Chapter 1873 – Dao Engraved Battlefield

Chen Xi directly disregarded Gongsun Mu’s provocation. It wasn’t that he looked down upon Gongsun Mu, but he couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly when he noticed this, and he seemed to have been infuriated by Chen Xi’s attitude. However, he chuckled in the end and didn’t say anything as well.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Chen Xi who’d determined his opponent, the others had as well.

“The Sovereign Sect’s Leng Xinghun was paired with Yu Xiuhui from Nuwa’s Dao palace.”

“The Divine Institute’s Donghuang Yinxuan was paired with Zhao Qingyao from True Phoenix Palace.”

“Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Kong Youran was paired with the Sovereign Sect’s Wen Canghai.”

“Oracle Mountain’s Gu Yan was paired with the Divine Institute’s Taba Chuan.”

“Oracle Mountain’s Tu Meng was paired with the Sovereign Sect’s Xue Xiao’zi.”

“The Dao Institute’s Yea Chen was paired with Yin Wushuang from Nuwa’s Dao Palace.”

“Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Shi Yu was paired with the Dao Institute’s Xiao Huaiyuan.”

This list of pairs was spread at an inconceivable speed.

It wasn’t long before both the great figures at the spectating area and all the cultivators within Ten Direction City were clearly aware of the pairs that would be fighting each other during the 1st level of the Dao Discussion’s second round.

In an instant, the city was in an uproar while sounds of discussion that seethed with excitement resounded.

“It really is one on one battles!”

“Haha! The battles will be the most brilliant in this way. I’ve been wanting to find out for a very long time about exactly who is superior between Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan.”

“I really look forward to Kong Youran’s battle. She’s indescribably gorgeous and extraordinary. Can any of them female cultivators here rival her?”

“Hmph! As far as I’m concerned, Chen Xi’s battles are the worthiest of anticipation in the second round.”

“Don’t get anxious. The second round is divided into five levels, and this is just the beginning.”

The sounds of discussion clamored in the surroundings. All of them were discussing the pairs that would battle each other in the 1st level, and the atmosphere here seemed extremely explosive.

When compared to the first round, such a scene clearly seemed even more bustling and filled with anticipation.

The reason was that in the opinions of all the cultivators, one on one battles were the best to discern the true strength of cultivators.

Moreover, these 30 disciples participating in the second round had practically represented the highest standard of strength in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm within the Ancient God Domain. Any one of them could be said to be an unparalleled genius.

Yet now, battles were about to occur between them, so how could the others not feel anticipation?

It was even to the extent that it wasn’t exaggerated to say that this Dao Discussion was absolutely unprecedented, and it was capable of leaving a mark in history and affecting generations to come!


The sound of a bell slowly resounded amidst these discussions that seethed with excitement, and it caused the atmosphere in the heavens and the earth to become solemn.

Before Convergence Hall. Huai Kong’zi flicked his sleeve, causing an enormous ancient arena to swiftly appear above the Square of Vie.

It was simply like a floating mass of land that was completely dark green, and it was branded with dense and obscure markings of the Dao while it emanated a strand of a horrifying energy of restriction.

In an instant, the gazes of everyone converged onto it in unison.

“This is the Dao Engraved Battlefield, and it was established by my Dao Institute’s Dean himself. Unless a Daolord arrives here in person, otherwise, others would be utterly unable to shake it at all. When the Dao Discussion begins, the Divine Screen of the Heavens while reflect everything that occurs in the battlefield to the eyes of the cultivators in Ten Direction City.

“Now, let the second round begin!”

Huai Kong’zi spoke in a low voice while he announced the start of the second round.

“The first battle, Chen Xi against Gongsun Mu!”

A grand and dignified voice resounded through the surroundings, and it caused the gazes of everyone to converge onto Chen Xi and Gongsun Mu.

Swish! Swish!

That voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi and Gongsun Mu had flashed through space and arrived on the battlefield.

“That fellow, Chen Xi, is finally about to enter into battle again!” On the spectating area, extraordinary splendor arose in Shentu Yanran’s glistening and clear eyes, and she stared fixedly at the battlefield while feeling extreme anticipation in her heart.

Le Wuhen, Yuqiu Jin, Zhuanyu Shui, and the others were slightly amused as they’d never expected that Shentu Yanran would actually be so excited.

“Don’t misunderstand. Gongsun Mu brought a group to my Shentu Clan a few years ago with the intention of forcing me to join the Divine Institute. At that time, if Chen Xi wasn’t there….” Shentu Yanran’s beautiful face heated up, and she hurriedly explained the conflict that had occurred in the Shentu Clan on that day.

“So, in this way, Chen Xi and Gongsun Mu could be said to be old enemies?” Le Wuhen and the others were surprised.

“Kind of.” Shentu Yanran spoke casually.

“However, Gongsun Mu can’t be underestimated.” Suddenly, the Patriarch of the Shentu Clan, Shentu Qingyuan, spoke in a low voice, and it caused all of their hearts to shake while their expressions turned serious.

They were clearly aware that as the Third Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Gongsun Mu’s, strength was undeniably formidable. Even though it couldn’t compare to Donghuang Yinxuan, and Zhu Qianyu, it was absolutely not much inferior.

“Young Martial Uncle fears no one in a one on one battle!” Wen Ting’s expression was composed, and she was filled with confidence towards Chen Xi.

“Junior Brother Gongsun’s combat strength is outstanding, so this battle would be sufficient to determine exactly how great Chen Xi’s ability is.” Donghuang Yinxuan’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning that swept onto the battlefield while he seemed to be lost in thought.

It wasn’t just him, Leng Xinghun, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, and the others who hadn’t entered into battle yet were paying attention to this battle as well.

In their opinions, Chen Xi had always been slightly unfathomable. So, this battle would be sufficient for them to obtain a clearer evaluation of his strength.


Meanwhile, the Divine Screen of the Heavens glowed in the sky above Ten Direction City, and then it seemed like a mirror that clearly revealed everything that occurred on the battlefield.

The gazes of everyone had shot onto Chen Xi and Gongsun Mu in unison.

They had the mood to discuss it before the battles had begun, but now, they’d instantly restrained their thoughts and concentrated their attention on Chen Xi and Gongsun Mu.

“I heard Gongsun Mu is very skilled in the ultimate technique of the Divine Institute, the 36 Heavenly Aqua Swords Scripture, and his combat strength is merely a trace below a figure like Donghuang Yinxuan. It truly is difficult to predict the outcome of his battle with Chen Xi.”

“Chen Xi is a disciple of Oracle Mountain. Don’t forget that Donghuang Yinxuan was unable to harm him with the Taixuan Codex while they were within the Dao Cauldron World!”

“That battle had been concluded too hastily, and they’d merely exchanged two moves. It’s impossible to determine who’s stronger from that battle. So, it’s too early to say that Gongsun Mu is inferior to Chen Xi.”

Everyone couldn’t help but discuss excitedly, and it was exactly because they were unable to guess the outcome that they were filled with anticipation instead!

In the Dao Engraved Battlefield.

Chen Xi and Gongsun Mu stood in confrontation from afar.

It wasn’t the first time they’d met, but it was the first time they had an opportunity to truly fight each other.

At this moment, Gongsun Mu seemed to be extremely different than before. His gaze was deep while his entire body emanated fierce Sword Insight that rippled like water.

As he stood there casually, it was like an aloof king had descended here.

I never expected that this fellow would actually be an expert in the Sword Dao. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

At the same time, Gongsun Mu was sizing Chen Xi up as well. This handsome man before him had a natural and simple bearing that was translucent and clean. He seemed to be normal and ordinary, yet Gongsun Mu was very clearly aware that Chen Xi was absolutely not as simple as he seemed on the surface.

Conversely, in Gongsun Mu’s opinion, Chen Xi was a great enemy that he had to take seriously!

He’d decided in his heart that he must go all out in this battle and use every ability at his disposal to crush Chen Xi!

“After Junior Brother Taba fought you that day, I’d always hoped to be able to fight now. Now, that opportunity has finally arrived, so let me see exactly how great your ability is!”


As he spoke, a sword that flowed with ripples of water and emanated a crystalline radiance of the Dao appeared in his hand, and then it surged with a terrifying aura that was heavy and powerful. Obviously, it was an extremely formidable Natural Spirit Treasure.

“I’m afraid you won’t have the opportunity to truly experience my ability.” Amidst his calm voice, Chen Xi casually withdrew the Banisher, and then pointed it at Gongsun Mu from afar.

“Hmph!” Gongsun Mu grunted coldly and stopped wasting his breath. He blasted space apart with a single stomp of his foot while the sword in his hand suddenly turned the other way around, and a myriad of layers of waves covered the heavens and the earth and surged forward with extraordinary force.

In an instant, the battlefield seemed as if it was covered by a surging ocean, and every single spray from its waves was like an irresistibly sharp strand of sword qi.

When looked at from afar, it was like waves formed by layer upon layer of sword qi, and they surged and dashed forward.

“The might of the 18th sword in the Heavenly Aqua Sword Scripture!” Someone exclaimed with shock and seemed to have never imagined that Gongsun Mu would utilize such a force as soon as he attacked.

“The Heavenly Aqua Sword Scripture is divided into 36 swords, and ordinary figures are utterly unable to make Junior Brother Gongsun utilize the might of the 18th sword. Looks like he hasn’t underestimated Chen Xi. I wonder exactly how many moves this Chen Xi can resist.” As the Eldest Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Donghuang Yinxuan was naturally clearly aware of this move. So, he couldn’t help but nod to himself when he witnessed this scene and displayed praise towards Gongsun Mu’s actions.


Right at the instant Gongsun Mu had attacked, Chen Xi attacked as well. He stood without moving on the spot, and only the Banisher in his hand let out a clear howl as he casually flicked it through space.

A wisp of sword qi shot out.

It was extremely ordinary and otherworldly.

However, this sword qi slashed space apart and severed the landscape before it. Moreover, the surging waves of sword qi that covered the heavens and the earth as they pressed down towards Chen Xi had actually been torn apart easily like paper, and they swiftly dispersed to the sides!

When looked at from afar, it was like a sharp blade had forcefully cut a piece of cloth apart, and its edge shot straight towards Gongsun Mu!

How formidable!

Most of the cultivators were shocked in their hearts and gasped. Just a casual strike from Chen Xi actually possessed such all-powerful might. Exactly how formidable is his attainments in the Sword Dao?

Gongsun Mu’s expression had changed slightly as well.


He didn’t dare be careless and raised his sword to mount a head-on resistance against this attack, causing divine radiance erupted while terrifying force swept towards the surroundings.

Even though he’d blocked this attack in the end, he’d been shaken to the point his vital blood roiled and figure shook, and he’d almost staggered back because of it!

This caused Gongsun Mu’s expression to instantly become extremely solemn. He was very clearly aware that he’d still underestimated Chen Xi’s strength.

On the other hand, many people in the surroundings were astounded when they witnessed this scene. No one had expected that Gongsun Mu who’d attacked aggressive would actually show faint signs of being suppressed right after the first exchange of blows in this battle!

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