Chapter 1865 – The Last Three Hours

Leng Xinghun went silent when he heard Donghuang Yinxuan.

After a long time, he said coldly, “This Chen Xi is difficult to deal with indeed. However, since we were able to blast open a trace of a weak point on the formation just now, it proves that he’s holding on strenuously right now. We merely have to continue attacking, and he would probably be unable to persist for too long.”

As he spoke, Leng Xinghun took a deep breath and said resolutely, “Don’t hesitate and continue attacking. No matter what, we must eliminate this kid before the veil of night descends!”


The battle continued, and it grew in intensity. This expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with all sorts of divine radiance, and they were dazzling, resplendent, and illuminated the world.

When facing such waves of attacks, Chen Xi didn’t dare slack off at all.

He maintained the circulation of the divine formation with all his strength, and his enormous will sensed every single minute change within the formation as he was deeply afraid that even a trace of an error would occur.

“Tu Meng, the 136th talisman marking structure in the Phoenixwind Divine Talisman….”

“Gu Yan, the 301st structure in the Darklightning Divine Talisman….”

“Tu Meng, the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman….”

“Gu Yan….”

As the battle continued, the weak points that appeared on the Eight Extreme Divine Formation gradually grew in number. Under such circumstances, Tu Meng and Gu Yan fully played the role of Chen Xi’s assistants, and they ceaselessly repaired the damaged talisman marking structures throughout the formation.

Fortunately, both of them were from Oracle Mountain and had obtained the inheritance of divine talismans. So, even though their attainments in the Talisman Dao couldn’t compare to Chen Xi, it was sufficient to crush most others in the outside world that cultivated in the Dao of Talismans. Otherwise, this formation would have probably been completely destroyed a long time ago if Chen Xi was all alone.

But even then, as time flowed by, the pressure Chen Xi felt gradually increased while his expression slowly became solemn.

At such a moment, he didn’t just have to maintain the circulation of the formation to resist the attacks of his enemies on the outside, he had to provide guidance to Tu Meng and Gu Yan to repair the talisman marking structures within the formation. So, the intensity of the pressure he endured was obvious.

Even with his cultivation in the Dao Heart that was extremely tenacious, it started feeling slightly strenuous for him, and if it wasn’t for the endless supply of divine energy provided by the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, then he wouldn’t have been able to persist until now.

However, Chen Xi was even more worried about Tu Meng and Gu Yan.

Both of them had suffered injuries before this, and they were dragging along their injured bodies as they ceaselessly repaired the formation. So, comparatively speaking, it was even more strenuous for them.

But they had no way out now, and they could only continue resisting stubbornly like this.

Time flowed by unnoticed.

In next to no time, a few hours had passed, and only three hours remained until the veil of night descended.

During this entire process, all the cultivators in the outside world who were paying attention to this battle were shocked speechless, and they were filled with disbelief.

Who could have imagined that while under such extremely adverse conditions, Chen Xi and the others would actually be able to persist until now?

This was too inconceivable and beyond imagination. It was like an impossible miracle, yet it had been created by Chen Xi’s group, and it was utterly unimaginable.

“Could it be that Chen Xi and the others will really be able to persist until the end by relying on a divine formation?”

“That might not necessarily be the case. Persisting until now has probably caused Chen Xi and the others to be on the verge of collapse. Have all of you not noticed? The divine formation’s might had clearly weakened greatly when compared to before. If Chen Xi and the others are careless in the slightest, then it might cause severe and lethal consequences.”

“It really is difficult to say. It isn’t just Chen Xi’s group, look at Leng Xinghun and the others as well. They’d attacked continuously for a few hours now, and the consumption of their own energy is extremely great as well. Many of them are even showing signs of being unable to stand the exhaustion from this.”

“But no matter what, it all depends on which side will be able to persist until the end.”

The cultivators in the outside world discussed animatedly. As spectators to the battle, they could witness the entire situation of the battle, and they could notice every single trace of minute change within the battle. However, up until now, even they were unable to determine exactly what the outcome of this drawn-out battle would be.


“Why is it so difficult to destroy? It’s simply even tougher than the shell of a primeval Black Tortoise!”

“What should we do? Only three hours remain before the Dao Discussion will come to an end.”

Outside the formation, many disciples of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute frowned and cursed without end, and all of them were furious and had extremely gloomy expressions.

They’d been attacking continuously for a few hours of time, yet they were actually unable to break through this divine formation. This was simply a humiliation for them, and they were extremely aggrieved and furious in their hearts.

Most importantly, their strength had been consumed greatly, and they were on the verge of being unable to endure the consumption and fatigue. This was the worst part.

They could naturally choose to rest, but in that way, they would similarly provide Chen Xi’s group with time to rest and recover.

The Dao Discussion would be coming to an end in another three hours of time, so how could they dare to slack off?

At this moment, Donghuang Yinxuan and Leng Xinghun had gloomy expressions as well, and there wasn’t a trace of a relaxed expression on their faces.

This battle had erupted since early in the morning, and they’d originally thought that they would be able to eliminate all these disciples from Oracle Mountain in the shortest period of time, yet never had they imagined that the developments of the situation would be beyond their imagination.

A single divine formation had actually kept them out for a few hours like an indestructible fortress. How could they have imagined that something like this would have occurred?

“Looks like I can only utilize….” Leng Xinghun had a vicious expression while he spoke coldly. However, he’d only spoken halfway when he seemed to have nothing something, and a wisp of shocking light suddenly erupted from his eyes.

At this instant, Donghuang Yinxuan seemed to have noticed it as well, and a wisp of a smile arose on the corners of his mouth. “They’re… unable to persist ay longer!”

“Continue the attack! At full force!” Leng Xinghun shouted loudly. His clothes fluttered while he revealed an arrogant bearing, and he actually seemed like he’d taken an all nourishing elixir as his attacks grew even more violent.

They’re unable to persist any longer?

The other disciples immediately understood what this meant, and their spirits were instantly refreshed!


Within the formation, the figure of Gu Yan who was repairing the damaged talisman markings has suddenly stiffened on the spot, and then he actually couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood that was extremely dark red.

“Gu Yan, come back here!” Chen Xi’s heart constricted, and he ordered in a low voice.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, there’s no need to pay any attention to me. It’s just a tiny injury. I’m still able to persist.” Gu Yan didn’t even turn around. He took a deep breath and intended to stride off to continue repairing the formation.


Suddenly, a strand of force swept over from behind him, and it brought Gu Yan back and dropped him on the ground before Chen Xi.

“There’s no need to force yourself. Leave it to me.” Chen Xi sighed lightly. Even though his voice was calm, it carried an indisputable tone.

Gu Yan was stunned, and he felt extremely bitter in his heart yet stopped struggling.

“Tu Meng, you come back as well.” Chen Xi turned around and spoke to Tu Meng who was far away from them.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, I’m fine.” Tu Meng cried out loudly.

“Get back here!” Chen Xi’s expression suddenly turned cold, and his voice carried a wisp of anger.

In an instant, Tu Meng didn’t dare insist any longer, and he stomped his foot forcefully before he returned with extreme unwillingness. After that, he sat on the ground dejectedly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw this. “Could it be that both of you have so little confidence in your Martial Ancestral Uncle?”

Both of them were stunned.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi stood up, took a deep breath, and said, “The might of the formation had arrived at its limits. Any more repairs will only be done in vain. Now, I can only adopt a different strategy in this battle.”

A different strategy? Both of them were stunned. Could it be that there’s another way out of this situation?

Convergence Hall.

Yu Zhen who was anxiously paying attention to the battlefield heaved a sigh of relief in her heart and muttered. “This is fine as well. If they fought to the point both sides are heavily injured, then it would allow others to benefit instead.”

It turned out that after going on for a few hours, the battle between Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Dao Institute had come to an end at this moment.

The outcome of the battle was unexpected. No casualties had arisen on either side, and the battle revealed an evenly matched situation.

Perhaps it was exactly because of this that no matter if it was Kong Youran, Shi Yu, Yea Chen, or Yu Jiuhui, all of them had very tacitly chosen to stop the battle.

Because if the battle continued, then besides causing both sides to suffer heavy injuries, no side would be able to gain the upper hand against the other.

This outcome utterly shocked the cultivators of the outside world as they’d never expected it. However, when one analyzed the battle carefully, one would notice that it was within reason.

Because Nuwa’s Dao Palace merely possessed seven disciples at this moment, whereas, the Dao Institute wasn’t any better, and it only possessed nine disciples.

If they fought to the bitter end, then very few of their disciples would be able to participate in the second round of the Dao Discussion.

“Hmm? Where are Kong Youran and the others from Nuwa’s Dao Palace going?”

“Look, quickly! Yea Chen’s group is actually heading towards the same direction as Kong Youran’s group.”

In next to no time, the cultivators in the outside world noticed that after the battle came to an end, both the forces of Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Dao Institute had actually chosen the same direction, and this scene was extremely strange and mysterious.

If they weren’t clearly aware of the situation within the Dao Cauldron World, they would have almost suspected that both these powers had formed an alliance.

“That direction is….”

All of them moved their gazes all that direction, and then their pupils instantly constricted. The direction they were heading was actually the area where the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute were in battle against Oracle Mountain!

Could it be that a chaotic battle between the five great powers is going to occur during these last three hours before the Dao Discussion comes to an end?

Everyone couldn’t help but feel curious.


Under the shocking gazes of Tu Meng and Gu Yan, Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed within the formation, and then a divine sword that was pitch black like the eternal veil of night swiftly flew up.

Surprisingly, it was the Blackspirit Sword that acted as the core of the Darklightning Divine Talisman before this!

What does Martial Ancestral Uncle intend to do?

Both of them were puzzled.

But in next to no time, they came to an understanding.

Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he flicked his sleeve. The Blackspirit Sword swiftly transformed into a dim black light that carried a peerlessly sharp and powerful aura as it instantly shot out from within the formation!

However, after it lost the Blackspirit Sword, the Darklightning Divine Talisman’s might had instantly weakened by more than half….

This caused both Tu Meng and Gu Yan to acutely notice something. Could it be that Martial Ancestral Uncle intends to make a last stand and fight them to the death?

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