moment, Wang Zhong suddenly grinned and spoke slowly. He seemed as if victory was within his grasp, and it was like he felt Chen Xi would be unable to turn the situation around and would definitely lose.

Chen Xi puckered his lips while his expression remained indifferent as before and was without any fluctuations of emotion.

As Wang Zhong spoke, Chen Xi’s figure was blasted another two steps back, and he was less than a step away from passing the distance of 33m!

“You still intend to resist stubbornly? As expected, a Savior like you….” Wang Zhong spoke again. However, he’d only spoken halfway when he seemed to have realized something, and he instantly shut his mouth and just smiled coldly.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly raised his head and gazed at Wang Zhong who stood in the distance. “Looks like you really do know a lot. But you are mistaken on one thing.”

“Oh?” Wang Zhong’s eyes narrowed. However, he thought Chen Xi was delaying intentionally, and he didn’t intend to give Chen Xi any chance!


He controlled that strand of sword qi from Frostmourn and caused its might to strengthen. He seemed as if he intended to completely defeat Chen Xi at this moment.

Chen Xi was just a step away from crossing the distance of 33m.

This distance was the border between victory and defeat!

When they witnessed this scene, the hearts of all the spectators couldn’t help but rise to their throats in unison, and they were nervous to the extreme.

Time seemed as if it had stopped.

Shentu Yanran, Le Wuhen, Yuqiu Jing, Zhuanyu Shui, and the others couldn’t help but seem to be unable to bear to watch this scene.

Tu Meng and Gu Yan opened their eyes wide.

Wen Ting couldn’t help but clench her fists tightly.


Right at this extremely critical instant, a sword howl that was clear like a bell resounded abruptly.

After that, under the astounded gazes of everyone, another sword had actually appeared in Chen Xi’s left hand!

This sword was of simple make and completely suffused by strands of natural energy that formed into dense and obscure divine talismans diagrams, and they coiled around the sword.

When looked at from afar, it was like this sword was formed from the Dao of Talismans, and it emanated a mysterious aura that rivalled the work of nature and creation itself.

As soon as it appeared, endless sword howls surged through the nine heavens!

What’s this?

Everyone was shocked!


Before they could recover from their shock, Chen Xi had launched an attack!

In an instant, mysterious talisman markings filled the sky and covered the world. The sword qi emanated from the sword shot through the world like a ray of light, and its might was simply terrifying to the extreme.


in an instant, the sword qi from Frostmourn that was pressing down like a divine mountain had been blasted into pieces. It seemed like glass that couldn’t resist a single blow, and it was utterly destroyed.


Another horrifying sword howl resounded. The wisp of sword qi had crushed through space and the world to suddenly arrive before Wang Zhong.

“You!!” Wang Zhong’s pupils suddenly constricted while he seemed to be filled with disbelief.

He swung the dual swords in his hand to block this attack. However, in merely an instant, this strike of Chen Xi’s had struck forcefully onto his body, and his figure was blasted flying uncontrollably.

Moreover, this directly resulted in him moving over 300m backward!


When Wang Zhong fell to the ground, his face was already flushed red and covered densely in veins. Moreover, his clothes were in rages. He took rapid breaths yet was unable to refrain from suddenly spitting out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, his flushed red face had turned pale, ghastly pale, and his entire body had completely stiffened on the spot.

The surroundings were perfectly silent!

The atmosphere in the surroundings was deathly silent to the extreme.

All the spectators seemed dumbstruck, and they were still unable to believe everything that had occurred before their eyes.

Indeed, all of this had truly occurred too swiftly, and it was swift to the point of being unbelievable. Since the moment Chen Xi was on the verge of defeat to the moment which he suddenly withdrew a sword in his left hand and launched a counterattack that blasted Wang Zhong flying, this string of actions had practically occurred in an instant.

It was swift to the point most didn’t even have the time to see exactly what sword move Chen Xi had executed before the battle had come to an end.

So, this seemed exceptionally shocking to all of them. It was like an inconceivable miracle had occurred before their eyes, and they were utterly unable to accept and digest it.

Thus, all of them were stunned speechless on the spot.

“The thing you were mistaken on is that I can utilize dual swords as well, and this is my trump card.” Amidst this expanse of deathly silence, Chen Xi looked towards Wang Zhong from afar and spoke indifferent, and his voice destroyed the deathly silence in the surroundings.

Wang Zhong stared blankly as he stood on the spot. The corners of his ghastly pale lips still had a trace of scarlet red blood on them, and he seemed to be unable to accept all of this.

“Impossible! It’s impossible…. How could a person like you be a match for me? This isn’t real! This isn’t real!” Amidst his muttering, Wang Zhong’s expression suddenly turned gloomy and savage. In the end, he actually started roaring hysterically while a voice that was filled with unwillingness.

“But you’ve lost.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this, and then he put his swords away before he intended to turn around and leave.

“Chen Xi! This isn’t my trump card! I still have many abilities that I haven’t executed! Let’s continue fighting! I’ll definitely be able to defeat you!” Wang Zhong seemed as if he’d gone mad and roared. “Even if you lose, I’ll still give you the spot to advance into the top four. What do you think?”

“I’ve said it before, you’ve lost, and I’ve obtained the spot to advance. Why would I continue fighting you?” Chen Xi didn’t even look back, and he walked as he said, “Don’t forget that it was you who set the rules for this battle. I’ve already made concessions for you!”

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