Chapter 1878 – Unusual

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi’s eyelids twitched.


At practically the exact same time, a deafening sound of collision resounded from the Dao Engraved Battlefield, and then blazing divine radiance obscured everything.

“Your strength isn’t bad, but there’s a flaw in your Dao Heart. I presume you still haven’t merged completely with the memories from your previous lifetime.” Amidst the dispersing dust and dirt, Donghuang Yinxuan’s composed and indifferent voice sounded out.

“You’re wrong. I’ve never intended to fully merge with the memories from my previous lifetime. I am who I am, Shi Yu!” After that, Shi Yu’s voice resounded, and it carried a firm and resolute tone.

Meanwhile, everyone in the outside world finally saw the scene on the battlefield clearly.

Shi Yu’s countenance was pale while he squatted on the ground with a calm expression, and he didn’t reveal any signs of depression or anger.

On the other hand, Donghuang Yinxuan’s tall figure stood in front of Shi Yu with his arms crossed before his chest, and he revealed a mighty bearing and seemed to be completely unharmed!

Shi Yu had lost!

In an instant, everyone determined the outcome of the battle, and they couldn’t help but feel slightly astounded.

Since this battle begun, it had fallen into an extremely intense state, and they fought to the point the sun and moon dimmed in comparison. It was an unimaginable sight.

However, no one had expected that the equally matched situation in the battle would actually end with Shi Yu’s lost. It seemed to be too sudden to them.

Only Chen Xi and a small portion of people had discerned that Shi Yu had really lost. His strength was actually not much inferior to Donghuang Yinxuan, but his control of that strength was inferior to Donghuang Yinxuan.

Just as Donghuang Yinxuan had said, Shi Yu’s strength was sufficiently strong, but due to certain reasons, he was unable to completely control the strength he possessed.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, Shi Yu wasn’t unable to control his own strength. On the contrary, Shi Yu had been unwilling to do so since the beginning because this strength came from his previous lifetime!

In his previous lifetime, Shi Yu was a great figure that followed by the side of the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace. He possessed world shocking and extraordinary might. However, it was clear that Shi Yu didn’t care at all.

The Dao Heart that he firmly adhered to was that of his present lifetime. He was Shi Yu in his present lifetime, and he was no one else!

Experiencing this battle is a good thing for him. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. He was naturally clearly aware that only those with great willpower could make a decision like Shi Yu’s.

Donghuang Yinxuan won this battle, and clamorous noise arose in all directions.

“The third battle, Kong Youran against Zhu Qianyu!” It wasn’t long before Huai Kong’zi announced the beginning of the third battle, and the gazes of everyone in the outside world was drawn over again.

Kong Youran, the number one expert in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm within Nuwa’s Dao Palace and a descendent of the primeval Peacock King. She’d proved her strength in the numerous battles that had occurred during the first round of the Dao Discussion.

Zhu Qianyu, the Second Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute and a descendent of the primeval master of all demon gods, the Serpent Dragon. The strength of his bloodline was extraordinary and peerless.

So, it was impossible for a battle between them to not draw the attention of others.

“My Junior Brother, Shi Yu, lost at the hands of your Senior Brother. Since I want to help him vent his frustrations, I can only eliminate you.” On the battlefield, Kong Youran’s red lips parted lightly while her voice carried a lazy tone, and she seemed extremely charming and gorgeous. She wore a multicolored dress and her jet black hair was tied into a bun behind her head.

“Really? I don’t think so.” Zhu Qianyu smiled lightly while revealing a proud and graceful bearing. His brows were snow white while his pupils were dark blue, and his appearance was extraordinarily handsome. His elegance wasn’t inferior to Kong Youran at all.

“Then we’ll decide that in battle!” Amidst laughter that carried a lazy tone, Kong Youran suddenly set out. In an instant, her entire body flowed with five colored flames that incinerated space as she shot explosively towards Zhu Qianyu, and her imposing aura suddenly became extremely terrifying.

“Hmph!” A cold bolt of lightning flashed within Zhu Qianyu’s eyes, and he didn’t hesitate at all to charge forward and collide with her attack.

Both of them were locked in battle. One transformed into a peacock that emanated five colored divine flames that simply seemed capable of incinerating the heavens and the earth; the other was shockingly ferocious, and he controlled the energy of lightning like the emperor of lightning had been reborn.

As soon as the battle began, all sorts of terrifying phenomena emerged. The Dao rumbled, the blood of gods rained down…. They were grand, magnificent, and simply caused all the spectators to gasp endlessly at the sight of them.

“You’re not even sad that I lost?” Chen Xi was concentrated on the battle when a voice suddenly resounded by his ear. When he turned his head to look, he saw Shi Yu had suddenly come over.

“Sad?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled as he said, “Even you who are the concerned party aren’t sad, so what should I act sad and shed crocodile tears?”

Shi Yu punched Chen Xi fiercely on the shoulder and derided. “You’re really too heartless.”

Chen Xi said casually, “If you’re really sad, then I’ll help you vent your anger if I have the opportunity to fight Donghuang Yinxuan later.”

Shi Yu glared at him and said, “Remember what you said.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Chen Xi was stunned. When he noticed that Shi Yu was actually leaving the Square of Vie, Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Where are you going?”

Shi Yu didn’t even turn around as he said, “Ten Direction City. I’m going to bet that you win!”

Chen Xi was clearly aware that there were many places in Ten Direction City that were accepting bets, and it lured over numerous cultivators to participate. The subject of their bets was the results of the battles in the Dao Discussion.

However, he’d never imagined that Shi Yu would actually have the mood to make a bet at a time like this. How bored can he be?

However, this indirectly showed that his loss at Donghuang Yinxuan’s hands hadn’t affected Shi Yu’s Dao Heart at all.

This could be considered to be a good thing.

Chen Xi placed his gaze onto the battlefield once more.

After 10 minutes passed, Chen Xi’s gaze moved onto Kong Youran.

The reason was very simple. He’d already discerned that Zhu Qianyu would definitely lose and wasn’t worthy of attention anymore. Moreover, the combat strength Kong Youran revealed had drawn Chen Xi’s attention.

Even though Oracle Mountain’s relationship with Nuwa’s Dao Palace had always been good, the second round of the Dao Discussion consisted of one on one battles in the end. No one could predict if he, Chen Xi, would have to fight Kong Youran.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t wish for something like that to happen. However, preparing in advance was absolutely beneficial.

Sure enough, after merely an eighth of an hour, this battle had come to an end. Zhu Qianyu utilized all his ability yet was unable to harm Kong Youran at all, and he was injured and defeated in the end.

This battle caused clamorous noise to arise in the surroundings as well. All sorts of exclaims of admiration arose. Some were shocked by Kong Youran’s combat strength, some felt pity for Zhu Qianyu, and so on and so forth.

“Chen Xi, I placed a bet of two Natural Spirit Treasures on you. You must defeat Donghuang Yinxuan, otherwise, I would lose all my wealth.” Right at this moment, Shi Yu had returned, and he spoke secretively by Chen Xi’s ear.

Chen Xi was immediately astounded, and he said, “My opponent during the 2nd level is the Sovereign Sect’s Xue Xiao’zi. So, how did you determine that I would fight Donghuang Yinxuan?”

Shi Yu shrugged and said, “It’s a preset bet. Even if the two of you don’t encounter each other during this level, perhaps you would in the next. If your luck is really that bad, and you don’t have an opportunity to fight Donghuang Yinxuan until the end, then this bet would naturally be void.”

Only now did Chen Xi come to an understanding, and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Let me tell you that when compared to you, most of the participants of this bet look favorably upon Donghuang Yinxuan and have placed their bets on him. If you win, then I would absolutely be able to reap huge profits.” Shi Yu spoke with slight excitement.

Chen Xi sighed and said, “Looks like I have no choice but to go all out….”

As the two of them chatted, the curtains to the third battle had been drawn, and it was the Dao Institute’s Yea Chen against the Sovereign Sect’s Fang Chongfeng.

Yea Chen who possessed the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root had vividly displayed the might of the Blade of Eternal Night that was passed down by his ancestors, and he defeated in opponent in a mere 10 minutes of time.

Fang Chongfeng was naturally not a weakling. Conversely, his combat strength was absolutely not inferior to Zhu Qianyu. Unfortunately, he’d encountered Yea Chen.

When the fifth battle began, it instantly drew the attention of all the cultivators in the surroundings. Even Chen Xi’s expression became serious.

Because this battle was between Jia Nan from the Buddhist Sect and the Golden Toad Isle’s Wang Zhong!

Jia Nan, the leading figure of this generation in the Buddhist Sect. He was born with the Golden Bones of Buddha and possessed supreme wisdom. Moreover, he’d refined a ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root and obtained the Grand Freedom Bodhi Relic passed down by the Buddhist Master Suo Po. His strength was so formidable that it stood above his peers, and he wasn’t inferior to any peerless genius that was present here.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, even he was slightly unable to see through Jia Nan now!

On the other hand, Wang Zhong was a dark horse that had suddenly risen to prominence in the Dao Discussion. He wasn’t really well known in the past, but he’d revealed a combat strength that shocked the hearts of all during the 1st level of the Dao Discussion’s second round, allowing him to instantly enter into everyone’s fields of vision. Moreover, he’d even drawn the attention of all the great powers here.

At this moment, the battle between Jia Nan and Wang Zhong naturally drew the attention of many.

Everyone had the feeling that the winner of this battle would definitely possess the qualifications to go against figures like Chen Xi, Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and Kong Youran!

On the other hand, in Chen Xi’s opinion, he naturally hoped that Jia Nan could win. However, he was slightly unable to see through Wang Zhong as well. So, it was difficult for him to determine exactly who had the better chance of winning this battle.

The battle begun before long.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, Jia Nan was actually unable to gain the slightest advantage since the battle began. Moreover, as the battle continued, at the same time that Jia Nan’s combat strength rose incessantly, Wang Zhong’s combat strength was actually rising steadily as well!

Such a scene caused all the cultivators in the outside world to be extremely shocked. It felt like no matter how strong Jia Nan became, Wang Zhong would be able to deal with him.

Wang Zhong had clearly concealed a great deal of his strength, and it caused others to be unable to determine his exact ability!

Of course, Jia Nan’s combat strength was clearly formidable. However, encountering Wang Zhong was like encountering a counter. No matter what short of world shocking ability he executed, it was actually dispersed successively by Wang Zhong and was utterly incapable of harming him.

Along with the passage of time, such signs grew more and more evident.

Even Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, Kong Youran, and the others couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of seriousness on their faces because they were shocked by the strength that Wang Zhong revealed.

This Wang Zhong revealed concealed his strength well. Based on the situation, the others haven’t seen through his exact combat strength until now. This is slightly extraordinary…. Chen Xi frowned as he stared at Wang Zhong who was within the battlefield. Suddenly, an incomprehensible and indescribable wisp of detest arose in his heart.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to tremble. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d never had such feelings towards a stranger.

In other words, it was the first time that a stranger had caused such emotions to appear in his heart.

This was unusual!

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