Chapter 1877 – Setting Out Successively

“Now that the lots have been drawn. There’s no time to lose. Let the Dao Discussion begin!” Huai Kong’zi spoke with a dignified and firm voice that resounded through the heavens and the earth. “The first battle, Leng Xinghun against Qin Xinhui!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At practically the exact same time, both Leng Xinghun and Qin Xinhui’s figures had appeared on the Dao Engraved Battlefield.

“Leng Xinghun would probably have the upper hand in this battle.”

“That may not necessarily be the case. Qin Xinhui’s seniority is extremely high in Nuwa’s Dao Palace as well, and it’s even to the extent that she even made a name for herself before Kong Youran. However, she has lived in seclusion recently and didn’t attract the attention of Kong Youran. But it’s undeniable that her combat strength is formidable.”

“No, Leng Xinghun still hadn’t utilized his full strength until now. Don’t forget that he’d called the ‘best in the Imperial Region’ and no one can rival him!”

“Indeed. Leng Xinghun is extremely terrifying indeed, and it’s impossible to see through his strength.”

As they gazed at Leng Xinghun and Yin Xinhui that stood on the battlefield, all the cultivators in the outside world couldn’t help but discuss in low voices while converging their attentions towards the battlefield.

Looks like most people don’t look favorably upon Qin Xinhui…. Chen Xi was paying attention to the battle as well. Because he was already clearly aware that he would fight the Sovereign Sect’s Xue Xiao’zi during the last battle of the 2nd level. So, he had a huge amount of time to observe the strengths of others.

This was absolutely a rare opportunity. Because these battles would be sufficient for him to obtain an even better understanding of their strengths.

In next to no time, the battle erupted.

Chen Xi instantly stopped thinking about everything else and narrowed his eyes as he watched the battle carefully.

At the same time that this battle erupted, Wu Xuechan stood alone before the edge of the precipice at the top of Oracle Mountain, and a wisp of an arc that carried deep meaning suffused the corners of his mouth.

“It really is the Luck Reversing Disk. The Sovereign Sect really thinks highly of my Oracle Mountain. Unfortunately, no matter how they schemed, it can’t compare to a true battle.” Wu Xuechan’s gaze was deep and seemed to be able to see through the profundities of the world. It was extremely terrifying.

Suddenly, he seemed to have made some sort of decision and said, “Martial Uncle Di Shun, it’s about time. I intend to head to the Dao Institute.”

“The outcome had been decided?” The voice of Oracle Mountain’s Founding Ancestor, Di Shun, resounded slowly.

“If my deductions aren’t wrong, then the second round of the Dao Discussion is being carried out right now, and it won’t be long before it comes to an end.” Wu Xuechan pondered deeply for he spoke.

“Be careful on the way there. It probably isn’t just you who’s heading to the Dao Institute now, even those old enemies of ours are probably doing the same.” Founding Ancestor Di Shun reminded.

“I understand. However, no matter how bold the Sovereign Sect’s Master is, he would definitely not make a move against me at such a time. Unless he doesn’t want those disciples to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” Wu Xuechan smiled and wasn’t really worried.

“Remember to bring the Wisdom Wheel of Nine Deductions along with you.” Founding Ancestor Di Shun instructed.

“I’ve already made sufficient preparations. Martial Uncle, I’ll be leaving. You have to take care of those little fellows in our sect while I’m gone.”

“Go on, go on.”

The Sovereign Sect. The Boundless Sovereign Realm.

“It ended in failure?” A supremely dignified voice suddenly drifted through this complete empty expanse of the world.

“Sect Master, a change in the situation appeared while the plan was being carried out.” The Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo who had a wrinkled face, a figure that was emaciated like firewood, and wore grey clothes had puckered his dry lips as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

“I understand. It was that little fellow, Chen Xi.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master practically didn’t give it any thought before his voice swept out swiftly. “That kid possesses the River Diagram, and his destiny is unfathomable. So, it’s indeed impossible to do anything to him while relying solely on the Luck Reversing Disk.”

The muddy eyes of the Divine Sovereign Priest, Xu Tuo, narrowed, and then he said, “That wasn’t the crux of the matter, and it was actually because we underestimate that kid’s strength.”

“Oh?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master suddenly sighed lightly and said, “His father was the junior brother that I relied upon the most all those years ago. Now that I speak of it, that little fellow should call me Martial Uncle. Unfortunately, it was fate of a previous life in the end, and my junior brother isn’t the same junior brother anymore, whereas, this little fellow… has become a pawn in Fuxi’s hand since a long time ago, and it’s impossible to salvage such a situation.”

Xu Tuo was extremely shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi actually possessed such an identity. This was a huge secret that even a Divine Sovereign Priest like him wasn’t aware of at all!

“Forget it, since it has occurred, then leave it be. Even if Oracle Mountain is able to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, it isn’t so easy to obtain fortune from there.” The Sovereign Sect’s master changed the topic and said indifferently, “Xu Tuo, take the Ruler of Heavenly Judgment with you and immediately head to the Dao Institute. According to my deductions, it won’t be long before the Dao Discussion comes to an end.”

“Yes!” Xu Tuo’s muddy eyes suddenly flashed with a piercingly cold glow.

“Remember, don’t get into conflict with the members of Oracle Mountain.” Right when Xu Tuo was about to leave, the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice suddenly resounded once more, and it caused Xu Tuo’s body to stiffen while his eyelids twitched imperceptibly.

In the end, Xu Tuo sighed and said, “Sect Master, Junior Brother Mo Lin perished at the hands of Wu Xuechan. As his Senior Brother, how could I rest in peace if I’m unable to take revenge for him?”

“For the sake of the fortune that lies within the Forgotten Ground of Chaos, this enmity must be put aside for now. Do you understand?” The Sovereign Sect’s Master’s voice seemed to be extremely emotionless and indifferent as this moment.

Xu Tuo fell silent for a long time before he agreed.

The Divine Institute. Heavenly Judgment Hall.

“Chen Xi? He’s merely a little fellow, yet he actually disrupted out entire plans. Looks like the Oracle Mountain wasn’t completely unprepared, and it placed all its hopes on that little fellow.” A voice that was calm like water and didn’t carry even a trace of emotion resounded in a neither fast nor slow manner. Moreover, it revealed a unique rhythm and struck directly at the heart.

When he heard this voice, Daolord Xuan Ming who stood outside the hall couldn’t help but fall silent.

Daolord Xuan Ming was a senior of the Divine Institute that lived in seclusion, and he was a Heavenly Educator of the Divine Institute!

The title, Heavenly Educator, was a title that reigned supreme above the title of Educator Elder, and only seniors at the Daolord Realm could assume this position.

It was just like the title of Divine Sovereign Priest in the Sovereign Sect. It was a symbol of authority and status.

“However, that old geezer Liu Shenji is really amazing. He publicly executed an Imperial Monarch to display his Dao Institute’s stand to the world. Is he warning our Divine Institute and the Sovereign Sect, or is he making an apology to the Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace?” The voice that was calm like water resounded once more, and it carried a wisp of a ridiculing tone.

“Perhaps the Dao Institute merely desires to tell everyone that it has no intention of being swept into any conflict.” Daolord Xuan Ming thought for a moment before he spoke in a low voice.

“Regardless of what the answer is, the operation failed in the end. So, a conclusion to this conflict can only be achieved in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Xuan Ming, take the World Dao Suppression Diagram along with you and head to the Dao Institute.”

“Yes.” Daolord Xuan Ming nodded before he turned around and left.

Nuwa’s Dao Palace. The World of Five Colors.

“A single variable affects the whole situation. Looks like the outcome of this conflict will be decided in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” A solemn and tranquil voice resounded. “Xue Ling, take the Divine Skandha Rock with you and set out right now.”

Daolord Xue Ling who was waiting outside for a long time immediately cupped her hands and accepted her orders, and then she left swiftly atop a white crane.


At the Dao Engraved Battlefield, an enormous world shaking bang resounded, and it caused the heavens and the earth to tremble before it.

“I admit defeat.” Qin Xinhui’s voice resounded, causing all the spectating cultivators to be extremely astounded. Because up until this point in the battle, even though Qin Xinhui had been constantly suppressed by Leng Xinghun, she hadn’t shown any signs of being defeated.

Why did she take the initiative to admit defeat?

All the spectators couldn’t help but shoot their gazes over. They saw Qin Xinhui had a composed and calm expression, and she didn’t say anything else at all before leaving the battlefield.

Leng Xinghun couldn’t help but frown when he saw this. He shook his head, turned around, and left.

The first battle during the 2nd level had ended midway just like that, and it caused many cultivators in the outside world to be taken by surprise.

Chen Xi who’d been paying attention to this battle since the beginning nodded in his heart. He’d already discerned that if the battle continued, then Qin Xinhui would be defeated sooner or later. Because she’d utilized her full strength while Leng Xinghun was still holding back. This was the gap between them.

Of course, this sort of gap wasn’t reflected in their cultivations. So, it was very difficult to discern with a single glance, and if Chen Xi hadn’t been paying attention since the beginning, he would definitely be unable to see through all of this as well.

“This young lady’s disposition isn’t bad. Her future accomplishments will definitely surpass both of us in the future.”

In Convergence Hall, Wen Ting offered a rare word of praise.

“I think so too. However, she’s inferior to Leng Xinghun in the end. But this can’t be helped as well.” Yu Zhen smiled and didn’t become displeased because Qin Xinhui had chosen to admit defeat.

“The second battle, Donghuang Yinxuan against Shi Yu!” In next to no time, Huai Kong’zi announced the beginning of the second battle, and it caused the atmosphere here to seethe with excitement again.

Donghuang Yinxuan!

Shi Yu!

Both of them were top-rate figures amongst top-rate figures. So, what sort of world shocking situation would appear during a collision between them?

Chen Xi’s gaze was instantly drawn over as well. Shi Yu was his friend, so he naturally hoped that Shi Yu could win.


They didn’t waste their breaths at all, and then battle erupted as soon as Donghuang Yinxuan and Shi Yu stepped foot onto the battlefield. The scene of the battle that erupted abruptly was like a thunderclap while the sky was bright and clear, and it seemed extremely shocking.

This battle didn’t fail to live up to the spectators’ expectations, and it was intense and brilliant to the extreme.

The two of them were locked in battle, and they utilized their respective supreme techniques and withdrew their respective divine artifacts. They fought to the point the heavens, the earth, the sun, and the moon dimmed in comparison, and the entire battlefield seemed as if it had been sent back to the primeval times when the gods launched an expedition through the world. Surging rumbling of the Dao resounded and raged through the world.

The spectators in the outside world were bedazzled by this battle. Their hearts shook while they stared fixedly at the battle, and it was even to the point they forget to breathe.

Along with the passage of time, the battle grew more and more terrifying. The entire battlefield was filled with blazing divine radiance while deafening rumbling resounded incessantly. It was an expanse of chaos and disorder, and it was like the end of the world had arrived.

Even though the spectating cultivators knew that the destructive energy from this battle wouldn’t be able to affect them, when they witnessed such obliterating force, many were still terrified to the point their entire bodies stiffened while chills ran down their spines.

It was truly unimaginable that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts could actually produce such terrifying might.

However, as the battle continued, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed bit by bit while his expression became slightly solemn because Shi Yu seemed to show faint signs of falling into a disadvantageous situation….

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