Chapter 1864 – Alone and Without Help

Before long, Chen Xi’s worries had unfortunately become a reality.

Under the impact of the full force attacks from Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others, the Eight Extreme Divine Formation persisted for 30 minutes before some talisman structures within the formation had started to faintly show signs of being destroyed.

Even though it was merely a small portion, but once it did collapse, then it would be like a fuse that would directly cause the entire formation to be destroyed!

At this moment, Leng Xinghun and the others who were attacking from outside the formation had clearly noticed this minute change, and their spirits were instantly refreshed.

“Continue the attack! Don’t slack off!”

“If nothing unexpected occurs, then this kid won’t be able to persist for long. Don’t be careless at such a moment!” Leng Xinghun shouted loudly in a deep voice. His blood red hair fluttered while he revealed an oppressive and arrogant bearing, and his eyes were filled with a ghastly and ruthless expression.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

All of their attacks grew even more terrifying. All sorts of divine artifacts and techniques sprayed out like a dense storm that covered the heavens and the earth.

If this was the outside world, then merely this round of attacks would have probably been sufficient to obliterate a field of stars and cause an extremely terrifying calamity.

At this moment, all the cultivators in the outside world were horrified by this scene, and they gasped without end.

“They’re too formidable. If they didn’t possess the defense of the divine formation, then it would probably be impossible to resist until now by relying solely on the combat strengths that Chen Xi’s group of three possesses.”

“Hmph! They’re just using numbers to bully Chen Xi’s group. What’s there to be shocked about? If it was Leng Xinghun or Donghuang Yinxuan that fell into a similar situation, then they would probably be even inferior to Chen Xi!”

“I think that Chen Xi’s methods are truly extraordinary. Even in such a dangerous situation, he was actually able to utilize the Dao of Talismans to forcefully persist until now. It’s truly surprising.”

“No matter what, Chen Xi’s group is in a disadvantaged position in the end, and the moment that divine formation is destroyed will probably be the moment they’re eliminated from the Dao Discussion.”

The crowd discussed animatedly. Most of them exclaimed with admiration at the ability in the Talisman Dao that Chen Xi revealed, and they were unable to imagine how he’d accomplished all of this.

Within Convergence Hall.

Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi frowned. Never had they imagined that even at a time like this, Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan were still unable to put an end to Chen Xi’s group with the combat strengths they possessed.

“I never expected that your Young Martial Uncle’s attainments in the Talisman Dao would actually be so formidable. Even I’m unable to see through his ability.” Yu Zhen spoke in a slightly surprised tone via voice transmission.

“At the very least, I’m unable to accomplish this.” Wen Ting spoke casually and seemed to be absent-minded. She was worried about Chen Xi.

As an Imperial Monarch from Oracle Mountain, Wen Ting’s attainments in the Talisman Dao had naturally attained an extremely extraordinary state since a long time ago. However, after she witnessed Chen Xi’s ability in setting up the formation, she instantly understood that if it was merely in terms of the Dao of Talismans, then she was really unable to compare to Chen Xi.

But even though she couldn’t compare to Chen Xi in the Talisman Dao, she was able to clearly discern that Chen Xi was really in danger this time.

In the defensive formation diagram of the Eight Extreme Divine Formation, some talisman structures had started to faintly show signs of collapse, and this wasn’t a good sign at all!

Especially when she saw Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others had sped up their attack at this moment and were madly blasting the formation. Her heart couldn’t help but rise to her throat.

Over 20 hours remain until this round of the Dao Discussion comes to an end. Will Chen Xi and the others be able to persist until the end while suffering such attacks?

It’s a very dangerous situation!

Even if she was unwilling, she had to admit that based on the current situation, if Chen Xi’s group was unable to repair the weak points that had appeared in the formation, then not to mention 20 hours of time, they wouldn’t even be able to persist for 2 hours!

“Even you’re inferior?” Yu Zhen was stunned, and she seemed to be shocked by this. However, in next to no time, she couldn’t be bothered about all of this, and her gaze was instantly drawn over by a scene in the Dao Cauldron World.

Especially when she saw what had happened, her expression couldn’t help but turn solemn.

At this moment, at another area of the Dao Cauldron World, the disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace who were led by Kong Youran and Shi Yu and encounter the disciples of the Dao Institute who were led by Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui. Moreover, a battle had erupted between them.

As soon as this battle erupted, it instantly drew the attention of many cultivators towards it.

It was even to the extent that numerous cultivators who were watching the battle between Chen Xi’s group and the group led by Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan couldn’t help but moved their gazes away.

The reason was actually very simple.

The disciples of the Dao Institute and Nuwa’s Dao Palace were fighting head-on. They fought by utilizing their own ability and might, so it was especially interesting.

On the other hand, the battle between Oracle Mountain and the joint forces of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute was bound to be a battle where the number of members on each side was extremely unequal. Moreover, this battle with an extremely great gap in strength had transformed into a battle where the forces of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute storms a divine formation with the intention of breaking through it. Thus, in terms of brilliance, it was much more inferior to the battle between Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Dao Institute.

Of course, this was only the opinion of the cultivators in the outside world.

Moreover, to some cultivators that were paying special attention to Chen Xi, the battle that had erupted between Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Dao Institute had given a signal.

It signaled that based on the current situation, Chen Xi’s group had fallen completely into a state where they were alone and without help because they were unable to receive the assistance of Nuwa’s Dao Palace any longer.

In other words, Chen Xi’s group of three could only rely on themselves to deal with this danger that they faced!

Wen Ting had clearly noticed this as well, and her expression instantly turned extremely solemn.

On the other hand, Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi started laughing with pleasure.

They weren’t laughing with ridicule at Wen Ting, and they were laughing with ridicule at the Dao Institute instead because it had imperceptibly helped their Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute deal with a potential trouble of theirs, Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

Huai Kong’zi and the others didn’t speak a word when they saw this, and it caused others to be unable to discern what exactly they were thinking.


Under the full forced attacks of Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan, the Eight Extreme Divine Formation had persisted for less than another quarter of an hour before a trace of a weak point finally appeared on it.

Some talisman structures within one of the divine talisman diagrams had suddenly collapsed, causing its might to reduce greatly.

“Very good! Continue the attack!” A wisp of bright light arose in Leng Xinghun’s eyes, and he was exceedingly proud of their success.

On the other hand, within the divine formation. Chen Xi’s brows knit together imperceptibly when this trace of a weak point appeared. He swiftly said, “Tu Meng, I need you to work together with me. Are you prepared?”

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, feel free to tell me what to do!” Tu Meng stood up swiftly and spoke loudly. Earlier, he’d been constantly watching from the sidelines yet unable to help at all, and it caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Do as I say. Now, head to the Azurewood Divine Talisman. The 1,327th structure in the talisman has been damaged. Repair it.” Chen Xi guided swiftly.

“Leave it to me.” Tu Meng didn’t waste his breath at all, and he received his orders and vanished swiftly.

As a disciple of Oracle Mountain, he’d naturally obtained the inheritance of the five element divine talismans a very long time ago, and he was extremely familiar with the structure of its talisman markings.


However, before Tu Meng could deal with it, a wave of world shocking rumbling resounded, and then Chen Xi instantly noticed that the structure of more talisman markings had been damaged at another area of the formation.

This caused Chen Xi’s face to sink. If it continued according to this speed, then even if Tu Meng repaired it with all his might, the formation would still be unable to avoid complete destruction.

What should I do?

At this moment, Chen Xi felt a form of extreme pressure as well.

Presently, he had to maintain the circulation of the divine formation with all his strength and resist the attacks that came from the outside world, so he was utterly unable to find the time to do anything else.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, let me do it.” Suddenly, Gu Yan who’d been meditating since the beginning had spoken.

“You?” Chen Xi frowned. With a single glance, he noticed that Gu Yan’s injuries were still rather severe. So, if Gu Yan repaired the talisman formation diagram while under in such a state, then it might even harm his foundation in the Dao.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, trust me. Let me do it.” Gu Yan spoke firmly. “So long as we’re not eliminated, then this little bit of injuries is nothing!”

Chen Xi remained silent for a short while, and then he stopped hesitating and said, “The 37th talisman marking structure in the Whitemetal Divine Talisman….”

“Thank you, Martial Ancestral Uncle!” Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, Gu Yan had stood up, taken a deep breath, and then turned around and left. As if he didn’t want to make Chen Xi worry, his backbone was straight like a spear at this moment while he revealed a composed bearing and emanated a wisp of strong confidence.

“What a stubborn fellow.” A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

But right after that, he didn’t have the time to think about all of this, and he immersed his entire concentration into controlling the formation.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it was obviously too difficult to persist until the Dao Discussion came to an end if they relied solely upon the defense of the formation.

However, in this situation before him, he could only act in this way.

Because they had no path of retreat any longer!

“It’s sufficient so long as we’re able to persist until dusk arrives. At that time, if worse comes to worst, I’ll detonate all of these Natural Spirit Treasures!” A wisp of a rare ruthless and vicious expression flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes.

Since the Dao Discussion had begun, he’d been constantly encircled and attacked, and he’d been within the plot of the Sovereign Sect and the Divine Institute since the beginning. Not only was he unable to meet any other disciples from Oracle Mountain, the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute even caused many other disciples of Oracle Mountain to be successively eliminated.

All of this had caused a ball of rage to accumulate in Chen Xi’s chest for a very long time because he’d never been in such a sorry state since he’d started cultivating until now.

Even if it was when he was being pursued in Specter Galaxy, he hadn’t felt so furious and aggrieved!

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, I’ve finished repairing it.” Tu Meng’s voice sounded out from afar, and it caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be refreshed.

“Something’s wrong. Why has that weak point vanished?” Outside the formation, Leng Xinghun acutely noticed that while under their full forced attacks, not only had the might of this divine formation not continues to weaken, but it even showed signs of recovering to its previous state.

“We’re breaking the formation apart while they’re repairing it. This is very normal. However, I’m surprised that Chen Xi is actually able to maintain the circulation of this divine formation to such an extent by relying on his own ability, and he was even able to persist until now. This has truly exceeded my expectations.” Donghuang Yinxuan frowned as well. “After all, this formation doesn’t have a foundation, so it lacks a source of energy. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi is keeping it active by utilizing his own divine energy. So, logically speaking, it would be utterly impossible for him to persist for too long. But up until now, almost four hours have passed, yet he actually shows no signs of weakening. This is slightly unusual.”

“Could it be that this fellow possesses a treasure that’s able to replenish huge amounts of divine energy?” One of the other disciples couldn’t help but ask this question.

“That’s probably the case.” Donghuang Yinxuan nodded while he sighed in his heart. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so difficult to deal with, and even their joint forces were actually unable to do anything to Chen Xi in a short period of time.

This was simply inconceivable!

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