Chapter 1874 – Three Moves

How could this be possible? At this instant, Gongsun Mu was surprised and bewildered.

A few years ago, he’d personally witnessed the battle between Chen Xi and Taba Chuan. At that time, he felt that if he fought Chen Xi, then he had over 50% confidence in being able to crush Chen Xi.

Yet now, after merely a few years had passed, Chen Xi’s combat strength had actually undergone a tremendous transformation, and it was to the point he was actually unable to see through Chen Xi’s strength any longer.

At this moment, Chen Xi has even destroyed a lethal attack of his with a single strike. So, it filled Gongsun Mu with slight disbelief.

Indeed, he’d witnessed the battle between Chen Xi and Donghuang Yinxuan during the first round of the Dao Discussion. However, they’d merely exchanged two blow and hadn’t decided on a victor at all, so Gongsun Mu unconsciously felt that even if Chen Xi had become stronger in the recent years, it wouldn’t be a huge difference.

But now it would see like this deduction was clearly mistaken!

“Looks like you only possess this little bit of ability, then you’re bound to lose within three moves.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and didn’t follow up with another attack.

His tone seemed extremely calm as he spoke, and it was like he was speaking of an extremely ordinary matter. However, it seemed extremely arrogant when such words entered into the ears of others.

Many felt astounded in their hearts, and they wondered where Chen Xi got such strong confidence to dare boast in this manner.

Especially when these words entered into Donghuang Yinxuan’s ears, it caused his expression to instantly turn gloomy. That damnable bastard!

He’d fought Chen Xi during the final day of the Dao Discussion’s first round, and he’d spoken similar words. Unfortunately, the battle had stopped abruptly because of the chaotic battle that suddenly erupted at that time.

Now, when he heard Chen Xi actually spoke similar words to his junior brother, Gongsun Mu, how could Donghuang Yinxuan not understand that it was a form of provocation from Chen Xi?

Bastard!You’re truly too arrogant!

As the concerned party to the battle, Gongsun Mu was instantly infuriated when he heard these words, and his gaze was piercingly cold and simply murderous.

“Kill!” Gongsun Mu who’d fallen into a furious state roared loudly while divine radiance flowed throughout his body, and he glowed dazzlingly and resplendently like the sun.


The sword in his hand carried sword lights that were vast like the ocean as it slashed down towards Chen Xi, and it was a sharp, ferocious, swift, and merciless attack.

This strike of the sword carried crushing force, and it instantly appeared above Chen Xi. It enveloped down like an ocean of the sword that intended to drown Chen Xi beneath it.

It was too swift!

This strike of the sword had severed space, causing the sun and moon to seem lusterless, and the stars to dim down before it. All the energy within the strike had converged at the tip of the sword, and it seemed peerlessly ferocious and all-powerful.

Merely the sword howl emanated by this strike caused the expressions of many cultivators in the spectating area to change abruptly. Their ears droned while their vital blood roiled without end, and it was uncomfortable to the extreme.

“The 35th sword of the Heavenly Aqua Sword Scripture!” Bright light erupted from Donghuang Yinxuan’s eyes, and it was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xi’s expression didn’t change at all when the sword light arrived above him. The Banisher in his hand let out clear howls and flowed with talisman markings as he swung it with a simple strike of the Ocean Cliff Style.


This expanse of the heavens and the earth rumbled and shook violently. It was like a turbulent torrent was surging, and it drowned the entire Dao Engraved Battlefield beneath it.

Many cultivators in the outside world were terrifying to the point of feeling suffocated while their entire bodies stiffened. If such a battle had occurred in the outside world, then the destruction it caused would have been extremely terrifying.


Amidst the rumbling, Gongsun Mu’s figure was blasted back, and he moved over 300k backward in space before he regained control of his body.

On the other hand, his expression was flickered between a livid and ashen expression while his eyes had almost split apart from rage and were filled with disbelief.

The cultivators in the outside world erupted into an uproar.

Gongsun Mu’s attack was still unable to do anything to Chen Xi, and he’d been blasted back instead!

“A moved has passed and two moves remain. You’ll be able to save some face if you admit defeat now, whereas, you’ll completely disgrace your Divine Institute is you refuse to realize your weakness. If I was you, I would leave right away so as to avoid making a fool of myself and being reduced to a laughingstock.” This time, Chen Xi didn’t follow up with another attack again. He just gazed at Gongsun Mu while he spoke casually, and while he seemed to be advising Gongsun Mu to admit defeat, his words were filled with a ridiculing and mocking tone.

The cultivators in the surroundings were astounded. Never had they imagined that a figure who was indifferent and kept a low profile like Chen Xi would actually speak such words.

Even Gu Yan, Tu Meng, Shentu Yanran, and Le Wuhen were stunned. They didn’t know why Chen Xi would act in such a domineering way at this moment.

On the other hand, the faces of Donghuang Yinxuan and the others from the Divine Institute had sank while flames of rage had been aroused in their hearts.

“Dammit!” Gongsun Mu’s furious roar reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

He’d been successively blasted back, provoked, and mocked by Chen Xi before the eyes of everyone. This caused Gongsun Mu to feel extremely humiliated, and he was enraged to the point his eyes had become bloodshot.


The sword in his palm was like a raging ocean that emanated a myriad of strands of divine radiance, and Gongsun Mu flashed forward like a blazing comet as he attacked Chen Xi once more.

Before this move could even be fully executed, the heavens and the earth had dimmed while space was thrown into disorder and wailed from being unable to endure such pressure.

One could clearly notice enormous waves formed from 36 huge energy swords had overlapped and converged on Gongsun Mu’s sword, causing its might to simply be boundless and blazing to the extreme.

The 36th sword of the Heavenly Aqua Sword Scripture!

This could absolutely be considered to be the strongest attack Gongsun Mu had executed since the Dao Discussion had begun, and the impetus created by it was so powerful that it caused everyone in the entire city to be restless.

However, Chen Xi still seemed composed when facing this attack, and his expression hadn’t changed at all.


He struck once more with his sword. The Sword Insight revealed from it grew even more simple and natural. It carried the aura of artful skill, extreme beauty, and silent lethality.

Beneath this strike of the sword, all Gongsun Mu’s attacks seemed like snow that melted in water. They collapsed before vanishing into nothingness in the end.

Gongsun Mu, on the other hand, had been shaken by this strike to the point a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from his mouth while his body was blasted flying uncontrollably, and he smashed down to the ground over 3km away while his countenance was already ghastly pale.

When they witnessed this, everyone in the surroundings was shocked speechless, and the atmosphere here was deathly silent.

Chen Xi was too formidable!

Formidable to an inconceivable extent. Gongsun Mu simply seemed as if he couldn’t withstand a single blow before Chen Xi, and this had completely exceeded their expectations.

After all, Gongsun Mu was the Third Powerseal Disciple. He possessed peerless might and was practically unmatched amongst his peers!

Yet who would have imagined that such an extremely dazzling figure would actually seem so weak before Chen Xi?

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t Gongsun Mu who was too weak, and it was Chen Xi who was too strong instead. The two of them weren’t existences on the same level at all.

“The second move. You still have one last chance. You ought to understand the gap between us now, and it isn’t going too far to say that you’re like an ant trying to shake a tree. Do you still intend to continue… struggling?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently as he stared Gongsun Mu in the eye, and his voice was completely devoid of emotion as if he was describing a fact.

However, when his words entered into the ears of the other cultivators, it still seemed extremely arrogant and haughty.

It caused the flames of rage within the hearts of Donghuang Yinxuan and the other disciples of the Divine Institute to burn brighter while their expressions grew gloomier.

This fellow is simply an enormous bastard!

At this moment, even Chi Song’zi who resided within Convergence Hall was almost unable to restrain the flames of rage in his heart, and his expression was terrifyingly gloomy.

The Third Powerseal Disciple of his Divine Institute had become an ‘ant’ in Chen Xi’s opinion, so how could Chi Song’zi not be infuriated by this?

Wen Ting couldn’t help but smile endlessly instead while she sighed with emotion in her heart. Even she’d never imagined that this Young Martial Uncle of hers actually possessed such a domineering and overbearing side.

However, the more Chen Xi acted in this way, the happier she felt in her heart. This could even be said to be the style of all the disciples from Oracle Mountain. They always acted so domineeringly and overbearingly when facing their opponents, and if one felt disgruntled about it, then they would bash that person up until that person was convinced of his inferiority!

“I… I’ll kill you!” Gongsun Mu’s eyes were bloodshot while he revealed an enraged expression, and he was practically on the verge of going berserk. Because he hadn’t experienced such an extraordinary humiliation for many years.


At this moment, Gongsun Mu’s vital energy was violet to the extreme, and his long hair fluttered while he seemed to have transformed into a Fiendgod. Even the sword in his hand seemed to be unable to endure this rage of his, and it emanated waves of sharp rumbling.

Shit! Donghuang Yinxuan muttered in his heart while he seemed to have suddenly realized something. This fellow, Chen Xi, is clearly infuriating Junior Brother Gongsun on purpose. Could it be that he’d thinking of….


Before Donghuang Yinxuan could take any action, Gongsun Mu had attacked with rage. His entire strength and all his sword qi had converged on the tip of his sword, and it was like the airflow and light in the entire surroundings had been devoured.

At this moment, space collapsed into powder that rumbled as it swept towards the surroundings and transformed into a chaotic flow of collapsed fragments!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

In an instant, the heavens and the earth seemed to have transformed into purgatory, and the terrifying scenes of Fiendgods shouting, the drums of war resounding, oceans of blood, and mountains of corpses had appeared.

The might of this strike was so formidable that even the cultivators spectating the battle from afar were visibly moved.

“This strike is pretty good.” Chen Xi raised his eyes while his pupils emanated a shockingly sharp glow.

In the next moment, an extremely terrifying strand of Sword Insight rumbled as it surged out from the Banisher, and it pierced through space as it charged off above the nine heavens.

It seemed as if a peerless weapon had awoken within Chen Xi’s body at this moment, and it intended to slaughter the world!


A wisp of sword qi shot out violently like a ray of light that could penetrate the stun, and it instantly collided head-on with Gongsun Mu.

At this moment, a world shocking bang resounded from the Dao Engraved Battlefield. The surroundings fell into chaos while bright light erupted, and the roar of the Dao surged.

The spectators were astounded by this scene, and their hearts shook.

“AH!!” After that, a shrill and miserable cry resounded, and it was absolutely terrifying.

Only now did everyone notice to their shock that Gongsun Mu’s entire body was bathed in blood as he smashed to the ground. Moreover, his face had warped while his entire body was trembling. He seemed to be enduring a form of extraordinary pain.

Chen Xi had actually won once more in this collision!

“Three moves have passed…. I haven’t lost….” Unexpectedly, Gongsun Mu actually seemed as if he’d gone mad and roared loudly. However, right after that, he suddenly held his head with both hands while he let out a shrill cry. “My soul! Such pain! Chen Xi…. How ruthless of you!”

In the next moment, his entire body stiffened before his voice stopped abruptly, and then he felt straight to the ground. He’d actually been tortured by the pain to the point of losing consciousness.

In an instant, everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck.

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