Chapter 187 – Turning The Situation Around

Chapter 187 – Turning The Situation Around

This strike was agile, silent, and peerlessly swift, like a ghost that moved in the night sky, that had already reaped one’s soul before one could put up one’s guard.

This strike couldn’t be described with the word breathtaking, but it was instead horrifying, causing one to feel terror, collapse, and despair!

At this moment, when Han Guyue saw the injury on Chen Xi’s body that had split open his flesh to reveal the bare bones within and was ceaselessly spraying blood, the corners of Han Guyue’s mouth curled into a cold smile.

So what if it’s the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture?

So what if you’re a genius?

In the end, you still have to meet your end with hatred in your heart under my Sickle of Slaughter!

This 3m long pitch black sickle that had a sharp blade that seemed like a crescent was obtained by Han Guyue in a mysterious tomb area, and it was a miraculous Magic Treasure of indistinguishable grade.

It was completely pitch black like the boundless night, with innumerable mysterious markings that were fine like the hairs of a cow, dense and complicated inscriptions on its surface. The surface of the crescent shaped sickle blade was instead glossy and clean to the extreme, it was just a single pure black, like the layer of black that covered the world before the universe was formed, and it was a deep, overflowing, cold, and silent.

But most importantly, it seemed as if a hell that was filled with boundless slaughter qi was locked up within this sickle, and this slaughter qi was surging like the vast ocean and rolling like a powerful current. So long as one’s will was slightly weak, it was even possible for one’s soul to be shattered by the traces of slaughter qi that effused out from it!

This was a weapon of slaughter, a peerless weapon of slaughter!

Relying on it, Han Guyue had cultivated diligently for a few hundreds of years to comprehend a trace of Slaughter Dao Insight in one go, and it was precisely because of it that Han Guyue was capable of easily and skillfully executing the Slaughter Dao Territory to dominate Oceanic City.

Presently, he wanted to use the Sickle of Slaughter to annihilate Chen Xi.

However, the following scene instead caused Han Guyue’s pupils to constrict into two needles, because he saw that in just an instant, the terrifying injury on Chen Xi, who was almost split open by the Sickle of Slaughter, had actually completely recovered!

How can this be possible?

Could it be that he’s also a body refiner?

After a body refiner advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, the cultivator would be able to regrow severed limbs. In the primordial era, some primordial beings with extraordinary power were even able to be reborn from a single drop of blood or a single strand of thought, and the tenaciousness of their vitality was earthshaking and unbelievable to the extreme.

Obviously, the kid before him wasn’t merely a qi refiner, but was also a body refiner!

His shock only lasted for an instant before Han Guyue quickly recovered his composure. So what if he’s a body refiner? Before absolute strength and beneath my Sickle of Slaughter, you’re still an extremely fragile existence!


The space within the Slaughter Dao Territory shook once more as a peculiar sound that drew out the terror in the depths of one’s heart resounded out, and Han Guyue held the Sickle of Slaughter as he once again charged at Chen Xi.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already charged up, his gaze indifferent, calm, and unfeeling. Yet, the killing intent in his chest blazed like lava and gushed throughout his body, stimulating every single pore to the point of howling and roaring. Extreme cold and extreme boiling, it was like the interweaving of ice and fire as he entered into a strange battle state.

This was a type of battle state that he’d tempered from the countless difficult slaughters in the Crack of Despair. Once he entered this state, everything in the world seemed to have vanished, and only his enemy remained in his heart, and only the eternal thought of killing his enemy resided in his heart.

But at this moment, Chen Xi instead wanted to use the help of this battle to completely make his Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture’s eight great sword moves combine into pairs!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Within the Slaughter Dao Territory, two figures were in a deadlock, sword lights shot out violently to collide with traces of a blade that seemed like ink. In just an instant, the two of them had already crossed blades a few hundred times. Chen Xi’s movement technique was swift like a bolt of lightning, yet within the Slaughter Dao Territory, his speed was suppressed by Han Guyue, and it caused him to be unable to approach Han Guyue. Chen Xi was instead suppressed by Han Guyue’s Sickle of Slaughter to the point of appearing to be inferior, and he was attacked from both left and right, causing him to be in an extremely sorry state.

Moreover, the might of the Sickle of Slaughter was terrifying to the extreme, it was all conquering and peerlessly sharp. Merely the streams of killing intent that surged out from it left behind a few tens of shocking injuries on Chen Xi’s body, causing him to drip with blood, and the sight of him was horrifying.


A terrifying and bloody gash was once again torn open on his chest, yet Chen Xi seemed as if he was indifferent to it, and his Shaman Energy automatically circulated to close the injury., At the same time, the Lightning Fire Sword Dao, Tempest Sword Dao, Mountain Marsh Sword Dao… All the Sword Daos that were developed from the paired combinations of the eight great sword moves were executed one by one.

Chen Xi’s state wasn’t like he was in a life and death battle, nor was it like he was fighting with his life on the line, and he instead seemed like a madman that had abandoned himself in his cultivation of the Martial Dao, ignorant to his own safety and the changes in his surroundings. Under this state, the various new sword moves he’d developed had gradually grown from the beginning lack of fluency to become skilled, fierce, swift, and condensed. It was like a piece of hard metal had been hammered in the furnace and was transforming towards becoming a supreme divine weapon that had been thoroughly tempered!

The injuries on his body grew more numerous, and they even surpassed the speed of his healing. This caused his countenance to go paler as time went by, and the consumption of his Shaman Energy grew more and more great.

Although a body refiner was able to regrow severed limbs after advancing to the Violet Palace Realm, the vital energy and blood, Shaman Energy, and energy of the soul consumed weren’t recoverable in a short amount of time.

If it wasn’t for the Chaotic Lifesoil, Nameless Divine Wood, Nameless Fire Crystal, Nameless Water Pearl, and Nameless Metal Rock concealed within the Shaman Markings on Chen Xi’s back, and the steady flow of Shaman Energy of the various elements that were sent by these five miraculous treasures into his body, he’d probably have been chopped into pieces and met his end long ago.

But even then, the state of Chen Xi had still caused Han Guyue to be endlessly shocked, causing his expression to gradually become more and more serious, and there was even a trace of bewilderment.

It wasn’t that Han Guyue had never seen a body refiner, but he’d never seen such an indomitable body refiner like Chen Xi that was simply like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed. Chen Xi’s entire body was covered in injuries, yet they recovered in an instant. Moreover, Chen Xi’s combat strength was gradually increasing, and it almost caused Han Guyue to not dare believe his eyes.

Strange, I’ve already cultivated to the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm now and have executed the Slaughter Dao Territory. When using the Sickle of Slaughter to deal with my enemies, not to mention a little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm, even a cultivator of the same generation as I would have been unable to hold on long ago, and died beneath my blade. How can this fellow possibly persist until now? Even his sword technique didn’t weaken and instead is gradually strengthening… Could it be that he’s using me to temper his sword technique? Han Guyue’s heart jerked as he felt a strand of dense threat. This little fellow is in a hopeless situation, yet is still able to arouse his potential and seek transformation. A freak like this is simply rare to come by in 10,000 years! This won’t do! I must kill him as soon as possible so as to avoid an unexpected event from happening due to my delay!

“Hmph! Junior, do you really think that I’m helpless against you?” Han Guyue suddenly shouted out explosively, and a golden core slowly arose from his forehead. This golden core was the size of an entire fist, with various profound scenes like that of a myriad of trees being born, scorching flames setting the prairie ablaze, light winds howling, and so on and so forth. All these profound scenes represented a Dao Insight he’d comprehended, and there was even a deep pitch black ball of clouds and mist that possessed copious amounts of killing intent coiling around the golden core, and it represented the Slaughter Grand Dao.

This golden core contained the thousands of years of cultivation of Han Guyue. It was the condensation of his entire cultivation, and it was the root of heaven and earth that allowed him to stand proudly before the Grand Dao. At the instant this golden core appeared within the Slaughter Dao Territory, innumerable shouts instantly resounded out in the heaven and earth. ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ They were like the wails of ghosts and spirits that intended to drink the blood of all beings to their heart’s content, and it contained boundless and monstrous might.


The terrifying pressure in the surroundings was like countless enormous mountains pressing down explosively upon him, causing Chen Xi to be instantly forced out from the peculiar battle state, and the bones in his entire body seemed to be unable to endure the pressure as they emitted a wave of cracking sounds that caused one to feel uncomfortable.

But Chen Xi wasn’t afraid in the slightest, his face that had become ghastly pale and translucent from losing too much blood and soul energy revealed a trace of sudden realization and clarity, and burning battle intent even gushed into appearance within his eyes.

In the fearless battle from before, he’d already completely developed and combined the countless variations of the eight great sword moves by pairs, and they smoothly merged together as he deduced all the completely new sword moves!

“Grand Dao of Slaughter controls the killing intent of the heaven and the earth. A single killing intent destroys all techniques! A single killing intent annihilates all evil! Kill!” Han Guyue shouted out explosively as he used the energy of his golden core and injected it into the Sickle of Slaughter, causing this peerless weapon of slaughter to instantly seem as if it had gained life, and black lights seethed as a violent and boundless killing intent gushed out with a bang.


Atop the crescent shaped sickle blade, an enormous ‘杀’ character tore through the sky. It seemed like the killing intent that was born in accordance with the heavens and the earth, and it converged innumerable energy of slaughter as it crushed down upon Chen Xi!

This intent of slaughter was simply terrifying to an indescribable degree!


The ‘杀’ hadn’t approached yet when Chen Xi had abruptly sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The meridians all around his body seemed to have been corroded and torn apart by the killing intent, causing the vital energy and qi of his body to instantly collapse and suffer an extremely heavy injury. At this moment, not to mention recovering his body and circulating his True Essence, even taking a breath felt extremely difficult.

Originally, Chen Xi was thinking that since his comprehension in the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture had advanced, he ought to be able to battle Han Guyue. Unfortunately, he was wrong. His opponent was an old freak at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, a terrifying figure that had comprehended the Slaughter Grand Dao and possessed a peerless weapon of slaughter. Amongst the numerous Golden Core Realm experts of the world, Han Guyue stood at the peak and was far from something a piece of trash like Han Bai could compare to. Under these circumstances, even if Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Martial Dao was any more abnormal and his qi refinement and body refinement cultivation any more powerful, he had to admit that there was still an enormous gap between him and Han Guyue, and it was a gap that no ability was able to make up for.

A Golden Core Realm cultivator… is really difficult to kill! Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he gazed at the terrifying ‘杀’ press down towards him, yet he couldn’t help but shout loudly with shame and annoyance in his heart. “Ling Bai, aren’t you going to make a move?”

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Right when Chen Xi had just said this in his heart, four extremely dazzling gold lights swiftly flashed by. Shockingly, they were four revolving golden cores, and they suppressed the ‘杀’ from all four directions.

Hmm? Four golden cores? What does he want to do? When he saw Chen Xi was about to die at his hands and the Immortal Artifact concealed within Chen Xi’s body was within easy reach, the corners of Han Guyue’s mouth couldn’t help but curl into a trace of a savage cold smile, however, when he saw the four golden cores, the cold smile on the corners of his mouth instantly froze as his expression became anxious and doubtful.


Ling Bai flew to stop before Chen Xi, and he grinned towards Han Guyue that stood before him as boundless insanity gushed into appearance within his eyes. “Old dog, die peacefully. Using four golden cores in exchange for your life is already your greatest honor!”

When he spoke up to here, Ling Bai abruptly pinched his fingers, and the Nirvana aura surrounding his body gushed out with a bang as he stretched out his hand to touch the four golden cores and shout loudly. “Golden cores of origin, take root in the heaven and earth and suppress the four poles of the universe. Immovable Nirvana Grand Formation, obliterate everything in the universe!”

“Golden core detonation?!” Han Guyue’s countenance went ghastly pale as he cried out involuntarily, and his face was covered with extreme terror and rage.

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