Chapter 1870 – Unforgettable Hatred

When he spoke these words, Leng Xinghun was extremely furious and unwilling in his heart.

The reason for this was extremely simple. It was originally a battle where they occupied an absolute advantage while Chen Xi’s group was about to be eliminated, yet such a chaotic battle just had to occur. Not only did it make them utterly lose the advantage they possessed, they’d even lost a companion by way of a surprise attack.

How could Leng Xinghun not be infuriated by this.

However, regardless of how unwilling or angry he was, he could only accept this situation before him. Because it was just as he’d said, continuing the battle was utterly meaningless.

Firstly, it was because none of them could do anything to the other.

Secondly, it was because only 15 minutes remained before the Dao Discussion came to an end!

No matter how they fought in this little bit of time they had, it would be utterly impossible to change the situation.

It wasn’t just Leng Xinghun. Actually, everyone including Donghuang Yinxuan, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, Kong Youran, Shi Yu, and Chen Xi had realized this as well, and they simultaneously chose to stop the battle.

Actually, even if all of this was disregarded and they continued fighting with their lives on the line, then the price they paid would absolutely exceed the results they obtained. It was really not worth it.

After all, it was only the first round of the Dao Discussion. No one was willing to be eliminated and lose their chance to enter the second round at a time like this.

The battle stopped abruptly. An extremely large area in the surroundings had been transformed into an expanse of ruins. Everything was destroyed, and it was a horrifying sight.

The blood red setting sun gradually descended from the sky while it covered the heavens and the earth in a wisp of red.

The group from the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute had converged once more. They hadn’t left, and they’d chose to rest on the spot.

Similarly, Chen Xi, Kong Youran, Shi Yu, and the others from Nuwa’s Dao Palace had converged and headed towards the Eight Extreme Divine Formation.

At this moment, Yea Chen and the others from the Dao Institute seemed to be in a slightly tricky situation. They hadn’t gathered together with Chen Xi’s group, and they resided by themselves at another area.

Obviously, they were still trying their best to maintain the Dao Institute’s neutral attitude. Even if many people doubted their neutrality.

No matter what, even though the battle had ended, the atmosphere was still tense and heavy. All of them were vigilant against each other and didn’t dare fully relax.

When they witnessed such a scene, all the cultivators in the outside world were astounded. They were unable to understand why an extremely intense and chaotic battle would turn into something like this.

In next to no time, the sounds of discussion resounded in the surroundings, and all of them had different opinions as they guessed the reason for all of this.

“It’s very clear that there isn’t enough time. The first round of the Dao Discussion is about to come to an end, so it’s meaningless to continue fighting like this.”

“Exactly. In their opinions, perhaps only the second round is the true place that they compete. Under such circumstances, none of them would be willing to sacrifice themselves for nothing.”

In the end, most cultivators arrived at a consensus, and they understood why the disciples of the five great powers had stopped the battle.

Convergence Hall.

“I never expected this, I truly never expected this!” Lei Fu sighed while his voice emanated a wisp of unwillingness and anger that couldn’t be concealed.

Chi Song’zi had a livid expression, and he puckered his lips and remained silent.

Both of them were unable to accept such an outcome!

Because since before the Dao Discussion had even begun, they’d confirmed their target and laid down the most precise plan they could create, and all of it was done for the sake of eliminating Chen Xi!

However, the god of destiny made a fool of them and made such an unexpected event to occur on the last day of the Dao Discussion, causing them to fail on the verge of success. So, how could they accept this?

Once Chen Xi entered the second round of the Dao Discussion, then no matter what sort of results he obtained, he would still possess the qualifications to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

This was something that they were absolutely unwilling to see happen.

So, no matter if it was Lei Fu or Chi Song’zi, both of them seemed so unwilling and furious when they witnessed this scene.

“If it’s in terms of the number of Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldrons, then your Nuwa’s Dao Palace is the biggest winner this time as it has obtained an entire six cauldrons. Congratulations.” Suddenly, Wen Ting congratulated.

Presently, amongst the 25 cauldrons, six were in the possession of the Sovereign Sect, five belonged to the Divine Institute, the Dao Institute had five, Nuwa’s Dao Palace possessed six, and Oracle Mountain held three.

Based on this, Nuwa’s Dao Palace clearly occupied a slight advantage just like the Sovereign Sect, the Divine Institute and Dao Institute were just below them, and Oracle Mountain was at the bottom.

“It was all thanks to your Young Martial Uncle for giving us an extra cauldron.” Yu Zhen smiled. She’d clearly noticed that Chen Xi had seized a cauldron from a disciple of the Divine Institute during the battle, and he’d given it to the members of Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

“If we had a use for it, then we wouldn’t have allowed your Nuwa’s Dao Palace to benefit.” Wen Ting teased, causing Yu Zhen to be unable to help but chuckle.

The two of them spoke happily and disregarded the others, causing the expressions of Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi to become even gloomier.

Actually, if it was in terms of the final result, then their Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute’s results weren’t bad. Unfortunately, Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi didn’t attach importance to this.

At this moment, Huai Kong’zi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He was already very satisfied that the disciples of the Dao Institute were able to obtain five cauldrons during this competition with the other four powers.

As for Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi’s anger, he’d directly disregarded it.

“Fellow Daoist Huai Kong’zi, this round of the Dao Discussion will come to an end in a short moment. I wonder how they’ll be competing in the second round?” Wen Ting suddenly turned around and asked this question.

Huai Kong’zi was stunned. He thought for a moment and then decided to be frank. He said in a solemn and deep voice, “After the first round comes to an end, the 25 disciples will be provided some time to rest and recuperate. During this period of time, the Dean of my Dao Institute will preside over everything else.”

The Dao Institute’s Dean will be personally stepping forward!

It wasn’t just Wen Ting who was shocked upon hearing this, all the others in the hall felt the same because it had exceeded their expectations.

Even those Instructing Elders of the Dao Institute who resided within the hall seemed to have not obtained any information about this, and they revealed surprised and bewildered expressions when they heard Huai Kong’zi.

There’s probably a reason for this!

At this moment, practically everyone sensed a trace of unusualness from these words.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi gazed at Kong Youran, Shi Yu, and the others as he spoke seriously.

“Don’t worry about it. Nuwa’s Dao Palace and Oracle Mountain have had a close relationship, so helping each other is a matter of course.” Kong Youran smiled lazily and seemed extremely charming.

Shi Yu glared at Chen Xi instead. “Stop being polite with us, you’re making it seem like we’re outsiders. I’ll definitely punish you by making you eat and drink for three days after the Dao Discussion comes to an end.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckled.

After that, he said to Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui who were in the distance. “Thank you.”

Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui were clearly stunned, and then Yea Chen waved his hand and said, “Don’t think too much about it. I only did that for the sake of seizing even more cauldrons.”

Chen Xi nodded. “I understand.”

These conversations weren’t conducted via voice transmission, so Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others heard it clearly, causing their expressions to turn slightly unsightly.

Meanwhile, Gu Yan and Tu Meng walked out from within the formation.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart upon seeing them because the other powers still had numerous disciples here yet only his Oracle Mountain had merely three disciples remaining within the Dao Cauldron World. Moreover, two of them were heavily injured. So, Chen Xi was utterly unable to arouse any happiness in his heart.

Moreover, the cause of all of this wasn’t the weakness of the disciples from the Oracle Mountain, and it was the plot of the Sovereign Sect and the Divine Institute!

Chen Xi would never forget everything he’d encountered during the past three months!

When he thought up to here, a wisp of piercing coldness couldn’t help but arise in Chen XI’s eyes, and then he suddenly gazed at Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others who resided in the distance.

“What? You still want to fight?” Leng Xinghun frowned while his voice carried a wisp of coldness.

“A price has to be paid for some things. Perhaps this round of the Dao Discussion is about to come to an end, but I really look forward to battling all of you until the end during the second round.” Chen Xi remained silent for a moment before he spoke calmly.

He’d never like to verbally threaten others, but he wanted to tell them that he, Chen Xi, would never forget what had occurred during these three months of time!

He wanted them to clearly feel and understand the rage and resolution in his heart. In this way, they would be even more fearful and horrified when he took revenge!

Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others were stunned when they heard this, and then they started laughing from extreme rage. That damnable bastard! It’s already really good that we aren’t going to look for trouble with him, yet he actually dares to speak arrogantly! He’s simply running wild!

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you!” This was Leng Xinghun’s answer. His words were concise yet every single word he spoke carried extremely ghastly killing intent.

“Once enmity is formed, it isn’t so easy to resolve. Unless… the other party is killed. I look forward to that day.” This was Donghuang Yinxuan’s reply. It seemed to be even more terrifying. Moreover, it sounded like even if the Dao Discussion came to an end, he would continue pursuing Chen Xi without end so long as Chen Xi remained alive!

Hearing these words caused Kong Youran, Shi Yu, Gu Yan, Tu Meng, and the others to frown, and they were just about to speak when they were restrained by Chen Xi.

Arguments were bound to be meaningless.

Everything had to be resolved with strength!

“That fellow really is arrogant. But such a temper is truly agreeable.” Yea Chen noticed everything from afar, and he couldn’t help but feel admiration towards Chen Xi’s courage.


The setting sun was about to descend completely, and the veil of night was about to descend. Right at this moment a wave of strange fluctuation suddenly arose within the Dao Cauldron World while circle after circle of extremely grand and mysterious ripples arose in the sky.

At practically the exact same moment, Huai Kong’zi’s dignified and indifferent voice suddenly resounded through the heavens and the earth. “The first round of the Dao Discussion has come to an end. The disciples who have obtained Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldrons will be teleported into my Dao Institute’s Ancient Springtime Realm to recuperate and prepare for the second round. Those disciples that were unable to obtain cauldrons will be directly eliminated from the competition!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi and the other 24 disciples who possessed the cauldrons felt their vision turn black, and then their figures were uncontrollably enveloped by a strand of enormous force before they swiftly vanished on the spot.

On the other hand, even though the other disciples who didn’t possess cauldrons had persisted until now, they were regretfully eliminated from the Dao Discussion.

This round of the Dao Discussion came to an at this moment!

Practically all the cultivators in the outside world heaved long sighs when they witnessed this scene, and they relaxed completely.

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