Chapter 1884 – Unprecedented Battle

Two peerless sword emperors that had attained the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm had started a world shocking and peak battle before the eyes of everyone.

All of the spectators were clearly aware that regardless of who won the battle in the end, that person’s name would definitely go down in history and spread throughout the Ancient God Domain!

Before the battle began, who could have imagined that Wang Zhong who’d suddenly risen like a dark horse would actually possess the might of the Sword Emperor Realm’s 3rd level just like Chen Xi?

Who could have imagined that this battle would actually be carried out in such a unique way?

It could be said that amongst the four battles in the 3rd level of the Dao Discussion’s second round, only this battle seemed to be even more striking and filled with suspense.

On the Dao Engraved Battlefield, the battle was still going on.

Chen Xi and Wang Zhong still stood on the spot without moving at all, and they seemed firm and steady like rocks. However, along with the passage of time, their combat strengths were increasing incessantly.

Moreover, the destructive force created by the battle grew more and more intense.

Sword light flowed.

Divine radiance swept out.

The tune of the Dao rumbled.

The battlefield had been completely transformed into an ocean of sword qi, and the might of the Sword Dao shocked everyone at this moment.

“Have all of you realized? No matter if it’s Chen Xi or Wang Zhong, both their styles in battle are actually shockingly similar!”

Many people acutely noticed that when this battle had just begun, both Chen Xi and Wang Zhong hadn’t utilized their full strengths. Their styles in battle were practically exactly the same. Both hadn’t exposed their trump cards, and they were ceaselessly increasing their strength as the battle continued.

Obviously, they were both unable to see through their each other, so they’d adopted the most reliable strategy.

On the other hand, such a battle was undoubtedly even more striking to the cultivators in the outside world.

All of them were them were guessing in their hearts. Does Chen Xi or Wang Zhong have more trump cards? What’s their limits?

No one was able to discern this, so it caused them to feel even more curious.

Moreover, since it was able to draw out the curiosity in the hearts of all the cultivators, it clearly showed how intense and shocking this battle was.

“Based on this, both Chen Xi and Wang Zhong are extraordinary geniuses in the Sword Dao that are rarely seen throughout the ages. Merely based on the combat strengths they’ve revealed now, they aren’t inferior to Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and Kong Youran at all!” Someone compared both Chen Xi and Wang Zhong with the others.

But in next to no time, his words were refuted. “They can’t be compared in that way. This battle is extremely limiting, and the rules are completely different from the previous battles. While it seems to be extremely intense, it has imperceptibly restrained their combat technique.”

“Exactly. They’re standing on the spot without moving and every single attack is a head-on collision. But a real battle isn’t like that. Some are skilled in attack and some are skilled in drawing out a battle. So, it’s utterly impossible to distinguish who’s superior if the current battle is utilized as the source of comparison.”

No matter how they evaluated it, in the eyes of the cultivators in the outside world, the battle between Chen Xi and Wang Zhong was a battle in the Sword Dao, and it was a competition between the Sword Daos that they’d respectively comprehended.

Of course, it also included their qi refinement cultivations, their cultivations in the Dao Heart, their comprehensions of the Dao, the cultivation techniques they possessed, and various other aspects.

When all of these forces were converged together, it became the source of the strength that they utilized to bright forth the might of their Sword Daos.

When this battle came to an end, it would be sufficient to allow others to determine exactly who was stronger and whose cultivation in the Sword Dao was greater!


After 10 minutes passed, a strand of shocking divine radiance suddenly flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes. The Banisher carried the divine radiance from a myriad of talisman markings as it attacked like a surging river of stars.

At practically the exact same moment, Wang Zhong’s eyes narrowed. He utilized the Tribulation Terminator to the limit, and it was like a blood red flame that covered the heavens and the earth.

Their attacks collided. It was like a storm that surged through the nine heavens. Blazing and dazzling divine radiance fully illuminated this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it was boundlessly brilliant.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Under the astounded gazes of everyone, both Chen Xi and Wang Zhong’s figure took three steps back simultaneously. There wasn’t any different at all in the distance they’d moved!

They were actually unable to decide on a victor with this collision.

However, everyone acutely noticed that both Chen XI and Wang Zhong’s expressions had become serious and solemn at this moment. Moreover, their imposing auras grew stronger as well.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi was like an abyss that possessed a deep imposing aura which was capable of swallowing the world.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong was like a violet sun that blazed and surged.

“Slash!” Wang Zhong attacked once more. His Sword Insight shot into the sky and threw the Grand Dao into disorder.


Chen Xi puckered his lips and remained silent as he used his sword to collide head-on with Wang Zhong’s attack.

When they witnessed this scene, all the spectators were clearly aware that this battle had arrived at the most critical moment, and it was the most dangerous and horrifying moment as well.

Moreover, it wouldn’t be long before the outcome would be decided!

No one spoke, nor did anyone allow themselves to get distracted.

The thoughts and gazes of everyone had converged onto the battlefield, and it caused the outside world to be strangely silent.

It was even to the extent that the entire Ten Direction City was deathly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

At this moment, the attention of Huai Kong’zi, Wen Ting, Yu Zhen, Lei Fu, Chi Song’zi, and the other great figures in convergence hall and the attention of all the other Imperial Monarchs at the spectating area like Shentu Qingyuan, Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu, and Imperial Monarch Zi Wei had converged onto Chen Xi and Wang Zhong.

Only the sounds of sword howls, collisions, space exploding into pieces, the wind blowing violently, and various other sounds rumbled from the battlefield and ceaselessly resounded in the surroundings.


After another extremely intense collision, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. His vital blood roiled while he couldn’t help but take six steps back.

At practically the exact same time, the veins on Wang Zhong’s became faintly visible, and he suddenly gritted his teeth. However, his figure still took steps back uncontrollably as well.

“Hmph!” Both of them grunted coldly at practically the exact same time, and then they collided once more.


After over 100 collisions, Chen Xi’s figure staggered. He dodged a distance of 24m to the side, and the energy within his entire body rumbled.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong’s imposing aura surged strongly!

The pupils of everyone couldn’t help but constrict. Could it be that Chen Xi’s going to be suppressed?

But in next to no time, they noticed that they’d misjudged. Because in the next moment, Chen Xi attacked ferociously, and he forced Wang Zhong back by a distance of 27m as well!

This caused the spectators to be unable to help but feel shocked.

It was merely a small different in distance, but this was a collision between two peerless sword emperors. So, it was obvious how terrifying and dangerous it was. It could be said to be filled with killing intent at all times, and the slightest carelessness might cause one to suffer defeat!

The battle continued. However, when compared to before, it was even more dangerous and horrifying.

As the battle went on, Chen Xi’s face gradually became strained and covered in a solemn expression. Moreover, the vital blood in his entire body roiled incessantly.

On the other hand, the veins on Wang Zhong’s forehead had bulged up while he gritted his tightly. A brilliant cold glow could be seen within his eyes, and his entire body seemed as if it was completely on fire and was enveloped by an expanse of surging violet divine flames.

“Chen Xi, you’ll definitely lose this time!” Suddenly, a wisp of a cold and fierce arc appeared on the corners of Wang Zhong’s mouth. He suddenly let out a long howl while the phoenix feather crown on his head suddenly exploded into pieces. His long hair stood on end and emanated a terrifying violet glow, causing him to seem as if he’d transformed into a primeval god of the sword.

His imposing aura had actually instantly risen explosively by a huge amount!

When they saw this, all the cultivators in the outside world were shocked and filled with disbelief.

“Tribulation Terminator!” Before the spectators could recover from their shock, Wang Zhong held the Tribulation Terminator Sword in his hand as he slashed.


At this instant, the sky suddenly dimmed down and everything seemed to show signs of falling into a deathly silent state. It was extremely inconceivable.

Tribulation Terminator, Tribulation Terminator…. Could it be that he’s really… from that place? In the Square of Vie, Jia Nan’s gaze was dim and suffused with a gleam of wisdom. He seemed to have noticed something, and he had a rare solemn expression on his face.

Chen Xi sensed a strand of the aura of danger when he faced this attack, and he felt invisible pressure assault his face.


He didn’t hesitate to utilize the Profound Heart Sword Technique’s Impeccable Style. Sword images overlapped each other to form a completely round barrier of light, and it hid him from the world!


A strand of abundant and enormous force collided forcefully with the light barrier. This attack from Wang Zhong seemed extremely terrifying and was beyond imagination. Even though Chen Xi had resisted it, his figure was forcefully blasted backward.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Under the astounded gazes of the spectators, his figure stopped when he was just 30m away from the spot he stood at the beginning, and he was just a thread away from being eliminated!

This allowed many cultivators to heave a sigh of relief, and they couldn’t help but be extremely astounded in their hearts. Isn’t this disciple from the Golden Toad Isle, Wang Zhong, a little too strong?

Chen Xi’s vital blood roiled while his countenance was slightly pale. However, his expression was still indifferent and hadn’t changed at all.

Only his black pupils carried a wisp of an extremely murderous aura.

Hmm? Wang Zhong’s face became even more icy cold when he noticed that this attack was actually unable to defeat Chen Xi, and then seething and ghastly killing intent surged out from his eyes as well.


Before he could launch another attack, Chen Xi had attacked first. The Banisher transformed into a ray of light that seemed to have disregarded the obstruction of space and the restraints of the world, and it instantly vanished.

In the next moment, it arrived just 30cm before Wang Zhong’s throat!

This attack seemed mysterious and unreal to the extreme, and it was inconceivably swift as well. It caused Wang Zhong’s pupils to suddenly constrict while his expression changed.


Wang Zhong was caught off guard, so even though he’d safely resisted this attack, he’d been blasted back as well and barely stopped before he exceeded the distance of 30m!

This caused his expression to finally change, and it became gloomy. But in the end, he suddenly grinned and revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth.

“Is this your strongest attack? It’s very good, but it’s very unfortunate that the attack from earlier wasn’t my strongest!” Amidst his indifferent laughter, Wang Zhong’s entire body rose into the air, and another sword had actually appeared in his left hand. The sword was completely white like snow, crystalline to the point of seeming translucent, and emanated a terrifying aura that was icy cold and bone piercing.

Dual swords!

The cultivators in the outside world couldn’t help but gasp. It wasn’t that there weren’t sword cultivators that utilized dual swords, and it was even to the extent that some could utilize thousands of swords. However, it was merely utilizing the swords, and the key was to truly bring forth its might.

For an existence like Wang Zhong, being able to bring forth the might of a single sword to its limit was already sufficient to annihilate any enemy he faced!

Yet now, he’d withdrawn a second sword. This usually meant that based on the current strength he possessed, the combat strength he possessed would probably multiply!

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