Chapter 188 – Xiao Jun

Chapter 188 – Xiao Jun

During the earlier battle, amongst Han Bai and the other three initial-stage Golden Core Realm elders of the Han Clan, two had been taken by surprise and killed by Chen Xi, whereas, the remaining two lost their lives under Ling Bai’s surprise attack, and after they lost their lives, Chen Xi had collected their golden cores.

At this moment, these four golden cores were utilized by Ling Bai via a secret technique, and the four golden cores acted in cooperation with each other from a distance to form the Immovable Nirvana Grand Formation. It was like a dazzling golden grand formation, that suppressed all four poles of the heavens and earth, had been opened up within the Slaughter Dao Territory. Not only had it imprisoned the terrifying ‘杀’ character, it even enveloped Han Guyue within it as well.

Dammit! How could I have forgotten this?! That 10cm tall little person is a formidable figure, yet I actually overlooked his existence… If a formation formed by four golden cores were to be detonated… For a time, Han Guyue’s thoughts were chaotic as utmost terror arose within his heart.

This was something that happened in an instant.

Right when Han Guyue’s thoughts flew by, and he was exceedingly terrified, the four golden cores abruptly emitted cracking sounds as if they were crushed by a millstone. At the same time, there was a voice that resounded by his ears, this voice contained an exceedingly simple word, and that was, “EXPLODE!”

This word was like a strike of thunder that jolted Han Guyue awake.

At this moment, how could he dare hesitate? He fiercely circulated his True Essence to mobilize his entire cultivation as he held the Sickle of Slaughter with the intention of breaking open the dazzling golden light that confined the surroundings. At the same time, numerous defensive Magic Treasures had appeared on him, and every single one of them was at the earth-rank and coiled with bright lights as they emitted various types of auras.

But it was too late!

The Immovable Nirvana Grand Formation was a confining formation, the grand formation the ancient Nirvana Sword Sect had used to suppress the four poles. At this moment, when Ling Bai used four golden cores as the formation’s foundation, although he was only able to exert less than a hundredth of its might, it was sufficient to confine Han Guyue for the time of a few breaths, and during this short period of time, the four golden cores were instantly detonated by Ling Bai who’d been plotting this for a long time.


Suddenly, four matchless energies of annihilation exploded out above Han Guyue, and it was like four volcanoes erupting, emitting an extremely terrifying explosion!

The golden core in a cultivator’s body was the root of the heaven and earth the cultivator used to step into the Grand Dao, and one’s entire cultivation was condensed within it. It was simply like a barrel of gunpowder that only needed a slight spark before being able to create a might that caused the heavens to collapse, the earth to crack, and the sun and moon to be dimmed.

Normally speaking, it was extremely difficult for the golden core of a cultivator to be seized, because the might of its detonation was so terrifying that even a Rebirth Realm cultivator avoided it like the plague.

Of course, even if someone’s golden core was obtained by another, no one would detonate it, but instead refine it into a formidable Magic Treasure or medicinal pill to be used by themselves, and these things refined from golden cores possessed boundless miraculous effects and unfathomable might.

But at this moment, for the sake of protecting the lives of Chen Xi and himself, Ling Bai instead had no choice but to use these golden cores to fight desperately, and it wasn’t his own golden core at any rate, so it wasn’t so painful for him.


It was like mountains collapsed and tidal waves rose, and the heaven fell and the earth crumbled as an enormous amount of spirit energy of the heaven and earth scattered out in all directions with a crash. Everywhere it passed, the entire Slaughter Dao Territory instantly shattered before it charged out into the surroundings, causing numerous towering and enormous trees to transform into powder and be blazed into nothingness. Even the mountain range that rose and fell continuously exploded and had numerous shocking large pits blasted upon them.

A mushroom cloud that roiled violently without end blasted up into the sky with Han Guyue as its center.

Within an explosion like this that caused the heaven and earth to dim, Han Guyue was only in time to emit a miserable and unwilling howl before the earth-rank Magic Treasures on his entire body shattered with a bang, and he transformed into nothingness. Even the ground beneath his feet was blasted into an enormous and bottomless hole as dirt sprayed into the air and smoke soared into the sky, and it was as if the end of the world had arrived!

Four golden cores had been connected together, and the might they exploded with was actually enormous to this extent!

“Is he dead?” The instant before detonating the golden cores, Ling Bai had already brought Chen Xi along to dash madly towards the distance. At this moment, the stood 3km away, yet the airflow that was violent like blades in the air still cut their faces to the point they ached faintly, and how terrifying the might of the golden core’s explosion was could be seen from this.

“Hmph! The might of four golden cores exploding would even heavily injure a Rebirth Realm cultivator. A thing at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm would have surely kicked the bucket.” Ling Bai spoke confidently.

“Even an old fellow is so strong. I wonder how strong those genius disciples that would be participating in the Darchu Dynasty’s Allstar Meeting five years from now are?” After experiencing this battle, Chen Xi had finally experienced the might of a Golden Core Realm cultivator, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“Chen Xi, you’re much more formidable than him. If it wasn’t for that old dog relying on that sickle Magic Treasure, killing him by relying on your strength would be as easy as slaughtering a chicken.” Ling Bai grinned.

Chen Xi instead didn’t agree with these words. Since he was able to cultivate in both body refinement and qi refinement and was able to cultivate the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to surmount a realm to kill his enemies, others were naturally able to possess formidable Magic Treasures and terrifying abilities to increase their strength. Not to mention within this brutal and realistic cultivation world, who would stupidly fight solely based on one’s own cultivation?

“Let’s go take that sickle Magic Treasure! I want to see exactly what profundity it contains to actually be able to allow an old fellow to rely upon it to execute a Dao Territory.” Ling Bai pulled Chen Xi and wanted to fly towards the place Han Guyue fell.

“Wait! Look over there!” Chen Xi’s gaze swept over unintentionally and noticed that two figures were standing on a distant mountain peak.


“What’s going on? Why did my Father’s Slaughter Dao Territory explode? What a terrifying force!”

“Wait, this seems like a might that can only be caused by the explosion of a golden core…”

“How could this be possible? That kid is only at the Golden Hall Realm and doesn’t even have a golden core, how could he be able to detonate a golden core?”

“Yeah, I can’t wrap my head around it either.”

“Heh, there’s no need to bother so much about it. Since my Father has made a move, it’s impossible for that kid to escape death. I hope my Father doesn’t kill him, but instead cripples his cultivation and extracts his soul so that he has to suffer the endless torture of poisonous flames all day and night and be forever unable to be reborn! Hmph! People who offend this Young Master are bound to have a terrible end!”

On the peak of an extremely far away mountain, a man and woman looked at the mushroom cloud that shot into the sky with disbelief, and they exclaimed endlessly at it. These two people were naturally Han Wenjun and the maidservant Xiao Jun.

When Han Guyue executed the Slaughter Dao Territory, he’d sent the two of them out of it. But the two of them were unwilling to leave and had instead waited silently at the side for the outcome. However, when they saw the scene before them, both of them felt slightly dumbstruck, and their minds were slightly unable to understand what had happened for some time.

“Because of your words, it’s impossible for you to escape calamity today!” Right at this moment, Chen Xi was like a strand of drifting wind as he swiftly appeared by the side of these two people, and his gaze coldly swept past them before descending onto Han Wenjun.

“You… You… You didn’t die!?” Han Wenjun’s pupils suddenly dilated as he cried out with a sharp and terrified voice, and his appearance seemed as if he’d seen a ghost.

“If I’m dead, then would I be able to stand before you? Ling Bai, kill him!” Chen Xi instructed coldly. He’d utterly hated this trash that was arrogant, overbearing, and possessed an extremely malicious heart. If he wasn’t eliminated as soon as possible, perhaps he might bring trouble to Chen Xi in the future.

“You can’t kill me, my Han Clan’s experts won’t let you off, you…” Han Wenjun was terrified to the point his soul almost left his body as he cried and roared loudly. He was just about to flee when a wisp of cold light started moving after him yet penetrated his throat from behind, causing him to instantly lose his life!

“You dirty dog, you have no ability yet act arrogantly, you deserve being killed!” Ling Bai spat in disdain, and with a gesture of his hand, he’d already held the storage Magic Treasure in Han Wenjun’s possession in his hand.

When she saw Ling Bai’s decisive method of killing Han Wenjun, the maidservant Xiao Jun went pale, yet she didn’t dare act rashly and said with extreme fear and awe. “I’m only a little maidservant. Lord, please be merciful and spare my life, alright? I guarantee I won’t tell anyone of what happened today.”

“Oh, are you really a little maidservant?” Chen Xi’s gaze was exceedingly deep as he stared fixedly at Xiao Jun.

“I… Could it be that I’m able to possess another identity?” Xiao Jun was shocked in her heart, yet she smiled and spoke, but this smile was even more unsightly than a crying expression.

“If you continue acting, then I’ll kill you right now.” Chen Xi spoke slowly with a calm voice, yet the killing intent within his words could be perceived by anyone.

“Stop acting, survivor of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Who can you deceive with that little skill of yours? I’ll annihilate you right now if you don’t confess obediently!” Ling Bai was impatient instead, and he spoke with surging killing intent. This little fellow was even more excessive than Chen Xi, and he didn’t have the slightest intention of being compassionate towards a woman and wanted to ruthlessly annihilate her right away.

Xiao Jun’s expression went ghastly pale as she spoke with shock. “Who are you two? How do you know of our existence? My Bloodcrescent Devil Sect has never come out from hiding for 3,000 years, and I’ve never exposed my identity, so how could both of you possibly recognize me?”

“Hmph! You’ve finally admitted it. Not to mention recognizing you, even your forces in Dragon Lake City were cleaned out by us! A group of trash is worthy of being called a Devil Sect? It’s truly the biggest joke in the world!” Ling Bai crossed his arms over his chest, and his handsome and cold little face was covered in disdain.

“Dragon Lake City… So you’re Chen Xi! That fellow that stole my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s precious treasure, the Buddha’s Pagoda! Both of you are doomed! Do you know? Your name has already been entered into the kill list of my Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, and the day my Devil Sect sweeps through the world will be the time you lose your life!” Xiao Jun cried out involuntarily, and her face was covered in hatred.

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Are you finished? If you’re finished, then answer me. Who holds the method of repairing the Buddha’s Pagoda? I can just cripple your cultivation and allow you to leave.”

“Haha! I of course know who possesses it, and there’s no harm in telling you. The method of repairing the Buddha’s Pagoda is held in the hands of Hall Master Fan, Fan Yunlan. She’s currently in Oceanic City, so will you go look for her?” Xiao Jun laughed coldly.

Never had Chen Xi imagined that this maidservant would so readily speak of it, and he couldn’t help but be stunned as he thought in his heart. Hall Master Fan, Fan Yunlan? Since she’s able to become the master of a hall, I’m afraid she’s someone with exceedingly high status in the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. Perhaps, this little girl told me of it so readily because she intends to use Hall Master Fan to kill me and seize the Buddha’s Pagoda in my possession…

“Chen Xi, you’re dead! Haha! I’m going to report this news to Hall Master Fan, so I can’t keep you company any longer!” Xiao Jun laughed complacently as her entire body transformed into a ball of bloody mist with a bang, and she flashed out explosively. In the blink of an eye, she’d already flashed out 3km into the distance. This was actually a blood escape technique that was utilized by paying the price of harming one’s own vitality!  

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