Chapter 1883 – Tribulation Terminator

Wang Zhong was extremely mysterious, and the more others came into contact with him, the more difficult he was to see through.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, Wang Zhong had concealed his strength much better than any of the participating disciples. However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to think about that.

This battle was the final battle in the 3rd level of the Dao Discussion’s second round. No matter how unusual and mysterious Wang Zhong’s origins were, this battle couldn’t be avoided.


Chen Xi withdrew the Banisher, and then he gazed indifferently at Wang Zhong and said, “Let’s begin.”


Wang Zhong smiled lightheartedly and actually withdrew a sword as well.

The sword was four fingers wide, over a meter long, and completely bright crimson. It emanated an extremely terrifying and sharp aura, revealed a horrifying scarlet red hue, and it seemed as if it was made from the blood of the gods.

When looked at from afar, it caused others to have the misconception that they’d seen a mountain of corpses, an ocean of blood, Fiendgods roaring with sorrow, sages falling into oblivion, and all this suffering obliteration and ceasing to exist.

“What a terrifying bloody aura. What treasure is that?”

“Wang Zhong never utilized that treasure before this. Could it be that his true trump card is his cultivation in the Sword Dao?”

“This fellow really concealed his strength well!”

All the spectators in the outside world were horrified as they’d sensed a terrifying, bloody, and murderous aura come from the blood red sword in Wang Zhong’s hand.

An ordinary Natural Spirit Treasure couldn’t compare to this sword at all!

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he spoke lightly. “A good sword.”

“It isn’t just my sword that’s good, my Sword Dao is not bad as well. Watch out.” Wang Zhong grinned. He had an upright bearing and wore green clothes that was tied by a jade white belt at the waist, a shoe made from golden strands, and a crown of phoenix feathers. He seemed like the elegant and wealthy son of a marquis in the mortal world, and he had an extremely elegant bearing and seemed very well mannered.

However, the more he seemed like this, the more others were unable to see through him. Even if it was Huai Kong’zi, Wen Ting, Yu Zhen, and the other Imperial Monarchs, they were slightly unable to see through Wang Zhong. This was very unusual.

The unknown was usually the most terrifying, and Wang Zhong was undoubtedly a dangerous figure like that!

After all, he clearly knew of Chen Xi’s cultivation at the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm, yet he still dared to tell Chen Xi to watch out at this moment. Moreover, he even spoke in such a carefree tone, and this made him seem even more unfathomable.

“I’ve never been afraid of competing in the Sword Dao with others.” Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed anything. At this moment, he seemed even calmer and composer, and it was like the heavens, the earth, the people, and everything in the outside world had been discarded by him.

In his eyes, only Wang Zhong remained, and his sword was pointed at Wang Zhong alone.

An invisible aura of the Sword Dao effused out from Chen Xi’s body. The heavens and the earth fell into a motionless state, and it caused the expressions of the spectators to change while they felt suffocated.

When he noticed the change in Chen Xi’s imposing aura, Wang Zhong’s brows raised, and he suddenly suggested. “Since we’re fighting sword against sword, then why don’t we compete in a unique manner and end the battle swiftly?”

Chen Xi’s heart was calm like an ancient well as he said, “Speak.”

At this instant, all the spectators in the outside world couldn’t help but be curious. What exactly does Wang Zhong intend to do?

“It’s very simple. Both of us will stand on the spot without moving and merely fight with the swords in our hands. If any one of us retreats more than 33m or is unable to resist the Sword Dao of the other, then it’s considered as a loss. What do you think?” Wang Zhong didn’t hesitate to speak frankly.

The spectators couldn’t help but erupt into an uproar upon hearing this.

If such a method was utilized, then the difficulty of the battle would be too much greater than an ordinary battle. Obviously, in order to avoid moving 33m away from where they stood, it was completely impossible for them to dodge!

In other words, the objective of such a method was obviously to make Chen Xi fight him head on!

The one who shrunk back would be defeated!

The one who couldn’t resist the attack of the other would be defeated!

“Where did Wang Zhong get the confidence to actually dare to propose such a method of battle? Could it be that he’s fully confident in his ability to defeat Chen Xi?”

“If Chen Xi really agrees, then the battle would be interesting.”

“For some unknown reason, Wang Zhong seems too calm and composed as if victory is within his grasps. I suddenly feel slightly worried for Chen Xi.”

The spectators discussed animatedly. Most of them were surprised by the courage that Wang Zhong revealed, and even more were faintly worried for Chen Xi.

At this moment, even Wen Ting couldn’t help but frown and speak with displeasure. “What exactly does this disciple of the Golden Toad Isle intend to do? Instead of following the perfectly fine rules that were set for the Dao Discussion and intends to make a new set of rules. Isn’t he being a little too presumptuous?”

When he heard Wen Ting express her displeasure, Huai Kong’zi who stood outside Convergence Hall frowned as well. After that, he shot his gaze towards the battlefield and spoke in a deep voice. “Chen Xi, according to the rules of the Dao Discussion, there’s no need for you to accept such a suggestion.”

All the spectators looked over when they heard Huai Kong’zi intervene.

Wang Zhong merely smiled when facing this, and he continued staring at Chen Xi.

“This method of battle suits me perfectly.” Chen Xi actually spoke in agreement!

The spectators were stunned.

Huai Kong’zi pondered deeply for a moment, and then he didn’t speak in the end.

Wen Ting sighed in her heart. She was slightly unable to figure out exactly what this Young Martial Uncle of hers thought.

“Good! Merely based on this alone, I won’t make you lose too terribly in the battle!” Wang Zhong suddenly spoke loudly with praise, and his tone was extremely overbearing and domineering.

“I think it’s best that you don’t get happy too early.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“You’re right, I really was slightly rash.” Wang Zhong slapped himself on the forehead and smiled lightheartedly, and then his expression turned solemn while he instantly became calm to the extreme. There wasn’t even a trace of emotion coming from him anymore.

“This sword is called Tribulation Terminator. I hope you don’t forget its name.” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, a wisp of strange and horrifying violet flames suddenly flashed in Wang Zhong’s eyes.

In an instant, his entire body was enveloped by violet divine radiance, and he was like a violet sun that was peerlessly dazzling and threw the surroundings into disorder.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

One could clearly notice that in an area of 33m around Wang Zhong, time collapsed, exploded into pieces, and transformed into violet torrents that spun incessantly and emanated sharp and ear piercing rumbling.

Wang Zhong stood amidst it. His clothes fluttered while his violet eyes seemed imposing, and he was like an Emperor of the sword that had awakened from his slumber and possessed a domineering aura of supremacy.

All of this occurred in an instant, and when everyone looked at Wang Zhong once more, it was like they were looking at a strange. Moreover, his domineering and fierce aura caused the expressions of many to change slightly.

“He… actually possesses a strength at the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm!” An Imperial Monarch exclaimed with shock.


Before they could recover from their shock, Wang Zhong had launched an attack.

The scarlet red and brilliant Tribulation Terminator soared through the sky like a strand of bloody tears that flowed from the eye of a lover. It was gorgeous, bloody, and carried an all-powerful and unstoppable imposing aura.

As soon as it appeared, the phenomena of a rain of blood and an ocean of blood actually surged into appeared within the battlefield, and it truly seemed as if it intended to drag the world into oblivion. It was extremely astounding.

At practically the exact same moment, a wisp of a piercingly cold and sharp light shot out from Chen Xi’s eyes, and he didn’t hesitate to transform the Banisher into a wisp of light that soared through the sky.

The Profound Heart Sword Technique — Flowing Light Style.

This strand of sword qi seemed to be ethereal and traceless, and it gave others the feeling that it was light and unreal.

However, when it flashed through the sky, it sliced the round of blood apart and made them unable to descend, and it tore the ocean of blood apart. It was like this scene had been cut apart with a scissor.

After that, it descended swiftly towards Wang Zhong!

All of this had occurred too quickly, and there was no sound of collision or sign of might that shook the world. However, the strength revealed from that extreme calm was especially shocking.


Wang Zhong smiled lightly and seemed to be not surprised that Chen Xi was able to accomplish this. The Tribulation Terminator in his hand shook, and it shattered that descending wisp of sword qi into powder.

“Not bad.” As he praised, Wang Zhong attacked once more.


The might of this strike was clearly much stronger and filled with killing intent. The sound of the Dao resounded around the entire strand of sword qi, and it resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Some spectators in the distance who possessed comparatively weaker strengths were shaken to the point their eardrums were on the verge of splitting. Moreover, the vital blood within their bodies roiled, causing them to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Even if it was the Imperial Monarchs, their expressions changed slightly because the might of this strike exceeded their imagination.

Chen Xi’s expression remained composed and unfazed when facing this, and not a trace of change appeared on his face from the beginning until the end.


He struck with his sword as well. It was swift like a bolt of lightning that shot through the world and possessed the might of an ocean that could destroy a rock. It was extremely powerful and boundless.

It was the Profound Heart Sword Technique — Ocean Cliff Style!


This time, the commotion from the collision was extremely shocking. Divine light erupted while radiance rained down in the surroundings. It was like the sun and moon had collided, and the sound of the collision resounded through the world.

The terrifying scene created by the collision was astonishing, and it caused many cultivators in the surroundings to be visibly moved.

Obviously, this was a collision between two peerless sword emperors. Every single move they made produced a might capable of obliterating the world. They possessed boundless and monstrous divine might that could be said to be world shocking, and ordinary people were unable to compare to them.

A peak battle like this might not even occur in thousands of years, and it was extremely rare!

Since the cultivators within Ten Direction City started cultivating until now, they’d never witnessed such a world shocking battle. They were simply dumbstruck from it, and they cried out involuntarily in succession while being on the verge of forgetting to breath.

“Resist a strike of mine as well!” Chen Xi’s expression was calm while his dense jet black hair fluttered with the wind. He seemed like a sharp glow that left the sheathe of a sword, and his might horrified the world.

As he spoke, Banisher let out a clear howl, and then it attacked with a fierce, murderous, and peerless accurate aura.

Wang Zhong’s eyes narrowed while his imposing aura strengthened along with the appearance of this attack. Moreover, the sword in his hand revealed an even brighter shade of red and simply seemed as if blood was on the verge of dripping from it.


He attacked. His sword howled like a thunderclap that resounded through the world, and its imposing aura was ferocious, surging, and domineering to the extreme.

In merely the time of a few breaths, their sword qi had collided no less than 100 times, and they fought to the point the world shook, the sun and moon dimmed in comparison, and all sorts of terrifying phenomena erupted.

These phenomena included the collapse of the Grand Dao, the sorrowful wailing of gods, the rumbling of thunder, and the world falling into disorder. All sorts of phenomena appeared during the battle, and it caused all the spectators to fall into a state of shock. They opened their eyes wide while even their souls trembled.

They were too formidable!

Regardless of whether it was Chen Xi or Wang Zhong, they stood on the spot and didn’t move at all from the beginning until the end. However, the Sword Dao they revealed far exceeded their peers and vividly displayed the might of the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm.

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