Chapter 1880 – The Sword Is The Dao

At this instant, Chen Xi’s face was covered in a piercingly cold and murderous aura.

The picturesque scene in the sky was torn into pieces by the peerless killing intent, causing wails to rumble and throw the world into disorder.

This killing intent was so copious and piercingly cold, it was like a peerless blade had been unsheathed from within an abyss, and it intended to destroy the world and slaughter everything within it!

In their daze, Chen Xi seemed to have become a completely different person in the eyes of all the cultivators in the outside world. Earlier, he was calm, composed, and indifferent. But at this moment, he could only be described as fully displaying his brilliance!

When they looked at him from afar, it caused a piercing pain to arise in their eyes, and their hearts shivered inexplicably.

“What this?” Everyone was shocked because merely the killing intent he revealed was so terrifying. Could it be that Chen Xi isn’t joking, and he really intends to end the battle with a single move?

“The 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm?” The pupils of many great figures constricted while they felt shocked in their hearts.

Such a level of attainment in the Sword Dao was too lofty, and it was said to be a level where the Sword was the Dao, the Dao was the Sword. The Dao and the Sword were one, and they were inseparable!

In the entire world, Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods that had attained this level of cultivation were simply as rare as phoenix feathers and Qilin horns. It was even not exaggerated to say that many Imperial Monarchs present here hadn’t comprehended it to such an extent!

Because all of this displayed that Chen Xi had already stepped foot onto the Ultimate Path of the Sword, and he’d taken a large step on this path!

It was common knowledge that the 1st level of the Sword Emperor Realm was said that the sword was like an Emperor, and it controlled all the swords in the world.

The 2nd level was a state of returning to simplicity, attaining a natural state as if it was made by the god of creation, and possess extraordinary beauty of nature. When one attained this level, one could be said to have stepped through the threshold of the Ultimate Path of the Sword.

On the other hand, the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm was to comprehend a trace of the true essence of the Ultimate Sword Dao and attain a state where the Dao and the Sword seemed to be one and were inseparable. It couldn’t be compared to the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

Were any one of those existences capable of attaining this state not unprecedentedly rare geniuses? On the other hand, grasping such strength at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was rare even amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region!

So, this was the reason why the outside world was so shocked upon noticing the energy of the Sword Dao revealed in Chen Xi’s vital energy.

“Is that this fellow’s trump card?” The eyes of Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, and the others had narrowed at this moment, and the revealed a wisp of solemnness on their faces.

However, they didn’t seem very nervous because they’d already determined a long time ago that Chen Xi had concealed a great deal of his ability. So, when they witnessed this scene, they merely felt a feeling of understanding as if it was within their expectations.

“The 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm. Haha. No wonder he dared to boast about defeating my Sovereign Sect’s Xue Xiao’zi with a single move.” Lei Fu laughed coldly in Convergence Hall and said, “Unfortunately, in my opinion, just this strength alone is insufficient to accomplish his wish.”

“Oh, then we’ll wait and see.” Wen Ting spoke indifferently, and her tone seemed as if she was filled with boundless confidence towards Chen Xi.

This caused Lei Fu to laugh coldly, but he didn’t say anything else.

When he noticed the change in Chen Xi’s aura, Xue Xiao’zi felt a strand of indescribable pressure, and his expression suddenly became solemn and serious.

He’d similarly never imagined that Chen Xi would have actually attained such extraordinary accomplishments in the Sword Dao, and this caused him to not dare be negligent at all.

However, Xue Xiao’zi still didn’t believe that Chen Xi could defeat him with a single move!

Since he was able to attain his current accomplishments, Xue Xiao’zi was naturally not an ordinary figure. This was obvious from his ability to participate in the second round of the Dao Discussion and defeat Tu Meng in battle.

Under such circumstances, even if he admitted that he was enduring extremely heavy pressure during this battle and might even lose to Chen Xi. However, he absolutely didn’t think that he would be unable to resist even a single move from Chen Xi!


Without any hesitation, Xue Xiao’zi circulated his full strength. Divine radiance flowed through his body like a powerful ocean, and he simply seemed like a sun that was radiating brilliance.

At the same time, his imposing aura suddenly rose to its peak state, and he seemed to possess the peerlessly mighty bearing of a king that ruled over the world.


A pair of blood red bronze blades appeared in Xue Xiao’zi’s palms. The blades were 0.6m long, shaped like crescents, branded with mysterious and terrifying blood red markings of the Dao, scarlet red like blood would drop down from them at any moment, and terrifying.

They were the Natural Spirit Treasure — Blood Crescent Blades!

It was a pair of Natural Spirit Treasures that supplemented each other like Yin and Yang, and the might they produced was much greater than ordinary Natural Spirit Treasures.

“Xue Xiao’zi is going to utilize his full strength as well. Looks like he doesn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi as well and has taken Chen Xi to be a formidable enemy.”

“Under such circumstances, it seems extremely absurd that Chen Xi would be able to defeat Xue Xiao’zi with a single move. I truly don’t know why he dared to boast like that.”

“Heh, who doesn’t know how to brag? Perhaps this is Chen Xi’s strategy, and he intentionally disturbed Xue Xiao’zi’s mental state. Chen Xi’s words can’t be taken seriously.”

“I think so too.”

When they witnessed Xue Xiao’zi’s reaction, Leng Xinghun and all the other disciples of the Sovereign Sect heaved sighs of relief. In their opinions, if Xue Xiao’zi utilized his full strength, then not to mention a single move, Xue Xiao’zi could even resist 10 moves.

It wasn’t just Leng Xinghun’s group. At this moment, most people felt that Chen Xi’s words couldn’t be trusted at all, and they really didn’t look favorably upon Chen Xi’s actions.

“Can he accomplish it?” Shentu Yanran muttered.

“Of course, he can.” Shentu Yanran answered her own question.

This action seemed extremely incomprehensible. However, this clearly showed that she was actually very confident in Chen Xi.

Under the gazes of everyone, this battle had successfully drawn the gazes of many cultivators in the outside world before it had even begun.

All of it was because of Chen Xi’s words.

Could he accomplish it?

A huge amount of people didn’t believe in him.

Even Huai Kong’zi and the other great figures expressed their doubt.

But no matter what, the answer would be revealed in a moment. They wanted to see if Chen Xi was boasting or if he could really accomplish it.

Clang! Clang!

Unexpectedly, Xue Xiao’zi was the first to attack. He swung the bronze blades in his hand while his entire body seemed like that of a dragon leaving its lair. He carried a vicious, gloomy, and extremely murderous force as he rumbled through the air and assaulted Chen Xi.

He crossed his blades and executed a blood red cross of light.

The horizontal blade seemed like an iron chain that lay across a great rives, and it split Yin and Yang!

The vertical blade seemed like a river of stars that descended from the nine heavens, and it split the world apart!

One horizontal and one vertical. It was simple and clear, yet it revealed an all-powerful and terrifying force.

“Voidslaughter Cross!” At this instant, Xue Kong’zi seemed like an exalt of the blade. His blades were crossed together, and he seemed to possess divine might that reigned supreme over the world and terrified everyone.

“He actually forced Junior Brother Xue Xiao’zi to even utilize his trump card….” Leng Xinghun’s gaze was like a bolt of lighting that was suffused with a horrifying glow.


The blade light shot explosively through the battlefield. It was blood red and vast like an ocean, and the terrifying killing intent within it dyed the world red and caused the Grand Dao to wail with sorrow.

The expressions of all the cultivators in the surroundings changed, this attack was unimaginably formidable!

Will Chen Xi… be able to resist it?

At this moment, they’d even directly overlooked Chen Xi’s promise of defeating Xue Xiao’zi with a single move. Because under such circumstance, they even wondered whether he could resist this strike, let along defeat Xue Xiao’zi with a single move.


Chen Xi stood on the spot without moving when facing this strike, and merely the Banisher in his hand swept lightly through space.

His movements were casual as if he was flicking off the dust on his clothes or cutting off a thick flower branch with a pair of scissors. It seemed so calm and casual.

But in the next instant, everything within the battlefield seemed to have fallen into a motionless state and strange silence. Everything had frozen.


After that, space exploded into pieces.


Next, the cross shaped blood red blade light collapsed.

With Chen Xi at the center, a destructive force swept out incessantly. Everywhere it passed, everything was like paper and was shredded into powder.

At this moment, the pupils of everyone in the surroundings had dilated while their entire bodies stiffened.

On the other hand, Xue Xiao’zi’s body still maintained an attacking pose in midair, but he didn’t have even a trace of that aura of supremacy anymore.

Conversely, his expression had changed abruptly, the hairs on his body stood on end, and his pupils had constricted to the point they seemed like a pair of needles. He was simply like a puppet that had been terrified.


The destructive force approached, Xue Xiao’zi was unable to dodge it at all, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t even have time to react!

At this instant, he sensed the aura of lethal danger, and he felt the terror one felt on the verge of death.



Xue Xiao’zi shouted hysterically in his heart.


After that, his vision turned black, and his body was held by an irresistible force and flew backward uncontrollably.

When Xue Xiao’zi opened his eyes once more, he was standing outside the Dao Engraved Battlefield. But he seemed as if he’d lost his soul and just stared blankly into the distance as he stood there.

What exactly happened just now?

Meanwhile, the surroundings were deathly silent, and there wasn’t even a trace of a sound in the battlefield.

Only Chen Xi’s tall figure stood in the battlefield. He’d already put the Banisher away since an unknown period in time but hadn’t left the battlefield. Conversely, he frowned slightly while looking up into the sky.

I lost? Xue Xiao’zi’s countenance was ghastly pale while his entire body was soaked in cold sweat. He looked towards the surroundings yet noticed that Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, and all the others had a wisp of shock on their faces and seemed to be slightly dumbstruck.

It wasn’t just them, even all the spectators in the distance seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning and were shocked speechless.

The atmosphere was strangely silent.

I… really lost? Xue Xiao’zi’s entire body was stiff on the spot. In the end, his gaze descended onto Huai Kong’zi, yet he noticed that Huai Kong’zi’s expression carried surprise, bewilderment, and faint disbelief.

This unusual atmosphere caused Xue Xiao’zi’s heart to suffer an unprecedented blow, and he was even on the verge of collapse.


What exactly happened?

Xue Xiao’zi frowned in pain, and he did all he could to recall everything that occurred just now.

For no rhyme or reason, he recalled the sword strike that Chen Xi executed earlier. It was so casual and natural….

However, all of it was like a nightmare to Xue Xiao’zi. It caused his heart to surge uncontrollably with a wisp of extreme terror, and even breathing became difficult for him. He was terrified out of his wits.

“The Victory in this battle belongs to Chen Xi!” Right at this moment, a supremely dignified voice resounded abruptly in the sky, and it broke the strange deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings.

It was the voice of the Dao Institute’s Dean!

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