Chapter 1879 – A Single Move

Would anyone detest another for no reason?

This emotion had appeared too incomprehensibly, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel slightly surprised and bewildered. Who exactly is that Wang Zhong, why would he arouse such a reaction from me?

Strange! Chen Xi frowned and pondered deeply yet was unable to wrap his head around it.

After an unknown period of time, a wave of clamorous noise that seethed with excitement resounded, and it jolted Chen Xi awake from his deep through.

Only now did he notice that Jia Nan had lost to Wang Zhong!

At this moment, Jia Nan’s moon white monk’s robe had been dyed red with blood while his expression still remained calm and composed. However, there was a wisp of frustration and disbelief in his eyes.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong smiled lightly in a carefree manner, and then placed his hands behind his back as he walked slowly off the battlefield under the shocked gazes of everyone.

From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t revealed any pride or self-satisfaction. He seemed to be very carefree as if defeating Jia Nan was within his expectations.

“Jia Nan lost!”

“Wang Zhong really is formidable!”

“Did you discern what sort of profound technique Wang Zhong utilized during the last attack? Why did it erupt with such terrifying might that actually heavily injured Jia Nan in one go?”

“I was unable to discern it. Such a technique was too mysterious and obscure, and it seems to not be the technique passed down in the Golden Toad Isle, the Golden Toad Jade Technique.”

“How formidable. He’s definitely a dark horse. All of us have underestimated his ability before this.””

At this moment, the outside world discussed animatedly while a mighty uproar arose, and all the topics of their discussions revolved around Wang Zhong.

Who would have imagined that even a disciple of the Buddhist Sect like Jia Nan would actually be unable to resist a figure like Wang Zhong that had little to no reputation?

Convergence Hall.

“Fellow Daoist Huai Kong’zi, do you have any information about this Wang Zhong?” Lei Fu frowned and spoke.

It wasn’t just Lei Fu. At this moment, even Chi Song’zi, Wen Ting, Yu Zhen, and the others were slightly surprised and bewildered.

The combat strength Wang Zhong revealed was too unusual. He seemed like a bottomless well that caused others to be unable to discern his limits, and this was slightly shocking to them.

In the hall, Huai Kong’zi had a frown on his face as well, and he pondered deeply before he said, “I merely know that Wang Zhong is the closed door disciple of Golden Toad Isle’s Master, Ke Zhenhai and possesses rather good natural talent. I don’t know anything else.”

“So, in this way, hasn’t this kid kept too low of a profile.” Lei Fu muttered.

The other great figures held a variety of thoughts in their hearts as well. Wang Zhong wasn’t a disciple of the five extremes yet possessed such heaven defying ability, so they had no choice but to attach importance to him.

It wasn’t just them. At this moment, Chen Xi, Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, Kong Youran, and the others had started attaching importance to Wang Zhong because they had no choice but to do so when facing such an opponent.

In short, this battle caused Wang Zhong to seem even more dazzling, and the commotion he caused even surpassed all the other participants.

The reason was related to none other than a single word — surprise!

The sixth battle, Yu Jiuhui against Feng Zhongze.

When the two of them started their battle, many cultivators in the outside world still hadn’t recovered from their shock, and this clearly showed how great the commotion caused by Wang Zhong’s victory against Jia Nan had been.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t have the time to pay attention to this battle as well because Jia Nan had suddenly come looking for him after being eliminated.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, I’m sorry. I’m unable to spar and discuss the Dao with you this time.” Jia Nan spoke apologetically.

His clothes were tainted red with blood while his countenance was slightly pale, yet his bearing was still calm and composed, and it was very easy for others to arouse a good impression of him.

Chen Xi had always held gratitude towards Jia Nan in his heart. So, when he saw Jia Nan act in this way, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart and pat Jia Nan on the shoulder. “It’s fine. If you’re willing, then we can have a spar by ourselves once the Dao Discussion comes to an end.”

Jia Nan was clearly slightly stunned from having his shoulder patted. He remained silent for a short moment before he said, “Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, there is something that I don’t know whether I should say.”

His voice carried a wisp of hesitation.

Chen Xi glanced at Jia Nan before he said, “Go ahead.”

“That Wang Zhong….” Jia Nan thought for a moment, and then said via voice transmission, “His origins are slightly fishy. If you encounter him in the following battles, then you must not hold back.”

At this moment, his expression seemed extremely solemn and serious, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to instantly tremble while he said in his heart, Could it be that Jia Nan has noticed something?

Chen Xi recalled the strand of incomprehensible detest he felt for Wang Zhong just now and coupled with what Jia Nan had said now, it caused him to have a deeper feeling that Wang Zhong wasn’t ordinary.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, I’ll be going to recuperate and recover.” Jia Nan bid his farewells.

Chen Xi originally intended to ask more about Wang Zhong. However, he instantly dispelled this intention when he saw the heavy injuries Jia Nan had suffered, and he said, “Go ahead, quickly! It wouldn't be too late for us to chat after your injuries have healed.”

Jia Nan pressed his palms together, bowed slightly to Chen Xi, and then left.

What a pity. Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart as he watched Jia Nan leave. If it wasn’t for Wang Zhong, then with his strength, Jia Nan would have probably been able to enter the next round of battles.

In next to no time, Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about it, and then he shot his gaze towards the Dao Engraved Battlefield. Yu Jiuhui and Feng Zhongze were in battle there.

However, surprisingly, this battle actually continued for an entire night and day. It seemed to be especially long.

Yu Jiuhui was extremely strong and even on par with Yea Chen. This was a publicly acknowledged fact. However, Feng Zhongze wasn’t inferior at all, and he revealed an extremely formidable strength as well.

Moreover, Feng Zhongze was very skilled in defense. He was like an immovable rock that couldn’t be shaken at all even before winds that struck from all directions.

However, Feng Zhongze had still lost in the end. His strength had been completely exhausted by Yu Jiuhui’s extremely tenacious and long lasting strength, and he was unable to hold on any longer, causing him to suffer a miserable defeat.

This battle had continued for almost two days of time. It was extremely brilliant at the very beginning, but it seemed boring as it progressed.

Because it had become a drawn out battle to exhaust one another, and it wasn’t a battle of ability any longer. It was a battle of willpower and strength.

Practically everyone couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief when they saw this battle come to an end, and they simultaneously had the same thought in their hearts. This battle is finally over….

However, when Huai Kong’zi announced the participants of the seventh battle, it instantly caused the low spirits of all the cultivators to seethe once more with excitement.

Because this was the final battle of the 2nd level.

But most importantly, it was a battle between Chen Xi and Xue Xiao’zi!

Chen Xi!

There was naturally no need to say more about him. He was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain that had revealed an extremely shocking combat strength a long time ago during the first round of the Dao Discussion.

Earlier, he’d even crushed the Third Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Gongsun Mu, with three moves. In the hearts of everyone, they’d long since taken him to be an existence that was on par with Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, and the others.

On the other hand, the Sovereign Sect’s Xue Xiao’zi wasn’t weak as well. During the precious battle, he’d defeated Tu Meng who was ranked at the 3rd amongst the third generation disciples of Oracle Mountain, and it had fully established his reputation.

Moreover, Xue Xiao’zi had made a name for himself a very long time ago, and he was a senior peerless figure that was around the same generation as Leng Xinghun.

Now, a battle was about to erupt between such existences, so everyone was naturally filled with anticipation.

“Do all of you think that Chen Xi or Xue Xiao’zi will win in the end?”

“Chen Xi, of course!”

“That may not necessarily be the case. Xue Xiao’zi stepped foot into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm over 10,000 years ago while Chen Xi was merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God a few tens of years ago.”

“How immature. How can the period one has cultivated for be utilized to judge one’s combat strength?”

“Stop arguing. This battle is bound to be extremely intense. I only wonder how long it will go on for. I hope it won’t be like Yu Jiuhui’s battle from before….”

Amidst these sounds of discussion, Chen Xi and Xue Xiao’zi arrived successively on the battlefield and stood in confrontation from afar.

Xue Xiao’zi wore a blood red Daoist robe, and he had a warm appearance and dignified bearing. However, the space between his brows was filled with a merciless and vicious expression, causing his imposing aura to emanate horrifying coldness.

Earlier, during his battle with Tu Meng, the methods in combat he revealed were ruthless and vicious.

If Tu Meng himself wasn’t a descendent of the Gold-striped Kui Ox and possessed extremely thick flesh and skin, then he would have suffered a heavy injury at Xue Xiao’zi’s hands.

Chen Xi had noticed all of this, so his gaze instantly became piercingly cold when facing Xue Xiao’zi at this moment.

He’d said that he would help Tu Meng vent. Moreover, even if this enmity was disregarded, merely Xue Xiao’zi’s identity as a disciple of the Sovereign Sect caused Chen Xi to be unable to have even the slightest favorable impression of him.

“Looks like Fellow Daoist Chen Xi is rather prejudiced towards me. It wouldn’t be because of Tu Meng, right?” Xue Xiao’zi smiled as he spoke. He seemed to be intentionally mentioning Tu Meng, and his tone was filled with ridicule.

“Yes, I am prejudiced towards you.” Chen Xi seemed to be very calm and said, “Earlier, Gongsun Mu lost at my hands within three moves. Go ahead and guess how many moves of mine you’re able to resist.”

Xue Xiao’zi’s brows raised, and then he chuckled. “What high sounding sentiments! Could it be that you intend to defeat me with three moves as well?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Leng Xinghun and all the disciples of the Sovereign Sect couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

On the other hand, the expressions of those disciples from the Divine Institute had become slightly gloomy. Chen Xi’s actions of mentioning Gongsun Mu’s loss in public had caused them to feel extremely furious, and they felt that Chen Xi was humiliating and provoking them.

Right amidst these varying reactions, Chen Xi shook his head.

“Looks like even you yourself are not confident in your ability to defeat me in three moves. Then… ten moves? Or 100 moves? Or perhaps 1,000 moves? Hahaha.” Xue Xiao’zi laughed even more happily, and his voice carried a wisp of a mocking tone.

Chen Xi smiled as well while the warmth in his eyes dropped. He lightly spat out a few words. “You’re wrong. A single move is enough to deal with you.”

A single move!?

As soon as these words were spoken, the surroundings exploded into an uproar while everyone doubted if their ears were mistaken. He intends to defeat Xue Xiao’zi with a single strike. Isn’t he speaking too arrogantly?

Even Gu Yan, Tu Meng, Kong Youran, Shi Yu, and the others were slightly stunned. What’s wrong with Chen Xi?

“Hmph! It seems to me that you’ve gone mad!” Xue Xiao’zi’s face sank, and he felt that Chen Xi was verbally humiliating him.


Chen Xi grinned and didn’t speak further before he withdrew the Banisher. After that, he pointed the sharp dark green tip of the sword at Xue Xiao’zi from afar.

A wisp of killing intent suddenly arose and covered the heavens and the earth!

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